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[DROP] Listen (Light/Fire Drop)

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The water ripples in the Heart Caves. The Wall of History shimmers with its reflection as the waves dance and skip along the edges of the pool. The light is coming from everywhere and nowhere all at once, luring you closer. Your curiosity is overwhelming - you simply must know what it causing the strange undulations of the liquid, the eerie everywhere-light from above and below and beyond. You step into the room and the colors of the wall refract and bend and drip along your coat in a never-ending array of artistic essence. You are entranced, encompassed in the oddity. You must know.

You step closer, your heart pounding, for somehow you know that whatever lurks over the edge of the pool is waiting for you. It cannot be coincidence that you have been drawn here, cannot be chance that has given you this instinct that, for whatever reason, this is the place to be tonight. What you do not know is that for this night only, the pool is reflecting your deepest desires back at you - an image and only you can see. What you are about to find out is if you know yourself as well as you think you do.

You look over the edge.

What do you see?

This is a Light/Fire magic drop. This drop will close in 72 hours, at which time the winner will be determined by dice roll. Your character does not have to look into the pool to enter, though if your character does look, what he or she sees is up to you! Please post with a link to your wishlist, the magic you desire, and any previous attempts. Thank you!

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For the second time in her life the filly had been drawn to this place, a deep longing to explore pounding in her soul. She had been at home with her brother when she suddenly had to leave and come back to this place. She knew the route well now and ran swiftly sure of her path. Tiny grey nostrils draw in the air scenting for the God she had once met or another creature, but there is nothing besides faint scents. The storm filly follows the gnawing feeling that she has to go into the caves again. 'Well it can't do any harm to go down there anyway.' She thought as she walked carefully through the caves following the sound of water. Suddenly light seemed to fill every nick and cranny in the small musty place. The storm moves quicker don't caring that her tiny hooves slip to and fro as she hits wall after wall searching for the source of the light and drawing sound. Her young heart pounds and flips drawing her ever closer. She slides to a halt gulping at the musty air like a fish out of water, her frame close to the pool of water. Zünden waits still panting with utter excitement and curiosity before slowly advancing to the pool. Her tiny body quivering ever muscle tense with longing as she peers into the rippling water.

The churning mass swirls for a moment and stops just as suddenly an image lays still upon the water. Heterochromia eyes grow wide in astonishment. The Storm sees herself much older, still wearing her blanket of spots, but much lighter in color and dappled. She can see the strong form of herself then the image pans out. Her father and brother are bowing before her, and a storm is raging above their heads. Lightning lashes out at the black rain clouds, but the lighting turns to animals and they dash across the sky biting and clawing at the sky. Suddenly the filly knows what she must have in order to gain her father's respect; magic.
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OOC: Shock x Light- Zünden can conger lightning that takes the shape of Manned wolves and they cause servery electrical burns where ever they touch
Restrictions- The more she makes the more energy it drains, and she can only make 4 at a time

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His cold, blue eyes had grown accustomed to the darkness within the caves. Had adjusted to the all encompassing blackness that he had surrendered himself to. The others had gone when the disaster had passed, yet he remained. His life wasn't worth leaving this hell hole behind. The darkness and shadows had become his lover, his friends, his companion, a warm and comforting embrace.

So when the light, first glowing softly then increases in brightness, pierced the dark - it came as an assault. Causing him to squint, to want to scream out in pain. He shakes his head, squeezing his eyes shut as tight as he possibly could but once he opened them again, the desire to seek out the source steadily grew. His hooves move, lifting then gliding forward then lowering back down. Moving him along the twisted paths and rocky caverns of the caves that had been his home for several seasons. The closer he drifts towards the source, the less he understands why or how he is walking towards it. His mind is blank, entranced by the light.

What is this?

Miykael wonders to himself, though only briefly. He continues on, entering the Wall of History. The room here is brighter, the light bouncing off the wall and seeping into every bony crease upon his malnourished frame. For the first time in what seemed like years, he felt and looked whole. He is drawn ever forward, as if pulled to the pool beneath the wall. Everything about it called to him, drew him in and once he was there it nearly begged him to look over the edge and into the pool. At first he hesitates, squeezing his blue eyes shut as his head lowers over the edge.

Afraid to look, the stallion stands there with his head hovering above the pool. His mind tells him to turn away, to ignore the urge but his heart... well, his heart tells him to just open his eyes. To succumb to the urges of his soul. The battle between heart and mind is short lived - the desire is to strong. An long exhaled breath and slowly his eyes open. Blue eyes, once cool and lifeless, gaze into the depths of the pool and within is his God. Not the one here in Helovia, no, but the one he once served as an angel. There is sorrow but not for what he has done, not for him falling and throwing away his grace. Sorrow for not listening to Miykael. Sorrow for not saving the innocents.

A warm, welcoming embrace. His hope renewed, his faith once again filling his heart, his desire to continue the work he had been given. To heal. To help those who needed it most. Miykael couldn't pull away and in truth, he didn't want to. He almost wished he could go back, become an angel again and do his work by His side. At least then he would be far from Alysanne, right? The thought of Alysanne is almost too much so he releases the thought and allows his soul to once again feel the warm, healing embrace of his God. A single tear forms in his bright, sky blue eyes and drops into the pool. It causes the image to ripple but it does not go away, not yet.

And he didn't want it to.

OOC :: Miykael is searching for his healing magic [Magic: Light x Dark | Can summon a warm, glowing light to heal small or minor wounds; larger or more serious wounds can be healed at a cost to the user and varies based on the severity (i.e., mild illness, severe headaches, physical damage)]. No previous denials. Wishlist

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Much time had been spent within these walls surrounded by hundreds of thousands of tons of dirt and stone. Truly an amazing feat by nature itself to have the ability to craft such magnificent structures to such a high degree of effectiveness. The soft clipping of the grey's hooves echoed around him bringing sound to the otherwise silent cavern. His companion moved along silently beside him not really knowing where they were going but just coming along for the company. Rounding a curve in the tunnel an unexpected flickering glow fills the area causing him to squint his eyes briefly. Kiara too hesitates raising a paw to her eyes to block the light allowing their sight to adjust.

As soon as the grey's pupils constrict his silver eyes open to take in the breathtaking sights all around them. The many colours of the water seem to be magnified and reflected upon each object in the room alighting it to the same rippled textured appearance. Curiosity pulls him towards the water's edge as memories seep back into his mind. This was the place he had met Parelia for the first time, the place they had bonded and grown closer. Feeling his heart skip a beat before increasing its rate something pulled his vision down towards to surface to stare down into the depths. Nothing could have prepared him for what came next.

At first glance the water looked as he would expect with the brilliant colours sparkling and dancing across the glossy surface, but as he looked deeper the pool began to change before his eyes. Shaking his head, thinking himself delusional his eyes refocus on the water and sure enough it is still there clear as day. Stilling all movement the image takes him deeper until he is not only watching it play out before him, it is happening around him. While he is not truly there the scene is so real it hits a raw nerve causing it to once again bleed freely. Before him stands the teal pegasus and her young colt just beyond his reach. Despite how much he tries to move his hooves seem to be glued to the ground and his body frozen in time. All he can do is stand and watch his family through the eye's of a stranger for he is not there with them.

A strange sensation begins upon his right shoulder gentle at first but becoming increasingly more persistent and harder the longer he ignores it. Finally he turns his large cranium to his side to find Kiara pushing against him with her two front paws on his shoulder looking incredibly worried. Blinking a number of times he finally takes a couple steps back from the pool trying to make sense of what he had just witnessed. The longing ache had returned deep within his heart making each breath uncomfortable, he had believed he had managed to rid himself of this. What was happening? What does the image within the pool mean?

Ciceron is hoping for:
[Water x Fire] Manipulate fire that will not burn as fire but as ice, would be capable of freezing the target or inflicting them with ice burns that are more severe than those cause by fire. Flames are not affected by water.


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It was a relief to have some time for herself for at least a little bit and the grey mare was going to make use of it. In three weeks this was the very first chance she had been able to slip away without rousing her twins to come along. Thank god to whoever thought of babysitters, they were a true lifesaver! Trotting along to stretch out her tired legs she spotted the entrance to the caverns up ahead. She had not been back here since.. well since they had been forced underground thanks to the wraiths. At the thought a cold shiver attacked her spine, how she hated those things. If she never saw one again it would be too soon.

Slowing as she carefully picked her way deeper into the cavern a flickering light drew her attention. Pausing for a number of moments to consider if she should investigate or just turn back, she finally decided to buck up and take a step into the light. Bright blue eyes followed the calming patterns across the walls and around the room until they settled on the source. Only faintly did she notice the others already beginning to gather, it was the pool that held her focus. A hesitant step towards the pool was made but something caused her to step back in uncertainty. It was a mystifying feeling, this unknown force that seemed to be urging her to take a look into the water but she couldn't bring herself to do it. The last experience with a pool of water had not exactly ended well and she was not eager to begin a whole new one, her children were waiting for her back in the Edge.

As she stood waiting for whatever to happen she couldn't help but gaze around in admiration. For once her coat was a lovely hue of the water not the ordinary white! Too bad it wouldn't last though..

Brisa speaks

Brisa is hoping for:
[Earth x Light] Healing Touch, ability to heal through touch using the power of the earth as strength. Whoever is being healed feels a gentle warmth slowly spread through their body.

No previous denials

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She's uncertain. Each step full of painful memories. The way that the beast had pulled from the shadows - inflicting so much pain without her ever seeing who it was who had done it. The deaths of all of her friends before her eyes without the ability to do anything. It had sickened her. And so, she had quickly moved through the caves, wanting to inspect some of them for any strange herbs she might be able to try. But, it is the way the light seems to ripple off of the walls and yet all the while still glimmer is tugging her in closer and closer.

Swiftly, she speeds up - limbs taking to a canter and hiding at the back of the group. She would not get caught in the middle, unable to flee. But, she was still drawn. Something in there calling to her soul. Perhaps it was the magic she so vibrantly sought. Perhaps the Gods were looking upon her today and she would be gifted with something she could use to help save her family. After all, one did not know when the gracious gifts of the moon would be yanked from her all because of others defined bouts of idiocy. And, if that was ripped for some case like they had been when everyone had been pushed underground she wanted to be at the ready. She wanted to be there with something far more potent than herbs. Something that could heal almost anything. So she stayed, limbs shifting horribly uncomfortably as she kept her vision trained on the pools.

[Magic: Light x Earth | When she sings, her hair grows so that it is long enough to wrap around the injury of herself/said person, and once the hair has created a wrap it will glow and heal the wound]
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It seems as if you’re starting to get the hang of this navigation thing. Again, you have stumbled across a familiar place: this time, it is the caves where you met that fiery mare and her scaly reptile creature. You will not enter the cavern just yet; that adventure is for tomorrow— though the lava bubbles far beneath you, it is still night, and you are loathe to go from the dimly-lighted darkness outside to the pitch black within the caves. However, you still remember the gleam of crystal in that hidden cavern, and since you are here, you might as well see if you can gather some in the morning. You just know that it will look beautiful in your mane.

Under the light of the stars and above the glow of the eternal fires, you creep along the rocky ledge, hugging the wall, searching for a better place to doze until sunrise. You can feel the heat of the volcanic sludge rising from below, and though the night is unusually cool for Tallsun, you still feel uncomfortably hot. You refuse to even peer over the ledge to view the lava in all of its molten glory; you’re not going to mess with any volcano, however dormant it may be. The sooner you’re through this pass, the better.

By some cruel trick of nature, it is at that moment that there is a muffled roar from the pool of fire, and a bubble of lava far below pops and splatters. Startled, you bolt, and your panicky flight takes you right into the cave…where you are greeted by a waterfall of lava. Eyes wide, your flinty hooves scrabble on the rocky floor as you whirl away from the fire, not realizing that it is behind a crystalline wall and that you won’t be burned to a crisp. Heart in your throat, you shuffle into the darkness beyond, scurrying away from the light as fast as your hooves can carry you. It is only when you have rounded the corner and are safely in the cool darkness of a vast cavern that your breathing slows and the anger and shame at your skittishness begin to seep in. But you don’t have time to dwell on your cowardice for long: a flicker of light dances somewhere in the shadows, catching the corner of your eye. You twitch instinctively, but soon realize that it is not fire…in fact, it is something entirely different. Creeping closer, you round another corner, and breathtaking beauty bombards your eyes.

It is a pool, and though it is not the crystal you had hoped for, it is still magnificent. A kaleidoscope of colors, shining from gods know where, shimmers on the walls and pools onto your white coat. You pause briefly to admire yourself—though you wouldn’t go for this chaotic splash of colors for an everyday look, they suit you well. Looking up again, you notice that there are others in this cave, but as none of them seem particularly dangerous, interesting, or familiar, you ignore them and walk towards the pool.

Cautious creature that you are, you are not one to go sticking your nose in strange places. But the mirror-like surface of the water fascinates you, and inexplicably, it seems to be practically calling you to the edge. Besides, you are never one to turn down a glimpse of your own gorgeous reflection. So you approach the water, greedily lowering your head in anticipation of seeing your ivory coat splashed in watercolor fashion with the dancing reds and blues and purples of the magical lighting.

What you see, however, is not your own face—at least, not your own face in the here and now. In the water is reflected a flash of black and white feathers, followed by what you assume must be a bird’s eye view of yourself. You can’t help but admire your perky little rump in the vision, though it soon becomes clear that in this dreamlike sequence, your pretty face is not the main focus. As if through a mist, or as if arriving from a place far, far away, others fade into the scene in the water. From their body language, you can tell that they are angry, and though you know that it is not real, your brow knits in concern for your shadowy reflection. You’d rather not see any version of yourself mauled to dea--wait, is this the future?! Your eyes widen in panic, and you peer closer. Is there any escape route for future Sheba? But what you see surprises you: you watch as dream-you’s lips begin to move. It seems you are talking to them…and the more you speak, the more relaxed they seem. What are you saying? Incredibly, the angry strangers reflected in the pool now appear completely docile—some are even lowering their heads in respect. Just when you think that they’re going to trot off and bring future-you some delicious jewelry, a ripple distorts the image and it is lost. Your nose, wet from where it dipped into the pool, jerks skywards, and you curse yourself. You were so absorbed that you looked too closely, and you ruined the picture. Frantically, you peer back into the water, but the images are gone. Only the beautiful reflection of your face stares back at you, and for once, it does not satisfy you to gaze upon it.

OOC: Sheba desires [Magic: Dark x Light | Can alter the tone of her voice in a way that makes others trust and believe what she says - the more she speaks, the more they fall under her spell | Restrictions: would require player permission to use], as found on her wishlist ( She has never been denied magic, but she has been denied a non-specific quest here (*.

* don’t know if this counts, but better safe than sorry c;

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The reunion with her daughter was not what she had imagined, but it was what she had expected. Her life was not a romantic tale of fantasy. She was not the bright, white unicorn with a handsome lover. She was the Forsaken, frowned upon by the gods - alone. A heavy heart was her burden now, and her cloven hooves picked their way down, down, down below. The air was still, temperate, and the darkness embraced her like an old friend. Shards of the lost stone, still trapped in her hair, sparkled in the false night, and Tinek sat on her back, the passages too narrow for him to fly.

Instead of searching a room she had already found before, she took a left at the great room, moving toward the sound of voices. Strange, dual colored eyes of blood and oceans peered into the area, seeing faces she did not recognize but now would never forget. Cautiously, she approached the pool, feeling her heart pick up its pace. Something existential was hidden in the surface of this glassy water, and she was not sure if she wanted to know what cruel future lay ahead this time.

Still, she looked, outwardly not displaying the storm that raged inside. The surface began to shift and change, as if the world behind her back was turning into something more. But, she knew that she was still inside the cave. As she looked, she felt her heart fall, deep into her hooves, for this future, what she wanted, could never come to pass. What she wanted most in life was folly, a dream that would forever stay elusive, and a hope that was not worth hoping for.

Ophelia was surrounded by family. Her mother, radiant in age, stood next to her graying father on the beach of the Moonlit Tides. Both wore smiles and had shed their fears. Roskuld was older now, handsome and relaxing with her own family. Mesec was there too, with small, dark children running around his legs. A nose touched her back, a soft one, whiskers prickling her sides, but he was faceless. Ktulu was there as well, with her children, all of them without fear or worry, and for once, she belonged. She knew that here was where she belonged. The God of the Sun smiled down upon her, his face showing the love and adoration she had once dreamed he had for her.

A tear fell from her eye to her cheek and the mirror showed her what she would never have again - that what she desired most was impossible. Quietly, she stepped away to let some other soul see their dreams come true. The Forsaken would never be like them again. She was broken, and broken toys were never played with again.

Wishlist | (she has three active magic applied to her records)
Magic Wanted | :: [Magic: Light | able to speak into the minds of others and communicate telepathically]
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The half child had been spending time with his sister, continuing to forge and strengthen the bond that was between them. Despite the fact that they had very different ideas about what was fun and what was not, he felt that he was making headway. He hoped that he was closing some distance between them, creating through nurture what had not been given to them by nature. In fact, he even thought he was making quite good headway, until she absconded herself from their playful venture. Of course the half-child, not interested in being left behind, was quick to follow. A half glance back to make sure that their mother would not find out or miss them and Adelric was gone, running after the fleet filly. Though she quickly outpaced him, he managed to keep an eye on her long enough to follow her into the caves.

Slipping down the entrance into the cave, the half-child frowns. He has lost his sister and he does not know where to find her. Turning his head side to side, searching in vain for where she has gone off to, he is suddenly distracted. A light- beautiful and glowing, brightens some distant room. He does not know where he is, but he does not yet feel fear. After all, he has no memories to associate with this place, no horrors to haunt his dreams. He was born after the monsters- has not even heard of them. So, as he approaches the glowing room, he feels only excitement and curiosity.

What new wonder will he uncover today?

Stepping into the room, he quickly finds the sister he has lost, but also many other foreign faces. His thoughts instantly go to his mother and he worries that he and Zunden will be in trouble for running off without her. Perhaps his exploratory sister has run off before, but he has not and he worries. However, his curious mind wins when weighed against the thought of getting in trouble. He inches forward, seeing what everyone else is doing and following suit, but not before gazing at the Forsaken and noticing that her eyes look like his. Is she a half-horse too?

Gazing into the pool, the half-child finds his greatest desire staring back at him. He is no longer half, but a whole. A whole him, a whole family... is it possible? His childish mind is alight with the possibilities and flits off on an adventure in his head, all of his why's remaining unanswered as he returns to Zunden's side. Still, his gaze remains fixed on the Forsaken. He wants to know more about her...

Light| Can establish an unbreakable vow between himself and another, which can only be broken by voluntary acknowledgement by both parties or death of the other party. Failure to maintain his unbreakable vow will lead to severe physical pain followed by death if he does not rectify the situation.
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Heat of the day was dying. Slipping into the sweet crisp air of night. It even reaches to kiss the golden nape under those vanilla locks. The golden boy’s footsteps are heavy, but strong. With the coming on summer his promise to his lady Illnyx has come to be paid. So he journeys from the Rotunda towards the mountains which loom far ahead. It would be a long walk by the moon’s light, but better than heat and increased company of the day. Thranduil had not been in this land but a season and had already met many. It showed on him more this night than the rest. His twin horned head, usually carried so high was lowered to his knees. Tassled tail which always kept the beat with that spinning mind, was still, curled and quiet. Earth eyes, usually masked, found in this darkness, an ease. They let forth glimpses of the soul usually locked away.

Dark quiet night was broken. Hark rose, and the weary train north stopped. A flash of clear light, and red glow. Nares lean in hesitantly to find burning limestone, and thick dank air. For a moment the golden stands still, hark leaning back to judge with might be to the side of his path. From his still stance in the shadows he sees shadows pass, towards the light. He did not want company tonight. Snorting out at the stupidity of looking for company the cloven hooves lift to move on. Another flash of light. Spanish head swings round, but earth eyes narrow. Suspicion creeps upon him, and the still tail lefts a little flick loose. He does not want to join a social night, only to be left to the peace and dark of the night and moon. Yet, as he watches another glimmer lets loose. Without commanding them limbs move forward. High and slow, as if the golden’s mind was not yet sure of what decision his body was making.

To a cave the light led, strange place. It explained the limestone, and red glows, but that glimmer. It trickles on the walls and ceiling. Now he’s skeptical. This is folly, he can smell the crowd in the room of the cave beyond, and he must be in the mountains by morn. But that light…dare he say, touches him. A glimmer hits his chest and flashes about his deep breast, before dropping away. It didn’t just flash though…it touched. It was a familiar, yet distant. And those knowing hooves can not stop carrying the golden body to the far room.

It touched all. Stepping fully, the light wrapped around him, feeling him, touching about him. Knowing him. Its source already had several staring into its depths, transfixed. This was ridiculous. One hark slides about, but the golden does not stop moving till he comes to the pool’s edge. Earth eyes narrow. It is folly to look into the depths which has claimed so many others. Yet, see how they react to their own reflections. Wait. There are no reflections. He can not seem them in the pool. Physics was bending, and the logical creature was brought into curiosity. So without much more thought, his head lowered to look down.

The golden was first himself. Then copper with a black single blade. Harks lean in, he knew that face. The water ripples, changes, a flash of light washes over him. He changes. Then it slams him. For a moment, glory washes over him. He looks upon the crowd gather below him in the pool and smirks. He knows all. He sees all. An old familiar security washes over him. Does he know that buckskin standing there? There’s one he knows there, a blue roan with ram horns, delicate and ever so soft. Tyring, trying to out run the coming one. And for a while, he wants her to. For a moment he wants Nellas to reach him. Then there morphing from the crowd she steps. Glowing about in white which crowns her, the water causing her to flash about. Her crown of antlers held high and proud in a way he had not seen in ever so long. Oh and those gold curves and lacings about her coat which put everyone in the crowd to shock felt so familiar. Desire churned about in him. Oh that face, angelic, but held in manner matching his. He knew this face. He knew Lorien. Heart panged. A flash of light washed about him again, catching it, feeling it. She turns, looking back. Suddenly this image was not at peace. The golden wants not to see more. Gold head tries to pull away but the water holds. He will see this, it demands. Earth eyes beg, haunches pull back, but he is locked in. As that small body, too small to live dances forward in a golden and white splendor.

The golden made not a sound, but inward he was a roar. Spanish head tears from the looking pool. Hid trembles, nearly shaking. Breath ragged. That was cruel. It was harsh. It was never to be seen. No one was ever to see those faces again. Why did the golden know how to twist minds? Because he had twisted his own. He had bended it against its will to forget. That was not to be seen. By anyone. For once he wished for power. The golden begged to blind others against those weaknesses which he kept so deeply hidden, and were brought to light by the pool. He wanted them to burn.

OOC:: So most of what he desires you won’t understand, as I haven’t revealed his history yet. However, he’s desiring his magic in order to keep all from seeing it. Hence this magic.
Also, none of the figures mentioned in his view of the pool are in Helovia at the moment, in case any are confused. They are all from his past, and he simply wishes them in his future.

He Desires
:: [Magic: DarkxFire | Can blind vision of opponent by creating smoke in their eyes, with continued practice and concentration it will burn slightly]
:: [Restrictions | Lasts only 30 second, burning will only occur in last 10 seconds]

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Yet again, I find myself wandering from the Throat and out into the world. This time, I wander back to the caves where everyone hidden from the darkness for months. My mother had not had the time to warn me of the danger that lurked here in Helovia before she died. No, instead she filled my mind with the grand adventures and explorations she had. I am greatful for this, as it helps me keep going without her. I miss her greatly, especially today it seems. I find my thoughts while walking here have been all about my mother and her stories.

I wish Daddy had listened, and that we had come back here after I was born. But from what Momma said, he was scared of her magic. Thought it was witchcraft or something of that sort. I found it amazing. Maybe that is why I still want to be so much like her. I even wish I had two sets of wings like she did.

Anyway, I make my way back down into the caves. Nothing has really changed since I left to go see the God of the Sun, but once i'm down here something draws me to the wall with all the drawings on it. I always wondered what kind of story they tell, if they are like the ones my Momma told me. Anyway, when I arrive there are already many others here. Clearly something was drawing us all here.

I join many others, who have gone to the pool. I, unlike a few decide to look closely. What I see startles me. It's me, all grown up and with now one but two companions. I have all the magic I have ever dreamed of. Momma's power to make superheated wind, my fireballs at my complete control... But I am not alone. Beside me stands the impossible. My parents, both whole, both very much alive. My heart skips several beats as Cera also arrives and stands close, much like Momma and Daddy stand together. Were we together like that? We were a family.... No. No this isn't real. It can't ever be real. Cera is my friend, and besides... I am to young to think of him outside of a friend. I have to much exploring and learning to do. Plus, Momma and Daddy, no matter how much I want them back can never come back. They are dead, they are gone. All I can hope for now is to make them proud. Surely I am. I am alive, so with me is a piece of them... Guess that is how they live on, inside me.

Slowly I back away, my ears flickering back and forth. I wish Cera was here for comfort. He's like a big brother, and yet not a big brother all at the same time. He seems to be the one other than Elsa I am comfortable letting my guard down around. Here, I am alone. Here, I must ignore what I saw and only pray to the God of the Sun that I am granted such things one day. With the help of my Lord, I will be strong and powerful.


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dropping glasses just to hear them break
she returns to the underground, but only because something compels her to, not because she really wanted to. she could feel the power surging through her bones as she grows closer and closer to it, body quivering with excitement and fear. she was familiar with the heart caves, with these caves she had become so hesitant to reenter. the last she had been here, her heart had been broken into a million pieces by that grullo stallion— the one she thought was her friend.

ALTAIR walks beside her, long, lithe legs growing muscle and becoming more defined as he ages into a buck, becoming more and more like an adult. his antlers were growing, and so was his body. he was more graceful, features more defined. she saw his fur was beginning to fade around the abdomen, a more roan appearance giving way. he was talking with short sentences, mind still not developed enough for him to speak correctly. she tolerated his babbling, and often tried to teach him new words when boredom struck.

down into the underground she goes, finding horses gathered around the shimmering, beautiful water in one of the caves. wrapped in her stars, the light catches on all the bodies, and her stars add to the light. she's entranced by the beautiful lights that dance along the walls, her eyes reflecting the breath taking light show. she averts her attention to the pool, where the light seems to be flowing from. she takes a step forward, cautious, hesitant, a little afraid to do so. sticking her head forward, she peers into the pool. tears form as she sees the image before her, a knot in her throat.

she sees her mother, standing beside her, looking out at an empty field. her mother's eyes are motionless, cold. she turns to her, looking for something within those blue eyes. her mother turns and offers but a small, pitiful smile. she tries to smile back but her mother has already turned away. she looks again and there she finds herself with a foal dancing along beside ALTAIR, and TOLIO was there too, playing along with a smile on his face. the babe's appearance a blur, but she believes it to belong to her, because it had her beautiful emerald eyes and crystalline crown, little leonine tail lashing. she sees her father on her other side, smiling at her with pride in his eyes. she turns around as a muzzle touches her rump, her parents stepping to the side to allow an undefined figure to slip by, and she swears she sees CARNESIR'S features on this john doe. where have you all been? she tries to ask, but it does not come out. she breaks down at this feeling of love, of acceptance, of happiness.

she swallows and finally steps back, overwhelmed with joy, fear and a false sense of security. why was she seeing these things? what was the point of these things? was she supposed to be seeing something important here? because this is not what she expected to see, she thought to see her reflection, or— something that was not that. a single tear falls down her cheek, followed by more, flowing uncontrollably. she squeezes her eyes shut and tries to breath, sinking to the back of the room.

the feelings had been overwhelming, and now she was suffocating with this unreal fantasy, this lie, this thing she would never achieve. she swayed back and forth, her bonded nuzzling her shoulder. a'right? he asks, his eyes glistening with compassion. she nods her head, sniffling. "alright."
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She has seen the devils in this place, remnants of those who once were whole, and as she stares at the flame they stare back, laughing.

They are all there, and she knows none of them, the shapeless mass of shadowy lives, the past and future and echo of now. They stand around the rim of the world, and they call to her, they smile: come closer. come see- but their smiles are poison, their lips whisper lies, and she shies from their ghosts, shies deeper into the caves and away from the sun and out of safety and into the tight, quenching caverns of the underground maze. Why have her feet found their way to this place? Day after day she finds herself asking the same question, and day after day she is left dumb, unable to answer, quaking with rage: rage at the world, rage at the ghosts, rage at the confusion and fear that threaten to swallow her crimson form whole.

But rage and fear are hapless fools drifting in the turbulent wake of curiosity, and the girl is slave to its wanton will, a concubine to the fickle desires of her lustful king. In the winding tunnels her fear dissolves, drifting in smoky tendrils to be replaced by languid desire, curious gaze lapping up moss and carving and stories that lace lofty walls. As quickly as it rose her anger is gone, replaced by a fierce desire to know what, what is it here that calls her so, why she has returned to the caves beneath the earth, what she will find and how it will change her perception of the world.

What she finds does not disappoint. Well, not exactly. The pool glows with an eerie appeal, less light than feeling, beckoning, smile. Unlike the flames which hold memory of horror and strike with tendrils of fear, this beckons with warmth and promise, laughs at the girl's fears. Tenderly she steps forward, breath baited though she knows not why; cautiously she peers into the water, and what she sees there surprises her more than anything else ever could.

From the water's edge, black eyes peer back, slashed by gold in a crescent face. Over the tangled forelock and forward ears, her brother peers down a curious snout, panting lightly in the mystic light. It is them, their reflection, and nothing else, nothing more.

Or is it? As the girl's surprise lessens she begins to notice the peculiarities, the changes in the lines and the subtle irregularities. They eyes that stare back at her are bright, young; the mane less tangled, the lines less wan. There is a glossiness to her coat and a strength to her jaw, the tracings of beauty that startles her more than anything else. The girl stares at the pond, and a mare stares back, and as surely as she knows the pool is magic, she knows that the other her is beautiful, and strong, and confident, and not afraid of anything.

And just as surely, she knows she'll never be that mare. A ripple mars the reflection; and it is in that moment she knows that she is crying, and that she hates herself, down to her very core.

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There’d been no reason to return, no logical explanation for the burning desire which had grown and grown over the course of the months since the Darkness. Perhaps he just needed closure now; a reason to forget, motivation to move on.

Hector landed, the impact of his large unchipped hooves stirring red dust to plume around him, and he took a tentative step towards the hedge of long grey-gold grass which swayed playfully against the tug of the dry, hot wind. He knew that the gateway to the underworld lay just beyond it, a massive fissure that had seemingly peeled apart the hard clay earth over night. It was frightening, he thought, without explanation; and the fact that its occurrence appeared to parallel with the plague, the sickness... wraiths, was all the more unsettling. Yet, amid all the fear and confusion surrounding it- still swirling around the reality that still felt like only yesterday, there was inexplicable beauty hidden beneath the barren flats of the Heart; hidden where no grazer should ever think to explore.

Bristly grass heads sweep against his flanks, shoulders, as he stepped through; snagging in sleek, long copper tendrils as his tail snapped left and right, apprehensive. His eyes scoured the sea, noting that trenches like the one left by his passing, betrayed the arrival of many others before him- the same day, or only a few before. It was the rich scent of them though, the chaos of intermingled bodies staining the doormat to the centre of the earth, which revealed that they’d not long before descended. Supple, velvety nose pinched curiously and his flaccid nostrils rattled as he too took the plunge, sinking unabashedly into the cave which had brought the frail Helovian population protection.

The air felt cold, stale and just as uninviting as he remembered. Though a place almost of otherworldly magnificence, he’d never been comfortable and the stallion’s great wings had grown stiff between the cold, stone walls surrounding. He lowered his lips, testing the powerful, lingering aroma of the hoard ahead of him and continued along, allowing their presence to guide him- perhaps he would fall upon something notable, worth reporting back to the Throat’s government. Certainly he imagined that such a crowd would not have gathered in such a remote place to pass the time. Neat cupped ears swung backwards and forwards as he strained to hear the low thrum of voices; growing the nearer he crept.

Clear of the Sanctuary’s tunnel entrance, Hector turned towards the Wall of History, the moan of company, the strange light dancing around the room... There were many present, still more than he’d expected and naturally he paused, mid-stride, taken aback by the sensory overload. The pool through which the God of the Earth had bestowed insight upon them many moons ago now churned, he thought, alight and alive. Few were gathered by the edge of the water, most were huddled around the room alone- surreal, quiet, preoccupied. Fiery eyes passed across them, one by one, careful and concerned, but he could not help but be drawn (like perhaps they had also), closer, to peer at what he imagined might be his own twice-horned reflection.

Indeed, he found himself staring deep into his own wide eyes and the great stallion sighed at length. As he went to pull away, to turn and leave, the pool began to shimmer, the surface to ripple and an intricate picture appeared. Astonished to say the least, Hector’s jaw slackened and his mouth fell apart. Daenerys. A face he’d not seen for years. His children were wither also, young and so alike their mother. His heart ached suddenly, stinging grief and burning loss; the first to have stolen his heart seemed so close again, but when he reached to touch her, the illusions shifted.

Another face, one all too familiar and his yearning wavered dramatically, his pulse to quicken. Morana was there, her idyllic blue gaze lulling him closer; tempting, alluring, beckoning... She was as beautiful as a desert storm, confusing and confronting. Hector no longer pined for Daenerys, he could only think about the drop of blood which glistened in the moonlight, shone when the rays of sunlight were caught in its midst; the mosaic of chocolate on ivory, the sinewy ripple of her coat and the mystery beneath her poise. Hector’s breath fluttered covetously across the surface of the water, his heart thundering within; but it was gone, she was gone.

Alarmed, disgruntled gaze searched the colours as they began to meld together once more, forming another picture; his home, his family- those who had been, and the ones who were now. The Resolute, who had pulled him from the stew of wild insecurity and discouragement, seemed to be speaking, her lips curled and her tongue rolled, but Hector could not hear; his ears reaching forward desperately to listen. Where had Kri gone? They still were none the wiser, but her legend had not been forgotten. The pool darkened, and the golden-red sands that he loved, honoured and served seemed to fade; to be devoured. They were eaten by something else- a swirling mist, an ancient forest, cliff-top kingdom, and he thought perhaps World’s Edge. But why...?

There was a movement behind him, a scuff of hooves, and Hector’s concentration pulled for only a second from the illusion. He blinked, but when he looked again to find the scene, only the dancing lights were there. Bemused, the warrior turned and moved from the pool towards the wall where still the etchings seemed to glow. He stood for a long while, simply considering all that had been seen.

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Elsa never thought that she would return to the caves again- not after that horrible time being trapped. Elsa cringed as her hooves began to click across the stone floor, a painful reminder of what used to roam the earth of Helovia.

Something had drawn her here, but she did not know what specifically. The Hall of History then began to loom around her, the distant dripping of water drawing her body closer to the edge, before she peered over, intrigued by what was within the liquid. Elsa had been so entranced by it, to not even notice the other number of bodies around her.

As Elsa peered in, she was greeted with an unlikely sight. Before her was a barren wasteland, a wasteland of snow. It was perfect, untouched by any traveler. She strained to see if a being was there, for there was obvious rustling among the trees. Maybe it was herself, discovering her powers. Or, maybe her desires?

The being continued to move, before the rustling in the trees came to a halt. However, the snow that stretched before her was being disturbed. Impressions of some sort of foot tainted the perfect world. The being, or whatever it was, seemed to be invisible, hidden from the eyes of those who don't care to look. The being, now obviously a horse as the footprint said, picked up a stick. In the snow in front of it, lay the word "free". Everything suddenly pulled out, and Elsa was back in reality. She was breathing hard, scared by what she had seen. What did it mean? Was it important? And what was the significance? She sighed, scared and backed a few steps away from the edge.

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You can feel it. The weight and pull is real. The others who have gathered....they're mistaken. Drawn in by the same force, but not in the same way. No, no. It is calling you, they are merely jealous followers, yearning to hear their own name slip from the ethereal light that floods the caves. They will leave empty and disappointed, their only prize will to be to say that they saw it choose you.

The light increases now, seemingly from the bottom of the water - but that can't be right, for it floods the caves even more brightly than it did before. Should you shield your eyes? Turn away? Will it hurt? But you don't, because foolishly, you think that it won't hurt, that this gift shall come unburdened by a trial or test. In this, you are correct. But that you have so naively traipsed into this place, unaware and unarmed, is something for you to think on.

All that glitters is not gold, and all that calls to your soul, is not a gift. Remember this.


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