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[OPEN] :: Unicorn Mountain Climbing Race ::

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The Earth Turtle has had his fun with the equines and he pegasi, but his work is not yet over. There is one more class of citizens that have yet to be cajoled into fun and games here on the island. So, once again, the turtle relocates himself, this time to the base of a mountain which grows near one end of the island. Up, up, up it goes, high into the sky, clouds nestled around the peak where the end of the race is hidden. At the base of the mountain is a large, white rectangle painted onto the ground- it seems the turtle wants you to step into it.

Up the side of the mountain, with no clear paths between them, are a series of shining yellow rings. It becomes clear that this is a race up the mountainside, high into the sky, though how you are to traverse the rocky slope is still in question.

"Now unicorns, I don't want to... get your goat," He calls out, laughter in his voice, "but you really need to be a part of this race!" His head bobs and weaves and he cries out, "Come, come!" Which of you is brave enough to step into the box first? Well, you will be in for quite a surprise. As each contestant steps into the box, they are suddenly transformed into (what else?) a goat! And when the final contestant has stepped forward and been transformed, the race begins!


The rules of the unicorn mountain climbing race are as follows
- You must be a unicorn or a unicorn hybrid to enter
- YOU CAN CHOOSE WHICH GOAT BREED YOU WANT TO BE!! [Yay! If you feel the need to be that specific ;) ]
- Hybrids can only choose to race in on species race
- You may write your character trying to trip another, sabotage them, or gain ground
- Your character must run through all the rings
- There will be 3-5 rounds depending on the number of characters entered
- You may enter as many of your characters as you wish
- Posts must be at least 200 words or you will be eliminated

How it works
- A dice will be rolled for each character!
- A rubric in the admin board will determine what the outcome of this dice roll is
- You will either gain ground, stay the same, or lose ground
- The character with the most gained ground is the winner!

What are the prizes?
- Each game will be awarded a certain number of "SWP points"
- The points are attached to your OOC name and cannot be traded or given away
- The points, at the end of the SWP may be used to redeem prizes from a bank
- The prize list will not be revealed until after the SWP to deter post spamming
- Participation is key!

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Ophelia had just finished her celebration and was thinking about Mauja. She wondered if the snow king had sent the see-through mare to come get her. Would the mare return to him, telling him that she did not follow? Would he understand? Part of her very much wanted to see him, but after everything, she just... well... she couldn't. Not now. Her mother was dead, and Mauja had left into the ocean and apparently had attacked the Throat. With all the pain in her heart, all the numbness, she just couldn't find it in herself to forgive him yet.

So, she walked through the grasses, seeing a strange turtle up ahead, smiling to herself in a vacant way. When she approached, she noticed that there was a large, white line in the ground, and then she saw that the white line was actually a box. Ophelia stepped inside and listened curiously, looking up at the mountain curiously. She could see that there were some foot paths, but none that her width could manage.

Just as she was thinking of the impossibility of scaling the mountain, she was transformed, her body shrinking. She grew a beard! Ophelia was a white, shaggy goat, and she had no idea what to do except run forward toward the mountain when the turtle exclaimed that it was time to climb. Up ahead, she saw a ring and jumped through it, pushing herself up on sturdy, soft toes.

Ophelia glanced behind her, letting out a noise that came out as a pathetic bleat. Oh my. Shaking her head, she continued, using her MAGIC to erase her position from the MEMORY of the CLOSEST CONTESTANT TO HER! Or at the very least, she tried.

Undertow has come to take me. Guided by the blazing sun. Look at everything around us. Look at everything we've done.
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Ulrik saw a white mare he had only observed once when Psyche was still leader come to stand in the middle of a white box, and so naturally, Ulrik thought something was up. He followed, standing in the center of the box, looking down at his hooves. Some turtle was talking, but he really didn't pay much attention. Well, he didn't pay attention until he was a goat.

It happened so suddenly that he didn't really know what was going on. What alerted him to his quick change was the fact that Kirchoff had suddenly started breaking up into hysterical, inconsolable laughter. Ulrik looked down at himself, realizing that he had stubby legs and long, silky black hair. Then, he looked back over his shoulder.

He had no tail. Just a little stumpy thing. What the fuck was this?

Kirchoff was rolling on the ground in hysterics, literally howling. "YOU LOOK LIKE SUCH AN IDIOT...." he cried, dragging himself across the ground. "AAAHH FINALLY YOUR APPEARANCE MATCHES YOUR STUPID P-PERSON-ALITY..." Ulrik glowered at him and shook his head, snorting and letting out a bleat of anger - which sounded less than irritated and caused Kirchoff to break out into more hysterical laughter.

With a grumble, he realized that the race had started, and Ulrik took off for the mountain after the white goat, jumping up the first few rocks and toward the first ring. He would wait to use his machine magic, because he seemed to be fairing well so far.


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I never said that I want this
You hate this island- with a fucking passion. There is literally nothing good about it, as far as you are concerned. You are unnaturally high in the air, the world still takes to random spinning from time to time, and you're too afraid to go walk by the edge so that you can get back down to ground. Who the hell thought this up, anyway? The worst part about it all? You've been having to ration your drugs. First, because they don't grow up here anywhere; second, because when you're high the spinning gets worse. And you though the island was going to tip over and dump you back to the ground. So... yeah, like you said, there is absolutely nothing good about this place.

Your suspicions are confirmed when you accidentally stumble into some weird painted box and find that the whole world has just gotten bigger. Oh, wait... scratch that- you've gotten smaller. Dumbfounded, you bellow in anger- you're a goat!?!? Except that you don't really bellow, because little goat lungs do nothing more than bleat. And to top it all off, your horns are going the wrong direction. You can feel them, curving backwards instead of forwards. You almost turn to the turtle and attempt to bite his head off, but the rush of everyone else as they surge forward carries you away as well, and you begin to hop up a rocky mountain slope, because well... you have to.

Why me? Why am I here? And why do I have to chase after this mare who seems to be leading the way? You sigh dramatically, but you suddenly find that your sarcastic question has become a real question- your mind as gone suspiciously blank. Seriously though, why you? Why are you chasing this other little goat? And since you have forgotten her position in the race, you decide its probably best to just stay behind her and follow, because what's going on is still a little foggy right now. There could be some kind of weird... thing- wraiths have returned, perhaps?- down belong. Who knows what is happening on this hellish island...

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The Beast had no idea how he had gotten onto this God forsaken island. The thing was floating. Like how even was that possible! However his six years of living in high ranges, above clouds. Gave the man a slight advantage. His body had grown used to the lack of oxygen. Though for some reason this place seemed just like any other below.

Mykah chirped happily to him. For once the kitten was in a good mood. Perhaps she had eaten well. For she was starting to get on the fatter side. At that Beowulf reciebed a glare that no one would get between. Though the Beast just smirked at her. Ignoring her and made his way forwards, towards the sounds of ... Goats? But not at the same time. Intrigued and confused the hairy man set forth to explore.

Up ahead, looming out of the already; high in the sky,
Island. There sat a mountain. One that seemed different. Something about it was strange, yet very inticing to him. Already he could see things moving up; actually rushing upwards. What on earth was going on here? AND A turtle too? What was this sorcery!

Now the turtle was talking!? This truely was bizarre, yet for some reason, he felt compelled to step forwards onto the box. And as if he had step through some magical veil, he was suddenly smaller. Much too small for his liking. Though he still remain of the larger goat variety. His mane still as epic as ever. He just looked miniature version of himself, except the horns. Which now curled round his ears and back to almost level with his eyes.
He felt the urge to charge forwards. An energy he'd never felt before and he truely did feel ecstatic.

With a bounding leap the blue goat charge with a power forwards. He could see the others up ahead. The white was in lead and two others where fast on their heals. Now he made a third. Lowering his head, he propelled short sturdy legs onwards charging at the one in front; For some reason being a goat had cause Beowulf to become manic. He felt evil perhaps. And wasn't ashamed to hurt others if this was a game, he wanted to win.

As the ring neared he felt a stronger urge to push others of the sides. But to do so he had to in a way they wouldn't notice him coming. He leapt of rocks neatly, like all the other goats, such agile creatures they all were. blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah

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so make me your deadman, with only poison in my veins,
stuck in your wonderland,
stagnated by the passivity, I'm gonna make you b l e e d like me;

Yet again he had been whisked off to that strange place that wasn't where he had intended to go. It seemed as though someone was messing with him, and the longer he remained in this mysterious location, the more obvious it became that whoever it was had a clearly sadistic streak to them.

Now, sometimes it was a downright blessing to be blind. Morir didn't have to see what happened to himself or the other contestants as he grudgingly stepped up to join this race or whatever it was. He didn't have to know that as soon as he, quite by accident, stepped into one of the chalked out boxes on the ground his towering, bulky form was transformed into something decidedly less ominous and considerably more humorous. The dark hellion was spared this humiliation, left instead with a rather confusing feeling of being smaller somehow, lighter and quicker on his feet. For all intents and purposes this seemed rather appropriate, and with a bleat of approval he readied himself for the start - blissfully ignorant of his laughable appearance.

A more pressing issue was how he was supposed to get around the course quickly and without getting himself lost. The furry, well-horned goat was, unfortunately, quite as blind as its previous self had been, something that would prove a clear disadvantage now. Thinking long and hard on this however, as a voice called out the start and the contestants took off, Morir decided on a rather laid-back but functional tactic. Instead of pushing for the front of the pack like he was sorely tempted to give his competitive nature, he instead hung back and latched on to the trail of the creature before him up the steep slope, focusing more on listening after the sound of clopping cloves and moving his own strangely short legs than on gaining ground.

Nice and steady does the trick in most cases; and quite nicely and steadily Morir moves towards the first ring, hopefully passing through it without even knowing what happened.

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Sacre frowned as he saw his bonded bundle of orange fluff come charging towards him with an incredible amount of excitement oozing from his bouncing paws. Inari had always been a sucker for bubbling over with emotion, but the spy had to admit there weren't many times he saw his fox this animated over something. With vulpine senses tingling, Inari bounded all the way up to his horned friend before pressing to front paws repeatedly against one of Sacre's hairy black legs, his eyes were stricken with intoxicating exhilaration that the colt had to laugh and shake his head. "What's wrong?" The fox did one quick dashing circle before sprinting off in another direction, motioning for Sacre to follow with haste. Utterly bewildered, the Sleuth followed his friend with intense curiosity across the floating island until finally he saw what his bonded mate was so zealous about.

Lord Earth!

The boy had met him on one occasion, on the shores of the south westerly beach, he had come to grant gifts to many who had gathered. Sacre had been one of them, but his stately highness had not seen fit to reward him with anything that day. Yet, the colt had been impressed and slightly overwhelmed by the immortals presence all the same. A brief experience he wasn't going to forget in a hurry. So, horse and fox rushed over to the white box after his voice had filled the air. Five others had already been and now Sacre stepped curiously into the white lined shape, eyes bulging as something shifted. He shifted! Smaller and smaller! His body turned brown and his feet, though remaining cloven, where tiny! His horn grew just above his eyes instead and there were two of them; long, thick and light in colour.

A goat! By the Gods, he was a goat!

Inari stared at him with a mixture of disbelief and humour. His bonded had turned into a smelly, knobby kneed goat with a tail even shorted that his own! The fox knew that there wouldn't be a day after this where Sacre would live it down. His friend, however, was making some strange screaming noise as he tried to convey his shock and horror in goat form. Many others had already lined up, all goats, all ready to race. Sacre couldn't believe he had to race like this!

The metaphorical flag went down and Sacre lurched forwards awkwardly in his new body, trying his best to go as fast as he could on such small hooves. Inari followed him close by, watching the other horned contestants with a looked of complete mirth. Squinty eyes found the first ring and the boy through everything he had into his new bones to life himself into an ungraceful jump which hopefully landed him on the other side of the ring and in contention with the others whom he had briefly taken note of in the blur of his transformation.
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Aithniel had had enough of that mean, chunky bitch (yes, she had overheard that word and she was referring to Roskuld), and meandered her way through the fields. Much to her surprise, she saw Rikyn's father there, the big, scary black one, and another white mare. A host of others joined along too, and they all had horns. She felt at home, even though her wings were growing bigger and harder to hide.

The fire child trotted up inside of a box made of white lines and listened to a turtle speak. Turtle. Was this the same turtle Rikyn had spoken about earlier? The turtle Torleik had confirmed? Wow... Absently, Aithniel wondered if he had any eggs laying about, but she highly doubted that. With a sigh, the filly looked up at the mountain and hummed to herself thoughtfully. Well, she was the smallest, so she would have an advantage.

But then, she shrank! And her legs got squattier and her wings disappeared entirely. As she looked around, she realized that they had all turned into goats! Aithniel laughed in amusement, jumping around on four, small legs and bleating in humor. Everyone looked just so funny! The race started moments later, and she ran off after the group, jumping up the side of the mountain and going through a first ring. She clicked her heels together too, starting a spark of fire and hoping to catch someone.

[[Aithniel starts a fire with her hooves]]

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Ever since visiting the island in search of her brother, Zünden had wanted to explore the sky island more. As she rode the cloud up she gazed down over the edge careful not to step over the ledge. As she reached the top the storm filly was plagued by a crazy impulse to jump off the edge. Unable to hold herself back the filly jumped over the rim of the island. Clouds swarmed around the reckless filly halting her jump causing her small frame to be gently pushed back onto the stunning floating land. "So the gods don't want me to die today I guess." She smiled feeling very cocky since the Gods had graced her with another day.

Moving inward away from her entrance point she gazed up at the crashing falls, which really weren't that interesting, since her home was The Hidden Falls after all. Instead she switched her focus onto the blooming cherry trees. A sudden call for unicorns draws her attention. Prancing forward her horned head and black tail held high showing off her pride. She was more than excited to join with her fellow dagger stunned brethren.

As she approached she saw the triangle starting box and strode proudly into it standing next to a white gold and winged filly about her age. Dipping her head softly she turned her attention forwards again, she was going to win there was no question about it. Lifting her head high as her body changed she embraced the new look. Her horns shrunk to two tiny spikes, her hooves split and turned softer, and a beard grew upon her pointed chin. Where a young filly had stood a young Ibex kid now waited for her chance to leap and bound towards the top of the pack and claim her prize as the winner.

Finally it was time to go, fire spread slowly around her hooves, and only spurred her to run faster. As she neared the mountain her tiny tail flicked up and her hooves found purchases. She jumped and bounded easily finding foot holds until she was jumping through the golden ring. Quickly pushing on shoving her tiny limber frame up and heading for the next ring.

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A whole new world had opened up before them, with dazzling heights, magnificent grandeur, and divine opulence scattered across the horizon, as if they’d been invited and coaxed into the heavens, enticed and allured into the luminescent fronds and inquisitive islands – and though the nymph would have loved to chase after the mysteries, the beguiling, the spellbinding schemes and scenes coveting the arena, she’d be left in the dust instead of blazing a trail. She took a few moments to glance, to stare, to witness the wide kingdom spread; ensnared by the mountains (like home), the turtle leading them further, onward, to some odd, sunken pedestal, and rings, far up the peaks, gazing into ghostly, spectral denizens, reaching for Mt. Olympus and all of its wondrous castles. Others took their places, marched to the steady beat, the stream of the proposal, and quickly morphed, altered into a familiar animal (after all – didn’t they have some intertwined and lined across their own tundra, rimed paths?). A smile lifted and curled along Lena’s lips, followed by a light, singsong giggle, and though she didn’t need any encouragement, Imogen still provided a heartfelt chirp, and she proceeded to join the line of racers, altering into her new physique. Likely not recognizable (beyond the length of her infinite smile), merely marked by her usual sienna, though quite a bit thicker, and the snapping, crackling Time God feather woven into her goat pelt, she sprinted forward, hoping to avoid the layers and lacquer of magic flowing through the wind, through the atmosphere, aiming for the first set of rings. Imogen, to her credit, settled along Lena’s furry haunches, an ivory sentinel, gaze narrowing to eye the fellow opponents, biding time, hastening hours, to unleash her own intrigue and strategies; pursuing success for her bonded and beloved.

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Of all the things the little prince had seen within this world, a turtle turning them into goats was the last image he expected.

Did he mind? Hardly – there was something uniquely curious about the whole adventure, racing across mountaintops, searing through maelstroms, swinging about chaos, diving along rock piles, and avoiding the brewing enchantments of others, stumbling and grumbling in an entirely new sovereign. If his father ever asked him about some wild, wicked escapade, the scion could relinquish and unfold timeless tales of morphing into another creature and racing up a peak (and Deimos would promptly give up ever asking his son for stories again, and likely question Erebos’ sanity or vivid imagination)! He could even tell Adelric, and pretend to be charge into battle with multiple, curled horns on his head, spout untamed laughter at all of the foolish memories.

As he arrived, his eyes glanced over to the various members of their throng as their horse form was completely absconded for something truly made and sculpted for the peaks, and he searched for any of his friends: there were quite a few he recognized briefly from meetings or the Basin’s general constituents, and then a token of unfamiliar faces that soon became even more unfamiliar as they departed from the equine realm. He spotted Aithniel shortly thereafter, and thought about calling to her, yelling and shouting over the ruckus (maybe they could race together, join forces against the opposition, then battle to see who the true victor would be), but then she started to spout fire around her hooves and he wouldn’t be able to get close enough. Frowning only slightly along the fringes of disappointment, he heaved one heady sigh, then enrolled himself into the escapade. His lanky limbs ghosted over the turtle’s box, and within a few steps, he was much like the rest of them – altered and condensed into a cerulean goat (and very fond of his new beard!). Without powers of persuasion, because water-walking would do him no good over cliff tops and rock faces, the youthful beast galloped onward, making his way towards the first set of rings, clambering somewhat nearby Aithniel (hoping she’d recognize him and not burn him to a crisp in the meantime), attempting to get her attention with a familiar shake of his head and an audacious, devilish smile.
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For as long as I've been up here - and it's been a fair bit now - I feel like I haven't really been up to much. One sassy mare named Sheba, and a herd meeting. That's not very much, is it? Damaris follows along behind me, getting closer and closer to being full-sized. I smile down at her, but she barks at me suddenly, ignoring my kind expression and easy demeanor. I turn around away from her and look at what she's barking at. I look ahead and see before me a mountain in the sky - when did that get there? I huff and stop, staring with wide and confused eyes. Damaris nudges my forward with her snout, and I harumph at her, slowly moving toward the base of it, where I see a few others gathering. More and more approach as I do, and I notice that we are all unicorns. Strange... Is this some Aurora Basin gathering? But no, as I approach I hear a voice call down from the top of the mountain, encouraging us to join in some sort of .. race. A rectangle on the ground, and rings are up along the mountain side. I step on the rectangle, and find myself.. not.. equine. I look down and stare at my now cloven hooves. I try to speak, and out comes a strange BLAAAAAAAH sound. I start, eyes wide again. Damaris barks behind me with laughter. I glare at her, but she only laughs harder, falling on the ground and rolling as she wags her tail wildly. Apparently my BLAAAAAAH is not intimidating. I look around me and see other unicorns being turned into goats of all different sorts. I blink in shock and suddenly find myself on the ground, stiff-legged and ready to pee myself with fear. Fantastic. I'm one of those fucking fainting goats. I clamber to my feet again and just like that, some part of me knows that the race has started. Up the mountain we go! Damaris sits up and plans to wait for me at the bottom, being in no good position to climb with me. Before we were transformed, I thought I saw Oxy coming to this gathering, but the others are unfamiliar to me. My cloven hooves scramble against the mountain, and I find that the footing isn't so bad now that I'm a species that can climb. My hooves find the nooks and crannies, and I BLAAAAAAAH with success. Other goats are nearby, and I snap at them with my goat teeth. I think I grab one tail here, another tail there. Perhaps I will find myself in a good position to use my magic that moves rocks. First, I want to get through that first hoop, and it doesn't take too long before I have. "BLAAAAAAAH!!!" I bleat with joy at my continued success. This is rather fun!

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OOC: Rostislav turned into a fainting goat (Myotonic goat) and snapped at others.

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I followed Oxy and Rostislav from the Falls meeting, thinking that maybe I can stay safer by staying with our two generals. I pick a path along quietly behind them, keeping my head down except to look around myself, examining my surroundings. I have not explored this strange island in the sky, and honestly I'd rather have my feet on the REAL earth. But that doesn't always mean I get to choose my path... I nearly run into Rostislav and his hellhound, as I realize that they have stopped in front of me. I quickly move away from them, not wanting to anger those that could likely do a lot of damage to me. I look at what everyone's attention has been directed to: a mountain, and golden rings on the mountain. A voice calls down to us and encourages us to run up the mountain and through the rings - a race. I cock my head and stare as those gathered start turning into goats. Goats? What the ... I pout slightly with confusion and see those I know transform. Oxy and Rostislav... but I also recognize a couple others. I see Ulrik, one of the crafters from the Basin. Though he was not very welcoming, a smile comes to my face at seeing someone from another herd. All the others, though, are strangers to me. I wonder if maybe I will meet many new faces up here in the clouds, during this race thing, or perhaps after. I look down and find in front of me a strange rectangle. I step on it, and feel some strange sensation through my body. I look down, and see cloven feet. I try to speak as others have and a big BLAAAAAAAH comes out. I silence myself, embarrassed by the unbecoming sound. The goats start to climb the mountain, and I give a strange goat-shrug and begin climbing myself as fast as my strange... cashmere goat.. legs can. Of course I would be a cashmere goat! I smile and giggle inside my head, finding encouragement and energy from that realization. Up, up, up the mountain we go, and I pass a goat or two and find my way through the first ring and onward to the second. Yes! This is more fun than I thought it might be! Apparently... being a goat (despite the horrible sounds they make) isn't quite so bad!

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OOC: She turned into a Cashmere Goat! :)

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Standing around watching the others join in on the festivities had made for some amusing times throughout each of the races. The pegasus were neat to watch as they soared high overhead diving through the golden hoops and battling each other for the lead. Each of the equine racing seemed to make things interesting by either sabotaging the race using magic or falling to someone else's tricks. While Kiara lounged around in the shade the grey stallion stood off a little ways just enjoying the day. The turtle was odd to say the least but seemed to know how to get everyone out to enjoy themselves. When the unicorns were called forward he debated silently for a couple moments whether or not to join in. Ah what the hell, might as well do something to appease the gods.

Not really thinking much more than a race the stallion walks down to where the others are gathered to gaze up at the course. How did one expect to get all the way up there anyway? Shrugging he figured that he would find out when he got up there. Stepping into the rectangle without much of a care the stallion does not find anything out of the ordinary until things start to become larger. Its either things are getting larger or he is growing smaller, but that was impossible! Looking down to the grasses below his eyes widen as he realizes that the grass is almost at grazing level in some places. Thinking of food makes his mouth water and his stomach grumble unexpectedly. Sighing he pushed the thought away until later, lets get this race....

Trailing off his mouth falls open as he finds himself suddenly surrounded by not other unicorns but goats. GOATS!! Panic fills his gut as everywhere he looks there is more of the goats to be seen. What the hell just happened! Wait a minute...NO!!!! Pulling his head to his chest he no longer sees refined musculature and long legs, instead he finds a small stocky body covered in fuzz and short legs. OH FUCK HE WAS A GOAT! Whipping his shortened head to the side he tries to call out but where his voice once was comes a abnormal bleating sound. Blaaaaahhh Horror takes place of the fear as he stumbles forward a couple steps. How were you supposed to walk on these short things? I guess this is how we are getting up the mountain....

As the race begins his heart skips a beat as he finds his stubby little legs carrying him forward and up the incline of the hill. Cloven hooves seem to grip the rocks much easier than solid ones and the small goat body moves surprisingly well. This might actually be some fun after all. Bleating once more he laughs at the sound before he bounds through the first hoop after the others.

Turns into a Irish Goat

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The activities of the island were endless, the turtle of the Earth God a sight commonly seen ringed by various faces eager to appease whatever whims he cast out to them. Illynx was no different, having been watching the shelled creature since she had taken notice of an equine race of sorts barreling across the land, anxious to see if there would be a task set aside for those more worthy of his attentions than the flying or earth bound beasts that nature had allowed to be born.

Today seemed the day, the clearing around their pretty blue tent rather empty and a large collection of unicorns strolling off towards the base of one of the larger peaks that adorned the floating island’s face. Getting Rikyn’s attention and feeling Kyst settle in on her shoulders, the golden mare heads off towards the hubbub, her armor glinting in the light of the sun high overheard and her heart fluttering with anticipation for the challenge that was to come.

When she arrives, however, she is almost immediately turned back around by the spectacle; the turtle has just finished announcing something, urging each to step into a rectangular box that has been drawn into the grasses. Her eyes slip ahead to the rings, the same ones that had been present during the other race she’d spied, and when they return, she sees the magic that resides within the lines begin to take effect on the first to step in.

Her mouth drops open in shock and horror – her son giggles.

She can see him dash ahead to go join in alongside Aithniel as she enters the thing, a streak of pride managing itself into the pulse of her heart as she sees the hybrid honoring the more suitable aspect of herself. It was a race for unicorns, to be sure, but the girl did wear horns – and she could just have easily joined in with the sky filth in their game hosted by the turtle. That she had chosen this one spoke volumes of what resided in her heart and how her mind was beginning to put together the ways in which she could truly be a part of their herd and the revolution that brewed within, and it made her almost glad to have spared the child in that instant.

It also encourages her to be bold and accept the idiotic form that the turtle imposes on them. She only hopes Kyst reacts with more grace than Kirchoff – who’s howling laughter makes her lips twitch into a smile despite her attempts to hold it back, especially once she sees the mass of fur that her stoic lover has become.

She feels the magic grasp her as soon as she’s across the barrier, a tingling sensation that rises through her flesh and sends it shrinking all while her coat grows long and her mane and tail are seemingly sucked back into her to feed the length added to her sleek, velveteen exterior. With horror, she watches her graceful, muscled legs become stubby and knobbed, the gold shrinking back to tinge only the highlights of her dark brown body. Her horn pulses with something like the remembrance of pain and she suddenly feels a weight grow from her brow, sensing that she now has two horns rather than one – and they are quite a bit less tactful than her golden spiral.

"Be—be-behhh?!" she stammers once it seems to have finished its work, her legs splayed and terror making her sides heave and her heart pulse two hundred times faster than it should.

Or maybe it’s because she’s so much smaller.

Looking around her through goat eyes, she remembers that there is a race at foot and manages to sop up what is left of her tattered and bleeding pride, turning towards the golden rings they will make a mad dash for with a rather insidious expression on her goat face. Kyst is still on her shoulders, attempting to stifle kitty snickers at the level of shock emanating from the ludicrous golden and brown goat standing among the fallen folds of her now well oversized platinum armor.

She will give the Lord Earth a piece of her mind, if she ever sees him after this. It was simply… disgusting. She stank of musk and Ulrik… oh Gods. Ulrik had never smelled worse in all her years of knowing him, she takes note of as she steps out of the pile her armor as made.

But the trill to begin is sounded, and at what should have been her lightning fast gallop she toddles out at Booted Goat speed and Kyst takes to the skies to fly overhead, the once-unicorn bounding and leaping much like a deer. The motions take her by surprise and she is wide eyed and full of wonder as she bounds towards the mountain ahead, smelling the sparks of Aithniel’s fire and seeing the effects of other magic taking hold around her, some simply relying on savagery to best their opponents with teeth snapping and hooves ready to kick out unwary knees.

She does her best to avoid them all, making ungainly goat leaps over obstacles and being of much like mind to her mate – though she cannot see him or hear his thoughts. She’ll wait to use her magic until later in the game, when it seems it may give her some opportunity.

[ OOC: Illynx is now a Stiefelgeiss or Booted Goat. xD She has HUGE horns and is tiny. I laugh forever now. link ]

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I was so excited I could just die, and a giggle escapes me despite my attempts to restrain it.

Erebos is here, and Aithniel, and the turtle that hoards eggs! Momma is standing next to me looking like an idiot with a whole lot of surprise on her face, but I’m instantly captivated by the luring promise of treasures to be won from the Earth Turtle and the sight of my best friends only further bolsters my confidence. It doesn’t cross my mind that maybe its hard headed pride that holds her fast in her place slack jawed and horrified, but I wouldn’t care even if it did.

Jauntily, I prance out towards Aithniel as the turtle tells us to go in the rectangle on the ground, coming in alongside her with a playful glare of competition on my face before the magic makes me tingle and all the sudden I’m even smaller than I normally am, but also much, much fluffier.

My horn has become two knobs with some raised ridges on them, staring to curve backwards towards my ears just like my normal horn is just starting to lengthen and gain its tip, and I eagerly rub them on my legs in excitement, prancing in place with barely contained enthusiasm as my superbly springy goat legs bound me nearly two feet with every antsy twitch. I can see dad over nearby and Kirchoff really thinks he looks funny – and so I can’t help but wonder how I look.

Glancing over at Aithniel, I nearly choke on a restrained laugh. She’s pretty tough, but I don’t want her to think I’m laughing at her even if I am. It’s not really her – its just that she looked so cute and ridiculous all at once. When I lay my eyes on momma, I don’t do so well at holding it back, mostly because she has ridiculously huge, curved horns on her head and looks like she just saw a ghost. I try to tell Aith to look at her, but all that comes out are garbled noises that aren’t anything at all like words, and I just laugh all the harder.

I’m still laughing when we plunge forward towards the mountain, the sound trailing out behind me in the most ludicrous sound I’ve ever heard. My heart is light and my pulse thrums with life as I take note of a black kid approaching me and Aith that’s probably Erebos, and all three of us bound toward the nearest ring as my sister sets the grass on fire around us; everything else isn’t really noticed, my youth not giving me the sense to watch out for foul play even as my sister does it right next to me, and either way I’m too excited to try out these new, ultra springy mountain legs to care about winning or avoiding danger.

I dart around it, leaping over a branch that tries to circle in front of me and smelling the grossness of singed hair as I land. I’d forgotten I was so damn shaggy.

[ OOC: Rikyn is a Dutch Landrace goat for the fluffs. ]

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The golden and teal colt had hoped to find his father on this other worldly island, like the time he had stumbled across him in the past. The poor lad wanted to know his father, wanted to know why he did not live with Parelia, his mother, and himself. Anger was not a good look on his dashing features, but it was every evident that the feelings would only grow towards the silver stud if he did not at least make an effort to be with him. In his young mind there was no reason not to just join the Edge so they could all be a happy normal family.

Silver eyes gazed at things but did not seem to really see them. His brain was lost in the turmoil of it's self longing to be taught things by his father. He wanted to learn how to be a great man, but how could he learn that if there was not father to teach him? 'I guess I can always be everything he isn't.' Snorting his aggravation the colt paused to clear his mind the best he could. If Ciceron did not want anything to do with him he would just not bother to look for him everywhere he went.

A call brought his head around and he listened closely before moving towards the voice. 'A race for Unicorns?' He wondered silently as he trotted away from his brooding thoughts. He knew he wanted to join, but was unsure if he was allowed too. Ilios had never been called a Pegasus, Equine, Or Unicorn. To be honest the young colt had no idea what he really was. 'Well this will be a good way to find out if I am a unicorn or not!' He thought stubbornly as the line up came into view. He stood confused on the sidelines was a massive turtle, he was sure he had seen it somewhere before or at least heard of it. In the starting box there was goats in the front and horses in the back. As silver eyes shifted over the crow he noticed a pretty horned and winged horse, the gold and white girl was clearly a female. Shaking his head he moved forward, and as he did the filly turned into a goat as well. Disbelieve flicked through his small frame but he picked his head up and stepped into the box, standing slightly away from everyone, but not to the back.

His transformation was swift, and kind of tickled. A beard grew, and his tail shortened, and to his pure delight his horn turned to two and grew rapidly. He let out a happy bleat as the turtle cried Go! Lowering his battering ram head the colt goat pressed forward. The foot holds were fairly easy to find as he bounded up the slope towards the golden ring. Jumping through it he tried to pass as many people as he possibly could.

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Roland was not a fan of heights. During his recent visit to the Edge he had shrank away from the sight of steep cliffs and precarious precipices, and the large voids of empty space between the earth and the savage waves below. He could never seem to shake the feeling that the slightest of breezes could send him toppling over the edge, were he to stand too close. In retrospect, he didn’t know what had possessed him to venture onto this island.

The air was thin, and held a slight chill to it at such an altitude. Before the Thief rose a tall mountain, its rocky spire twisting up towards the heavens and reaching through the clouds that wound around its peak. A rapidly growing congregation stood at its roots, and as Roland approached them he sought out the owner of the voice calling out across the gathering. It appeared this floating island had grown quite popular, while the stallion had remained ignorant to its presence until that morning. As his gaze fell upon the reptilian speaker, he frowned in undisguised bemusement. A talking turtle? Clearly there was strange magic transpiring, and the last time he had taken part in such antics Roland had earned a scar for his troubles.

But there was no hint of ill intent to be found in the announcer’s words, and as he drew closer to the box painted upon the ground Roland was struck by a sudden bout of confidence and curiousity at what was about to ensue, a thirst for adventure previously displaced amidst his cowardice and skepticism. The Thief watched in something akin to horror as the ground rose abruptly towards him, and before he knew it he was no longer the tall, sleek, golden creature he knew himself to be, but a red furred, spindly legged goat. Before he could help himself, he was struck by a sudden stab of self consciousness.

Roland prayed that he had not turned into a shaggy, unkempt creature like some of the others he spotted around him. Rather, with any luck, he was the sleek, sports car edition. That, he could handle. Unfortunately there wasn’t much time to contemplate appearances before he was surging forwards at the turtle’s call, in part hoping to participate in whatever game was afoot, and also hoping he might escape recognition from the other goats around him, if he moved quickly. There was no reflection with which he could check his appearance, but he would likely die of humiliation if he sported the ragged beard and wayward teeth he had seen on some of the unsightly creatures in the past.

Leaping upon the footholds of the mountain, he began to climb through the throng of others, aiming for the initial target whilst attempting to dodge the torrent of magic thrown this way and that, risking his neck amidst shot and shell as he found his way towards and through the first ring with his tail wagging in newfound excitement. Turned out this goat thing wasn’t half bad.

(Roland is a Kalahari Red Goat!)

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So it seems that a gathering of unicorns had commenced on this very odd island. A turtle is calling out... and then... his perspective starts changing. Anna bleats nervously as suddenly, her bonded is now the exact same size. He's a Jining Grey goat.

He doesn't look at his body though, as he takes off up the side of the mountain. Annabelle though, does take notice as she attempts to clamber after him. Two curled horns reach almost around his head, and his body is covered in a shaggy grey coat. Little hooves pound against the rock as Anna still is squeaking at him. Rings litter the side of the mountain, and he can't help but wonder what might be at the end, should he get all the rings! So he dives left, Anna quickly falling behind, but still managing to keep up.

As he approaches the ring, he aims, and jumps! Moving up the side of a mountain was a lot harder than he thought, and he could only wonder at what pain would ensue. Would they turn into another weird, furry animal? As much fun as that would be, Biru would much rather be firmly on the ground, on four hooves. But, this place had already proved to be an odd, odd place, but within it held great triumphs or failures. This little endeavor had yet to show its face, but he considered that on this beautiful island, it would probably be of the better sorts. With a humph Anna scoffed at him, why did he have no fears?!

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Even though the clouds and height drove her crazy she could not help but travel back to the sky island. She wanted to see if there were any herbs up there that couldn't be found anywhere else. Standing stiff as a statue the purple and pink doe was lifted slowly up to the God's blessing. Jumping a little to much as the cloud finally drew to a halt she flew through the air landing with a thump a foot or two away from the edge. Shivering and breathing quickly she calmed herself slowly antlered head lowered.

Once she was able to relax again the mare moved off her feather hooves leaving soft impressions on the ground.The call for Unicorns interrupted her search for plants; turning towards the words floating through the air. Alija moved into an easy gallop warming up her muscles so they were limber when she arrived. Smiling brightly she watched as the unicorns in front of her turned into small bearded goats. She pranced excitedly into the box waiting excitedly to be turned into a goat herself. her skin tingled as the transformation took place. Once it was done she was a short and long bodied goat with light brown and black fur. her horns were curved now instead of the towering antlers.

Once it was time to go she finally saw the turtle, the got with fire at her hooves, and the howling rolling wolf like creature. She was a little stunned at all of the odd things going on around her, but she took it with a smile. Running with the herd of goats she tried to pass a few people keeping well away from the fire hoofed female. Jumping quickly through the hoop she moved towards the next.

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