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[DROP] Lets do the time warp again. [Quest Drop]

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The GOD of the SPARK

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of everyone drops to zero

The God of Time was absently amused that the residents of Helovia had managed to find and uncover the secret underground of the land. He had been a part of manufacturing this cave system in dark days long ago when flying beasts had been more of a plague than a nuisance. Now, he walked along the watery lanes, large, feathered hooves splashing in the darkness, blending into the night.

He moved into the room that had their history etched upon the walls and looked at the healing liquid resting in the carved fountain. Hhhmmm. Would they be needing this anymore? The God had half a mind to destroy it, but he left it alone instead, not wishing to interfere anymore with the timeline. He presence alone did enough damage.

Still, not it was his turn to take one under his wing, metaphorically speaking. He wanted to grant a mortal, or a few mortals, something that they needed or wanted. While he was still an asshole, he was not a stodgy asshole. "Come find me..." he hummed into the caves, wondering if they would come for his powers.

Quest Drop!
From this drop you can get: spark magic, time magic, normal companions, items, special requests!

You cannot get: passive magic, mythical companions, genetic mutations

This drop will be a dice roll only, but maybe we rounds depending on how many show up.

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Back in the ugly caves. Well, they aren't totally ugly, it's just that I have no fond memories of them. Why am I here? Hell if I know.. Something inside me felt the need to come here, like I was being called. Now I'm wandering through without really knowing where my hooves take me, looking back and forth from room to room. The entrance to the caves, the Sanctuary... Where I brought Cypress.. (Where is she?) and said goodbye to Africa after being nearly chased out by Midas, Hector, and Gaucho. I screamed my love for her - and doubtless got some awkward looks for it. Soon I'll find her again. I have to.

Continuing on I come to the room where I became myself again, at the Wall of Histories, where a fountain's waters had healed me. Midas and Hector had saved me when I'd come in begging for death. I thought they would kill me and put me out of my misery, but instead they healed me. As I look in, I see that I am not the only one here. There's another being inside, and in that moment I realize why I'm here. He called. Whether or not he called to me alone or sent out a PA doesn't matter. I go inside the room and stop before him. I'm taller than him, but never greater - he is a God. I do not know him, but I know that after my meeting with the God of Fire, I believe in Gods. I understand their power now, and I will bow to it.

And that's what I do. I bend to one knee, lowering my head in honor of him. "I am Satanic Silk, but surely you know that, Great One. It is an honor to be in your presence."

I'm a much different stallion than when I first came to Helovia.

Walking "Talking"

OOC: Wishlist || 12/17/13 :: Magic: Fire x Shock | (A) The ability to conjure flame and manipulate its form, with sparks of the fire being used as a possible weapon to burn and shock.
Denials: 1, Sun God quest. Followers of Flame
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haunting my mind

Why was I wandering this way? I didn't know. All I knew at the moment was that I had to get my sanity back. Before it was too late and my kids hated me too much for it to be undone. In a heartbeat, I placed my grey hoof upon the ground and forced my weight on it as I started to run. Just run away from the Hidden Falls, while the thoughts in my head were swirling around, confusing me and terrifying me. Kill. No. I want to SCREAM. The beat of my heart started to sync with the beat of my hooves against the grassy ground, sweat started to seep out on my neck and barrels. Black strings of hair flew around my face and slapped against my poll, just like the panic was started to slap my mind. Kill. NO!

I stopped, backed and reared up high, shaking my head to get rid of the thoughts. Why?! Why, why, why? Snap. I breathed out, heavy breaths from the long run, and backed a few steps. What was I becoming? What had I become? Because this wasn't me, this wasn't who I truly was. Who I wanted to be. I just wanted to be a mother, care for my children like any other mare my age.

As I lowered my head, I looked around and snorted, slightly confused. Was this... the Helovia Heart? A glance down confirmed my thoughts. The great hole down to the caves of the Sanctuary, where I had once been protected from demons in the world outside, but haunted by my own. Without even thinking twice about it, I started to walk down the slope to the underground, admiring the wall of lava that welcomed me on the way down. A voice caught my attention and I flicked my ear the way it had come from, turning my head only to then turn my body and walk in it's direction. It wasn't safe to be with me right now, but they didn't know that, right? With my head hanging low, I stepped into a room and the first thing I saw was the wall. It reached from floor to roof - duh, dumbass, that's what every wall did - and I stared at it, almost dumbstruck by it's beauty. I didn't understand anything that was written upon it, but I could still admire it.

My gaze turned to the voices and I tilted my head, looking at the two in confusion. Was that... A God. It was a God. I opened my blue eyes wide and immediately bowed, even if my head was already low. "God of the Spark," Oh yes, I have heard of him. "I'm Delinne." I said, my voice rather low but I was sure he still heard me. Was this like the ancient hybrid event? Riddles and gifts? Possibly, but it didn't have to be. I was actually genuinely happy to just be in the God's presence.

'Dezba thinking'

wordcount // 495
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ooc // Delinne wishes for,
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Sialia Odele
You're totally entertained, and I'm absolutely bored

This was a new, undiscovered place to me. I glanced about, looking at the stalactites hanging from the roof of the huge cavern. It was hot, which was odd, as I was used to the cold dampness of normal caves. But this place was far from normal. In fact, it was nearly unbelievable. I glanced around, finding the nearly unbearable heat suffocating, and I new I was becoming dehydrated. But, something drew me in, something pulled me deeper in this hell like area.

Who could ever live in this heat? I wondered. Stupid, they don't. You would die here, as there is no vegetation, and all the water is evaporated off into the sky! I grimaced at myself. Gee I could be harsh. As I rounded a corner voices echoed off the walls. I followed them, letting my gut be my compass. It led me to a group of horses, just in time to catch a familiar faces words.

I glanced at the shorter figure with black and white markings. He bore a horn, and he radiated of an unworldly godliness. Which made since, as the familiar face had just called him the god of the spark. I watched the shorter stallion for a moment. Skeptical of his higher presence. Almost scared. Almost.

I bowed my head deeply, to him. "Hello, Your celestial eminence. I am Sialia, Your most humble servant." I said softly, my silken chords singing and weaving. Well, maybe not humble... I drew myself up, to look at him, directly without fear. Brave. And possibly stupid. But why shouldn't I look this deity in the eyes? Surely it must get boring to see all those before you cower and lower there eyes. I liked to look in the others eyes. They where the entrances to the soul.

OOC: Sialia wishes for:
ShockxDark magic; Violent electricity
WaterxLight magic; Any kind of Ice Ability <- currently undecided.

Black Panther with; Dark Poison Magic

"blah blah blah."

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The filly was growing strong and learning quickly, she was now able to move swiftly, and speak correctly. The stormy grey filly was moving quietly away from the heard. The foal wanted to find her father, wanted to know more about him and his home. Her mother was a healer in the herd, but her daughter wanted nothing to do with that. It had been hard trying to slip past her mother and the black cat that always seemed to follow her about. She grumbled darkly as she picked her way swiftly away, towards the south. Zünden wasn't sure how far she really had to go or in which direction, but how big could this land really be? It wouldn't take long she was sure of that, until she really had left the Falls. The filly had left out early when her mother had still been sleeping, as to not get caught.

It was now the middle of the day, and it was starting to get hot, very hot. She supposed that it was normal for this kind of heat. 'Maybe it's always hot and sunny.' The filly didn't know any better, yet, but she would realize how cold and cruel the would could be. The filly could vaguely remember the way, when her father had been around, that massive clouds had come out of no where. They had been the main reason her father had left in such a hurry. 'I wish I could control something like a storm.'She thought pausing to catch her breath. Her different colored eyes took in the area around her. If she had been a live just a season earlier she would have known where she was, and probably ran the other way.

The storm cloud pelted mare had rested for a few minutes and was just about to move on when a strange humming voice seemed to vibrate through her. As her bones vibrated and hummed she stood perfectly still wonder and excitement followed the humming. Finally her body quit shivering and she moved. Very faint voices were audible, as were scents of other horses. She followed the sounds and scents down into a cave. There was a musty wet feeling in the air, but she pressed on.

Figures of other horses slowly appeared out of the gloom.She arrived in time to hear the dark striped mare from her herd say God of Spark. She followed the eyes around her to gaze at the black and white stud, whose horn in an odd lighting bolt shape above his head. The filly approached slowly, her head lowered. Her voice was dripping with awe, yet meek, "It's a great honor to meet you sir." She lowered her front half, to the cold hard ground. Her right stocking, and barb wired stripped, leg spread out in front of her dark stormy body. Lifting her frame back up she gazed in amazement up at the great stallion before her. Everyone else was all but forgotten. "You must be the best god of all time." She spoke softly just loud enough for the God of Spark to hear her. Zünden was not yet aware of the impact this meeting would have on her, but this would be another reason she would want to live int he Aura basin with Krieger.

Words: 554
Shock x Light- Zünden can conger lightning that takes the shape of Manned wolves and they cause servery electrical burns where ever they touch

Restrictions- The more she makes the more energy it drains, and she can only make 4 at a time

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:: [Magic: Dark(?) x Shock | Ability to create ball lightning, from the size of a gumball to a softball, and direct it towards her opponent so that when it explodes a near-deafening noise found in natural ball lightning is heard, as well as sending out electricity to burn and attack the body's cells to cause spasms, numbness, and electric burns. Unable to control the ball once she has released it in a certain direction, can be harmed by it if it explodes while she's too close. Can also create small ball lightning where only the sound is still there and a small, static-electricity levels apparent. Used mostly for playful purposes in these instances]

The presence of a celestial was impossible to ignore. Perhaps it was the fact they were their creators, their immortal guardians that enchanted the lands they named herd and called home. A tug of skin in the direction of their aura, a siren call to the travelers nearby. It had only been felt once by the rose faded damsel, a blessing that she had met the God she most revered and worshiped upon her first encounter with one of their immortal guardians. There was a curiosity that lay in her mind, a questioning of whether or not she should investigate and determine which celestial had dropped into their plane for a visit and possible bestowal of heavenly tokens and tasks. She paused to ponder over her choices, watching the sudden drastic increase of population in the area with amused disbelief.

Hotaru had no reason to be in the Heart. Since the shades had been cured and their freedom returned she'd found no reason to revisit their previous unwilling sanctuary. It was no longer a necessity and so she had moved on. She was no creature of constancy or devotion, her sentimentality was rather restricted. Why she had even been in the Heart was of no consequence to her, for she had no family to worry over her return, no mate to greet at the fall of the evening. Even as she paused to watch the creatures similarly drawn in by the God's presence, skin threatening droplets of sweat beneath the unnaturally sweltering heat of the Heart, she found no desire to question why or how she had ended up among their numbers.

Her desire to see her Goddess, the only encounter she'd had so far, was a powerful thing. She despised the idea of becoming a mindless sheep, a follower of the trickle of nameless bodies that were driven on by greed to the side of the immortal hiding beneath the surface. Hotaru did not deny her own greed, though it was not for the magic itself. No, she wanted only to show that she was actually worth it, that her family was wrong. She wanted nobody to be able to push her around ever again. To become so powerful that nobody could get close enough to hurt her ever again. But at least she, unlike the lying scum that claimed only respect and adoration, was aware that her motives were not fully pure.

These motives were what decided her fate, sighing and trailing behind the stranger that next shuffled down into the mouth of the sanctuary below. But somehow before he is even revealed she knows it is not her mistress waiting below the surface. And though she has never met the Lord of Time, she cannot summon the sickeningly desperate flattery and assuming phrases that go sliding pathetically off the tongues of those gathered. She will not indulge in their games of vanity and peacocking, their desperate vying for attention, to be chosen as the God's underling. Hotaru suspects that he knows her own feelings; or at least upon his own terms could discern from her unguarded mortal mind how she felt towards him. Awe, appreciation, respect, fearfully impressed, loyal. Why waste words that can never amount to what she desires to convey?

Instead she dips one pale leg, bowing before the Lord with a respectfully submissive bow of her tiara. Her crescent amulet slides a notch down the ivory length of her horn to spin in slow silver circles in the available lighting. And as she straightens, silent and composed, she awaits what he intends to do or say.


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Queen of the Stars

Another day, another place to explore. The loss of the gem had been hard on me. Why had he deserved it more than I had? Who knew. But for now I had plenty of time to explore and to learn more about the lands I was now calling home. That included theses caves. I have heard rumors that prior to my arrival in Helovia, that all the herds lived down here for a while. I am not very sure why they all lived down here, and I'm not really sure it's my place to ask. Either way, here I am exploring the different rooms. Some I find beautiful, others are just okay. I never knew just how extensive a cave system could be. If this is the sort of work the Gods of Helovia can do.... WOW!

It was only then that the sound of others hooves caught my attention. I have been so wrapped up in exploring, I did not listen to see if others were here. Curious, I move to find out what has everyone gathering. That was when I saw him for the first time.

He is simply beautiful! Not that he is by any means simple! From the strange blue coat, to the white swirl markings and jagged white horn. Other than Déodat, he is a stud that I would want to have babies with. Lots of beautiful babies. Only when I notice everyone is giving him respect do a realize that I am in the presence of a God! Not just any God, but the God of the Spark that Déodat had said was patron of our herd. He had created the Basin.

Wordlessly I moved forward until I could get no close. Only then did I make myself vulnerable. Slowly and carefully, I bent both of my front legs to kneel before the God. "It is a great pleasure and honor to be in your presence Sir." Slowly I rise, making sure that I keep my crowned head lower than his. Which of course is slightly hard to do, as he is shorter than I am. I am determined to show him the respect he deserves. After all, it's not everyday you get to meet a God!

"blah blah blah."

OOC: Hope i make sense, pain meds kicking my butt Esther's Wishlist

Shock x Fire | Able to create burning lightning that starts fires
Time x Fire | Able to create small animals out of stars
Brindle PitBull Companion (will quest for companion magic later - unless allowed to combine it with quest for the companion)
Small Item | Necklace | Silver chain necklace with a sapphire and ruby pendent

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The silent stallion crept through the lands, his raking ice-like orbs settling upon the sight of the ancient caves he had nestled into calling the Heart Caves. His eye lids closed half way, the icy essence of his sight becoming clouded with the memories of being claimed by the caverns darkness. He remembered the large vast Sanctuary where he made his way along the sharp corridors to escape the sight of blunt equines who would merely recognize him as an infected, the times he tipped his head forward and grazed upon the strangely flavored mosses and fungi, the times just sat there for hours at a time looking upon the waterfalls, and his favorite was to explore the glassy confinements of the crystal halls and passages. It seemed wherever he may have treaded within the stone walls, there was stranger on the other end, waiting to be met. Why, he recalled his encounter with Kahlua, the crowned lady of the World's Edge, why how he had felt good for her. It erased that deep hatred for himself for scarring the tissues upon her flank with his horn. He remembered everything about that tense exchange of words. Farenjer wished someday he could meet the mare again.

The weaver wavered a icy gaze down upon the passages, his ears rotating forward as he poked his nose within the shadowy framework. Sniffing the moist air that lurked inside, he thought he could hear the sounds of other equines down there. He snorted and pulled his chin away. He wouldn't be very surprised if that were true. Then the masculine words seemed to drown within his ears and he felt his legs moving by themselves. Someone had called him and others, someone's presence down there was unlike any he had sensed. He gulped as he slowly treaded along the passages, entering the main room where he slept with fellow unicorns. Farenjer wanted to halt and gaze upon the sight of what he once named home, but he felt he should continue. The stallion paced to the passage and into a chamber with a wall of history written. His eyes seemed to widen and he gave that historic painting a long hard stare. He had never entered this room for some reason as he sheltered here. This was all new to him.

Gazing upon the cavern wall, he realized the handful of presence before him. His ears swiveled to face forward as he turned to them. His eyes washing over each and every being who had felt the need to be here. There was a charcoal stallion with bat-like wings. A mare unicorn with lightning markings as well, and he studied her for a long time before his gaze rested upon a ebony unicorn. He could recognize her from the Basin and almost immediately greets her with a quick nod. There was a pale stallion with long spiraling horns, and a young unicorn girl with a pinkish coat. Such a handful of unique, sorted people here. Yet there was one who seemed most outstanding of all. Farenjer had to study him for so long. Was he the one who had called them to look for him? Suddenly, it all came to him and he tipped his head in puzzlement. Under his collected cool breath, he spoke in his fine vocals "You... You are the God of the Spark."

Wishlist || (12/7/13) Normal Companion :: Ram
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"You spin me right round, baby."

Just to set the record straight, you don't jump to the left or take a step to the ri- i- i- i- ight. Nope, doesn't matter how drugged you are. You've never done the time warp and you think you'd like to keep it that way. Still, walking through the caves, you can't help but be reminded of your past and that makes you want to skitter around a little bit. It's not fear so much as you just prefer to escape any memory of what's already happened to you and live each day anew. Except your memories of the glass horn and the golden asshole. You need those. So you can take them down and smash them to pieces... Some day. Some day it will happen and then you'll be king of your own mighty palace. Whatever. Screw palaces and pegasi.

So you're down in the sandy pits of nowhere, hiding in the darkness and finally decide you better get out of these caves and go somewhere useful. The dark has been nice and sometimes its nice to be high there, because it feels like you're floating, but you can't just float all the time. You have to eat and all that jazz. At least from time to time. And you're about to escape the caves, to get up to the surface and go do.... whatever, except there's all this commotion and a big hullabaloo. And you've never been one for big gatherings, but you've also never been one to pass up an opportunity to cause a big mess so... you decide you better go check it out.

Except you immediately begin to regret because everybody's busy acting all uptight and reverent and you're not really sure why until you hear somebody off in this distance say something about a God. Oh, great. You roll your eyes. But it's a lucky thing you do, because one of them catches your eye. A certain mare you've seen before. “Oh look, Pastel. One of them came down from their high and mighty thrones.” You say it with just enough disdain, and just loud enough for the Lord of the Spark himself to hear, as you sidle on up next to Hotaru, swaying dangerously close to her, but not yet touching her. And then, because it seems like the right thing to do, you whisper afterwords, “Stick around afterwords and I'll let you in on a lucrative deal.” A wink accompanies a bit of drool dripping down over your lips. So classy. You're not even sure you can trust her, but you're high right now so it seems like a good idea. Besides, it's not like she'll stay anyways.

[Dark x Shock Magic Upgrade :: Brain shock also affects the optic nerves, causing temporary blindness]

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Dark hooves sunk deep in the earth as the dappled stallion pushed himself forward away from the pain deep inside his heart. The pounding of his heart confirmed that there were still pieces that remained but for how long he could never be sure. With everything falling apart beneath his hooves there was nothing left to hold on to he needed to fix this, somehow. Why did his home not feel safe to the ones that he loved? This was the burning question haunting his mind that he could just not figure out, if only things would make sense. His journey found him walking the entryway that led down to the caves, how he ended up here he would never know. His mind had not been paying attention to his surroundings as he ran yet it somehow brought him back to the place that had brought him and Parelia close together. Irony perhaps? Releasing a defeated sigh he stepped into the darkness to journey back to where things had all started, maybe it would give him some insight on what to do next.

Silver eyes strained against the darkened interior for a moment or two before slowly adjusting to the dim lighting, taking a path to the left he ventured deeper into the labyrinth. His companion followed along silently trying to figure out a way to help her bonded without making things worse. She couldn't speak well to him yet but she could feel the sorrow within his heart as if it were her own. The light of his markings aided his progress as he walked along with his head lowered so not to smack it off any of the low hanging stalactites, that would be just wonderful. Flaring his nostrils as the scent of others became apparent within the stale air, he lifted his head to see the figure of the God of Spark before him. Taken slightly aback at the encounter he forced his mind into action as words formed on his lips. "It is a pleasure to finally meet you, God of Spark." He commented bowing his head to the stallion in an act of respect. Approaching slowly he lifted his head as others slowly came onto the scene all marvelling at the appearance of the god. "My name is Ciceron."

The introduction was likely not needed for Gods were supposed to know all, but he figured he would rather be safe than sorry and come across as rude or stuck up. What was one so great doing down here? Kiara's questioning gaze passed between the two unicorns, who was this newcomer for everyone to be so hung up on him? God of spark? A gentle chuff sounded from her vocals in her own greeting to the stallion as she gazed up at him from where she was sitting.

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The shade was on his way back from discovering the rotunda when he stopped by the caves. Last time he had been here was when he had fled with the rest of the Basin and in his short time spent in the dark depths of the cave, chuntering to himself, he had found his sons again. They had been alive and well, both bonded to creatures and both growing into nice strong unicorns. A credit to their race, naturally. They were his sons after all, though the Nightshade had always had a slight worry that they might turn out a little too much like himself. Madness was not an easy disease to live with and if the Doctor wished for anything, then it would be that all of his progeny turned out like Kou. She was clever and manipulative with her words, d'Artagnan had always silently admired his snowy nurse.

He wonders into the cave systems with nothing but the low panting noise of Aramis following behind, his long blue tongue flopped lazily to one side of his black lips. They continued on through passages, not really looking at much and simply reliving memories until they came across something rather rare, but familiar. In the room of legends stood the God of Time, the flashy immortal that had given his family the Aurora Basin when they had been banished to the mountains. A God d'Artagnan had cared to know little of since his run in with the Moon, the shade was all together rather tired of them by now. Yet, a madman maybe, but he wasn't thick in the light of a being who had far greater power than his own. He nodded deeply in his own version of respect before gruff vocals escaped his lips "my patron God."

The shade then inspected the room after hearing a sharp growl rumble from the lips of Aramis. There was a pigeon stallion, an ugly dark being marred by feathered appendages that made the blood boil in his body. A curse upon the earth. The rest were faces he remembered or knew nothing of. Delinne he knew of, though didn't really care much for her, Hotaru he remembered from the one meeting upon the mountain. She had been an interesting child. Lastly, Farenjer who he had brought back to the Aurora Basin to become apart of their herd. The others he didn't recognize, but his eyes zoned in on the bay brother with the satchels. So others were cursed with them too! The Doctor smacked his lips together and shifted over to the stud, ignoring the rest with a dismissive flick of his tail.

A smile curled on his lips as Aramis sat down beside him, "oh look, a brother with a bag like me!" His gruff voice chortled as he slid to a halt beside the draft.

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God of the Spark Posts: 111
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The GOD of the SPARK

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of everyone drops to zero

The God of the Spark stood on the rocky and yet wet cave surface, looking out at all who came inside. Hhhmmm... The drivel was constant, all of them calling him sir, except for a few. One of them was... not completely here, and the other was a follower of his sister's magic. All in all, rather pathetic. He tightened his lips, wondering if Roskuld would show up, but when she did not, he simply shrugged, shaking his head.

His judgmental blue eye settled on the first to come close, a boy. The stallion was tall, wings leather, and all in all, he was a rather unique picture. The God looked briefly at the wall, lamenting how far everyone had fallen before sighing.

"You'll do," he muttered to Satanic Silk, eyeing the rest of them in an asshole-ish way. "What do you want?"

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I step up from my bow, and look around me at the rapidly growing gathering. Those that come in after me are largely unknown to me. A few are familiar faces. Oxy, I remember he was part of the Asylum, from the one meeting that I eavesdropped on. Hotaru... she had met with the Fire God as well, hadn't she? But though I do not know the others, I at least know a few new names. Delinne, Sialia, and Ciceron all offer there names to the God of Time, as I have. I turn my attention back toward him, for he speaks.

And he speaks to me.

Though he is gruff, and I can tell that it is by chance that he has chosen me, I can't help but feel honored. He asks what I want, and I know that I should ask, not demand. After my experience as a wraith, I do not ever want to cross a God. "I humbly request magic, that will allow me to create fire, and from its embers burn and shock my enemies."

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The God of Time watched, wondering if the stallion was as abrasive as he looked. At least he was being rather contrite for a little shithead. He used words like "humbly request", which the god admitted to liking, as it did show class when speaking to a creature who could end your existence before you even started. (That IS the fun part of controlling time, you know).

The shorter, dark god regarded him with his ethereal blue eyes, humming quietly to himself as he thought about the request. It was an interesting request, to be sure. A shocking fire, right? The God of Time thought about bringing his brother in on this one and decided that instead, he would focus on integrated his brother's powers in a different way.

"Bring me a Sun Amulet," he said. "That will give you the power you need to start the fires, but as for the shocking...." He hummed and then grinned.

"Go get struck by lightning." He paused. "Go get struck by lightning while wearing the Sun Amulet." The God chuckled to himself, finding his plan rather amusing. The idea of this stallion standing on top of some god-forsaken hilltop waiting for lightning was comical. If he was smart, he'd get someone with shocking magic already to give him a jolt.

"Once you have done that, go spy on one individual you claim to be your enemy and tell me what you have seen. Return to the Veins of the Gods when you are done, and I will meet you."

3 part quest!
1. Obtain a sun amulet
2. Get shocked while wearing the sun amulet
3. Spy on an enemy!

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