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The Lord and Lady
[tier 1 | govern]

The Lord and Lady are the highest ranked members of the herd. Their position is one that all members of the herd should view with respect. Their responsibilities include creating or nullifying political alliances, waging war or withholding soldiers, and keeping the herd safe from stealths, challenges, etc. The tier 2 ranks are considered their advisors, and are to be met with at least every other season  to discuss the goings-on of the herd. The leaders may have one rank magic. The leaders may block stealths. The position can be challenged for, or they may be removed by popular vote (IC or OOC). In addition, the Lord and Lady are responsible for promoting and demoting members and giving or grant expeditions. Leads must complete three tasks per season.

The General
[tier 2 | fortify]

The General is considered the commander of the militia. S/he is primarily in charge of tactical decisions and overseeing training, practices, and the day-to-day operations of the fortify rank. Corporals report directly to the General for instructions or to relay information. The General is the military adviser to the Lord and Lady. The General must have an exemplary knowledge of fighting technique and battle strategy, as well as a good deal of sparring experience. This role is filled by an active character that will take on the responsibilities of safeguarding the herd. This position may have one rank magic. The General is appointed by the leaders and can be challenged for. This rank must complete two fortify tasks per season.

The Thief
[tier 2 | sneak]

The Sneak is considered the gatherer of information. The Thief oversees the sneak-ranked members of the herd in creating stealths, and are generally the one that orders specific targets. The Thief also has spies at his/her disposal to gather information from other herdlands, etc. The Thief may block stealths, and is granted one rank magic. In addition, the Theif is considered an adviser to the Lord and Lady. Position can be challenged for. This rank must complete two sneak tasks per season.

The Weaver
[tier 2 | crafter]

The Weaver is in charge of the crafters of the herd. S/he teaches and oversees the creative minds in their various trades. The God of the Spark has bestows upon the Weaver the ability to weave and create textiles. The ability can be used to make blankets, tents, rope and other useful, fiber-based creations. In addition to overseeing the creation of such things, the Weaver is also an overseer of trade. The Weaver is an adviser to the Lord and Lady, and may also have a good deal of say regarding diplomatic matters, as these matters may directly affect trade. Weaver must be active, and need to assist in herd projects. They are appointed by the Lord or Lady and must complete two crafter tasks per season. They must create one large item or the equivalent per season.

The Time Mender
[tier 2 | mend]

The Time Mender is the lead healer of Aurora Basin. Sponsored by the Time God, the Mender can heal others by resetting the timeline of their body. S/he may also be called the Regenerator. During an invasion, the Time Mender can only heal five members of the herd, and during Tallsun can only heal three members of the herd. The Time Mender is responsible for the overall health of the herd, and may oversee any healing that takes place. In addition, s/he is responsible for training other healers.The Time Mender acts as an adviser to the Lord and Lady. S/he is a very active character with an exemplary knowledge of healing. This rank must complete two mend tasks per season.

The Haruspex
[tier 2 | visionary]

The Haruspex is the visionary of the Aurora Basin. S/he is able to see multiple realities and time streams through the secret mirror in the back of a cave. The mirror does not reflect the user's image and is constantly shifting with mystery. Only during the night can the Haruspex ask for the Time God's wisdom. The Haruspex is considered a scholar, and is able to clearly discern what the visions that s/he sees mean. In addition, the Haruspex is an invaluable adviser to the Lord and Lady. This position is filled by an active character who takes the burden of his/her visions seriously. This rank must complete two visionary tasks per season.

The Corporals
[tier 3 | fortify]

Corporals answer directly to the General, and are placed in charge of small task forces with specific goals. They are often the ones on the front lines directing the soldiers, and answer to any tactic orders from the General. Can command soldiers, but it must be approved by the General. These characters should be fairly active and capable of plotting their own moves on occasion. This position may claim one rank magic, if available. They must complete one fortify task per season and be present for fortify meetings.

The Soldiers
[tier 4 | fortify]

Soldiers are the basic fortify rank. They must follow orders of the General or Corporals without question. Soldiers must go through strenuous training in order to prepare them for battle, and in times of war will be called on to defend the herdland. In peaceful times, the soldiers will often be asked to patrol the borders of the land to ward against wandering outcasts, or to bring wanderers to the Lord and Lady for judgment. They may also be given special tasks as a team. They are encouraged to attend fortify meetings.

The Impersonators
[tier 3 | sneak]

Impersonators are the intelligence of Aurora Basin. They often venture from the lands to gain information or to perform various tasks. They are generally responsible for writing stealths, and may also be instrumental in solving them. They will also train the lower sneak rank in the ways of intelligence. Impersonators report directly to the Thief. This position will be held by fairly active characters. They must complete one sneak task per season and be present for sneak meetings.

The Phantoms
[tier 4 | sneak]

Phantoms are the lowest of the sneak rank. They are encouraged to stealth whenever possible, but only those targets defined by the Thief and passed on to them by the Impersonators. They are free to roam the lands and gather information, and will pass it on to an Impersonator or the Thief. On occasion, they may be assigned to a specific target or task. They are encouraged to attend sneak meetings.

The Couturiers
[tier 3 | crafter]

Couturiers are those skilled in a specific craft. They are largely allowed to pursue their own projects, but may be called upon by the Weaver for large-scale projects or assistance. Couturiers may also be considered a diplomatic rank, as they are on occasion required to travel to other herds or outcast bands to trade items. This is not, however, a requirement, as they may always choose to send their work with someone else. Couturiers may also be held responsible for the Apprentices, of which there is generally a one-to-one ratio. They must complete one crafter task per season and be present for crafter meetings.

The Apprentices
[tier 4 | crafter]

Apprentices are generally paired with a Couturier in order to learn a specific skill. They may provide assistance with both a Couturier's personal projects as well as herd-wide projects dictated by the Weaver. An Apprentice may also pursue their own goals. They are sometimes asked to carry messages to other crafters across Helovia, or carry purchased merchandise to a customer. They may are asked to pursue a magical quest to aid in their skills. They are encouraged to attend crafter meetings.

The Shamans
[tier 3 | mend]

Shamans are the healers of the Aurora Basin. They answer directly to the Time Mender. Shamans are responsible for the health and well-being of the herd. They heal sickness and wounds. They are also responsible for training the Medics. They must complete one mend task per season and be present for mend meetings.

The Medics
[tier 4 | mend]

The Medics are comprised of healer trainees. They are encouraged to accompany Shamans when they are healing in order to learn. They are often sent in search of flora to assist in healings and may assist in other ways. They are encouraged to attend mend meetings.

The Disciples
[tier 3 | visionary]

Disciples live their lives in search of wisdom. They are considered higher ranked than scholars, as they have gathered more knowledge. Many make a study of religion, or choose another discipline to specialize in. Disciples roam in politics and diplomacy. They accompany leaders, scholars, etc. to ensure repose. They are called to assist upon composing armistices or negotiating for prisoners. They must complete one visionary task per season and be present for visionary meetings.

The Scholars
[tier 4 | visionary]

Scholars answer to the Disciples, who they consider their masters in the quest for knowledge. Scholars may learn many things from the Disciples, who are charged with their teaching and helping them choose a specialty. They may impart their wisdom, stories, myths and legends upon fellow herd members. They are encouraged to attend visionary meetings.

The Civilians
[tier 5 | begin]

Civilian (Stallion, Mare, Colt, Filly) is the beginning rank of any member of the Aurora Basin herd. Civilians may choose a path within the herd at any time, but are required to identify a rank by two season or 50 post counts after acceptance. Civilians are considered the lowest tier of the herd, though they certainly may have their uses. These are often young mares and stallions who have not yet chosen their path in life.

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