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Sky stamped her feet into the fresh snow laden ground bringing her strong frame to a halt. She tossed her black mane and it fell wildly about her crown and lean neck. Her brown coat was stained darker from the wet heavy snow melting on her back, as her coat hadn't gotten it's chance to grow in the lean months leading up to this moment. Now it seemed the winter wasn't going to come in quietly.

Amber eyes peered around and above her. The trees offered no protection from the gray unyielding sky, and only some from the harsh wind that kicked up every once and a while. She tried to steady herself, but her muscles all wanted to jump with the cold crisp air hitting them. There was also the fact that she could feel she wandered into a whole new territory. Her ashen nostrils flared taking in the many scents of different horses. They were all so different she couldn't make much sense of them. She exhaled a big breath and the vapor curled and wafted into the atmosphere disappearing with the wind.

Her mind wandered back to her elders. The four that remained after her own home kingdom had fallen. What would they say to her now? She never had any normal parents, but they were her family nonetheless. They did their best to raise her to be strong and independent. When they all decided to leave, it was her goal to find her purpose. In all her wanderings she sought purpose. Her trot always steady and ground covering. Yet the destination always was clouded in mystery. Her own birth was clouded in mystery. If she had a destiny she had no idea how she'd fulfill it.

This place though, it made her anxious and excited all at the same time. She hadn't seen a soul in quite some time. Sky couldn't help the feeling that she was about to run into some sort of story here. A small nicker escaped her throat, it was cautious yet it sought attention. It was unsure, yet coaxing. A small whisper in these harsh woods
come find me.

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The week or two that the worshiper of the Sun god had spent back in the lands of his birth had treated him quite well despite the thick layers of snow that blanketed the earth. Already the muscles gained during his travels outside the lands of Helovia were beginning to bulk up in anxious awaiting for Birdsong, not that there was really anything the golden stallion was waiting for come Birdsong other than feeling the warmth of his chosen god against his back.
But for now Cyrus would have to deal with the ivory powder and constant ice that littered the ground he walked upon. Snorting the young stallion stretched out his unmarked limbs moving easily into a gallop as he headed back towards the Threshold where Tyradon and the jaded dragon recruited him to the band of outcasts called the "Regime". Normally, Cyrus wasn't much of a large group lover, but considering the mission that the band had he couldn't refuse the offer. The group was one set on the empowerment of equines, allowing the more superior species to rise to the top of the food chain where they belonged the whole time. And it was ran by a large black stallion and a poisonous looking mare who spat acid unlike anyone he had ever met before.
It didn't take as long as expected for his daggers to tear into the soil made soft by the dead pine shats from the year before, signalling that he was now in the Threshold that a week or so ago he himself had been standing in waiting impatiently for whatever was to come along and whisk him off his hooves into their homes. Tossing his crown into the air the stallion's stride began to slow from a canter into a quick walk as his dark harks danced about, listening for any sign of life on this cold day. Cyrus honestly wouldn't be surprised if he didn't find a single soul on a day like today, anyone with half of a mind would have kept tucked away somewhere a little warmer. Or even locked themselves in the Heart until Birdsong when all of the snow would melt and the sun would peek out once more to warm the lands of Helovia.
It was at this point that a light nicker, that would have gone unnoticed by the sun hued stallion if he had been off in his thoughts any further than he was at the moment, drifted to his forward pricked harks. Surprise flickered through is hispanic veins, shocked that there actually was a newcomer on a day like today. Hopefully the creature that had expelled the nicker was an equine that he could chat with for a few minutes before mentioning his lovely band and possibly bringing it home with him. Reaching a clearing his oceanic pools landed on the slender, but yet still curvy frame of the bay equine. "Welcome to Helovia doll." An easy smirk crossed over the stallion's handsome features as he took a small step closer to the mare who looked nearly frozen to death...this wouldn't take long at all. "They call me Cyrus. But you may call me whatever you like." A sun kissed, white lashed lid closed momentarily over a teal pool in a wink at the mare. Maybe this would be fun. Or maybe she would end up being quite boring.

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Sky stood like a statute for another few moments. A frozen in time ice sculpture as the snow continued to fall and the wind continued to play it's icy tones through the wind burnt branches. The drips of melted water on her fur turned to icicles before they could even fall. At that moment it was as if she could hear everything and nothing at the same time. As if she were timeless. And very alone in this mesmerizing moment. This womb to another new birth into a very bright and possibly scary world must have passed many. Did she matter at all to the trees? The rocks? To anyone? Did the universe care at all about the light of her soul coming through? Perhaps her story wasn't as exciting or climaxing as she thought it'd be.

Her jumpy muscles settled into the stoic pose as she awaited those few moments for something to happen. All of the sudden, she was not sure she should have let her own presence be known. What exactly was she going to find? Maybe it was better for her to be alone-safer, but as much as she didn't want to admit it she craved some sort of companionship. The excitement of the unknown prospects this day or the next could hold was almost too much for her to bear.

Then finally her ribs gave in and she exhaled a big breath. She hadn't realized she was even holding her breath. Sky's muscles finally relaxed some as she went to take a next step forward, when a she heard hoofbeats, and soon the stud came into her visage. He obviously was not trying to hide himself from her. He must have sought her; heard her small call for attention. What were the odds?

His voice easily slid from his smirking muzzle, and all she could do was cock her head slightly to the side, one ear forward one flopped over. Doll? But what interested her more was what came before. Helovia. The word didn't mean much to her, other than this is where her path seemed to fall today. Then she realized she hadn't responded for quite some time and he stepped towards her and immediately her weight shifted backwards. Her elders never talked to her like this before. They would call her endearing things, yes, but this tone of voice. It was...stirring. And arrogant. She jumped to her response to his second comment, trying to sound confident.

"Okay stud" Sky tried to mimic his tone,"I am Sky, and that's what you should call me." honey tones rang out smoothly. She paused, pursing her lips satisfied she successfully used this tone. She continued trying to hold eye contact with him, attempting to not let him know she had no idea what she was doing. There was a bit of an awkward silence, and she ever so slightly shifted from left to right, tail switching uncomfortably. What should she say next? She didn't want to seem weak, so she kept her head held high and forced her body to look relaxed. But, what came next now?

"What are you up to?" she asked rather casually, then mentally sighed at herself. That didn't sound right...

This was...very new to her. She didn't want to scare him off. Yet she didn't want to fall prey to a wolf in sheep's skin. With enchanting eyes.

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The sound of conversation nearby drew Ampere's attention as she moved through the Threshold. Each hoof step cast a gentle crack through the air. The sound of frozen pine needles breaking. It was not a comforting noise, but Ampere was at least hopeful she'd hear a wraith as easily as they'd hear her. Even so she'd prefer to be airborn, or at the very least crouched in the tree tops. All the boughs here were too thin though, "and my bruises too few," she thought with a grimace as her stride stretched the soreness of her chest.

She paused her steps as her ears twitched towards the voices, the absence of her travel affording her better hearing. It sounded like flirting if she could judge anything by the tone, and that definitely seemed like something she needed to be involved in. Grinning to the trees she picked up her pace, weaving between the skinny trunks, occasionally rubbing against the bark to help drag away her winter coat which had just started to grow out. It was a terribly ugly time of the season to be trying to impress anyone, but all the better to catch who was already attempting it.

She drew between two trees to stand before Sky and Cyrus, just catching the end of Sky's words. The mare was trying to play it cool she could see at once, her question rather... childish while her tone was overplayed. the stallion on the otherhoof, well, she certainly understood what had Sky all flustered. He was a sight for sore eyes with his golden, well toned body and the affluent amount of hair her bore, its color contrasting nicely against his palomino hide. She could not hide her admiration of him even if she tried, but she wasn't trying.

"Sex, by the looks of it," Ampere replied bluntly, answering Sky's question, even if she wasn't looking at the mare. "Or he should be" she confirmed with an airy giggle, not embarrassed int he slightest, but slightly hoping both of them were. She sighed dreamily afterwards, turning her gaze to the mare and giving her an acknowledging wink. The movement cause her head to tile somewhat, and a pattern of light filtered from the trees glint across the golden crown that Ampere's head bore, a gift of her lord and a sign of her rank.

"How's the cold treating you?" she asked conversationally of no one in particular, figuring they both were living in the wilds by their appearances. Herd horses tended to have more bulk on their girth due to a steady income of food from the land, and each herd had such a distinct terrain there was a certain odor to be detected. Although with everyone having been in the caves recently, she supposed everyone was the same still, even her, though a fine layer of red dust had already begun to coat her pelt, a signature of the desert land.

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