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[DROP] Quest Drop | Burn it down

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The GOD of the SUN

Burn the whole world down

The TallSun sky burned brightly, as the midday heat glazed over Helovia. While milder heat seemed to pervade the lower regions of Helovia, here, atop the summit of the fields, fire still reigned supreme. The sun burned and blistered against the cloudless sky, sending illusions and mirages of water and refreshment laying just beyond your reach. The dual-horned God descended from seemingly the sun itself - his golden form seeming to materialize from the face of the burning star.

At his hooves, flowers made of gold erupted violently - shoving away the earth and grass to make way for their unfurling and blindingly bright petals. They grew immediately, rising to the Sun God's knees, before fully extending their golden petals. Dew, that appeared to be liquid gold, pooled in their centers, as they swayed around the form of the God. His blinding gaze looked down upon their radiance, please with what he saw. Searching the horizon, the God saw nothing but an endless wavering mirage, dancing with the promise of refreshment.

This is a quest drop. You have 72 hours to respond. You do not need to post a wishlist, but please post your previous refusals. There will be multiple posts needed in order to be considered for this drop.

Please note, only those who participate fully in this drop will be able to use it as a 'previous rejection', towards other drops.


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Whether the red-dusted vixen or the drunk accepted her into their herd, the bird does not care; they will never be able to confine her to the borders of that land of mist and humidity. A bird has to stretch her wings out from time to time, and although she has done plenty of that lately she still feels the need to get away from the unfamiliar clamor of herd life. The hybrid is suited for gradual adjustment into social settings, and the dense population of her new home does not allow for that. Perhaps if they are constantly at war she can fit in better; the Aztec always welcomes bloodshed, and she slips into a warrior's mindset with ease. Unfortunately for her that is not the case, and so the chieftess will be forced to come to terms with the discomfort that comes with sociability. At least she can succumb to that torture when it suits her and, at the present moment, it most certainly did not.

Held up by the warm wind and dry air that is customary of the season, the voluminous bird soars high above the clouds where she can feel the full extent of the sun's warmth upon her emerald back. It is enveloped in the warm embrace of the fiery orb that the stained lady allows her thoughts to turn to battle.

Her hardened bodice still aches from the beating that the dappled stag has left her with, and frustration takes hold of her mind whenever she she tries to walk; the puncture wound that the unicorn has been so kind as to mark her with makes the maiden yearn for his blood. The move itself had not been particularly complex, but it was her own foolishness that had allowed the brute to pierce her hide. She will have to work harder to avoid repeating that mistake.

Xolopitli. Fool. How could you let him touch you? How did you manage t- The stream of negativity is interrupted when the astringent hybrid sees a flash of light below her, past the clouds. She is immediately concerned by what the explosion might mean for her or her herd -- she may loathe their company, but the warrior still understands that it is her duty to protect them. If anything, the chieftess welcomes the potential threat that this occurrence might bring. It will give her a chance to make up for the blunder that hinders her performance, and to reclaim her title as the skilled fighter that she has made herself out to be. Her fiery gaze burns brighter at the prospect, and she pulls her wings in to fall beneath the clouds.

Moisture spills from her squinting orbs as gravity pulls her back down to Earth, and lush locks of hair whip all around the maiden as she falls. She can barely make out the flower-spotted field atop the daunting mountain, and she doesn’t realize that the ground is closer to her than she thinks until a second radiant light sparks into being. Muscular green shoulders are quick to set themselves to work, and the bird snaps her colorful sails open so that she will not crash into the meadow. Dark hooves tear into the golden field and tall pillars quake from the impact, but the maiden does not stumble when she reaches the mountain’s peak. The white bars on her legs are dusted with soil and shredded grass when the peahen starts towards the light, but the debris is brushed off by the surrounding foliage. The beauty is indifferent to her appearance anyway, preferring to stain it with the red of her foes over maintaining its brilliant hue. She is beyond hope for finding a mate to settle down with, but she really doesn’t care. The blunt maiden repels the company of others. Yet even so, she still manages to stumble upon another curious creature that resides here.

His coat shines as brightly as the sun, if not brighter, and as the Aztec halts her advance she realizes that he is the cause of the earlier explosion. It even looks as if some of the flames that came from it are still burning at his wings. Does he know he is on fire?

Her questioning stare rakes over his radiant figure, starting at his curved horns and slowly moving down to his feet. There are gold-hued flowers growing there, and she has to suppress an outburst of disbelief; does everyone in this place have some sort of magic? This magic does not seem as useful as some of the others that she has seen, but she does not voice her opinion about it. The golden stallion gives off an authoritative air, and even the crude vixen knows not to piss him off. She decides that it is best to stay quiet, and wait for the burning beast to say something.

"Sed interdum rutrum urna, sed pellentesque sapien tempor in." Quisque iaculis dapibus fermentum.

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[[Ophelia seeks her light magic and maybe a chitchat if he doesn't drown her in fire.

Previous refusals |
2. ]]

Ophelia stood now after speaking with her daughter, heart numb. How much trauma could the soul bear before it simply stopped working? How much colder did she have to get before things finally just started to work out? The day broke, and she felt hunger gnawing at her stomach like the faint breath of a ghost on her belly - easily ignored. She had enough ghosts. How long had she been standing here, staring emptily into the horizon? How did she not notice that the pink fades of the sky had given way to the mighty and pervasive sun?

Did she even care that it had risen at all?

The pale princess of nothingness finally shifted her weak, joints snapping in disapproval as her cloven hooves finally moved from the grass. Heat waves were starting to blur her vision. Thirst dried her throat, but her heart could not care. If she had the capacity to panic, she would. Ophelia could not remember a time when she had ever felt this numb. Angry? Absolutely. Cold? Definitely? But numb? She blinked, wanting tears but getting none.

Even the pool in the caves had showed her that what she desired the most would never, ever exist. Her wants were follies. Those she cared about, except her sister, were lost to her, and she was a failure, a complete failure. She had failed the Grey. She had failed her daughter. She had failed her sister. She had even failed Tinek. All her efforts seemed to send her into a spiral that wound downwards and never up. Even throwing herself left and right never wavered from his circular course. Why bother fighting it at all?

Suddenly, the sun broke through the numb, lighting her soul like medicine to poison. She recoiled. From the sun itself the god she had once loved so innocently, the god who had crushed her, descended. Ophelia prepared to be ignored and rejected. She prepared to be thrown from a ball of fire down, down, down below, and the Forsaken hung her head, casting her dual colored eyes away from his magnificence. The mirage teased her thirst, but it was absolutely unimportant compared to this moment.

The words "I should go" didn't make it from her throat, but she intended to speak them. She bowed low on one knee regardless, knowing that the gods were powerful enough to deserve her respect - even when she knew that he hated her powerfully. Then, with enough self-preservation to not wish anymore numbness, she turned, leaving before he had to force her to go. Yelling "wait, please!" did not work last time. Why would it work this time?

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Undertow has come to take me. Guided by the blazing sun. Look at everything around us. Look at everything we've done.
Please. Anyone. I don't think I can save myself. I'm drowning.

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Alija was new to these lands but the heat was nothing new to her. Purple and pink pelted she moved easily through the brush up a hill. Her wavy golden locks swung softly in the air as she strode calmly up the hill, her draft frame making the climb easy. Her large golden feathered hooves pressed into the baked Earth pulling her heavy frame up towards the top of the massive hill, or small mountain whichever you preferred. As she neared the top the pink striped mare paused and swung her head around to take in the lovely fake imagines the wavering lines of heat brought before steel blue eyes. The pendants hanging on the chain between her mighty antlers clinked merrily as she turned back to the front.

Smiling calmly to herself as she cleared the top and saw a marvelous mirage shimmering in flames of heat. A winged and horned stallion stands in front of her with flowers of gold towering up towards his knees. He is stunning and blindingly beautiful to look at. The mare had heard of gods in her former home, sun, time, moon, and earth had all been revered in her old land. This land was different, but the gods the same. It hit the mare suddenly that this might not be a trick of heat and light. There was only one way to test the theory though, to move towards the flaming golden stallion.

Taking a deep breath of sweltering air she steadied her nerves and moved her bag covered shoulders forward. He did not seem to move away from her gaze, but was held fast were he was. As soon as Alija was sure he was real she dropped to her front knees bowing her antlered head low. Her voice was thick with emotion and respect, "Lord of the Sun, I am your humble servant Alija. I am here to do your bidding God of fire." This was the best moment of her life, before her God she was whole burning in his grace and flames.

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OOC: Alija seeks a quest for either Earth x Dark| Vines and flowers cover a wounded's body and the flowers wither on them and the person takes the life from the flowers and heals them or a companionb up to the admin to surprise me =D
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As Alija approached, a wall of flames surged from the ground upon which she knelt. A blinding light, accompanied by a pulsing wind thrust the colored mare sharply back, leaving her knees burned where they had touched the ground. The wind continued to fester and tear at Alija's mane and chest, pulling her away from the God. Flames began to blurr along the edges of the breeze - now made visible by the ash that was beginning to form.

Oh no! Alija's knees have been burned, and the longer she remains, the more burns she shall sustain! She has been disqualified from this drop, for requesting a magic that the Sun God cannot provide (The Sun God controls Light/Fire magic, Alija asked for Dark/Earth, which could only be granted by the Earth God or the Moon Goddess). This does not count as a refusal, and may not be used towards future drops.

The Sun God is not pleased.

@[Ayelet] - your magic would actually be "DARK x EARTH" so this magic is not qualified for this drop!

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"Quick with the flames as always, I see" a voice commented dryly some distance away as fire shot up around the mare. Lace wasn't sure what he thought was worse, the horrific translucence of the unicorns body, where the crimson heart pulsed in fleshy convulsions, or the fickle temper of the brilliantly glowing deity that appeared to flare in denial of the lady's request. Uncouth as it had been, was there any reason to scorch the skin off her legs just to keep the flowers to himself?
He approached the gathering with some wariness, quietly eying the horses that had been drawn to the god like moths to a fire. Out of all the pretty ladies, the only familiar face he could see had turned to leave by the time he arrived, and the grullo couldn't say he blamed her. The heat of those dazzling fires weren't to be taken lightly - he knew that all too well, still carried the gilded scars from the first time he had crossed paths with the lord of light too.

Still, for some reason the vagabond stallion didn't feel that scared as he studied the slender god with critical eyes. It was fascination and curiosity as much as anything that had attracted him to the elevated meadow, purely aside from his desire to graze from the dewy greens, a kind of daredevil elation that bid him to start this dangerous play with fire. The nature of this entity was so far removed from anything Lace knew, so different from the mundane processes of thought of ordinary people, that the very mortal bouts of anger or arrogance he had become infamous for almost seemed amusing. Like a child throwing a tantrum because everyone didn't look at him. Not that he'd ever say it to the Sun God's face, of course. He didn't have a death wish.

"What's up with the flowers?" he continued, tilting the head with a half teasing, half curious smile as he looked between the intimidating stallion and the resplendent blossoms, carefully ignoring the chastising voice of his bonded who told him to hold his tongue while he still had one.


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These fields. Still, I say they're boring as fuck, and it's only because I saw a gathering while flying above that I've decided to descend. I do, and circle overhead a few times before I finally land forty or so yards away. Something shining bright, so bright it's like the sun fallen from the sky, is lighting up an area of the field. It's blinding, and I approach slowly but with intense curiosity. What the hell is the sun - a sun imitator - doing in the middle of these fields? There are a few gathering around the blinding light. As I get closer, I see that none of these petty souls are familiar to me, and why should they be? I know very few in this weird land. Past them, I see the source of the blinding light. A horse, but no ordinary horse: He emanates the light that burns my eyes, and at his feet beautiful golden flowers grown as high as his knees. There is no doubt there is something magical about this creature, and I wonder if he is one of the Helovian Gods. I had Gods in my land, but never knew them to be so... mundane. No, not in appearances - I'd definitely tap this God, were the option there. By mundane I mean... willing to come down to the world and mingle among his people. I mean, really. If I was a god I would never think of appearing among my people. But then, I am not a god. I pull up next to a strange peacock-like equine, and stop to stare at the God. Ah, so you're the second sun. I give him an appraising look, not caring that I speak to a God instead of a mere mortal. For me, not being rude with the first words past my lips IS giving proper respect. I ruffle my pink feathers, and bob my crown of antlers EVER SO SLIGHTLY. You're looking awfully fiery today. I snicker and my emerald eyes flash with joy. I have no idea why he's here, but I'm enjoying just being here in front of him. Is he a malicious god, a kind and gentle god? A troublemaker or a joker? I can't wait to find out!

Walk. Talk.

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The filly was once again wondering from home searching for a father she longed to know; galloped swiftly after a watering hole. ’That must be really far away.' She thought huffing as she struggled to keep up the pace within the burning heat. She was still young only three months old, but she had been to several places already in search for the alabaster and scarlet stallion. Breathing heavily the storm filly climbed carefully up the large hill tiny stormy grey ears pricked as she searched for the paradise she could clearly see ahead. Her different colored eyes swiveled here and there looking for any other kind of water she could reach before finally getting to the oasis she was chasing.

Voices suddenly tickled her ear hairs as she topped the hill and her eyes roved over the others gathered there. She took in all the faces but fell short on the roaring fire ball stallion with the golden flowers growing to his knees. Her young body moved slowly towards the god, awe pounding through her veins. She wondered slowly through the small crowd towards the flaming wing and horned god of flame. She assumed he was the god of flame anyway, she had seen the god of spark once before and was sure this was the fire god. In her internal opinion he was not as amazing as his brother, the God of time, but he was still astounding. The filly usually so brash and rude lowered her horned head low almost to the ground but not quite the smell of burning flesh still in the air. She stood that way for a moment before looking up into the burning stallion's face a simple smile turning her lips up.

"Talking" ’Thinking’
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OOC: Zünden seeks a maned wolf
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        This... is familiar. Heat blasts at eyes and face, rippling along the silver glint of the narrow stallion’s soft hide. It is the desert again, caught up to him at last and laughing as sweat darkens the hollows between limbs and body, the curves of his long, narrow neck. He travels onward anyway, drawn like a moth to the inferno. It is everywhere and nowhere, all at once. With every step the air shimmers, threatening to break open around him – and what behind it? What – what – lingers in the meadow?

        He steps forward without reverence; he has never known a god. Yet still something quiet, something frightened, stirs in the blue mirrors of his eyes. He looks upon an impossible being, a creature born of light and flame, standing in the midst of flowers – themselves like miniature sunbursts. Something in Caneo’s mind breathes run, but quivering he remains, drawn if nothing else by the sight of others lingering in that brilliant presence, their outlines flickering in the heat and shimmer of the day.

        It is the desert again and he is a child.

        Caneo blinks once at the girl he recognizes, but his steps lead away from her. Carefully, his cloven hooves place the narrow glint of his silver body on the fringes of the gathering – ever watching, hardly involved. He is not certain even what this place means but he wants to know. Then quietly the narrow head lifts up, the pale eyes narrowed as they peer at the god. “Good morning,” he murmurs. It seems only polite.

[ Caneo will be wanting a dragon snake. No previous refusals. I... hope I'm doing this correctly I'm not really sure how these work >.>' ]

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Today must be lucky day. I was out exploring and ended back up in the in the field on top of the mountain. Okay okay, so I kind of planned to come here. I like it here, it's quiet and nice... The climb always takes the longest, and I am eager to learn to fly. That is part of the reason I came here. The height would allow me to learn to land below, while all I had to do was glide down. At least that is what I am hoping for. I really have no idea. However fate has a different plan. But i'll get to that soon enough. Meantime, I will complain about not knowing how to fly. I really need to learn. Momma told me the skies could be safety, as it was her safety before she gained her magic. Oh Momma how I miss you and Daddy so much.

Once I climbed to the top I discovered it wasn't so quiet today. Seven others had arrived before me, gathering around.... "My Lord!" I cry excitedly. I move forward, eager just to be in his presence. This would be the second time since I arrived here in Helovia. My heart raced as I moved forward. I longed to push past everyone else who had already arrived. He is My Lord, the patron of my home. Instead I move around the crowd, off to the side. I can only hope he notices me. Carefully I kneel down, my nose almost brushing the ground. To keep me balanced I open my wings. My growing mane falls into my face. I speak softly, trying to be more mature beyond my short life. "My Lord, I am so happy you graced us with your presence. It's an honor to see you again." Okay okay, not the best way to honor him, but hey, i'm trying.

"Sed interdum rutrum urna, sed pellentesque sapien tempor in."

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I had wandered away from the Edge, just for a few moments of course. I just wanted to know what was so interesting out in the world that would cause my mother to leave me with strangers (who had turned out to be quite fantastic people.) But I still felt like a burden to my "daddy" and "mommy", so I left for the day, of course it would probably lead to me getting scolded later but it would be worth it if I found someone who could be a friend.
The little smile that was almost permanently plastered against my tiny features spread a little wider at the thought of the word friend. It would be so interesting to have a friend, someone to tumble around with me in the grass and even watch the stars! The stars interested me so very much...a hissing sound interrupted my thoughts and burrowed into my immature mind as I passed a region that I wasn't entirely sure it was called.
But it was beautiful, covered in lush, bright green grasses that tickled my belly as I wandered aimlessly through it. The sky above shone a bright blue that reminded me of the ocean I visited a few days ago and met the unicorn colt Erebos, the last time I snuck out of the Edge to find a friend my own age. A smile tugged eagerly at the corners of my golden kissers at the thought of the colt who could walk on water like some kind of magician, maybe that's what he would grow up to be. An entertainer that brought crowds from all over the region to one area just to watch him preform, what a thought.
As I moved further into the tall grass I noticed a group of horses standing in a half circle around a brighter horse who was flaming and surrounded by large beautiful flowers. A soft gasp tore from my tiny frame as I turned in the direction of the gathering, wondering what other than the flowers was so exciting about the flaming beast. Drawing nearer, the muffled noises of the crowd grew louder and some of the words were able to be made out, the majority of them being others fawning over the stallion as if he were something of importance. But one mare's words stood out over the others and made me stop in my tracks, "Lord of the Sun, I am your humble servant Alija. I am here to do your bidding God of fire." I couldn't quite pick out who it was who had been speaking in the midst of the others introducing themselves to the flaming stallion who was a god of some sort.
I wasn't even sure what a God was, but that didn't stop the awe from crossing my infantile features as I grew closer to the stallion. My gold dusted wings pinned to my sides as white pupils widened and ebony harks pulled forwards in interest. The flowers were amazing, something that would have drawn my attention even if the flaming stallion wasn't standing there with them. My gold and ivory brush of a tail flicked over my slender hips as a smile pulled across my features and wide, child-like eyes looked up to the great horned and winged stallion. "Your flowers are beautiful sir." My own words were soft and light, almost like chimes against the noise of the others in the background as they danced into the heat of the afternoon, I didn't care if I didn't make any friends today, the flowers were stunning enough to make my day.

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Of Heaven and Earth

Through the experience and drama of the young filly’s life, she continued to be strong willed and full of heart. Proud to be upon this earth, exploring the lore of her lineage as she made her way across Helovia into the unknown; to the unexpected events to come. Though today, as the sun beamed brightly before her, she found herself in a new land, rolling majestically upon the hillside. Like a golden ocean it waved, glittering and whipping with the brush of natures touch. While enjoying her gaze upon the horizon, a blinding light descended from the heavens, as if a slow falling meteor was edging down to earth’s surface. Violet eyes squinted, as slowly the form faded into view. The golden Pegasus lined with wings of flame appeared just before her eyes.

Taking note to the flaxen mane and tail, she thought of angels that her mother had mentioned once again, like Kiara her guardian, glittering hair of gold, ascending from darkness. The girl smiled, unafraid but respectful as she watched others gather around, all beckoning with questions; one of them Zuden her step sister standing in the distance. Curious, the child stepped forward gazing curiously upon the one who was previously addressed as ‘Lord’.

He was stunning, the god of the sun; though naturally she didn’t know that just yet- but she was intoxicated with his handsome features, the way the flames flickered behind spread wings. He was magnificent, and powerful. The light glowing around him was blinding, but beautiful. The golden flowers even bleed his color as they erupted from the ground. Her spirit was alight with curiosity as she gazed upon him, respectfully. Obsidian and ivory lobes flopping forth, erect and pointed upon his position in the sea of golden flora.

"You’re amazing." She said shyly, admiring his coloring. She had never seen such a pretty flames, being careful not to get to close she continued to gaze upon him and his golden flowers before glancing to the growing crowd. He must be important, to call so much attention.

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ooc // Athenä seeks a Pink Flamingo Companion, perhaps a chat with his majesty?. No previous refusals, this is the first time seeing the Sun God. <3

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Right place, right time? Possibly...

Hector assumed right away of course though, that He had come (golden brilliance and whipping tendrils of liquid fire), to favour his prayer; doting and devoted it was as always. Veci wheeled from the area, deterred by the ferocity of the God materializing as though from the burning rays of the sun itself, but the copper-red stallion stood firm to bask in the glory of his home’s superb patron. They were some distance apart, but such a phenomenon was not to be mistaken- even as rippling water and cool shade tempted him away to either side. Shining flowers, gold and glamorous began to sprout and grow like a glowing sea before and around Him, and Hector was attracted to its beauty, to all of the luxury which He gifted His followers; now, and the extravagance of his beloved desert oasis.

“You are the light and the fire; all that is warm and beautiful. Praise your munificence!” Hector called brightly, unreservedly, touched by the most unexpected grace of his Lord’s presence. “Thank you for coming today.” Others began quickly to gather, to surround the God of the Sun and those golden blooms which towered above mortals, but not Him. Hector was soon lost amongst the vibrant crowd, beneath the flare of a fantastic fire- wall as it reared to force back one he had seen briefly many months ago. Eyes alight and sparkling, absorbed the events unfolding and excitement tickled his heart to thrash. One other drew briefly his attention, a small mare, a filly, whose coat was tinged with the rusty-red of the desert. He had seen her by the lake in passing and as she knelt respectfully, the stallion found her side apart from the mass of bodies, placing a tender bump towards her shoulder with a murmur of greeting.

Though bathing in the radiant shadow of their home’s creator and guardian, Hector could not help but stand as sentinel beside one of their own.

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Looking down upon the gracious land before him a smile couldn't help but form upon the grey's expression for it was truly an amazing sight. This was one of the first places he had ventured upon arriving here many months ago but it was still by far one of his favourites. Inhaling deeply his silver eyes fell upon a small gathering just up from where he was. Whatever it was seemed to be drawing quite the focus away from the spectacular scenery, he might as well take a look to see what it could be. Walking forward with his long strides it did not take him long to catch sight of the majesty standing within the group, that would explain it.

Politely dipping his head to the others that had gathered before his arrival his gaze fell to the sun god as he extended the same respectful bow. " Greetings, once again it is a pleasure."

The last time he had met the god had been a much darker time for him. He had been trying to cope with the loss of his beautiful painted mate and son and anything that had happened really had not registered as important in those times. Things had began to change for the better when their faithful companions had plotted against them to bring them back together once more. Coming here today had been in his own good spirits to let the soothing touch of nature renew his body and soul. His head was screwed back on straight and his heart once again beat within his chest, he felt good.

Slinking through the grass behind him Kiara joined in on the gathering to see what all the fuss was about to be sure she did not miss anything. Sometimes his bonded seemed like she knew a little too much he thought with silent amusement. Kiara was happy to see her bonded once again so enthusiastic and content with life. Walking up to the legs of the sun god she chuffed in greeting as she tried to rub up against his appendages before returning to her bonded.

Ciceron is seeking: Active Magic
[Water x Fire] Create and Manipulate fire that will not burn as fire but as ice, would be capable of freezing the target or inflicting them with ice burns that are more severe than those cause by fire. Flames are not affected by water.

Previous Magic Denials:

Ciceron talks
Ciceron thinks
Kiara speaks

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Permission to attack, use magic and injure with the exception of maiming or death.

Amara Posts: 136
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Sameira :: Royal Hellhound :: Hellfire dark
i won't be saved

soaring through the skies, wings outstretched, i fly above the elevated land of the fields, wondering how long it had been since i had last been here. a year? less... more? i don't remember, but i do remember flying under the instruction of mommy and murdock. ever since then i've learned to fly i've practiced my flight, trying to prefect my landings and move more fluently within the air. sameira runs below me, looking up occasionally to make sure i was still above her. she barks at a figure descending from the heavens, sprinting up the hill with her back flaming.

i follow, settling onto an open patch of grass where other's hadn't gathered. i see the sun god standing, golden flowers trailing behind him. i hadn't seen him since before i found sameira, when i wandered into the edge and rested. i look up at him, his golden body glimmering and flames licking at his wings and creamy hair. i nod my head in greeting, raising it to look at him. sameira sits beside me, her pink tongue lolling out of her mouth, ears perked.

i still recall the day i earned her, and the day i failed to earn magic from the sun god. i hope that today i would not fail, that today i would earn a gift from the god. there were many others gathered, just like that day, surrounded by the god and gawking at him. he was quite a magnificent sight, i do say so myself. somewhere deep down this god was quite special to me. he had been the first god i had seen in the flesh, the first god that my amber eyes had laid upon. that was back when i was alone, without anyone. i didn't even have sameira or sia with me at that time. shivering, i push away those dark memories of my time spent wandering and alone in the darkness.

[desires Light x Dark│Can ' possess ' another's mind/body, using them almost like a puppet. However, any damage sustained by the possessed horse will appear as small black scars on her own body that will slowly fade. When talking, she will not sound like the possessed horse, instead she will sound as herself. (Her own body will stand motionless, and her eyes will turn a light silver, making her appear blind.)
[Restrictions :: Doesn't last long, and the possessed may try to fight back.]
denial 1]

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Aeolus Posts: 100
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Flapping his small wings with frustration the young colt attempted to recreate what the larger mare had shown him earlier that week. She had been able to fly above the ground and create wind but why couldn't he seem to achieve the same results? Initially his first thought was to get to higher ground thinking that it may potentially help his progress but as he climbed higher the only result was his legs started aching. What made the adults make everything look so easy! Grumbling to himself he paused looking down at the ground he had managed to cover, wow this was definitely much higher. Voices drifted towards the colt causing him to twist his head around his blue gaze searching for the culprits to no avail. Figuring they couldn't be all that far he bounded up the remaining incline forgetting all about his initial goal of this journey.

The sights that met the colt made him gasp in awe as he approached in silence trying to process what all was happening. Before him stood a large creamy coloured pegasus with horns sprouting from his head, like how weird was this? The stallion's wings completely dwarfed those he carried and was that fire? Remembering the lessons that his mother taught him he was careful not to bump into any of the others that had gathered already as he made his way up to the stud. The most beautiful flowers gathered around his hooves they almost did not look real, reaching out his darkened muzzle he sniffed one and the scent filled his nostrils. Wow they are real..

Turning his ice coloured eyes up to the horned creature before him he admired the many colours that seemed to decorate the feathers making up his wings. " Hello sir.. I hope you are well." Hesitant at first his confidence grew after the first syllable was spoken making the rest sound much better. While many questions filled his young mind he was lost for what else to say to this stallion so decided to not embarrass himself by blabbing random things. Levex was never going to believe him when he told him about this!

Aeolus talks
Levex talks

Aeolus seeks an upgrade to his current magic of:
[Fire X Shock] Ability to create electrical fire bolts that have capability to burn as well as shock.
[Restrictions] Can only shoot one at a time with marginal accuracy.

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The half-child has returned to the top the mountain, where his mother took him once, following his sisters obediently. He goes with them, most often, because he is curious and he wants to see what they are up to. He goes with them because he wants to be around them, so they will like him, so they will not leave him the way his father has left him. He goes with them to keep them safe, because even though he is young and woefully inadequate, he sometimes feels like his calm, logical mind will keep the three of them safer than Zunden's brash, warrior's heart or Athena's exuberant, extroverted soul. Of course, he will never say these things to them. No, never. That might hurt their feelings, and then they would not like him.

Carrying the orb he had been gifted by the CARPENTER in the moss sling he has made for it, the half-child creeps with them up the mountain, following after the pair at a much slower pace, given that he is holding his present. He still doesn't know what the thing is- he has kept it hidden at home so that he will not upset his sisters and therefore his mother has not seen it. It is a shame, as she would be able to tell him all about it, but ah, the half-child prefers to keep his true self secret. They will not like his true self, so he shows them what they want to see.

Coming up behind them finally, surrounded by a massive gathering of other horses, the half-child sets his orb on the ground and lowers his head to the stallion, as so many others do. He does not understand why he does this, exactly, although he knows it is a sign of respect. Staring wide-eyed at the flaming stallion before him, the half-child waits eagerly for something to happen, questions already swirling haphazardly in his mind. He needs answers. He hopes he will find them.

Light x Dark| Can establish an unbreakable vow between himself and another, which can only be broken by voluntary acknowledgement by both parties or death of the other party. Failure to maintain his unbreakable vow will lead to severe physical pain followed by death if he does not rectify the situation.
Permission granted to use magic or physical force with Adelric at any time for any reason to any degree, with the exception of killing him.

Please do not tag Adelric unless it is in an opening post

Erebos Posts: 474
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Erebos’s mother had told him about Gods, omniscient beacons and pernicious schemers, immortal, sometimes immoral, grasping, clenching, their might, their domination, across the vast empires. The notions and images were alluring, enticing, captivating, and he’d imagined them as grand, celestial beings, towering over the clouds and horizons, beckoning mere mortals to their stones and casting them with chains, spells, and enchantments, using figures and creatures as peons and pawns, throwing them down across chess boards, cackling when they broke away. The child knew about power, his father pervaded the essence of the word many times over (and secretly he yearned for some of his own, little, minute destructive force searing amongst his soul), but had never imagined how much supremacy one being could contain, could control, could contort, until his gaze was fixated upon the one the crowd called the Sun God.

He’d followed a couple of familiar frames, foals cast in prior adventures, swinging behind Adelric and his curious orb, playing the fiddle, orchestra, and opus of inquiry. His stare had been drawn into many folds and avenues, from the hustle and bustle of the throng, the din, gliding fiends offering their reverence, innocent trinkets embarking on remarkable quests and queries, but it became riveted, ensnared, and emboldened by the arch of fire, the embers, the inferno, of gilded flowers erupting, shorn, scorched and charred by the brightest beast he’d ever seen. He wasn’t sure what to think, what to do, how to feel, and merely stared, jaw dropped and open, eyes widened; encased in awe, amazement, and astonishment. His lithe frame felt the rush of heat, the coiled embers, the flames and fury, and responded in turn: a strange convolution boiled in his soul, fierce, savage, wild, begging to unite with the twisted decadence; furtively baptized in fire. The invocations within his childish embraces, buried, swallowed, unknown and enigmatic, flared and simmered, scintillating raptures of augured endeavors, yearned for release, for growth, for mastery and consumption. Rather than question it, than bleed and drag a thousand reasons for its existence, he entwined himself in the feverish, fervent, arduous reverie, permitted its building crescendo. All the while, ignorant of why the igneous whims churned and pulsed within his scion body, he lowered his head to the great deity and divinity, cloaked in silence, smoldering and ignited, waiting to be blessed or cast aside.

[Requesting upgrade for Magic: DarkxFire | Ability to cause combustion upon touch.
[Current Restrictions | Can only choose one area in which to burn at one time, causes intense damage in a dinner plate sized area

Basically looking to expand the amount of damage caused. :DDD

No prior refusals/denials]
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I can fake a smile, I can force a laugh. I can hold the weight of worlds.

There had been many a time that Elsa had decided to wander away, mostly to look for a little peace. Yet, here she was again, in the presence of a god. Funny, how people usually gathered in large groups around them. Everyone was always so eager for a gift.

She could see a group gathering not far off, most had begun to surround the flaming god, he seemed pleased. She smiled, and offered a small little bow as she situated herself on the far left of the little gathering. She looked around, the only recognizable face was Amani, and she gave a small nod to the girl. They had grown apart, but she still held a special place in her heart.

She fixated her eye upon the God then, wondering what he had to say and why he was here. Generally, Elsa came seeking beautiful magic, but now, she realized things needed to take a darker turn, and came with something else in mind. Sure, it may be a painful thing, but she had the best intentions.

Elsa settled quietly into the gathering, another round of peculiar questions filling her head. She was tempted to ask why that peculiar island was in the air but held her tongue. Sometimes, she deduced, it was better to keep quiet than to question what seem to be wonderful things. However, if it was truly the gods that made that place, she wished to thank them for the wonderful gift, for it was beautiful up there.

[Dark x Light? || The ability to summon ice that can cover apart of the body (restriction of this by admins) that causes a "Freezing Burn" that causes pain.] (If for some reason this isn't light/dark then she will be here for the ability to summon her ice animals (light x water)).
Denial 1
Denial 2 .

I can dance and play the part if that's what you ask.. give you all I am.
but i'm only human. and I bleed when I fall down.

  • Any force can be used against Elsa.
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For the time being, you have wandered north from the Threshold, seeking a breath of fresh air. The number of hopeful recruiters that swarmed the foreigners in that area reminded you of vicious blackflies descending upon a rotting carcass. It made you feel a little sick to your stomach. Or perhaps that was defeat. You hadn’t been able to convince a single one of these newcomers to follow you back to Confutatis (wherever she may be), and though you wouldn’t admit it even to yourself, the feeling did not sit well with you. What could you possibly say to entice these strangers to join you? Frustration churns in your chest—you had no herdland to offer them, and when the demon queen insisted on keeping her little organization such a confounded secret…! You shake your head, kicking a small rock out of your path with an unwarranted amount of violence. Getting recruits is going to take a miracle, and for once, you don’t relish the thought of a challenge.

Your leg muscles suddenly strain in protest, and you look around, surprised. You are partway up the side of…well, what you assume is the large mountain that has been looming in the distance for the past few days of walking. You didn’t intend to climb it, but now that you’ve started, maybe a little walk would do you some good. The summit can’t be that far, right? As soon as you think it, you crane your neck. A short, bitter laugh escapes your lips as you realize that in fact, the top of the mountain is hidden in the clouds. Idiot. Nothing is ever that easy.

Since there’s no way you’re getting yourself all dirty and sweaty with some waste of energy trying to climb this giant, you begin to turn around. But you are only a few steps down the mountain when a mocking little voice in the back of your mind stops you: What, are you going to give up on this too? Is it too hard for you, Sheba? Just like talking to strangers—oh wait, weren’t you supposed to be good at that? The voice scoffs. Incompetent.

Sometimes you hate your subconscious. But, inner you does have a point, and confound it all if you were just going to back down like some lily-livered weakling. You would climb this hill until you turned blue in the face! Angrily, you whirl and begin your ascent.

It is only several hours later that you begin to reach the clouds. Step by step, you are now dragging yourself up this terrible mountain, and you swear that if you don’t see the summit soon…but the thought of turning around makes every muscle in your body groan. You press onwards, and that is when you begin to feel the buzzing in your brain. Your eyes widen: there is magic around. You’ve felt this way every time you’ve come across something that should be downright unnatural, and this feeling is no different. There’s magic here; you’re sure of it! Either that, or you’re about to pass out from exhaustion and the thin oxygen.

As it so happens, your first guess was right. When you haul your sweaty body up the last incline, you are greeted by a field, a crowd, a blazing figure…and behind him, water. It shimmers in the intense heat up here (wait, did it just get hotter?), and you crawl towards it thirstily, hoping that you won’t have to get past this odd guardian for a drink. With the crowd gathered around him, maybe he won’t see you. But as you get closer and closer, the heat and your aching muscles overpower you. You stumble, landing on your knees at his feet: a purely unintentional bow, but a bow nonetheless. Slowly, you look up. The buzzing in your brain draws to a climax, forcing you to squeeze your eyes shut and lower your head. Who is this blazing stranger?

OOC: Sheba seeks [Magic: Dark x Light | Can alter the tone of her voice in a way that makes others trust and believe what she says - the more she speaks, the more they fall under her spell | Restrictions: would require player permission to use in normal threads; can be used once during battle (effects last 30 seconds)]

Denial #1: (she wanted a companion, but this was a quest drop as well)
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