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Change of Seasons [Mandatory Herd Meeting]
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There is absolutely no need for long posts. Characters who are not in attendance by the time the eventual third round starts will be hunted down and questioned by Mauja <3 For this to progress smoothly, and get done in a timely fashion, try to make each post no longer than 400-500 words (you can use this to count). Thank you!
First round ends on August 22nd.
Characters who are in Threshold threads with Edge members/looking for acceptance in the Edge at the start of this meeting: if you intend to join the Edge, you are welcome to pretend it's all been settled and show up here. :] If you are unsure whether or not you can show up, PM me and we'll sort it out somehow. ^^

It was time - time for change, for gathering the brood. The sun was losing its grip on the world, sliding into darkness faster and faster with each passing day, leaving the nights cooler - a whisper of crisp frost and autumn, a time to go to sleep and wait for the bitter, biting cold of winter. Orangemoon had finally come, and as Mauja strode through his regrowing forest, he actually laughed. Unburdened, carefree, it was a sound he had not had cause to make in so long, but now he did, and it felt good! He could've spun and danced among the trunks, thin mist swirling around his large frosty hooves, and in a sense, he did; each step was elegant, effortless, his raven-feathered tail swirling behind him. Out over the Edge, the sun was setting, dying in blood and orange flames as the darkness swept in from the east. Another laugh sprang from his throat, and he broke out from the line of trees and into a large clearing. A good fifty or so yards away the sheer drop in the ocean lay covered in mist, hiding the dangerous fall from the eyes of the unwary. Mauja smiled, an expression that was both terrible and beautiful at once; something cold and dark lined his features for a moment, before he laughed again. "Come come, my fellows, it is time for us to meet," he purred to the wind, before tossing himself skywards, thundering up on thick, sturdy haunches. Silhouetted against the dying sun, Mauja called out, demanding his herd to attend him. It was time for his brothers and sisters to meet, and for things to get in motion. Too many ranks gaped empty and unwanted - and so many of them did not know one another.

It was time for change.
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The Sandman.

The wind tainted with ice chilled Ricciardo, it felt unnatural to him. The flame-kissed brute was used to the hot temperatures of the summer, he had enjoyed Tallsun and felt rather dejected about the change of the season. But pushing all this to one side, he regained his proud posture and let his burly pillars lead him to the scent of Mauja.
As he descended upon the clearing his mind was still reeling with calculating schemes, but he decided it was best for all the creatures to put these aside as he followed up on Mauja. He stepped out into the clearing and saw the alabaster steed dripped with charcoal. He had beckoned for the members of the herd to hear him, and he obeyed.

Dipping his sorrel crown in respect for his leader, he said in a humble and respectable tone,
"I am here, Mauja," The wind picked up and tossed his sea-salt curled silks and sent a shiver in his spine, "Curse this wretched weather.." He spat to no one, partially himself. He knew that conversations such as how much he of all creatures disliked the weather was something that would not interest the leader of the Edge.

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"I don't hate the darkness. It was in the darkness.. That I was raised."

The call of his King bellowed through the air and reaching the ears of his Doctor. d'Artagnan lifted his head from his little 'experiment'. He'd been testing yet another poison and was watching with deep intrigue as the tiny mouse before his feet slowly mangled into a ball before shaking violently. It was a disturbing sight but the rodent didn't seem to die from it which the red steed was deeply unhappy about. He left it there, writhing in pain and marking a spot on a nearby tree so he could find it again. For now, d'Artagnan had something more important to do.

Orangemoon was now upon them, the tingle of colder air making him slightly giddy in delight. Her divine presence, the Moon, she was closer than ever before. Maybe this was the reason for the herd meet... Or maybe Mauja was just bored. He better not be d'Artagnan wouldn't be too pleased if the King had called the herd on a whim. Especially when he was having so much fun. His brisk trot took him through the trees until the cliff edges appeared and there stood Mauja and the idiot Ricciardo. Well, he'd make a good lap dog it wasn't that the Doctor had anything against the orange one, he just generally disliked him. But that was for another time and not this herd meeting. "You look a bit wild my King. Get a bit close did we?" He smiled fondly as his gruff vocals fell dryly from his maw. Head motioned towards the cliff edges in amusement.

d'Artagnan's thoughts drifted as he wondered if Lotus ever got what she wanted, throwing a sly, slanted look Mauja's way. That conversation, would too, have to wait for another day.

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The heat she had encountered on her journey here was losing it's force. It was a natural sign of change in the weather to ready for new season, she seemed to think it was something else. She had not been bold enough to ask to confirm her assumptions, not that she knew who to talk to. She had thought about Descaro, she held back. He had brought her here, that did not make him obligated to talk to her. So she kept a weary eye on her surroundings, trying to improve how much of her home she could remember. First lesson was why it was called the World's Edge. They lived on a high outcrop above the crashing see, and if she did not remember one fine fog day she would simply walk off into thin air. She often avoided the outer layer of the kingdom. She preferred the forest with it's darkness, and closed spaces. It was easy to pretend there was nothing beyond the wall of brown and green. Sometimes she wanted to explore beyond it, the rest of Helovia lands.

It were the sun was making it's way west, and she was not about to wander in the night again. She continued lurking through the cool forest, her steps only dull thuds. With the drop of sunlight, the light fading into a orange glow, she was half wondering what she should do with herself when she heard the King's call. This was not a voluntary order, it was a must. There was no reason to be worried, she had waited for this and was ready to go. Tossing her ebon mask she let out a snort of built energy, and immediately set into a canter. Triangle points atop her head, she easily navigated the twists and turns to her King.

The chill air of the coming night brushed against her muscles, running smoothly across her flanks. She breathed it in deep, loving the cold as it shot through her body, she was made for the harsher months of winter, not summer. She urged her legs faster up the rising slope, the scents of stallions pressed in her flared nostrils. She had met only one. Charcoal eyes seem to perk up with her curiosity she trotted over to the three brutes. Briefly she let sight of them feel her gaze, but directed her attention to the one who had called. She curled her neck, tipping her muzzle downward in a respectful bow. Raising it heaven bound, she steadily blinked looking around the short gathering. "Good evening," she offered, before drifting backward to let the rest of the herd fall in.

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Blue eyes crying in the early morning rain.
Sterling gives in to inky blacks and iron - blooms of darkness against silver-white, a sign of winter. She stands before the steep incline of the World's Edge, sedately listening to the sea as she whispers to those who choose to hear, of wisdom and warning, of ancient wars and peaceful futures to come. Mellow blue eyes drift like wood along the flat pane of her dark horizon, mesmerized by her infinity. Tell me your secrets, she pleas, turning her head to regard the pale, skulking pup beside her whose eyes were glassy with sadness. "Reprieve will come, Raindancer," roan says softly, like the last rains of autumn that give into winter frosts. She nudges his scruffy body gently, letting a rough pink tongue run over his sullen face. "It always does," she adds, a mere whisper, licking him again. He yelps, toddling clumsily between her forelegs.

Ears tip backwards to catch the ghosts of distant words; a summoning, presumably by the frost giant, Mauja. She picks the squirming pup up with care, placing him securely on her furry back and they slide beneath the silvery-pale moonlight into the shadowy embrace of a regrowing forest, mist grasping at her form with greedy wet fingers.

It is not long before she sees the king - magnificent and white and cold, against a blue-black sky studded with stars. She pauses before him suddenly, causing the squalling babe nestled against her back to yap indignantly. "The scar heals," she observes, watching the snow king placidly and aware of three other strangers - chestnut, bay and dark grey.

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The realm felt crisp, cool and lush, a lilting song against Lena’s skin, scouring the seething, scathing winds of humidity, feeding the dried earth with the refreshing elements of invigorating air. She moved within this finessed, exhilarating climate like a poised bird floating along the vibrant winds, stroking the solace of the lands with a tender, benevolent nuance; a hushed stir, a soft, latent chord. The tenor of the ice monarch rang over the loam, and for a few moments she tensed, listening, body locked amongst the leaves, relaxing only after she had managed to pinpoint the ruler’s location. They were being summoned, coaxed from the woodwork, the shadows, the sun and moon, children of the precipice – she couldn’t remember a time before arriving to this sanctuary that she’d been heralded, allowed to thrive in the world of her creation. Smiling, easing from her blanket of changing leaves, hues already beginning to unravel from their glorious shades of verdant tapestries, she shifted, altered course, rose from the meandering, petaled footfalls and lengthened strides, increasing the tempo of her whirlwind crescendo. Rising and falling with the curl of the returning, retuned glade, turning and twisting with the rich, lush boughs, until she brushed the outer sector and sprang into the gathered juncture.

She was not the first to arrive, and recognition only dawned upon a scarce few. Her gentle gaze took in the unknown patterns of individuals, from bright red, opulent bay, and cool gray, until her stare finally pinpointed on a distinct blue body. Relaxing, she passed by the other horned, sword-carrying beasts, dipping her head in turn to sovereign and strangers, before drawing herself next to Huyana (and was that a wolf cub?). With a blooming grin, she briefly blew on the flowers she’d tangled in the mare’s mane, nudging her shoulder with her soft maw, pleased to find familiarity, delighted that more souls would be gathered into that thought. Who were they? What did they stand for? And more importantly, what did Mauja have in store for them?

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With shadow and sunlight lending him dapples, Coris wades amongst the tattered forest. Gingerly his nose travels across the tapestry of trees, touching leaves, trunks and soil alike. Life is often nestled in the bosom of the woods, and though this one boasts a long past and a recent scar, the herd keeps a steady rhythm through the trails, multicolored blood beating through the wooden veins.

The summons comes in the middle of this lonely wander. Ears flick back toward the cry and Coris gives his hooves pause. Perhaps another day to explore, he thinks with a gentle sigh. He must remember to be attentive to such things as kings and duties here. Alone for so long the coarse stallion has forgotten manners once beaten into his foalhood brain.

He supposed it gave him reason enough to leave his sight seeing in favor of venturing back to the fire mountain. After the meeting, would he then be found, worthy? When is worthy worthy enough? How does one measure, worthiness? He supposed he could consider being here in itself answer enough, but he'd nearly forgotten his quest over the promise of fulfilling his craftsman - how forgetful he truly was then, for he could not compete against anyone in his present state. "Moon, do not lead me astray when you've sent me in so deep," he mutters as he turns and treks towards the gathering herd. Mauja eventually would want proof of his abilities, and he would quickly be seen as unworthy should they not come.

At a slow amble Coris arrives on scene. He regards his fellows with hardened eyes, recognizing only the speckled snowstud and the roaned rainmare, fresh with a wolf pup. Coris approved of such a companion, and he wondered coyly, if she'd ever be up for slaughtering innocent does with him and his falcon, or did she intend to feed the wolf greens and water only? Snorting in amusement to himself, Coris minds his manners, perhaps better than everyone gathered here which is a shocking thing in the least. Maybe everyone already knows everyone here, but he doesn't intend to assume and behave foolish.

"Ahem. I am Coris, son of Cre and Praelia, of the lands Alaglasia. Though newly joined, I am not new and shall serve the Edge with the craft of my bloodline." Gruff vocals end with an unpleasant purr. That should be enough fodder for them, and surely enough talking by his part to let him shut up and watch the rest of this meeting. He hoped at least the others would be kind enough to return their callings, even if he didn't give a beaver's squat about them and probably wouldn't remember if they did. The only ones that would interest him would be the ones willing to pay for his work on the side of Mauja's instructions.

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The mare was feeling better. She was fed and rested, her body was clean and she was slowly regaining her body weight. Her muscles were beginning to form, and her coat was now glossy. Her hips still protruded from her body, but they were beginning to sink back into place. Her ribs were still visible, but that was usual for her. Her legs were thickening and her strength was coming back to her.

Now that Orangemoon was here, the night had cooled down, the frosted autumn and winter began to engulf Helovia.

Her withers twitched as the cold wind blew her mane, the strands flicking across her face, her horn base was surrounded by black silky hair.

Her deep blue eyes stared at Mauja."I am here, healthy and well."The mare's voice was soft and kind, yet loud enough for Mauja to here. Her lips closed slowly, her eyes looking up at the white stallion, watching the herd gather for the meeting.

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So many new converts; so many new innocent minds to corrupt to the truth. Oh the blessed truth. The simply, glorious fact that the horns upon their brows were the crowns on this land, stating them all as Kings. Everything unfortunate enough to not bear this crown was merely dirt beneath his cloven hooves. Wretches. Ugly curs that barely deserved his notice, let alone his kindness. If such a thing even existed anyway.

The call of his king brought him forth from the shadows of his own mind, a wild and insane place full of designs and sketches for future machinery. As his heels whirred the metal wolf, eyes glowing red and soulless. It was unnatural, disturbing and yet entirely wonderful. What a sick creature to create such a sick machine. Cloven hooves moved forward, and he made his presence known to his king on the fringes of the group, not content to put himself in the ring of newcomers.

With a flash of his bronze and leonine tail, he examined them all. A few he recognized. More he found foreign. A few new mares were lovely, but one of them seemed far too timid for his taste. Timid things made him want to destroy, bring them to their knees and break them until they were strong enough to rise form the rage inside. Given Mauja's permission, he may do just that.

There stood that foolish sand stallion, still as remarkably dull as ever. Ulrik snorted in irritation through black, velvety nostrils, and he lifted his thick neck high, his two, twisted horns a dark and brutal image in the sky. The bronze, tribal markings that ran down his shoulder accentuated the thickly corded musculature as he towered over many present. Except perhaps his king and d'Art. Ulrik found a certain fondness in the mad doctor; perhaps he was just as mad as himself.

Raindancer? Honestly? What sort of good feelings pipe was that mare smoking? Was she truly that naive? The stallion's short and wild temper was already rising, and his muscles tensed, bronze eyes flashing. He tossed his thick, black mane and the mechanical wolf at his side let out a disturbingly dark growl. Ulrik snapped his head around to the machine. "Quiet!" he barked in his guttural tone to the machine, which responded by staring soullessly forward.

"The Sun's Wrath is finally starting to break. Winter is coming..." he growled in his deep voice. He remained silent once more, content to hear what Mauja would say before testing his boundaries by speaking on the supremacy of the unicorns.


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Well well well... If it wasn't King Spots himself, letting out a mustering call. Alan's warm amber eyes slipped open to the sunset, ears flicking back for a moment. Her dark muzzle was leaning against her curled front legs, and for a moment she pondered just ignoring the summons and going back to sleep. But.. how would that look, eh? Not good at all, not for poor d'Artagnan, and nor for Alan herself. And Seiren, well, she'd probably find all sorts of stupid things to say about it. Groaning loudly, she clambered to her feet and tried to shake and stretch the sleep from her limbs, which would've been easier if she'd been more of a "morning" person.

Excruciatingly slow, savoring every moment of tardiness as punishment for the King who woke her, she dragged her feet and slowly ambled into the sight of the gathering. And, she was a bit disappointed. Either the herd was really small, or she'd got there a lot faster than she thought. She mewled to herself in protest, and was too tired to make any flippant comments to Ricciardo. He had a temper that one, and it'd been most fun to play with. But, oh well... her tongue would be like lead, so she'd not be able to participate in a war of wits anyway. Yawning hugely, she shook her head again as she marched up, leonine tail dragging over the ground just for show. She wanted King Spots to look at her and know how horribly cruel he was for waking her up like this. Looking very grumpy, sleepy and disheveled still, her mane sticking out in every direction and flopping awkwardly across her face, she halted next to the black mare with the red mane. She looked fancy, and Alan grimaced in her direction, hoping she was a friendly soul who could feel some empathy with being dragged from your sleep. "Alan reporting in," she drawled in the direction of the monarch, finishing it off with another huge yawn, before blinking tiredly and settling for staring at Ulrik and his mechanical wolf.

Because that was interesting enough to nearly wake her up. Nearly.

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Dark ears shifted to the new sound that entered them, it seemed there was a herd meeting about to take place. Descaro hadn't met very many of this new herd, the stallion had generally kept himself to himself whilst the dormant unicorn herd had gathered its numbers. These days, there were many new smells that entered his nostrils, notifying him that the herd was slowly getting bigger and bigger. He shifted his bulky body into action and made tracks through the forested area, which was beginning to grow back, and out towards the gathering of his herd mates. The change in seasons had been a welcome respite to the harsh heat, Descaro predicted it may even snow soon.

Moving closer, the warrior noticed the three he knew where already there. The King of course, d'Artagnan and lastly Faelene. The bonnie mare he had found wondering in the Threshold. Descaro took up a place near them both and began to inspect the rest of the herd he hadn't yet met. Already the stallion could tell that not all had come yet, but the ones who had were interesting to say the least. Especially the one with the tribal markings, he was a little... Odd? And the one with the leathers and dead animals, that one too caught his attention. He shook his mane in amusement. What an interesting bunch we are.
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Kou had been doing nothing of particular importance when the King's call rang through the forest, demanding the attendance of everyone in the Edge. She sighed before leaving her patch of dried grass and disappearing into the forest. She slipped between trees, her ears flicking back and forth as she listened for the sounds of a meeting. Soon voices began to filter through the forest. She could hear d'Artagnan's voice and her heart did a little flip flop and she finally smiled.

The pale mare finally entered the scene, noting that several of her herdmates had already gathered. Some of them she'd never seen before, others she knew quite well. Kou slipped past several stallion and mares, not stopping until she was standing comfortably beside the doctor. She turned her head and gently nudged his neck before looking up at Mauja.

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In and out between the trees a black shadow ran. He dodged branches, jumped over bushes and fallen logs and avoided sturdy trunks as he was chased by a much smaller and lighter shadow. A guttural laugh bubbled in his chest and was muffled by a black rope that he held in his mouth. It was the black beast, the Monster - who for the moment didn’t look very much like a monster. His nature had changed a lot, but he remained mute and primitive, always behaving like the pet he had become.

After the Monster the little princess came - chasing him in a game of tag they had been playing for the better part of the day. They had of course had breaks for grazing and drinking, but all together they’d spend hours chasing each other. The black beast had the upper hand when they played tag, but he was always bested when they played hide and seek.

When they heard the ice king’s call they’d been grazing, taking a break from their game and Snö had decided they should go and see what her father wanted. But on the way towards the clearing the Monster had nudged her and grunted “Your it” with his uncertain pronunciation. Then he had sped off.

The whole herd had assembled as they reached the clearing - monster first, girl closely perusing. The black beast looked back at Snö and laughed again. That resulted in him dropping his rope just as he reached the outer ring of Edge members. Of course the black stallion managed to step on it and stumbled into the crowd. He had too much momentum and kept tripping on rope and hooves all the way to Mauja, bumping several of his herd mates. Finally in front of the snow beast the Monster stumbled one last time, ending up with is front legs in a tangle and his rump up in the air.

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  In every game of tag Snö always trailed behind Monster, but she always caught him. She didn't know if it was because he let her catch him or if it was because she really was fast enough to. In the end it didn't matter when she wasn't the one that was 'it'. Now, however, she was and she was trailing behind the black stallion. "I'm gonna catch you!" she yelled after him, having completely forgotten about her dad calling a meeting that they were supposed to be going to.

Her ears flattened against her head when Monster turned and laughed at her. Karma slapped him in the face, however, and he dropped the rope only to trip over it. He disappeared from view among a sea of horses. The little filly dodged between them, seeking out her friend. In the end her looking around resulted in her running into Monster's hind end, which sent her to the ground.

Snö scrambled to her feet and rushed around to Monster's front end. "Thais!" He worried her everytime he tripped over the rope and fell. She grabbed a mouthful of his mane and began tugging on it. "Ge' uhp." she said through the mouthful of his hair.

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The summons woke him up.

Mauja’s call did not take him gently by the metaphorical hand and lead him back through the lands of dreams to his sleeping body where it lay in a fitful rest, eyelids fluttering. Cineviam did not awake slowly, easily, naturally, as one would hope. He jolted up to the shimmer and darkles of an intricate lace of light and shade. It took him a few tense moments, in a mild confusion, to realize where he was, and then his muscles all but melted in relaxation.

In the past few months the cinder beast has perfected the waiting game; fortunately his environment was much more hospitable these days. It was still hot during the day but the heat was no longer oppressive and it cooled off a substantial amount at night. The fog was back, a light mist that trickles through the trees and washes over the rocks and grass, and with the change of season it would only grow thicker. The Sun God was losing his grip over Helovia and it brought a smirk to his ink-chapped lips.

He turned his head, ruby eyes finding the frost king nearby. He stands amidst a growing crowd and they circled him, jewels about a crown. There are some he knew by sight and name, others carried a scent long established within their borders, while there are a few who he can only assume are newcomers. Feeling that it is crucial to stand with the other World’s Edge members at this time, he uncurls from his hiding place, his bed of ashes. The large bush, which screened him from the sun, would have also kept the moisture off his skin if night had fallen and he had not risen yet. The leaves and branches are what wove the veil of gold and black, which stunned him on awakening, and they are what rustled now as he emerged. Cineviam propped his jaws back in a yawn, pearled teeth amidst a lolling tongue. He strolled over to them – pausing to scratch his haunch on a tree – and slipped into the ranks with ease.

“Cineviam,” he said for the benefit of those he hadn’t met yet, however his gaze was preoccupied by the filly trying to haul the king’s dog back to his feet.

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Reclusive, isolated, by sinister designs and infernal schemes, he had no intention of ever going into a massive throng, especially one represented by his own herd. The very nature of his arcane statue and viperous plumes of necromantic prowess, dictated, imposed, decreed, the shards of his dark, decayed heart and his deadly, puissant composition not stray into a flock of brethren. Yet, here was the severe test of loyalty, the grating examination of adherence, allegiance, and ultimately, control; he would have to restrain and damper the poisonous slides of his blood, the vicious, hostile webbing of his vile puissance, or the consequences could be dire. He had no longing to attend the charade of faces, names and characters he wouldn’t try to remember, connect to, political trappings he would either escape or somehow malign in the course of his sanctimonious plunging and blackguard machinations. Creatures would stare, twist and snarl as they always did in his nefarious presence, in the wake of his diabolical, fiendish sculpture, alarmed, threatened, disgusted by his sullied sword and slinking, serpentine incantations. Even in his hushed throng, the weight of his impervious silence, the chill of his demonic art, they would murmur, panic, fly into hysteria and apprehension, spring into barbs of terror, scream, and in his rancorous recherché, he would do nothing.

He marched over stumps, roots, fallen logs where clogging ash no longer cloistered, seeking an alternate route from the tireless fervor of his herd-mates. The consuming threads of his venom soaked and seethed, he allowed it to stroke the wounds of the forest before truly threading it together, into a mass that soaked his immoral coils with the frenetic, arduous piercing of its scathing defiance. It fed from the shrinking leaves, curling on the glade floor, swallowed from the broken limbs and fractured boughs, until the heinous, feral strings of viperous allure had its horrible fill – his limbs grew taut, predacious, grinding and scrupulous against the might of his dominion, constrained and restricted. Only when he believed the discord of his callous, simmering figure had contained the beguiling, ensnaring enchantment did he slink from the shadows, fierce eyes locked upon a corner no one in the idle crowd had taken. Slipping from the arms of reticence, and immediately wishing he could return, his iron sinew pulsed intimidating, primordial domination, rigid, possessive friction, and the stone fixture of indiscernible countenance. He looked at no one, talked to no one, cranium raised, proud, aloft, and became the isolated carving in the corridor, the eldritch portrait, the carnivore splendor locked hallowed, hollow chords.

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The clouded duchess, heavily burdened with her child wandered to the calling of her King. A vexed feeling washed over her yet remained calm within her, if Seiren had had the choice she would not attend. The effort needed for a meeting was too great. The chill of Orangemoon was setting in but she did not faulter. With her poise one that was almost screaming "approach at peril", her crown arching her neck menacingly and her tail silks whisping. A meeting was all she needed.

Stalking across the lands, she heard the rest of the herd making their way to Mauja's side, and she politely obeyed by doing the same. The thoughts of having to explain to the alabaster steed why she had not attended was something that urged her to forward. Her obsidian pools scanned the clearing as she made her way out of the forest, the trees slightly snagging at her soft pelt, not caring. The amount of horned creatures that were there already surprised her. Oh dear, I'm one of the late-comers... Seiren thought with a dark sarcasm. It didn't bother her much. Just to get this out of the way. She stepped out into the clearing and investigated who was there. A few familiars, some she had never seen before and had no care of knowing.
Her brother, d'Art had already settled himself nicely in the fray. A wash of venom flowed through her as she laid orbs on him. One day. Blinking away the murderous nature that froze her on the spot, she began to pick her way through the majority of the members into a nice spot away from the rest of them. The weight of the unborn already made her feel fatigued, but she went about to greet Mauja nonetheless. Turning her back on that prat she had the unfortunate job of calling her brother, she spoke with a her soft voice to Mauja,
"Here, Mauja." This better be worth it...

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Pregnancy; it is beautiful, I suppose, to some. New life grew within me, it was strong, I could tell. The seed my icy King had planted had took well within my bodice, I could feel it writhing, shivering, vibrating with its own life. I felt somewhat cumbersome, with my frame growing heavier, larger. It was to be expected, what with the Frosty King's large, baroque frame, and my own shorter, sturdier frame. I had to wonder what grew inside of me; if it was a filly, how proud I would be. A colt? I would be pulled in many directions. Instincts, for they were instincts to me, would command my bloodlusty heart to murder a colt on sight - but then I had surely grown since these lessons, hadn't I? I snort, pushing the thoughts away for now. Dirk mewed from my withers, purring as he rubbed his little brown face against my mane.

A smile curves my cocoa lips, I hear the call he sends forth. The magic that always adorns me is back to its original strength with the change of season, but now it is lesser due to the pregnancy that shuts off my hormonal, seasonal changes. I look forward to its return, to my next conquest. Nostrils flare as they take in all of the scents of our growing herd, I am pleased by the increasing number of males - they signify an increase in the number of challenges that await me. Mares interest me little now, though I am more than happy to extend my hoof in friendship should I ever cross one who does not interfere with my path to conquer the males.

I come, slower than most others, thanks to the added weight of another lifeform within my barrel. It does not bother me, rather on the contrary, I feel like my purpose is being fulfilled by this condition. Nape arched, I step into view, nodding to each that I knew, smiling kindly to any faces that were unfamiliar. I attempt to catch Mauja's eye, and hold it within my own hazel grasp for a moment, eyelids fluttering over my green and brown flecked orbs, satisfaction evident. Long, leonine tail sweeps the floor as I step then to Ulrik's side, allowing myself to brush against his musculature should he not purposefully step aside. A small smile adorns my lips now, Dirk's soft voice sending out a curious greeting to the bronze steed. I listen to his words, my thoughts on a similar trail. However, I remain silent, tossing my head slightly, shifting the flowers upon my nape and tail, encouraging my intoxicating scent to permeate further across the gathered.

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As the sun sets slowly, the breeze turns cooler and the wind at the shore picks up slightly. There is a new tinge to it, of frost and rain, and the dwarven steed feels reassured as it wraps itself around his fuzzy bod. Autumn did come after all; it was good to know that the Sun God couldn’t keep his dominant grip on the lands forever. Aurelius was far off when the call rang across the air, dipping his hooves in the salty waters of the ocean. Small, furry lobes perked in the direction of the call, mismatched eyes alert in their expression. This time it did not seem to be a matter of volunteering, but rather of getting your butt in gear. He sighed, for he would have to go quite a bit of way to get there, and with his short legs it would take even longer than for any of his normal-sized equals. Slowly, he made his way out of the water, setting his pace at a comfortable trot as he started up towards the forest.

When he finally reached the woods, it was clear that he was far from the first to arrive. The ram-horned stag flared his nostrils to the breeze, finding both familiar and unfamiliar smells weaving in between each other. Slowly to a walk, he walked into the clearing, baffled slightly by the numbers. He wouldn’t let it show, instead walked up to the right side of Mauja to stand next to him. Odd eyes wandered around to each of them, recognizing Cineviam, Snö, Huyana and Lena of course. Kou and the doctor of course, and Seiren, now heavy with child since he had last seen her. Each of them was given a polite nod, eyes wandering to the unknown faces that stand scattered around, coding their appearances into his memory. A sorrel brute, a dark grey mare and an appaloosa, neither of them particularly remarkable. Then a grey steed with skins and dead animals hanging from him; a disturbing sight, Aurelius thought.

A black stallion with a large sort of mechanical wolf was there, malice in his eyes. As Aurelius caught his gaze, the small stallion hardened his eyes. This one he would have to watch out for, he immediately thought, judging from his morose behavior. A bay mare and stallion was what he noted next, though smiling to them pleasantly, he feared he would have trouble remembering much about them. A black steed, primal looking, was frolicking around with Snö. Then another mare also heavy in foal. For a moment, he was confused as to why he felt so drawn to her, but then he pushed it aside. Around the edges of the forest, a dark figure was sneaking around, too big to be Korra. None of the others seemed alarmed, so the dwarf decided he must be a friend. “I am Aurelius. For those of you I haven’t met, it is a pleasure. For those of you I know, it’s good to see you again,” he hummed softly, falling silent and perking his lobes forward, ever so slightly curious as to why this meeting had been called.

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The mare quietly grazed on the big surface of grass that she'd found in the forest, and felt like she'd never felt before. She was satisfied with her life.
She was extremely thankful to Mauja, the Ice King, who had brought her here a while ago. She couldn't exactly remember when, though. The only thing she remembered was that there had been green leaves on the trees and bushes - leaves that had now turned brown and started to fall off. The cold wind stroked her black coat, and made her mane and tail softly move in the breeze. The Orangemoon had come, though you could not see it just yet.

By the horizon you could see that the sun was about to go to sleep, just being right over the line of the ocean. Dell snorted quietly, and raised her head. She was full. Since she'd arrived, food had never been difficult to find. It was everywhere.
As the mare was about to lower her head again to see if there was more than grass to eat, she heard a high call that echoed in the forest. Her King had called for a meeting of some sort. She turned her head the way that the call had come from, and started to trot to her King.

Dell owed her place in the herd to Mauja, and had great respect for him. She had never shown such respect even for her own father, but this stallion was different in so many ways.
The Friesian mare stopped in a wide forest clearing, though you could say it was a glade, and widened her eyes for the sight. So. Many. Unicorns.
About 20 unicorns had gathered in the clearing, and every one of them had a unique appearance.

She continued walking forwards, but much slower so it didn't look like she was rushing into the meeting. Her head was raised high - but not too high so it seemed like she thought that she was ranked higher than others, but still high enough to not seem weak.
Her blue eyes watched and memorized almost all of the unicorns, and thought at the same time that she would never remember all the names.
Dell cleared her throat, and looked at every one of the unicorns.
"Hello. My name is Delinne, for the ones who don't know me yet", and then walked to a place where she could stand without disturbing anyone too much.
What could this meeting be about?

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