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I Ain't Got Time To Bleed

I snort, the icy air in my lungs. My locked eyes close, before opening to look down at the quiet child beside me. She looks up at me with blue eyes, and I watch her. My nose snakes out, a friendly nip on her shoulder indicating her that it was time for her to leave and find something else to do. I was training myself to be stronger, and I didn't need the added distraction of Glacia while doing so.

The small figure understood, and I watch her go. I then turn my attention to where I had chosen to fight this spar. The muscles shivered in excitement for the upcoming spar. It had been so long since I had that kind of excitement. I was ready for it. I didn't care if I lost or won. It was experience non the less. It was release for my dark desires on better, bigger victims.

I was a soldier, and I was here to protect and serve. Though, it was not my goal for the long run, it was my goal for now. I would have to learn. Though most had done a good job of keeping it quiet I had heard rumors of this mercenary group. Of equines? Yes.

I had heard the whispers of other groups, and if they would come to surface once more in retaliation against the said group. But, would they? Or would all of us have to come together to defend ourselves?

Today I would be practicing my skills, with whom? I didn't know. Someone, someone who had fought before. I am ready now. My thoughts have run, and all that is left is raw passion, ready for a fight. I lift my head high, giving a piercing cry in to the air. I wait, prepared for what is to come.

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Notes;; This is a spar, friendly of course! :) Sialia just wants to get practice in before she starts her training spars with Torleik.

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As per the updated spar rules please edit to state whether it not this is an unlimited spar or not!

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Also please post a dice roll thread.

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