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Fighting with Helovia's Stats System

Helovia has adopted a stats system for its fighting for a variety of reasons, which this tutorial will hopefully guide you to understanding!


The stats exist to differentiate the different ways characters will fight and the direct influence that their breed, height and description will have in battle. With the stats system, characters that have fighting accomplishments are directly rewarded through increased stats; the more your character fights, the better it will be at fighting.

■ Character skills – stats are created specific for your character and help define that character's skill sets, both their weaknesses and their strengths. By utilizing stats we can also ensure that simply because a player may be good at fighting, their character needs to be practicing the art to successfully develop.

Before you can participate in a fight that will be judged and awarded VP, you will need your character's stats. You can find the thread to request for stats in the Updates board, titled :: Character Stats Requests and Updates ::.

■ Receiving stats – within the stats thread there is a form you fill out to receive your stats, easy peasy! Remember to only include items/magic/companions you currently have, as staff will be cross referencing with the character records for accuracy. Make sure to include your companion's age! Similarly when describing your character, you only need to include physical traits that would influence the stats.

■ Updating stats – over the course of gameplay your character will begin to earn some things that will alter their stats. It is your responsibility to notify staff within the stats thread when this occurs so that the values can be adjusted. Usually these changes are things that will improve your stats! Changes that are important to stats include: battle buffs (VP), magic, companions, offensive or defensive items, or a change of some ranks.

*Note: whatever stats you start a fight with are what will be applied for that entire fight. If your stats do change those changes will not be applied in the middle of a fight, but will be in the next fight that starts.

You as a member need not worry about the numbers behind the stats, but for the sake of transparency and understanding they are explained here.

■ Creation of stats – once the stat request form has been posted a staff member will do some research on the breed, comparing with similar characters that already have stats. A new tab will be made on the stats spreadsheet for your character, where the values are automatically calculated by the formulas to make sure all the math is correct. Staff will discuss with you any changed to the base stats numbers as needed to match the description you provide of your character and the breed guidelines. Once satisfactory values are achieved for yourself and the staff member, the stats will be approved. They aren't official until added to your profile!

■ Formulas – the formulas were designed by Tamme who thoroughly researched similar systems used by other games, like Dungeons and Dragons, along with the differences in horse breeds, many of which came about through history for a specifically desired trait, or in our case, a desired stat! The first couple of months the stats system went through its beta testing and the formulas were rearranged at times based on player feedback and results admin saw in the different fight pairings and judgement results of characters.
  • Base stats: strength, speed, agility, and endurance.
    This is where admin really consider the breed and description of your horse to design these stats. Admin can apply a value anywhere from 0 to 10, with the average being a value of 4, 5, or 6.

    Once each base stat has been assigned a value, they're all totaled and cannot exceed a range of 20 to 22. The higher sums are saved for "battle breeds" which have historically been bred for use in battle.

  • Asset stats: offensive item, defensive item, magic, companion
    Only items which would benefit in a fight are included, hence the significance of calling them offensive and defensive items.

    The average character can have 2 abilities, and each ability can be upgraded once. A value of 0.5 is applied for each magical ability and upgrade a character has.

    The average character can have 1 companion, and each companion reaches their ability in monthly stages, so a value of 0.5 is added for companions at ages 0 months, 4 months, 8 months and 12 months.

    The items, magic and companions have a maximum value of 2. The exceptions to this are the Hunter and Mage buffs, which give companion and magic a maximum value of 3, and demi-gods, which can have a magic maximum of 3. The reason these items are capped is because they do not inherently improve a fighter, but do provide some advantages which should be numerically accounted for. However the bulk of their worth is applied in post with how you write their use.

  • Hit Points (HP): the amount of damage your character can tolerate before fainting (0 HP), or in other words, their health.

    HP = [(strength+speed+agility+endurance+offensive item+defensive item)*2] + 20 + (Magic+Companion) - (strength+speed+agility+endurance penalties) + (1 for all buffs except Pinnalce) + (5 for Pinnacle Buff)

    The first part of the HP formula: [(strength+speed+agility+endurance+offensive item+defensive item)*2] + 20
    All the values for the base stats are added up, plus any offensive or defensive items. That total is then multiplied by a value of 2 and a sum of 20 added, which will ensure you'll have enough HP to last through a fight without fainting.

    The second part of the HP formula: + (Magic, Companion)
    The values for magic and companions are then added in. These are not multiplied by 2 because having magic or companions doesn't inherently make a character a better fighter, so they should not be given the same numerical weight with the stats.

    The third part of the HP formula: - (strength+speed+agility+endurance penalties)
    Any negative values due to applied statistical penalties are subtracted to provide realism for any permanent impairments your character has, physical or mental. These penalties are determined at the creation of your stats based on the description of your character and their genetic health. Penalties can be removed with permanent healing of the malady, such as through a quest.

    The fourth part of the HP formula: + (1 for all buffs except Pinnacle)
    A value of 1 is continuously added to HP as your character unlocks buffs. this is the whole idea where the more your character fights, the better they get at it!

    The fifth part of the HP formula: + (5 for Pinnacle Buff)
    The final buff adds a value of 5 to the HP, a huge feat for your character and thus a huge reward!

    *Note: In the event that a fighter's HP does drop to 0, the battle will be stopped and judged to that point.

  • Battle stats: attack, defense, and damage.
    These values are calculated by formulas utilizing your character's base stats, trait stats, rank, and buffs. Most of these formulas were configured by Tamme through multiple cross-references with other games and systems.

    Leaders have the ability to choose their bonus value, being able to apply +2 to attack, +2 to defense, or +1 to both attack and defense. This value does not directly increase the battle stat by that number, instead that is how much is added into the formula.

    Attack = 1/2 [(speed+endurance+offensive item) - (speed+endurance penalties) + (2 for lead or warrior rank) + (1 for buffs: Endure, Swift, Aim, Stay)]
    Ability to land a hit (how fast you can strike, how agile to make a hit)

    Defense = 1/2 [(agility+speed+endurance+defense item) + (1 for sneak rank) + (1 for buffs: Endure, Swift, Dance, Numb, Shield)] +1 (for everybody) - ((speed+agility+endurance penalties)*1/2)
    Ability to avoid a hit (how fast you can evade, how agile to evade, how much endurance to withlast your opponent)

    Damage = [((2*agility)+(3*strength))*1/5 + ((1 for buffs: Bulk, Dance, Sense) - (strength+agility penalties))*1/2] round to nearest 0.5
    How much a landed hit hurts the opponent (how agile you are, how strong you are)

Buffs and Bonuses
As you fight, your character gains experience and this is reflected in the stats! This way, your character is rewarded for fighting and learning.

■ Battle Buffs – As you reach certain levels of VP, shown below, buffs are unlocked. These add into the stat formulas but also can be considered in your writing. If your character has the Endure buff, they will now have slightly more endurance than they did before. You can (and should!) utilize this to your advantage when fighting.

☼- 3 VP: Endure :: improved stamina - +1 stat to endurance
☼- 5 VP: Swift :: increased speed - +1 stat to speed
☼- 7 VP: Bulk :: increased strength - +1 stat to strength
☼- 10 VP: Dance :: increased agility - +1 stat to agility
☼- 13 VP: Aim :: increased accuracy - +1 stat to attack (the total)
☼- 15 VP: Hunter :: additional companion - +1 to companion
☼- 17 VP: Numb :: pain tolerance - +1 stat to defense (the total)
☼- 20 VP: Mage :: additional magic - +1 stat to magic
☼- 23 VP: Shield :: deflect attack - +1 stat to defense (the total)
☼- 25 VP: Stay :: decrease companion - +1 stat to attack (the total)
☼- 27 VP: Sense :: decrease opponent - +1 stat to damage (the total)
☼- 30 VP: Pinnacle :: battle boss - +5 overall HP

■ Rank Bonuses – Characters with certain rank magic in their herds are awarded bonuses to account for the training they would be doing.
  • Govern - Characters in the 'Govern' rank class can choose to add +2 to attack, +2 to defense or +1 to both.
  • Fortify - Characters in the 'Fortify' rank class are given +2 to attack.
  • Sneak - Characters in the 'Sneak' rank class are given +1 to defense.
*Note: These bonuses are added to the formula, not the final calculated values. Therefore, if Character X has an attack of 5.5 and becomes a warrior, he has +2 added to his attack formula and his final attack value becomes 6.5.

■ Amulets – Amulets do not always add to the stats because they are a single-use item. Instead, the values listed below are added to the character's stats for a single dice roll after the amulet has been said to be used. Once the amulet is used, it breaks, and is removed from the character's stats. Be sure to note in your battle rolling thread that you have used an amulet or else it may be missed as the admin usually do not read the posts until they are being judged.

God of the Sun :: Storing Amulet :: +2 Attack, +2 Damage
God of the Moon :: Stealing Amulet :: +2 Defense, +2 Attack
God of the Earth :: Warding Amulet :: +4 Defense
God of the Spark :: Deflection Amulet :: +2 Defense, +2 Damage

Official Posts: 847
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This is the fun part- the actual battle!

■ Starting – To start the fight, write your initial post to establish the setting, emotion, opponent, weather, position, etc. of the fight. In the Dice Roll sub-board, start a post with the same name as your original fight. In this dice roll thread, post the HP, attack, defense and damage of both your character and your opponent, based off the stat numbers in their profiles.

■ Fighting – After each fight post where there is an attack, a dice roll should be made. Other than the dice rolls, fights go back and forth as normal. The opponent who attacks first gets an extra post at the end where they can give a final defense, to even out the judging. No attack is allowed in this final defense post.

■ Number of Rounds – A typical spar is comprised of three posts per opponent to receive a judging for VP, but spars can have any number of posts the fighters agree on, plus a closing defense post. A challenge is comprised of four posts per opponent, plus a closing defense post.

All of your character's stats are taken into consideration when rolling occurs!

■ The Dice – The dice are rolled via code built into the site. The dice are not rolled until the 'Post' button is clicked, and once they are rolled the post will not be edited. Therefore, you can be assured there is no bias in the dice rolls- it is purely random. For attack, a 14 sided die (1d14) and a two sided die (1d2) are rolled. For damage, a six sided die (1d6) is rolled. These values are added to the character's attack and damage stats and compared to their opponent's defense stat. More information can be found in the battle board in the :: Dice Roll Form :: thread.

■ When / How Often – The dice are rolled after each post and are only rolled once, even if there are multiple attacks. The beauty of the dice system is that you, as the player, get to decide how your character takes their damage. For instance, if your character takes 6 points of damage and your opponent has attacked twice, you can:
  • take 6 points of damage from attack 1 and dodge attack 2
  • take 3 points of damage from attack 1 and 3 points of damage from attack 2
  • take 1 point of damage from attack 1 and 5 points of damage from attack 2
  • take 6 points of damage from attack 2 and dodge attack 1
  • dodge both attacks and take damage that you inflict upon yourself
  • take 1 point of damage from attack 1, 1 point of damage from attack 2 and 4 points of damage that you inflict upon yourself
  • take 6 points of damage from any other combination of effects that you can imagine
■ Translating Dice Roll to Damage – The damage dice is a six sided die so there is a scale from 1 to 6. There is no exact scale by which you should translate damage. Rather, you should take into consideration your opponent's damage stat in combination with the dice roll that is given to you. A dice roll of 1 is the lowest there can be, so your character should take the lowest damage. Similarly, a dice roll of 6 is the highest there can be, so your character should take the highest damage. The other dice rolls should be somewhere in between. Typically, the judge will consider the dice roll when deciding if you took enough damage in response to the dice.

■ Critical Hit – If a character rolls 1d14=14 and 1d2=2, then they have rolled a critical hit and their damage dice roll is automatically considered to be a 6, regardless of what they actually rolled. Damage from critical hits should generally come from one attack/source, so long as realism is kept in mind.

■ Critical Miss – If a character rolls 1d14=1 and 1d2=1, then they have rolled a critical miss. In this case, the character will do damage to themselves. Their damage dice roll is added to their damage stat and divided by 2 to determine how much damage they do to themselves.

■ Hit / Miss – If a character's attack stat and their 1d14/1d2 roll combined is greater than their opponent's defense, then the attack hits. If their attack and their 1d14/1d2 roll is equal to, or less than, their opponent's defense, then the attack misses.

■ Who Rolls? – The admin will roll the dice for you so you don't have to worry about any of the math!

Once the battle is over, an admin judges the battle using a rubric. This is where you can earn HP back (or lose HP) through your writing.

■ Categories – The battle rubric takes into account Realism, Prose, Readability and Emotion. More on specific points taken into account in each of these categories can be found in a thread in the battle board titled :: Final Battle Rubric ::

■ Judging – Judging is completed by one of the battle judges. Once a battle is judged it is checked over by other admins to provide for a system of checks and balances. Once all admin are happy with the judging, it will be posted on the battle thread for viewing. VP will be awarded to the winner as appropriate.

Official Posts: 847
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Battle PostsDice Rolls / Notes
Elsa: Opening Post
The day today was wonderful. The sun was shining, and few clouds covered the blue sky. It was one of the places that the wraiths, or darkness as Abishia had called it, had not consumed. The ground was pretty flat, however the darkness of a few rocks concealed them from being seen, quite a disturbance for those who did not catch them with her eye. Other than the few rocks, the land was covered in a lush carpet of grass, cut low, only reached about halfway up a hoof. A whinny rang to anyone nearby, a call signaling a battle. She was ready to fight again. Her blue eyes scanned the area, awaiting the unlucky brute who would answer her call.Post initial character stats:

HP 44.0
Attack 4.0
Defense 8.5
Damage 7.0
HP 45.5
Attack 4.5
Defense 6.0
Damage 7.0

No dice rolled because there was no attack.

Establish setting, initial tone of the fight, etc.
Oxy: Attack 1/3
A battle cry breaking the silence of the autumn air catches your attention and you suddenly forget your worries. Like Pavlov’s dogs, you are trained. The battle cry is your dinner bell; the familiar itch to destroy is your saliva. You pick up a trot and head towards the origin of the sound. There, you find poor Elsa. With no regard for your safety, you crash toward her, aiming for her left side, if she doesn’t move. You don’t even plan, you simply run. Screw the wings, screw her hooves, you are an avalanche of hate on this sunny day, intent on smothering the mare in her beloved snow. For good measure, when you think you’re close, you stop and reach to the left with an open mouth, trying to bite her neck, or anything else within reach. Your addled mind has begun to forget there is a larger war effort going on, that you should not mangle the poor girl or yourself to death. You want revenge. Let her suffer.After Oxy posts and attacks, dice are rolled using his stats.

Character Name: Oxy
Attack Number: (1/3)
Attack: 1d14 rolled for a total of: 5 (5) + 1d2 rolled for a total of: 2 (2) + 4.5 (character's attack stat)
Damage: 1d6 rolled for a total of: 1 (1) + 7 (character's damage stat)

If Attack > than opponent defense, attack hits.
If d14+d2 = 2, critical miss: take 1/2(damage) to yourself
If d14+d2 = 16, critical hit: opponent takes 6 + damage

11.5 > Elsa's defense of 8.5, so the attack HITS.
Elsa takes 8 points of damage from Oxy.

Oxy HP: 45.5
Elsa HP: 44-8= 36
Elsa: Attack 1/3
The day was quite normal compared to any other day. That was, until Mr. Crackface showed up. Momentary fear consumed her, as she stood motionless for a few seconds. She watched as the large, creepy ass Oxy ran at her. He veered slightly to her left, and she tried to go right, with a little rear, but all in vain. Gross, disgusting, drug filled yellow teeth clamped down on the soft pinch of skin where her neck and left shoulder met. Elsa screamed. The pain was a lot worse than she had anticipated. Her eyes blistered with tears as he pulled away, tearing some hair of her thickening coat. Where the hair had been pulled small droplets of blood escaped her body, staining the hair around the wound a rusty color. A large, purpling bruise was also quickly to follow, signaling the damage.

A gargled grumble rumbled deep within her chest cavity. She reared up, and pivoted slightly on her hips to face him. Her crystal hooves flailed, trying to hit him in the face. She aimed to take out his horns, poke an eye, or maybe bop out a few teeth. Either way she was just praying he would feel pain.
Elsa responds to the damage rolled above and then attacks. Notice that the damage rolled about is a 1 out of 6- the lowest damage possible. Elsa doesn't take much damage in her post in order to reflect this roll. Dice are rolled for Elsa's attack.

Character Name: Elsa
Attack Number: (1/3)
Attack: 1d14 rolled for a total of: 9 (9) + 1d2 rolled for a total of: 1 (1) + 4.0
Damage: 1d6 rolled for a total of: 5 (5) + 7.0

If Attack > than opponent defense, attack hits.
If d14+d2 = 2, critical miss: take 1/2(damage) to yourself
If d14+d2 = 16, critical hit: opponent takes 6 + damage

14 > Oxy's's defense of 6, so the attack HITS.
Oxy takes 12 points of damage from Elsa.

Oxy HP: 45.5-12 = 33.5
Elsa HP: 36
Oxy: Attack 2/3
Elsa steps to the side with ease, avoiding your barreling chest, but not your biting teeth, which clamp down aggressively. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Elsa rear, turning towards you. You try to lunge out of the way but being a draft, your movements are not fast. Elsa's hooves catch the very hind end of your rump as you pass, tearing at your tender flesh and making you scream. You're enraged. You can feel the slow pulsing of blood as it rushes to the site of injury, the way the muscles stiffen, the way pain comes to your brain in waves of nerve impulses. You bite your teeth against the assault, grind them, lay your ears back. How dare she.

Planting your forelimbs, you awkwardly stop and lower your head, trying to buck. Your metal horseshoes reach for Elsa, perhaps in the area of her wing and shoulder junction. All the while, your left shoulder is burning as you cause a flare up an old injury from Colt. As your hind limbs touch the ground again, you have a noticeable limp on your left front side. Nevertheless, you keep moving, circling around to the right, trying to come back towards Elsa even though you know she'll probably attack. Unbeknownst to you, your boggart slips from her spot in your shoulder bag. She has plans of her own.
Oxy responds to the damage rolled above and then attacks. The roll is a 5 out of 6 so there is quite a bit of damage taken. However, notice that not all injury taken is from Elsa's attacks, but rather that damage can be taken from mistakes or new insults to old wounds. Dice are rolled for Oxy's attack.

Character Name: Oxy
Attack Number: 2/3
Attack: 1d14 rolled for a total of: 14 (14) + 1d2 rolled for a total of: 2 (2) + 4.5
Damage: 1d6 rolled for a total of: 3 (3) + 7.0

If Attack > than opponent defense, attack hits.
If d14+d2 = 2, critical miss: take 1/2(damage) to yourself
If d14+d2 = 16, critical hit: opponent takes 6 + damage

Oxy rolled a 16- CRITICAL HIT.
Elsa takes 13 points of damage from Oxy.

Oxy HP: 33.5
Elsa HP: 36 - 13 = 23
Elsa: Attack 2/3
As Elsa landed after rearing, the junction between her shoulder and neck, where she had been bit, screamed at the rough movement of her shoulder. A glint of light caught her eye, warning her of his buck. There wasn’t enough time to move, but she wasn’t about to be a flightless bird so she swiftly moved her wings into the air and did another small rear. His hooves and shoes met just below where her wing and body attached on her left side. While dealing with the damage, she noticed that Oxy had taken to his right, circling around. Thank god he was not on the fast side, it gave her a few moments longer to calculate his movement, and figure out how she could better incapacitate him.

He was obviously turning right, so that meant that he would be flashing his right side for her. She turned a tighter, more compact circle due to her breeding and cantered at him. Calculating her path, she attempted to meet near his front end. She reached out with her teeth and aimed to bite the flesh along his body as he moved by, reaching mostly for the jugular. Or maybe she would take his breath away. I mean, she was the prettiest thing since… well, ever.
Elsa responds to the damage rolled above and then attacks. Notice that even though the damage rolled as a 3 out of 6, the attack die indicated a critical hit so the damage was automatically escalated to a 6 out of 6. Dice are rolled for Elsa's attack.

Character Name: Elsa
Attack Number: 2/3
Attack: 1d14 rolled for a total of: 6 (6) + 1d2 rolled for a total of: 2 (2) + 4.0
Damage: 1d6 rolled for a total of: 3 (3) + 7.0

If Attack > than opponent defense, attack hits.
If d14+d2 = 2, critical miss: take 1/2(damage) to yourself
If d14+d2 = 16, critical hit: opponent takes 6 + damage

12 > Oxy's defense of 6.0, so the attack HITS.
Oxy takes 10 points of damage from Elsa.

Oxy HP: 33.5 - 10 = 23.5
Elsa HP: 23
Oxy: Attack 3/3
Elsa turns and begins to run towards you, a canter you'd like to match but can't due to this rekindled shoulder injury, so you just trot. As Elsa closes down upon you, you try to keep your body so it is parallel to hers, so that your right side and hers will pass by one another. A plan begins to form in your mind. She reaches out, but you don't even try to defend it. She grabs flesh, the right side of your neck, teeth scraping and tearing as she canters. Blood begins to trickle down, your skin twinging and protesting at this new type of pain that has found it.

All at once, almost at the same time that Elsa bites you, you and your companion burst into a flurry of motion. Your companion tries to swoop down in front of Elsa's face, morphing for the briefest moment into a dragon with flared wings, but she has a hard time staying morphed. As for you, you bite your teeth down and lunge to the right. Your left leg screams in displeasure at this repeated torture you're exposing it to but you fight through the pain. You're trying to ram your right shoulder into Elsa's... anything, really. Her sides, her wings, her rump, anything. You hope, at the speed she's moving, that a simple bump will be enough to cause her to stumble, to trip and fall.
Oxy responds to the damage rolled above and then attacks. The dice indicated a 3 out of 6 for damage, a middle range value indicating about average damage. Again, some damage is taken from sources other than Elsa. Dice are rolled for Elsa's attack.

Character Name: Oxy
Attack Number: 3/3
Attack: 1d14 rolled for a total of: 2 (2) + 1d2 rolled for a total of: 1 (1) + 4.5
Damage: 1d6 rolled for a total of: 2 (2) + 7.0

If Attack > than opponent defense, attack hits.
If d14+d2 = 2, critical miss: take 1/2(damage) to yourself
If d14+d2 = 16, critical hit: opponent takes 6 + damage

7.5 < Elsa's defense of 8.5, so the attack MISSES.
No damage is taken.

Oxy HP: 23.5
Elsa HP: 23
Elsa: Attack 3/3
Suddenly, a small little black ball swooped down in front of her and flashes of a dragon appeared. In fear, she veered more to her left, slightly jarring her front shoulders from the sudden direction change. She could feel the now rusty looking wound that was by her neck. It stung, and screamed for mercy. She was too caught up in the boggart to even notice what had happened with Oxy. There was no clatter of teeth coming from him. There was no large thud where his big hooves would have landed. Whatever he had done, the attack had missed.

Oxy had never hit her, and she could not put two and two together that his own companion had aided her dodge. Turning in a tight, 180 degree rotation, Elsa cantered back after the stallion. With the force of her canter, she tried to drive her shorter, bonier, shoulder into his girth. She hoped this would cause him to trip and fall. At the movement, her shoulder screamed, but it was worth it to try and bring him down.
Elsa responds dice rolled above and then attacks. Although the dice indicated a 2 out of 6 for damage, Oxy's attack roll was not enough to overcome Elsa's defense and the attack missed, so Elsa takes no damage. If the attack roll had been a 1 instead of a 2, Oxy would have rolled a critical miss and would have taken 1/2 damage (9/2= 4.5HP) to himself. Dice are rolled for Elsa's attack.

Character Name: Elsa
Attack Number: (3/3)
Attack: 1d14 rolled for a total of: 12 (12) + 1d2 rolled for a total of: 1 (1) + 4 (character's attack stat)
Damage: 1d6 rolled for a total of: 1 (1) + 7 (character's damage stat)

If Attack > than opponent defense, attack hits.
If d14+d2 = 2, critical miss: take 1/2(damage) to yourself
If d14+d2 = 16, critical hit: opponent takes 6 + damage

17 > Oxy's defense of 6, so the attack HITS.
Oxy takes 8 points of damage from Elsa.

Oxy HP: 23.5-8= 15.5
Elsa HP: 23
Oxy: Closing Defense
You lunge to the right, but get only air, the sacrifice on your leg all for naught. Your warrior's heart is thoroughly disappointed at the miss. As Elsa comes back at you, driving for one final attack, you just keep trotting, moving, anything, trying to get away. You see her from the corner of your eye, but you no longer feel a raging desire to destroy everything that she is. You just want to leave, to get out of here, to go hide in some dark corner of the Sanctuary that you were so spiteful of just minutes ago.

Her shoulder presses into your right ribs and you grunt, but your mass against her smaller frame is no contest. You bobble, perhaps a little to the side, but the primary damage is bruising that begins to form in what little bit of muscle you have overlying your ribs. You flick your tail in annoyance and shake your head, but you don't have the heart to do anything else. You are done. Limping away, you try to leave Elsa behind, ready to tend to your wounds. Behind you, the little black wisp of a companion follows, obedient as ever, despite your lack of instructions.
Oxy responds to the dice rolled above and but does not attack. The roll was a 1 out of 6 for damage, again indicating very low damage. No dice are rolled and the fight awaits judging. Although Elsa ends with higher HP, a graded rubric taking in consideration writing elements can alter the winner of the battle.

Note that this fight is very dry to read. For the sake of space, all superfluous emotion and imagery have been removed, illustrating the importance of these elements in an engaging spar or challenge. Emotion is just one of the four parts of the graded rubic: Realism, Emotion, Prose and Readability. Poor marks in any of these categories can severely affect your score.

Thanks to Klare (Elsa) and Sevin (Oxy) for allowing their characters and writing to be used in this tutorial. For a more in depth look at fighting, feel free to read their entire, unedited spar here:
Fight Thread with Rubric, Dice Roll Thread

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