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"Itches." Gaucho snarled flatly as he glided, to which Mara only laughed in her reptilian way. It didn't bother him that Sohalia was making him do this. It didn't bother him that they were matching (although dressing up Ivezho and Rhoa seemed a little unfair, given that they were too young to protest). He didn't even mind that Mara (who was supposed to be on his side) had helped her.

It just bothered him that it itched.

Sohalia had spent the better part of the afternoon smearing sap all over Gaucho's body, and pushing white moss that she had found onto it. "It will look like stuffing!" She told him sweetly as she worked, causing Gaucho to have to bite his tongue, lest he tell her just where she should stuff it. He had been patient enough, only flinging Mara from his neck a handful of times as she wove red string into his dark mane. "Gaucho already have hair." He protested mildly, snapping his tail which was already full of course red yarn. This was of course ignored by both females attending to him. Buttons were stuck to his spiked collar, red paint smeared across his dark lips, and a black tie knotted around his neck. When she was finished, Sohalia allowed Mara to slither onto her neck, so that both could step back and admire their handiwork. Sohalia was similarly adorned with yarn, red paint, and bows (apparently she and Mara had awoken early to do this).

Grumbling, Gaucho stretched his flame-tipped wings and shook his shoulders to ensure that he could still move. He could, but the yarn tied into his forelock kept annoyingly falling into his eyes. With a grunt, he looked down at the pale mare, not appearing nearly as cross as he was.

"Go now?" He huffed, already turning away from her. Sohalia merely nodded with a patient smile. "Yes, yes. Have fun."

As the dun flew he constantly tossed his head, trying to rid the yarn from his vision. Mara, enjoying this entire process, did absolutely nothing to assist him. He knew vaguely where he was going and assumed he would be able to identify his opponent by whatever absurd outfit he/she were forced to wear (the thought hadn't even occurred to Gaucho that some might enjoy dressing up). Following the creek, Gaucho dipped lower until he was only about 10 feet off the ground. Ahead, his gaze locked onto a horned shape. He cared little about the costume the tall male wore. Instead, his stormy gaze fixated upon the dual horns that stemmed from his forehead, and how they seemed to split into multiple points. He had fought yewwneekorns before, but none with a horn such as that. He would have to be wary.

With a loud battle cry, Gaucho's flame-tipped wings snapped downwards thrusting him forward towards Panzram. He knew if he simply flew at him, the white-splotched stallion would keep his horn pointed at him or possibly rear to try and gouge him with it. At least, that's what Gaucho would do. Lowering himself down gradually, his legs began to gallop in the air so that his forward flight momentum would not be lost once his hooves touched down. Sinking into the springy grass, Gaucho's wings gave one final beat before folding to his sides to reduce resistance as he rocketed towards his opponent. Flames erupted from his feathers, hurtling in a widening arc towards the unicorn. Should his costumed-opponent try to use his horn against him, Gaucho would return the favour: the tines of his antlers would surely be able to catch the forked horns that were liable to come his way. Or so he hoped.

He tried to angle himself towards Panzram's left shoulder, although the angle wasn't very wide. Just enough so that their collision wouldn't be head on. As he neared (following in the wake of his flames), Gaucho's head turned inwards, hoping to snag the steed's horns should they be angled his way, or, should he stand there dumbly, the left side of his face. Only having reigned in his speed enough to aim his horns, Gaucho's larger frame pressed onwards, leaning in to the left to hopefully collide with the left shoulder of his opponent, transferring his momentum into a shove, and perhaps piercing the flesh with his spiked collar (now adorably covered in buttons). The sudden stop would likely hurt his shoulder as well, but the WildFire didn't care.

If he had to wear this ridiculous outfit, there was no way he was returning home anything but victorious.

Besides. A hard enough shove, and some of the moss might even come off.


WEATHER - It's a nice clear and mildly sunny birdsong day, 10am.
SETTING - A grassy field that goes fetlock high, forgiving and not too wet. Some flowers and trees are around, a creek cuts through in one area near two trees.
WC: 781
SUMMARY: Gaucho is dressed as raggedy andy! He has white moss glued to his body using sap, red yard tied in his mane and tail, buttons attached to his spiked collar, and a black tie around his neck.

He runs towards Panzram, using his magic to create an arc of fire in his direction. Gaucho assumes Panzram will try and use his horn to attack, and so he angles his head to the left to try and catch the horns in his own antlers. He then tries to stop himself by slamming his left shoulder into Panzram's, hopefully spearing him with this spikes as well.

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’I look ridiculous.’ A leather belt wrapped around my barrel, just tight enough to keep from sliding about, and was topped with a shiny letter ‘T’. Layer upon layer of golden chains draped around my neck, glimmering in the sunlight as I marched forward in search of my opponent. They gathered uncomfortably on top of my shoulders. With every step I took, golden hoop earrings bounced against my skull obnoxiously, swinging about every time my ears flicked. My mane had been teased and rubbed into what was essentially a massive knot that ran down the length of my neck, the ebony hairs appearing to be an afro Mohawk. Hell, if anything, at least I would not be blinded by my hair getting in my face. But, my face itself did feel a little odd. A thin layer of pine sap had been smeared down my cheek, chin and over my top lip. The sap had been topped with dried out moss to give me a short beard, and I prayed to the gods that I would be able to wash this shit out when this was done. You may be wondering how I acquired such a lovely costume. I say, we will go with “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”

Suddenly a loud battle cry brought me to full alert as I spotted the yarn and moss covered hybrid that was rushing towards me. Quickly I tried to assess my target. Obviously, wings were a major advantage, but only a coward would stick to the air the entire time. This stallion was no coward, not based off his oncoming charge. Hopefully his wings would make him a little less graceful when grounded. Potentially lethal antlers balanced on his crown, long enough to pierce the flesh without getting too close. That was not what worried me though. Why was it that every winged horse I had ever met had to have some sort of fire power? I was just now growing hair back from the last fight involving fire magic. Lips pulled into an angry scowl as I realized that the fiery wall grew as it came closer, becoming completely unavoidable. The wider the arch got, the thinner the wall of flames became though, and I braced myself for their impact. Intense heat burned at my chest and face, some of the moss of my costume burning off. I shut my eyes quickly to prevent any damage to my sight, but I yelled as the flames licked at my skin before they disappeared.

My eyes opened just in time to catch the hybrid’s slight change in angle, keeping myself braced and my horn angled towards him. The hybrid had expected as much, and my horns caught into his rack and jerked my crown back in a painful jostle. Our left shoulders collided, and I grunted in pain as something sharp scratched along my neck. The chains I wore blocked most of the spikes, but the brute’s collar had left a small trail of scratches along my boa, just above my now throbbing shoulder. The sheer force alone had pushed me back, even though I had braced myself, dragging my hooves along the earth and digging small ruts into the grass. With my horns now caught in his antlers, I realized that the hole of my larger horn had gotten trapped on a tine of his rack. Quickly I swung my hind legs to the right to avoid any potential bites the brute may have been considering.

With an abrupt jerk to the right, I yanked my crown in the direction of the mutt’s back in an attempt to break off the tine that had caught me. Simultaneously as my head twisted to the right, my jaws lifted to the left. The closest flesh was the hybrid’s cheek, and I assumed that in order to avoid my gnashing teeth the stallion would try to tear away and help in my breaking free. That is, unless he wanted to be stuck to me with my teeth gnawing away at his face. Finally freeing myself from his rack, I reared up to balance on my hind legs. My forelegs battered away in front of me in an attempt to scrape at the hybrid’s left shoulder, right where he had tackled me. My left leg moved a little slower from my shoulder pain. Angling my horns by craning my head to the right, I threw my weight downwards. My goal was to slash at the warrior’s wing, where the appendage attached to his body. I wanted to render it completely useless, at least enough to prevent anymore fire walls. And if he were to dodge backward, there was still hope that I could catch the edge of his wing and take a few feathers with me.

OOC: Panzram is dressed as Mr. T!
Word Count: 799 (So close!)
Attacks: 1/2
Closing defense: 0/1
Injuries: Severely bruised and banged up left shoulder, slows his left foreleg. Scratches that go sideways across the left side of his neck.

Attack summary: When his horn caught, Panz swung his rear to the right so he is now facing Gaucho's left side. Panz tried to free his horn by suddenly twisting his head to the right, trying to break off the tine that is caught while at the same time trying to bite Gaucho's left cheek. Once free, he reared up to try and kick Gaucho's left shoulder before slamming his weight down. He lead his weight with his horn to try and slash or gouge at Gaucho's left wing.
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