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The lava churned hungrily around the small island of rock containing the three shines, sliding down the sides of the massive, blue island and crashing down into the ocean where it hissed as it cooled. Heat rolled from the blue lava in waves as it shifted and burned, licking at the sides of the narrow stone path connecting the veins to the rest of the world. Normally, the island was rather still and serene, the noises of the heat waves and dense air blocking out the rest of the world.

Today was different. Bubbles snapped from the thick lava as something shifted around, stirring up the blue faster than usual. What could possibly live beneath liquid that would incinerate any living thing in seconds?

Whatever it was, it seemed to be coming closer, carrying an egg on its back. The egg was well incubated in the heat, wonderfully intact and riding on the waves of thick lava. Finally, the egg bobbed closer, closer enough to be just at the edge of the small, rocky center with the broken shrines. But, that also meant that whatever carried it was close too.

Slowly, the frame of a small mare began to rise from the blue, the lava churning and making up her figure. She opened her eyes, revealing stone-blue orbs with flaming, orange pupils, and she snorted liquid fire from her nose. Whatever she was, she was ancient, some creature of the lava, perhaps even the spirit of the veins itself. No one knew. Strange, pupilless blue eyes, like those of a marble statue, scoured any who came close, and then she watched the orb, opening her churning mouth.

"Respect the soul bonds..." she whispered, voice like a crackling fire in the blackest of nights. "... honor the spirit tie"

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You can win a dragon, zephyr, griffin, or rougarou. This will be based on dice and previous denials will be used. You do not have to have had this prize on your wishlist for 30 days.

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Several seasons had passed before Miykael finally took his leave of the heart caves. Removing himself from Alysanne's life, it seemed, would be impossible. Not even she would allow it, despite everything he had put her through. An audible sigh escapes his lips as he softly, faintly even, shakes his head from side to side. She couldn't let go. Neither could he but he knew he never could, not really. Alysanne would always have part of his heart - whatever she chose to do with it, however, is entirely her business. Should she ever attempt to destroy that piece, the dunskin tobiano wouldn't blame her in the least.

Carefully, slowly, Miykael moves away from the heart caves and heads south and west until he reaches the coastline outside of the Throat. He wanders further, heading away from the Edge for the moment - if only to give Alysanne a bit more time to herself. To think, perhaps to change her mind about their current situation. When the coast turned further south, he followed it. Soon, however, it became evident that he was walking along some sort of rocky bridge. Beneath the bridge, lava bubbled and churned - shifting and flowing beneath him. Miykael had never been here before, had only ever faintly heard of it in passing during his short time spent here in Helovia. This must be what had been referred to as the Veins of the Gods. Here, the air is dense and the heat weighs heavy on his emaciated body but he continues ever onward - pressing forward towards the island that was opening up before him.

An island, it seemed, that contained statues of sorts. But it wasn't the statues that caught his eye as he ventured ever further forward - stopping only once he reached the edge where the lava seemed to churn the most. His sharp blue eyes saw movement of some sort within and focused heavily on it. Soon it became clear. It was an egg. Miykael had never seen an egg move quite like this one, however. In truth, he hadn't seen an egg move at all, except to wiggle in place as it hatched. This egg, though, seemed different - special somehow. Within moments it reached the edge and just as he was about to lower his head to investigate it more closely when the figure of a mare formed beneath it. Startled, if only briefly, the stallion took a step back and tucked his white wings closer to his emaciated frame as if to hide his current state of vulnerability. Her blue stone-like eyes, hard and lacking pupils, captivated him. If any others had approached by now, he didn't notice. Only she held his attention.

"I do," he says, "always have." Miykael always honored any bonds he held, always put the needs of others above himself. With Aly, with all of the living creatures he was charged to protect when he was an angel, with his father and mother, and with his own children. He wondered then about this egg. Wondered about the owl that he had seen with Alysanne down in the caves but he didn't speak of it, didn't question the mare that had formed from the blue lava. Instead he remained silent, simply gazing into the eyes of the creature.

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I'm alone. There is no more Shilva. She's dead. She's gone. She's just a memory. Kahlua the Murderess. How dare she kill Shilva? Did she want too? Why didn't I tell Shilva to leave? The battlefield is no place for a young snake. It's no place for any companion. Ampere was right. Companions shouldn't fight. Tethering two souls together is wrong, but it's more acceptable that letting them die in battle. So, with a long sigh, I walk to the Veins of the Gods. "Sun God? Can we finally meet?"

I wonder if he'll be tall and handsome like the Earth God. I mean, I assume the Sun God is fat... He's the sun. And if no one has noticed, the sun is pretty fat. The Moon Goddess... I never got to speak with her. I never got to ask her for a feather? Well, I did, but that was before I became the seer. That was before I went AWOL. That's before I became a smudge more stupid (Okay, a lot.. don't rub it in my face.) What does the God of Time look like? Is he a clock? Wow, we must really have some round, fat horses as our gods. I hate to say it, but maybe the Earth God looks a little chunky. Better lay of apples next time. Stick to hay, you'll slim right down.

I'm disrupted from my thoughts as I grow closer to the volcano. "IS IT GOING TO EXPLODE? OH MY GOSH, I'M GOING TO DIE! I WANT TO LII--" This horse comes out of the lava, and probably thinks I'm crazy, because I've just screamed super loudly and probably scared away all the birds (and a few pegasi, and maybe Resplendence?) "Oh, um.. Sorry. I'm kind of scared of lava. No offense, miss." I drop my head slightly. It's a gesture that just means "HI!" I think. I've seen a lot of horses do this, so I mean... I guess I should too. I notice there is another horse here. OH MY GOSH.

"Miykael? Speak to me later, friend?" I smile at him before returning my gaze to the blue lava horse with the pretty eyes. I guess it's time for the peanut gallery, me, to shut up for now. She speaks of companions, and my body visibly goes rigid... Shilva? I can't get another companion... Not right after Shilva, right? SHILVA JUST DIED AND I WANT A NEW COMPANION? How damn selfish am I? I guess I am. Maybe I can just leave and go try to prove myself to Africa. I don't need a companion to do that, right? No... I don't think so? Why am I always confused? Life sucks. Maybe I should jump into the lava with the blue mare and swim around with her. It could be fun, you know. "I do, I always have." My head swings toward the stallion. What. I love his voice. Is this a normal thing? I'm not really into paints, but he's alluring. Like alluring. Hm.. maybe my tastes have changed... Or I've just become desperate? Who the hell knows.

"I always respect bonds, I think. I know Ampere respects bonds like she does her own life..." Should I be more like the blue mare?

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I had been to the Veins before. I remember, taking you here with me, our curious eyes open with wonder. I remember bowing before the shrines, and feeling.. Nothing, in response. Was I a creature of faith, now or in the past? I didn't really know. I felt very alone, moreso than ever before, since your departure. No amount of talking about you, thinking about you, wishing you were here with me, ever truly fills the hole your departure left behind. Even as I embraced my magic, that carried me across the skies of Helovia with relative ease, I still felt hollow, broken, like my life-source was slowly leaking out, being spread out across the lands my camouflaged form passed over.

As I passed over the southern realm, I look to the distance, to the red sands of my former home. A sigh tumbles through my lips, as for the millionth time, I wonder what it would be like to cross the borders, to see who lead there now, to be immersed in its culture once more. I wondered if I would be allowed to return, if someone would oppose my joining, if I would be allowed to take up the training my father wanted me to - healing - or if I would simply decide to follow my heart's true desire, and work my way through the military ranks. I supposed if I truly wanted to join, or rejoin, there, I would have already, and if I had been restricted in what rank I could progress to, I could have proven myself in physical combat.

It was with some surprise that I found myself over the warm, lava-riddled lands of the Veins. It was a strange, beautiful place, unique in that it was always changing, always moving. Others were around, some flying, some crawling - not surprising really, there were plenty who still held faith, plenty who still thought a climb up the treacherous path would reward them with powers that only gods could bestow.. My attention snagged upon a movement more unusual than those ordinary mortals, however. It seemed to surge up from a river of lava, and seeing as I knew of nothing that could survive the heat of molten rock, I was surprised and intrigued, to say the least.

I was reminded of stories of how my grandmother earned her title, FireSlayer. Of how she slew the unicorn overlord, Ignatius, who was made of fire. Of how for months, her wings were so damaged, she was restricted to the ground - torture for a pegasus. But this creature was not made of oranges and reds, but blues, the same blues of the lava around it - a similar blue to the electric cerulean that made up my gaze, a blue that reminded me of the blue flame that danced along your spine and behind your gaze.

I hear its voice just as I recognise the parcel upon its back as an egg.

Respect the soul bonds… honour the spirit tie… The words rock me as much as if someone had swung a bat at my cranium. I land nearby, looking vacantly to the other pegasi present, my glance more of a general sweep, before I land upon the strange, unknown, lava-born soul. My tiara bows to her, my wings fold to my sides, but do not tuck completely - the heat is too great here for that. I do not say anything, for what point is there pleading with something that is just as likely to spit boiling lava at me as it is to listen to my words? Truly, I do not know why I landed, why I bow before this creature.. Perhaps I am only curious to know how others treat these circumstances, whether others feel the same way I did about you.. The same way I still feel about you. Sitka.. Please guide me.

x - x
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    The dull roar of a summer storm can be heard from the east, but the threat of a distant enemy is not what forces the bird to land. She is at peace in the air, or at least more so than she ever has been on the ground. There are few who can share in the maiden's serene experience whilst aloft in the sky, and the beautiful lady is far too selfish to do anything but keep that serenity to herself. Flight serves as a bitter-sweet escape for the warrior; it is a place where she can allow memories of a long lost home take hold of her heart as cryptic thoughts ensnare her mind. The peahen has devoted her efforts to the task of locating Osiris and the Foothills, but there is something else -- perhaps just as important -- demanding to be noticed tonight. As much as she tries to, Bellona cannot repel the images of her fallen brothers and sisters from her head. She is so absorbed in the recollection of the war that claimed their lives that she does not notice when the summer winds push her in a more southern direction. All that she can think of amidst the distant rumble of thunder is the sacrifice that her people have made.

    I'm sorry, ioquichtihua. Forgive me, ipihuan. I did not ask for this. I did not ask for you to die. Bowing her sapphire crown in grief, the maiden presses her delicate lids closed, entrusting the warm tallsun air to carry her upon its breath. She is not so weak as to allow a tear to roll down her sombre cheek, but she is still unable to save her heart from the pain that torments her so. Why does she hold on to these dark memories like a child too stubborn to abandon his worn-down toy? It is because even though the warrior can accept that she is the last of her kind, she is afraid of losing her family forever.

    All I want is to be close to you again.

    She slowly unveils her orange pools to reveal a lack of emotion in their depths. The chieftess should feel disappointment, anger, anything, but she will not take the bait. She cannot tether herself to the souls of the lost, at least not here.

    Dispelling the clutter that her thoughts of the past have left her with, Bellona turns her empty stare to the ground below her. The sound of thunder -- as quiet as it was already -- is replaced by warm blasts of air ruffling the fur in her audits. She takes in the unexpected scenery with a dull sense of awe that spreads slowly throughout her color-stained hide. The speed at which the emotion fills her bodice rivals that of the sluggish streams of lava, but she finally submits to the feeling and allows for it to override her senses. Never before has she ever seen something like it, and not even her melancholy mood can suppress the curiosity that flares up within her rouge breast.

    Angling her instruments so that she descends towards the unnatural blue magma, the forms of other inquisitive equines start to come into focus. She pays barely any attention to the fellow pegasi that have already gathered -- she does not know who they are, nor care much to get to know them -- but her ears do manage to pick up on what the gold-dusted one is saying.

    What an idiot. If it really was going to explode, then what is she doing standing there? The mare expels an exasperated snort. She may be in a melancholy mood tonight, but her manners around incompetent creatures are still the same. Bellona makes sure to give the mare a wide berth as she makes her landing, and settles herself a good distance away from the other winged folk. She has respect only for the molten goddess, and she fans out the feathers at her wither as she bows to the maiden.

    "I understand the bond well, teotl. My mother trained me in the art of contacting spirits." Her tone is low and pleasing, but the warrior is uncertain if her words speak the truth or not. She has not attempted to speak with the spirits since her arrival in this land, and she is not sure that she can remember how. What has she been doing this past year, if she has not been trying to reach out to her late tribe?

    Wasting time, come the bird's bitter thoughts, but she knows that her travels have not all been for nothing. Determination to fulfil her promise still courses through her veins. But no longer. Teotl, please, I beg of you; give me a tool so that I might lessen this burden.

    "Talk talk talk."
    {ioquichtihua- loosely translates to "brothers".
    ipihuan- loosely translates to "sisters".
    teotl- "goddess".

    Desires a common Rougarou companion. No previous drops refused.}

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    I have returned here, to the Vein of the Gods, after both of my patrols were complete. I was really starting to feel so grown up now, even if I was not my full grown height. I will be glad when I am, as I will be able to do more for the place I now call home. As I arrive I see three others have gathered here before me, all have wings just like me. It does make me a bit more calm to be among my own, but they are all strangers. I keep my guard up, after all anyone could try to go after a young lady like me.

    When I draw closer, that is when I see her, or it, or whatever the creature in the middle of the shrines are. Helovia is full of creatures like this it seems. First the turtle who had the egg, who gave it to that mare with antlers, now this creature of blue lava, much like the lava around the Vein.... Who also holds an egg! Maybe this is what draws me here! "Respect the soul bonds..." Her voice is scary, but yet not scary. Kind of like the voice of my Lord. It's a voice that demands my respect. "... honor the spirit tie" Momma had spoken of these bonds, that Uncle Aaron was bonded to another creature. He had described it to her one day. Their very souls were connected. His bonded was a sister, a friend, and a forever love all in one. That to lose her would mean the end of him..

    I gaze around at those present, wondering if any of them know how strong this bond is. If they, like I, know already what the bond will be like... Even if we have never been bonded. Or maybe some have been and seek to replace their lost bonded, and fill a hole... Though I doubt that. I follow one mare, who's coat seemed to reflect the skies. She bows to the creature of lava, and so do I. My heart aches to have a deep connection with someone else, like Cera and Ilaria. I want, and need a best friend.


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    Something pulls me to the Veins, my ears perked as I fly towards the magma flooded island of rock, flapping my wings. I see others gather, eyes widening as I see Aurelia. I circle before landing before the sky bridge, galloping forward, crimson hooves striking the earth, red sparks flying from beneath my hooves and fading with each step I take.

    Others have gathered, looking towards the bubbling lava. A round orb had been carried forth in a puddle of blue, boiling magma. I step forward to watch, watching a shimmering, beautiful mare of blue appear from it. She glows radiantly, heat bouncing from her figure, her body made of lava. Her eyes are pupilless, her body radiating extreme heat. Stepping up to her would mean facing fires, and that was something I did not want to do. She stands guard for the little egg, staring at all who have gathered.

    She opens her mouth, words spilling out in a calm, peaceful tone. Her words are soft, and I think about it. Did I really know about that special bond you hold with a being? I did not, but I knew it was a sacred bond, one to cherish and hold for as long as you and your companion live. It is special, spiritual, a connection that cannot be seen by others, but felt by the bonded. It is something one should hold dear, close to their hearts as their spirit is tied to another being.

    I give Aurelia a silent good luck, looking at the mare of magma. I'm hoping she doesn't make us do silly tasks, because last time I was almost eaten alive by a monster of tar, that was not one of my best moments. I wait patiently, calmly, collected. I wanted a friend, someone whose pain could be shared, who could comfort me, look out for me, someone who knows how I feel without me even having to open my lips. I wanted a bond to last a life time, one that would bring happy memories to my mind.

    "These soldiers are not here to kill you; They're here to protect you."
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    The Sunshower

    The painted queen was nothing but a hollow shell of her former self. Her beauty was faded and the familiar spark of life in her eyes all but gone. The Sunshower was shattered, the shards of her glass heart ripping at the flesh in her chest. She bled misery, the murky black substance filling her thorax and choking her with its ferocity, its darkness. She was a murderess, no matter how her herd and friends might paint the scenery around her, and she relived the terror of that moment- that one reflexive kick- each evening in her nightmares.

    History is written by the victor, but even victory does not always lead to happily ever after.

    Her herd duties taken care of for the moment, Kahlua decided she could not longer bear to wander the draconian forest. The sound of crashing waves in the distance was always too close, reminding her of the cliff side where Aurelia had called her name. The faces of her friends in the shadows of the trees, smiling and happy, were like daggers in her very heart. She did not deserve to be among them, was not worthy of the Qian's noble cause, but she was also selfish. She loved being queen, she (mostly) loved herding her flock about and striving for peace in Helovia. And besides... Kaj was there in the Edge. If she left... The queen sighed in frustration, depression, heart-felt misery. She turned her nose south and began to walk. She had no seer, but perhaps the Lady Moon would still be willing to offer her insight.

    But by the time she arrived, it was a different world indeed. So many had gathered- Kahlua turned her gaze to each of them in time. The two foals, unknown to her. The beautiful peahen who, on any day, Kahlua would have run to alight with chatter, eager to make friends. The sky mare with her intriguing pelt. Miykael, who Kahlua wanted to be happy to see again but could not find the emotion within herself. In fact, she was about to walk towards him when she heard a different voice- a voice so familiar, a voice that had come to her so often, that the queen almost thought she was in a dream.

    As her eyes turned slowly and settled upon the voice's owner, the painted queen froze in horror. Aurelia. Instantly, Kahlua began to choke over her words, the blackness in her chest spilling up and out of her. “Oh Gods!” she gasped, the sound high pitched and terrible. It was the sound of mourning, of terror, of sorrow, of disbelief. It was the sound a monster makes when she knows what she is and has come to face her fate. For that is all the painted queen could call herself any longer-


    Tears did not come- the queen had no more tears to cry. Her eyes were dry, but not for lack of trying. She wanted to cry, wanted to break down on the stony ground of the Veins and profess her undying agony to Aurelia. Kahlua wanted to beg for more pain, for the fervid pegasus to assault her with her agonizing flames, to feel just a fraction of the awful, terrible, destruction that must have broken Aurelia's soul into two. For even though Kahlua did not believe that Aurelia's actions were smart or noble, the queen was chained to the pegasus in such a way that she would never be debt-free again.

    Frozen to the ground, writhing under the pressure of a ball of emotions she did not know how to control, the queen hardly noticed or heard as the fire mare rose from the lava. Her blue eyes were fixated upon Aurelia- watching, waiting... when would her punishment begin?

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    Satanic Silk

    The path that I follow has deviated significantly from what it used to be. For so long I wandered throughout Helovia, searching for my beloved Africa, and always in vain. I didn't know how it was possible that I could have kept missing her. But now I'm filled with new purpose, and a new sense of life. I've found her, and will soon be moving to join her in Dragon's Throat - my first home here in Helovia. I'm sure Midas will be displeased at my departure from the Falls, but I also know that he cares about Africa, and wants for her happiness as much as I do. If I can make her happy - then I am even more pleased.

    Then why am I not at her side, you ask? A good question, for sure. I'm on a quest from the God of Time. I look down at the amulet hanging over my breast - a Sun amulet that Africa gifted to me, after I gifted her one of my moon amulets. I've been tasked with being hit with magic lightning while wearing this amulet, and have yet to complete said task. My wanderings have brought me to the Veins of the Gods, strangely enough, as I look for anyone that may be lurking here.

    But I'm distracted as I see a gathering forming around what seems to be an equine figure. But the light coming from it is not the natural light of a horse - horses don't emanate light to begin with. As I move closer, I see that the equine appears to made from the lava that swirls here in the veins. And with it, is an egg.

    An egg.

    My attention focuses in closer on the mare and this egg, nearly ignoring the bodies that I had begun to recognize as I approach. Amani, Aurelia, the paint mare I think I once heard named Kahlua. I tilt my head and squeeze my way into their gathering. What sort of creature may be born from an egg coming from lava? I guess I shouldn't be too surprised at anything, it is a gift from the Gods, after all. I bow my head courteously to the elemental equine, though based from her appearance and ethereal nature I think that she may not care or even notice. Her blue eyes are shocking to me, and I feel a sudden serenity come over to me, like a holy presence has taken over me. The inner peace is refreshing after so much angst that I've experienced for so long. At this moment, my mind is delivered from all thought, and I revel in the peace that has evaded me for so long.

    Walk. Talk.
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    Destrier and Suli</style>

    I'd left the Edge to clear my head after the meeting. Shame filled me as I mulled over the thoughts that had poured into my head as I listened to my brother of golden hide dub the new Captains, an honor and title I hoped Archibald and Ktulu would cherish just as much as I had during my time. Although I knew it was wrong, knew that it was childish and simply not like me to feel so bitter towards the ordeal, I found accepting the change to be difficult beyond words.

    "You challenge," warmed Suli's thoughts within my own, urging me to pick my head up and turn to look at the emerald as she flew low, hovering near my head as we moved across the land to wherever my hooves led me.

    "No," I answered back as I regarded her, a perturbed look in my eye, "Who's to say they are not better than I? These thoughts don't belong in my mind, but that of a child." The corners of the dragoness' mouth pulled down into a thin, unappeased frown at that, but she spoke no other words on the subject. "... I'm sorry," I offered after a few minutes had ticked by, fearing I had somehow upset her. Suli kept her violet gaze turned away from me for another moment longer before finally looking to me, as if contemplating exactly what she wanted to do, before closing the small gap between us and pulling her wings close, landing in a heap atop my head. It was impossible to disobey the smile that pulled at my lips. Oh, what would I do without the emerald...

    The sound of hissing captures my attention as we head past the Veins. Drawing to a halt, I regard the land in silence; it was vastly different than every other time I had come here. No longer was it the calm, eerily quiet place of the Gods, but rather a magnificent, powerful and untamed display as lava shifted, bubbled and rose from the ground. The instinctual part of my mind told me to turn and get away from whatever it was, but it paled against my curiosity.

    Others had already gathered, many of them faces I had never met, but there were two that garnered my attention almost immediately; Kahlua, my humble Queen, and Aurelia, the fire-bitch who deserved to smolder beneath the hooves of the Edge. It was my painted Queen I stepped closer to, disregarding Aurelia as I neared Kahlua's side and gave a soft nicker so as to warn her of my approach. She was looking towards Aurelia, though her body language hardly displayed anything akin to hate and loathing. I was unable to decipher what she was feeling or why she looked upon Aurelia in such a way, as the sight of a fiery, lava-borne equine rose from the blue.

    Her eyes pierced the very soul. I had seen enough of Helovia and the rest of the world to guess that she was of the land itself, perhaps a spirit, the lady of the lava, a guardian of the land when the Gods couldn't show themselves... Her very presence nearly had me on bent knee, as how could I not show respect to such an astonishing creature? But she spoke, and I remained on all four feet as I listened. 'Respect the soul bonds,' she said, her voice like the embodiment of fire, 'Honor the spirit tie.'


    The emerald seemed to wedge her way into my mind the moment the lava mare's words rolled from her tongue of fire. Our minds, our souls, our very spirits had intertwined into one the day that she had hatched over a year ago. She was, without a doubt, one of the best things to happen to me in all my years, and now, I couldn't imagine life without her. The dragoness pressed her nose into my ear then, giving a throaty purr and rubbing her smooth horns along side it as if in agreement. Again a smile pulled at my lips, and I only wished I could give Suli the same sort of display of affection.

    "We have honored it for many a season, Ysbryd Da."

    [Ysbryd Da - Great Spirit]

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    You haven’t wandered this far south in a long time. If you had lived here longer, you would have been hopelessly lost for the past few hours, but since you’re still new to Helovia, it is all the same to you. You haven’t seen enough of this place to remember your comings and goings; apart from the World’s Edge, which you have flown over several times, so it is either mere coincidence or sheer dumb luck that leads you to the same place twice. Today is no exception. Purely by accident, you find yourself on a rocky point. It looks familiar, but you can’t quite place it. Eyeing your surroundings, you try to remember, but your belly is pumped full of adrenaline, making the task rather difficult. You don’t know why, but ever since the point came in sight, your gut has been sending you mixed signals: first fear, then joy, then a feeling that something positively electric was in the air, much like the heavy tug of the air on your wings when you’re flying just before a storm. It is all so unsettling, and you don’t know quite what to make of it. Many times now, you have told yourself that you will go back, but natural curiosity combines with the inexplicable tug on your soul drawing you onwards, leading you straight across the rocks and right to a large group that has congregated on the far edge of the volcanic island. All of their backs are to you, and they seem to be staring at something just out of your sight. Weird.

    For a moment you hesitate, remembering all of Amaya’s warnings that too much curiosity could kill a filly. But looking at the group more closely, you realize that the filly from the meadow is there…and so is Kahlua! With a happy nicker, you trot forward to stand beside your friend. You reach over to touch her withers lighting in greeting, intending to ask her what all the fuss is abou--oh. A form, so firey blue that you feel your retinas sizzling just by glancing at her, stands in the ocean of lava. Suddenly, it all comes flooding back to you: this is the place where you saw a god, and here you are again, no doubt seeing another?! How have you been so blessed? You bow deeply, too awestruck to utter any proper greeting.

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    Wandering off alone may not have been the best idea in the world that the young colt had done so far, there would surely be consequences later when he returned. Something had drawn him to this new land and it was something he felt within. It was hard to explain even to himself but he had made his choice to follow it and see what would come of this adventure. It had been quite difficult to lose his brother who seemed to follow his every step but he had managed. A triumph in his own mind that he would be sure to use to prove he was the smarter twin for once. A smirk broke across his face as he trotted along on long gangly legs, he was proud of such an accomplishment.

    Icy eyes eventually focused upon a figure up ahead surrounded by a couple other horses. Was he really seeing what he thought he was? Pulling his delicate wings close to his back he moved forward his step full of purpose and curiosity. The mare was standing there on whatever this hot liquidy fire substance was, the strange thing was that she too was composed of it. It was incredible to see but what drew his attention further was the large rounded egg resting near the shoreline rocks. Panic ebbed into his mind as he thought of where it was sitting. It would be hurt if they left it in there he needed to get it out before it was too late. Mother had spoke of eggs in her stories but he never imagined that they were real. Reaching out with mild hesitance he thought of trying to pull the egg to safety but the mare's blue eyes and presence seemed to protect it somehow. "Respect the soul bonds...honor the spirit ties."

    What exactly did the mare mean by this? Lifting his head once more to take in the full extent of her powerful being he bowed his head feeling a great sense of respect for the other. While he knew nobody at this gathering he felt the strange sensation within that told him to be polite as she was important. Glancing around with hesitation to see what the others were doing he was mortified to see nobody doing anything to try and help the egg, wasn't anyone concerned about it? Furrowing his brow he took a step closer to the edge and the strange fire mare (or the sun god as the pegasus mare called her). "Please miss, tell me how I can help the egg. Surely it will get hurt if it stays in there. Please help me save it." He said without hesitance. Why were the adults just standing by and doing nothing! Help the poor egg!

    Frustration surfaced as he tried to come up with a plan. Perhaps he could roll it out to safety on his own if he spread his small wings for balance. It was worth getting burned if he could save whatever was inside.

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    "My word, what in Jörð's name are you?!"

    The cry left my lips as I approached the rest of those who had gathered, no faces of which I recognized and even if I did know them, then my attention was completely lost to them by the crackling, churning, lava-y creature standing before us all. My brown eyes were filled with child-like wonder, mouth slightly agape as I looked on at the downright astonishing creature. Was I seeing things? Were we all seeing things? Oh, I knew I shouldn't have sniffed that pretty red flower I'd found in the deep forest yesterday...

    But this creature was very much real, even if my mind couldn't comprehend it that way, and not some flower-sniffing-induced fantasy. From her back curiously sat an egg unlike any I had ever seen before, and I couldn't stop myself as my head cocked to one side. I knew that any kind of egg had to be kept warm to ensure the survival of the babe within, but with the heat of lava boiling beneath it? I bit onto my bottom lip; surely no earthly thing could survive such intensity.

    Then, the otherworldly mare spoke, something of bonds to the soul and ties of the spirit. The wonder in my eyes only grew, even if I didn't fully understand exactly what she had meant. Did it have anything to do with the egg..? I doubted it, seeing as the poor thing within it was probably long gone by now.


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    Leathery wings were spread wide and almost motionless as the silver child allowed herself to drift upon the hot thermals that rose from the lava fields below. It was an excellent way to rest when one did not wish to descend to the ground, when one was preoccupied with thoughts of horses yet missing and still being sought for. Even with her distracted mind, her golden eyes scanned the ground below, hopeful yet not very expectant at this point.

    Indeed, she was disappointed in her search for lost family members. But not disappointed in the search for interesting things. Because what was unfolding beneath her was distinctly strange and unusual. Something was moving through the lava, carrying something. The peculiarity of the situation had collected many together, some known but many unfamiliar.

    Curiosity swiftly got the better of her, as the silver child descended to claim a small space of solid ground before there would be no more room for her to land. Inquisitively she moved closer, only to pause and blink at the sight of an equine figure formed of lava emerged from the surrounding magma, bearing what looked like an egg. Well that wasn't what I was expecting to find.

    Cautiously she edged closer to Kahlua, Destrier, and Nasreen, taking comfort in the familiar even as her golden eyes never left the peculiar lava-mare. Not even when those odd eyes seemed to gaze into her very soul, though the silver child trembled beneath that gaze. "Respect the soul bonds ... honor the spirit tie." The words made her wonder, briefly, before she remembered that this creature, this spirit of lava, had brought an egg. How often had she heard her mother speak of her bond with Akaith? It was a concept that the silver child grasped, even if she could not yet fully understand. But she nodded, a quick bob of her head, to show her understanding anyway.

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    The colt was out wondering again, everyday he started exploring a little father and farther from his mother. it wasn't that the hybrid didn't love his mother, he just assumed it had to do something with growing up. Maybe some would say it was the lack of his father's presence that had the few week old colt straying so far. He was always careful to remember his way home though, no matter what he would always return home. Besides his family issues he was always curious about everything, the gods included. He had been trying to find out more about them ever since his in counter with Aurelia and she had offered to take her to see the Goddess of his home land. This was the real reason for his leaving Parelia and giving Penna, his mother's bonded, the slip. He felt bad for leaving the two behind, but he was a colt and wanted to learn on his own.

    The scent of several other horses and something very strange and interesting hung heavily in the air drawing him in. This was just to good to pass up. 'How could I not go see what's going on?' He thought picking up the speed. His spindly teal legs moving faster propelling his young frame forward like lightning. His small silver and teal wings flapping excitedly perched on his back. He was a very brightly colored little fellow. His father's ivy markings run up his legs, and over his silver eyes like a mask. They weren't in the silver like Ciceron's but a green teal much like his mother's hair streaks. The nub of a horn on his buckskin forehead was almost hidden by the black forelock, that looked as if it had been dipped in white paint.

    He through ont he breaks as heat rolled over him, and his eyes fell on bright blue bubbling lava. For the second time in his young life he noticed a small blue orb, that tugged at ever thing in his body, and it was floating towards him. Taking a hesitant step forward the colt paused for a moment as the stunning mare rose from the burning popping liquid. He moved confidently forward, his golden head bowed in deep respect. He gazed around taking in the others gathered around. They were all very different, but some of them he knew, but this was not the time for talking to them. He had to speak tot he lava mare and her voice drew his attention even more. His voice was dripping in awe tinged with longing, "I will always respect the bonded."

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    The remarkable thing about Elsa was well... that she was always had impeccable timing. Whether it was for gods, or herd meetings, or any other type of thing, she was always there. She was almost like a stalker of sorts, but a good stalker, not like the creeps, but a stalker nonetheless.

    She found herself at the veins of the gods. A place she loathed, but wanted to love at the same time. Since her arrival here, so much has happened, happy things, sad things, all things. Mostly though, they all ended in tragedy and heartbreak. Nothing had a happy end to it, nothing. Elsa sighed, but decided it'd be best to check out the group that gathered below, for you never knew what could come out of it.

    As she landed, her body made a light thud, and she found herself at the back of a group. She watched as from the lava behind the egg, rose an incredibly unique being. It glowed as the fire itself did, and seemed to beat with the earth. Elsa tilted her head, intrigued when it spoke of bonding. Who could truly know bonding? Especially one like herself? She didn't have a true bond to her name, but that didn't mean she couldn't try right? She nodded lightly to the being as voices peeped from here and there, declaring they knew how to bond. So did she, maybe, and it wasn't worth repeating what was already said. All she could do now was wait, and see what exactly would happen.

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    Exploring. After all, he’d only seen the misty lands and a cave. Fiore almost felt like he’d been transported to a different world, a different culture and language. It made his hooves tremble and his heart giddy, the further his legs took him away from the Edge the more he began to realise that the land was far vaster in size than he had first imagined. So many strange smells and sights, twists and turns, it would take him years to understand and explore it all! At least that meant he was unlikely to get very bored anytime soon. The curve of the land took him from mist and forest to meadow that slowly got more sparse the closer he got to an odd looking island, eventually dirt and rock was all that remained along with the rotten scent of sulphur that made him snort uncomfortably. Oddly enough there was a rather large gathering of horses around something that was clearly captivating in interest and so he bounced into a light trot too see more clearly who was there and what they were watching.

    The only one he instantly recognised was Signora Kahlua, her monochrome make up easily distinguishable from a crowd of mostly strangers to him, perhaps the big dark lad with the curly mane and the green dragon he recognised from appearance. Of the gathered he noted some odd looking ones with non-horse hybrid parts and some adorned in both wings and horns. Yet, of everything weird and wonderful their focus of interest was perhaps the oddest thing and most unreal thing Fiore had seen ever!

    He watched the blue mare with wide eyes, coming to a halt near the group that consisted of his fellow soldier, Signora, dragon girl and a pretty painted pegasus, though he said no words as his gaze was already captivated by the strange creature before them all. Shaped like an equine yet surely she was not as she was quite astoundingly a lava figure, something Fiore had never even thought of in wild imagination let alone believe to be real. With her was an egg, bobbing up and down in the magma, so simple and yet so surreal. Lava lady spoke with well worked words of wisdom on the topic of bonded souls. Did she mean like the animals who had accompanied his opponents in the Tournament? Like the other two strange characters he had met on the very first few days in Helovia, with their companions of flight. Though Fiore knew nothing of what a soul tie would feel like, he felt inclined to nod his head in agreement, respect for any form of bond was an honourable thing even if he didn’t quite understand the gravity of her short statement.

    Indeed, fancy words for a fancy mare.

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    I had wandered away from the Edge, just for a few moments of course. I just wanted to know what was so interesting out in the world that would cause my mother to leave me with strangers (who had turned out to be quite fantastic people.) But I still felt like a burden to my "daddy" and "mommy", so I left for the day, of course it would probably lead to me getting scolded later but it would be worth it if I found someone who could be a friend.
    The little smile that was almost permanently plastered against my tiny features spread a little wider at the thought of the word friend. It would be so interesting to have a friend, someone to tumble around with me in the grass and even watch the stars! The stars interested me so very much...a hissing sound interrupted my thoughts and burrowed into my immature mind as I passed a region that I wasn't entirely sure it was called.
    Small harks swiveled as my white pupil-ed eyes widened and infant wings pulled in close to my body. Any normal foal would have turned and ran from the sound of nightmares, but for some odd reason I was interested in finding out what it was that had made that horrid noise. Gold dusted brush flicked against my slender back as metallic hooves carried me into the land that was glowing softly with a beautiful blue hot mess.
    As I drew nearer, it became obvious that I was not the only one who was called by the hissing sound, there were many bodies surrounding what seemed like a small (larger than myself) horse made of the glowing blue stuff and she(?) carried an egg of some sorts upon her back. I drew closer as the rest of the group muttered among themselves, giving replies to the blue mare, I drew close enough to be seen but not burned by whatever it was she was made of. Close enough that the bright orange of her pupils was intoxicating against the blue of her eyes, close enough I could see a familiar gold and white form standing in the distance. A form that I wanted answers from, but today was not the day, instead today, I would focus on being better than she was.
    I snorted softly as I turned my odd eyes away from the mare who had born me and instead focused once more on the beautiful blue creature before me. "Respect the soul bonds... honor the spirit tie" I repeated the mare's words once more in my grey matter as I listened to the others speak of how important their bonds were. When the gold and white mare spoke of how important bonds were to her, I nearly choked on the laughter and words that I wanted to scream at her. Bonds meant nothing to her, there was no way someone who respected bonds could leave their child with strangers. I want to speak, but no words come, so instead I followed suit of a few other creatures, that were standing in the semi-circle around the blue creature, and lowered my slender form into a bow before righting myself once more.
    Oh how proud Ruske would be of me if I came home with an egg, maybe he would be proud enough to forget that I had even wandered off in the first place.

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