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Aurora Basin Crafted Items

» Machine Sentinels | Completed by Ulrik (04/08/14 & 03/09/15) | Owned by: Aurora Basin Herd
Two 8-foot (26 hh) tall metal machines in the shapes of horses, which stand in the narrow pass leading into the Aurora Basin. They are plated in armor with wires for a mane and along the back, with no tail, and they have glowing red bulbs for eyes. Their purpose is to block intruders from entering and will give off a siren if someone goes through, but it can recognize herd members. The sentinels will not interact with your character unless your character is intruding, and they display no emotions. They require regular maintenance and will break down after 2 seasons of disuse or no maintenance.
Building Threads:  x x
Status: BROKEN

» Enchanted Tent | Completed by Farenjer & Ulrik (06/11/14) | Owned by: Aurora Basin Herd
A tent towards the middle forefront of the Basin, which stands large enough to fit the entire herd's ranked members. It is blue in color and well insulated with thick, tapestry-like sides and a natural floor. Ulrik offered his magic upgrade to the Time god in order for it to be sound proof. No one can hear what is going on inside of the tent.
Update: The tent is now covered, inside and outside, with colorful paintings from the herd members.
Building Threads: x
Painting Threads: x
Status: Functional

» Mechanical Prison | Completed by Ulrik (mm/dd/yy) | Owned by: Aurora Basin Herd
The entrance to one of the many caves is covered by a mechanical gate with which to hold prisoners. The prison will currently only open for Mauja and requires maintenance every 2 seasons or it will break down. Currently, the prison is broken down.
Building Threads:
Status: BROKEN

» Woven Blankets | Completed by Johnny (03/31/16) | Owned by: Aurora Basin Herd - Currently checked out by Nora and Rikyn for their kiddos <3
2 medium-sized blankets for the herd to use, made of a thick and soft material.
Building Threads: x

» Greenhouse | Completed by Glasgow (07/25/16) | Owned by: Aurora Basin Herd
A large, rectangular-shaped greenhouse for the herd to use. It stands near the medic's cave, towards the back end of the Basin.
Building Threads: x
Status: Functional

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