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Dragon's Throat Crafted Items

» Iron Hobbles, Padded | Completed by Cera on 08/20/14 | Owned by: DT
Iron shackles with a short chain between, padded with Cera's feathers and various leaves of the desert, of which are held in place by small smooth-ended bolts. Can be pushed on and off, only able to be removed with help from another.
Building Threads: x

» Mortar and Pestle | Completed by Cera on 08/28/14 | Owned by: DT
Metal mortar and pestle with a handle for blunt teeth to grip and use on herbs. Can also be used by companions.
Building Threads: x

» Metal Buckets | Completed by Cera and Bucephalus on 11/04/14 | Owned by: DT
TwoOne medium metal buckets (one now used in well).
Building Threads: x

» Metal Box | Completed by Cera on 01/02/15 | Owned by: DT
One medium metal box intended to contain various herd items, rectangular.
Building Threads: x

» Dragon's Throat Keys (30) | Completed by Cera + Sacre + Gaucho, Cera + Ranjiri, Cera, Maren + Sohalia on 02/24/15, 11/30/15, 10/29/16, 11/16/16 | Owned by: DT
Small metal key where the top resembles a dragon's head and the handle its twisting body. Used with the pillars to access the magical bridge.
Building Threads: x, x, x, x

» Dragon's Throat Arena | Completed by Cera + Bucephalus + Ampere + Einarr + Megaera + Mordecai on 03/08/15 | Owned by: DT
Located in southwestern part of the Throat. A large ring (soccer-field size) made of metal brambles which curve inward and boast blunted tips, a reminder for any competitors to stay inside. At various intervals tall metal trees with wide branches stand amid the brambles, offering perches for pegasus to sit and watch the arena happenings. There are two entrances on the north and south side of the arena, about a horse length in width, to enter/exit through.
Building Threads: x

» Dragon's Throat Pillars | Completed by Bucephalus + Gaucho + Rhoa on 03/06/15 | Owned by: DT
Two large decorative pillars that mark the magical bridge on the Dragon's Throat side.
Building Threads: x

» Dragon Ball Ball | Ampere's item on 03/08/15 | Owned by: DT
A thick leather ball (made from dragon hide?) with a thin, short rope coming out of one side. Equivalent to a soccer ball. Used for the DT sport, Dragon Ball.
Building Threads: Prize

» Flag with Dragon | Completed by Ulrik on 1/31/15 | Owned by: DT
Plain flag with dragon on it in DT arena
Building Threads: x

» Glass Sun | Completed by Parelia on 01/10/15 | Owned by: DT
Plain glass heart located in the metal lock box listed above
Building Threads: x

» Well | Completed by Cera on 08/16/2015 | Owned by: DT
Deep well set in southwestern area of the Throat, visible from the Arena. Has a large lip/opening and a rectangular set of three poles to throw a rope over to drop a bucket down into the well. Using one bucket from the ones listed above.
Building Threads: x, x

» Whatch Statue | Completed by Isopia on 2/28/16 | Owned by: DT
A stone statue with a metal core that is a set of wings with a horn and an eye in the middle. Heat radiates off the statue to 20m. Stands on the main land side of the Dragon's Throat territory, across from the pillar.
Building Threads: x

» Gaucho Golem Memorial | Completed by Zero on 9/8/16 | Owned by: DT
A large, animate golem made in the semblance of Gaucho the Wildfire, which can respond to the commands of anyone tier 2 or above in the Dragon's Throat. It is made of iron, copper, onyx, lapis lazuli, jasper, black sea glass, gold, and titanium. The Sun God came down and smoothed it out and added fire to it!
Building Threads: x

» Temple of the Sun | Completed by Maren on 11/11/16 | Owned by: DT
Between the Diviner's Fire and the Oasis stands the first building in the Dragon's Throat, made from metal, sand and clay. This is a place for worshiping the God of the Sun. Information and further description found here.
Building Threads: x

» Metal Knives | Completed by Syrena on 4/29/17| Owned by: DT
3 small metal knives
Building Threads: x

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