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[OPEN] The First Sentinel

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Ulrik had been working hard, mining for metals around the Basin, which was perfectly in line with what Illynx had desired. Boring out the caves had served two purposes: one, to expand the living space, and two, to gather the necessary metals for his sentinels. Who was the knitter now, d'Art? The Engineer stood at the precipice of his madness, and without hesitation, he dove into the black. His bronze eyes glittered wildly, and he inhaled, deep breaths marking his actions.

The frame, which he had built in Frostfall, was not partially covered, and he used his magic to call it to life. A spring breeze curled around his fetlocks, and the ground was soft from the snow having melted, bright sun overhead. He would call this metal machine into life in the bright light of day, visible to all as plates of metal collapsed over one another in flawless movement. Hydraulic pistons, lubricated with black grease began to shift as wires and casings snaked in and out, connecting in the right places with the power of his craft.

His magic was draining, and he felt as if his heart was beating too hard, hammering in his chest, aching and tiring. A storm raged in his very soul, crashing and crying in his ears, eyes closing as he stood firmly in the face of this exertion. And suddenly, the howling stopped, and he gasped for breath, looking up at the tall, covered structure of a metal horse towering above him. A single, metal hoof was nearly the width of his barrel, a true Trojan creature.

It stood, eerily still, unmoving until Ulrik ran his nose up the back of the creatures leg, finding the secret button and pressing.

A noise like a car crash echoed through the valley and two, red orbs lit up, flickering. The sentinel was on. The sentinel was watching. One of the two guardians of the gates was activated, and Ulrik grinned, dancing around his creation, cloven hooves kicking up dirt as he darted in front.

Test. Time to test. Ulrik used his magic to command the creature's attention and convince him that he was not of the herd. Then, as he strode forward, the cascading metal machine turned, blocking the way with its massive, metal body. It leaned its head down, red eye staring at him as an alarm started, a bright, screeching whir.

Oh, it's perfect. Ulrik shut it off and put the creature back on standby, now sure that it would function, at least well enough, for right now. He was beside himself. Kirchoff looked up, in awe of what Ulrik had made, and for the first time in his short life, he was stunned into silence.

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She watched him from the trees that overlooked the mouth to their home, the shadow of the boughs cloaking her golden back from the light that would cause it to glimmer and shine beneath the Sun’s kiss, her eyes broad in wonder as she watched the Engineer work, the bronze plates sliding over iron bones, the wires snaking like vines throughout its hollow core. She had seen it rise, slowly, a statuesque and fearsome thing, all in glimpses and stolen moments when she was sure the man was so lost in his tinkering that she would go unnoticed so near to him, watching.

How many hours together had they shared, this way, the three of them? The Golden Lady, the Mad Engineer, and the Bronze Guardian; once, it had been only two, and an idea that had lit her eyes with the fires of her imagination, the one part of her that had not died with the rest of her innocence. That the beast now stood, silent and foreboding as Death – nay, the black silhouette of an army arriving to burn your village down – rising from the emerald doorway to symbolize the amassed strength they held when all within worked as one.

She smiles, perhaps in perfect time with Ulrik’s brush against the button that brings the metallic devil to life.

Her laughter, wild and joyful, is captured and torn into nothingness by the roar that cascades from the automaton, the beat of her hooves swallowed by plush earth and mechanical booms and whistles until she is almost upon the Wildman and his splendid creation.

For the rest of her life, she will remember the first lighting of those bloody eyes, how they shone like rubies beneath the moon. She will remember this moment in which two minds unified and created a force that would make even the wretched dragon bitch Mirage cower and balk in fear, and she slides to a stop not far from the master of mechanics with this truth writ all across her cheerful and glowing features.

She’s still laughing, a light and happy sound that mimics the dance of the immensely enthused crafter, and she is soon twirling and bounding about the mechanical beast to admire it in its stillness, mind bursting with the images of the bronze in movement. "Oh, Ulrik!" she says, nearly breathless and cautious not to trod upon his hound who lingers nearby, "He’s so beautiful!"

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“My goodness, sir!”

Among the wretched, hoarfrost darkness came the gleam of lamp-like eyes, the blink of light reflecting off the strange, crystal glass adorning the visage of the doomed. From those shadows came the Disciple, happily drenched in the filth of the field, where he had conducted his own researches day in, day out, for seasons now; his eyes bulged from their sockets, mesmerized by the spectacle before him—a veritable goliath of starmetal, a golem of perfect inorganic composition! It whirred and screeched and clinked and clanked, and Sin’s heart thrummed a furious tempo in his chest as he stepped feverishly toward it, everything about him a blur, gaping for some moments, something within him growing, growing, growing, until at last he found the bronze-marked fellow and from his mouth his passion did spew:

“What astounding technology!” he said in breathy tones, his voice dripping with painful excitement and awe, his eyes so bold, so full of the wild insanity of his discovery. He approached the dark stallion boldly, for the scent of auroras permeated his person; he was a comrade. “What glorious design, what impeccable craftsmanship! Oh sir, the studies you would have had to undergo, the careful calculations this must’ve inspired!” Laughter escaped his maw—actual laughter, a high pitched sort of girlish giggle, those eyes of his never blinking, nearly swimming in tears. “The sinews—the wonderful sinews of this awesome beast! However did you find the ore to smelt in order to construct it? Did you have a specific model in mind when you designed this creature? What sort of—“

Something dimmed within the Disciple’s eyes as his voice suddenly died in his throat. There is another here--a lady he so dreadfully ignored in his haste for praise. With a shake of his dreadlocks, Sin stood back a ways from the diesel-tinged stranger, clearing his throat most coyly. “My apologies, sir, madame” he said in a more mild tone, his smile pleasant and his eyes as horrible as ever. “Please forgive my rudeness, I only—well, I see we are both men of our passions, yes? I cannot help but become inflamed by the scientific feats of another.”

He paused, and for a while he stared through the crystal lense of his monocle at the bronze-marked stallion, the gold tinted lady, allowing his own wits to calm somewhat before dipping his head in formal greeting. Her gilded visage was familiar to him--and yet, he could not place her face for the life of him. “Zikar-Sin, sir, Disciple of the Basin,” he offered, a dazzling smile adorning his features, a merry garland for the orbs of crazed eyes situated deep within the gaunt bones of his face. Sin, poor Sin! How raw his sincerity! How complete his utter cluelessness!

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