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[OPEN] :: Halloween Haiku ::

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Come one, come all fellow Helovians and give your friends something delightful to hear! A spooky poem in perfect rhythm!

- You may enter as many haikus as you want
- You may only win once, and receive 1 SWP point for participating
- These are the short, 3 lined haikus (not the 17 stanza ones)
- They must be halloween, fear or spooky themed!
- Winner is decided by vote
- Entries close: NOVEMBER 1, 2014 at 5:00pm MST
- Voting begins NOVEMBER 2, 2014 at 6:00pm MST and ends on NOVEMBER 4 at 6:00pm MST

First place: 10 points towards your SWP score
Second place: 8 points towards your SWP score
Third place: 5 points towards your SWP score
Participation: 1 point towards your SWP score

Yuuta Posts: N/A
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I will be editing this post as I write them... I love haiku, whaddup.

In honor of the spooky SWP, my first entry...
Vesta ---
murderous air stirs,
a white haloed corpse lay still,
who brought such silence?

Candies..... WAI!? ---
You start out with one,
then two, five, oops! Fifty.
Multicolored puke.

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October Rhymes
Haunted, we are all
Fearing the ghosts of Autumn
Hiding from the Fall

Night End
Broken gaze alights
Stolen breath flies free of sin
Innocence restored

Magic of the Eve
Casting golden glow astray
Shadows come to play

Tenderness , a lie
Rough fingers upon soft skin
Virtues thrown away

Lines by Tamme! Paddeh Coloring

Panzram Posts: 64
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Panzram's Poems

Feel your blood run cold,
Tell me what you fear the most,
Realize they are close.

Tap tap on the floor,
Hear them knocking on the door,
'Till you scream 'no more!'
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Haiku Times :DDD

The murderer stalks:
Devil at his beck and call,
Who is next to fall?

Graveyard champions,
A rumble in festive garb,
Trick or treat – en garde!

Blood on hands again.
Can’t remember what occurred,
Why won’t they come clean?

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Howl to the full moon,
Bitten by an unknown beast
Who you shall become!

Pass from door to door,
Sweet treats to fill happy mouths,
Gone before they rest

A Halloween Costume
May it be scary,
Or just plain hilarious,
It's perfect for you!

How to be Scary
Dawning your best mask,
Make sure to yell your best boo,
To ensure a fright

Also, if you happen to be struggling with the syllables, this site helps a bunch.

you were angels,
so much more than everything

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More to come, using these as breaks.

There is no real fear
Like seeing online here
RE posting spree

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Seeking one more breath;
Clawing inside your lungs
Hush, the beast awaits

Guard the young, the new;
Their flesh too sweet, too tempting,
Calls the devils forth

credit bronzehalo
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(Might add more later.)

Frozen winter's breath.
The sun dawns on bleak bones
Left openly rotting.


Flesh of the murdered
Devoured by innocence;
Flowers grow anew.


Frogs from the sky
Worms greedily gorge on flesh --
Your eyes shine with fear


This is Halloween
Pumpkin seeds so very salty;
Ghosts watch from outside.


The wraiths were the start
Now come murder mysteries.
Do we all play Clue?
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Plz to Halloween
Much fright, so delishus treats
Such wow, very nope
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Movies in the dark,
Monsters watching you watch them;
Lights on, popcorn flies

To find true horror,
No need to travel;
Look into mirror.
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Harvest moon,
Sly yellow grin;
Abandoned shutter flutters.
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Presents under tree
Chestnuts roasting on a fire
Oops, wrong holiday.

Cold, wet, smooth, slimy
Writhing through your fingertips
Spaghetti Noodles

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Black Cats
Fearing those that cross our path.
Beware as we have teeth.
Making for quite the fright.
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The Descent
Angels sing tonight
Charred feathers and black halos
We all fall to sin

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Elsa's Halloween Costume
you think you're scary?
well, i'm an eff'ing snowflake.
you cannot beat that.
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Witch Hunt
Cauldron forgotten,
Pointy hat trailing behind,
The hag out-flies them.

Bellona likes Halloween way too much
Tis the season to
Wear the bleached bones of your foes,
They sure won't miss them.

Thank you Vossity <3
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Trick or Treat
Soft giggle, palms upturned await
Children creeping close
Sinister night, beware!

Aussie Halloween
Sultry evening, sweat bead halo
Ambition fading, stomach turning
Feet retreat

Creak, moan, cool wind blows
Eerie, orange harvest moon
Warm doona's embrace
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Turning to the wolf
Sweet pain envelopes your entirety
Howling freedom if only for the night
Embrace. The. Wild...
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I'm sorry Parelia I'm afraid you entered past the deadline.

Please vote!

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