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Singing about good things and the sun that lights the day
I used to sing on the mountains, has the ocean lost it's way.

If this were a story I could pass on to future generations, I would conclude my own thoughts upon the cave where the entrance was very near.

Few would follow each other down the pathway where the system would branch out into various rooms. Me? I had yet to devour all the sights with my mind and memories upon a place I had mixed feelings for. Yet here I was; standing in the middle of the path where the air would gently travel through air - land on fur, hit the rocks, or even approach the glowing quartz many lengths away from me. The sight of it led a brisk feeling within my breast, but my mind appealed to whether or not I should approach the pretty thing radiating some form of heat.

In the end, my entire form spun around, and thick legs felt the brisk wind likely entering from narrow crevices. I wondered by then, what was the season? I hardly knew. It was a total feeling of dread to be isolated beneath the ground, but here the entrance was lengths away like the quartz in the other direction. My eyes rolled to welcome the sight of darkness lurking and dancing in the shadow of other bodies. They turned to view and seek the mysteries wherever my curiosity led me I followed with rationality in my stead, my guide.

My mind wandered; I mused in a time where I was uncertain whether monsters would ambush me - although my aging body trembled from the thought- no! I shouldn't allow myself to imagine myself tarrying if a monster did attack, but it was always me. Always me focusing on appearance, and the most ferocious appearance made itself real in my view. It was bizarre how it made itself real in my vision where I only saw the walls and rocks glued together to hide the world from me. For now. I continued to tremble, but my hooves reached out for another spot on the ground. Again and again my hooves shifted along with the wide legs following along and carrying a boy's body to move and shuffle about. Chestnut eyes darted endlessly around the surroundings which engulfed me into its maw. The thought made me short. Ha! If only I was brave like my savior, and the god-like equine. It wasn't so as I followed willingly to escape, and the adrenaline pumped so briskly. It was different now in the midst of darkness and light combined together to form the lovely sight - the exit to escape this prison.

Rocking forward, I would move slowly towards it before I paused; hesitated in leaving. What if the monsters continued to exist or its residual was contagious? In reverse, I headed back into the welcoming prison. I wondered if others would descend or ascend without fear.

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Something about the way the blue water refracted against chiseled crystal reminded him of a full moon. There was no darkness like this - and glittering beams entranced even the goldest of eyes. Vincent found fear in every dark corner of this universe, but a different kind of lingering, impending doom was unique to the Pit. It felt omniscient, yet somehow intangibly rhythmic. Otherwise, tantalizingly horrifying. Vincent's body shuddered from wispy charcoal mane ends to stark feather feet. The glowing eyes lit his face and spat their golden light about like twinkling stars. The nerves grumbled in his gut, twining in the pulse of his thoughts. He could make himself upset about anything, but at this point the fear was genuine - he always thought there would never be a time when fear could outdo itself, but he was certainly proving that wrong.

The beast moved down the corridors where he'd been lingering, awake, for the past three days. His skin felt greased with sweat that was waxy in its layers. Inky coat held salty foam under his neck and between his legs. There was no imagining his smell - salty, at the least. Vincent thought that Archibald, in all of his Dauntless wonders, would be in the Threshold, blade-like hooves ready for the skin of his brother's neck. Somehow, even in the heart of Helovia he was absent - lurking blackly in the shadows like always. Vincent grew a difference, linework over his right eye from his identical twin. The marking would glow in times like this, in simultaneous efforts with the golden eyes. The night sketched this rune into his face and now it blared like the headlights on a train.

The corridors echoed a stalactite's residue. It was a menacing dance that submerged dinner-plate hoofbeats under the raucous waves of sound. Vincent neared the entrance of the cave, out of loss of direction. He followed the waterline of the cavern, careful that he was far away enough from the bank, but close enough to see the glassy surface. It was a wonder that he didn't cause waves to dance by the thunder of his weight. Perhaps ripples trembled in his wake.

Vincent's glowing eyes lit the ground at his feet, merely turning the slate stone yellow. But somehow the light grappled the outline of a smaller horse, creeping into the cavern, in the distance. Vincent halted, totally alarmed, neck flexed, ears nearly brushed a ceiling stalactite. His body shuddered. "Hey," he began, stepping assertively with one feathered hoof. "H-ey, who are you?"

swimming through the ashes

I raised myself.
My legs were weak.
I prayed my mind be good to me.

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Singing about good things and the sun that lights the day
I used to sing on the mountains, has the ocean lost it's way.

I was still conflicted with my own desires and the conscience's mute voice rattling inside my cranium. It didn't need a voice to remind me of how risky it was to escape the comfort and safety of a place I grew displeased with. I was still descending back into its welcoming maw without a rant to escape my lips, or a tremble morphing into spoken words. Yet I contained a sense of attitude and childishness that it wouldn't stop prodding at me, and it left me with extra layer of indecisiveness, if not agitation - which I begun to loathe that flaw in my personality.

Even as I was swept away in my own thoughts, my own words inside my head made everything feel lonely. It was indeed lonely, but what was expected when one was too cowardly to escape and the old teachings scolded harshly for any signs of recklessness? Lonely wouldn't be the best way to describe it when a behemoth of an outline shimmered from the thin beams of light pinpointing areas on its body. It could have been the scribbles, rune-like, glowing and penetrating the darkness of the cave. No, I was afraid this time, and my fascination with the light did not convey itself too well. Fear consumed anything really, and my body froze at the audible clip-clopping upon the ground carved by an earthen god. Lurking around wasn't an option as my body remained in its poised position; few areas quivering to indicate I was capable of moving, involuntarily anyway. All my agitation had melted away to allow other signs in. I didn't think behaving like a jerk would earn me points.

The outline revealed only an equine-like part of itself in the midst of the cave. My sight wasn't the best in these types times, but I could've sworn I spotted hairy legs attached to massive hooves. Did limbs really enlarge to that width? Surely it wasn't one of those beasts who might take form of a giant! I didn't want to be eaten! I nearly wheeled around in alarm as I blurted out my cry saying, " You aren't one of those monsters haunting Helovia, are you?!" I only caught some sounds - a tone sounding much like my own alarm - without any dialogue indicating what a monster would typically say. As I have imagined anyway. I was completely embarrassed, yet awed by the massive equine in a nearby distance. Emotions played across my face - fear, embarrassment, but the dominant one remains a sense of fear.

"O-Oh, um, I'm Marco," I uttered meekly; abashed by my first line of words towards the stranger. Hopefully we could still become friends. " I'm sorry about that. I, well..." I dipped my head, and my words trailed off into a squeaky, inaudible sound.

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