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[the rules of the aurora basin herd]
  1. By joining the Basin you agree to the following rules (whether you read them or not, they will apply to you).
  2. All species are permitted into the herd of the Aurora Basin. Newcomers may be recruited by any current member of the herd, but will require the approval of a Tier 2 or Tier 1 member before acceptance.
  3. All members of the herd are expected to appear at herd meetings.
  4. The Time God is the patron god of the Aurora Basin. He is to be respected, though it is not required that members revere him.
  5. Trespassers are to be treated according to the following guidelines:
    • With respect unless they show signs of aggression.
    • Should not pass into the borders unless invited by a Basin member.
    • Should an intruder insist upon speaking with a lead, they reserve the right to do so.
  6. All members of the herd are to be treated with respect and considered family, regardless of differing opinions and beliefs.
  7. It is highly encouraged that your character choose a rank in which to specialize. Members have a total of two seasons, or fifty posts, whichever comes first, before they must decide what rank to pursue.
  8. Seasonal spars will be organized every season for sneak and fortify members. Other members are also encouraged to join.
  9. Prisoners should be locked away at all times unless accompanied by a member. Their conditions for release (if allowed) will be determined by leads. They should be persuaded by captors to complete tasks (see Prison tasks below).
  10. New members must be accepted by a Tier 1 or 2 member upon requesting to join the Basin.

For promotion, development, or to encourage activity, leads may create expeditions for members.

  1. Expeditions may only be given by or turned into a lead (Lord or Lady of the Basin). They work like quests, but are completely separate from those given by the Gods.
  2. You may request an expedition oocly, or icly, but leads have the final decision on whether to offer one.
  3. Expeditions may be asked/given for promotions or character development.
  4. The same ‘rules’ apply as site wide quests (we’re just doing it on a smaller scale).
  5. Just like site quests, leads reserve the right to reject quest turn ins if they feel it was completed incorrectly, or other stated reason.
  6. Expeditions will consist of specific or unique tasks for a character to complete. Examples are below:
    • For promotion to Thief: Give a believable lie three times
    • For promotion to General: Spar with each of the other two herds
    • For character development: Create three threads outside the Basin

  1. Open targets are listed in the secret board, these do not require approval.  
  2. All others targets, or Tier 3  and Tier 4 members, MUST post in the Basin sneak skype chat or PM Lead or Thief for approval.
  3. Any member of the Sneak rank may make a stealth, provided it is approved as stated above, and the Thief and Leads must be informed of the intent to steal.

[how to ascend the ranks]
Rank List
The following is a list of the ranks.  For more detail on each rank, please visit [the detailed ranks page].

The Lord and Lady :: Tier 1 :: Govern

The Generals :: Tier 2 :: Fortify
The Thieves :: Tier 2 :: Sneak
The Weavers :: Tier 2  :: Crafter
The Time Menders :: Tier 2 :: Mend
The Haruspex :: Tier 2 :: Visionary

The Corporals :: Tier 3 :: Fortify
The Impersonators :: Tier 3 :: Sneak
The Couturiers :: Tier 3 :: Crafter
The Shamans :: Tier 3 :: Mend
The Disciples :: Tier 3 :: Visionary

The Soldiers :: Tier 4 :: Fortify
The Phantoms :: Tier 4 :: Sneak
The Apprentices :: Tier 4 :: Crafter
The Medics :: Tier 4 :: Mend
The Scholars :: Tier 4 :: Visionary

The Civilians :: Tier 5 :: Begin

Promotions and Demotions
You may automatically assume any Tier 4 rank from the Civilian rank. In order to ascend above Tier 4 members have several options.

If the position is already filled:
  1. You may complete additional tasks per season in your rank (sneak, fortify, ect).
    • Generally it is minimum requirement of double the tasks over a period of two seasons, BUT this rule is at the discretion of the leads. Depending on the climate of job there may require more or less.
    • If you would like to pursue this route it is advised you contact the leads to see what might be required.
    • This represents activity, and activity is rewarded.
  2. If you feel you deserve advancement, you may speak to the lead.
    • This may result in no action, set number of regular tasks, or expedition.
    • Expeditions work much like quests, and are usually a special, unique task, or set of tasks to complete in order to be seriously considered for the position.This does not guarantee a position.
    • Leads will weigh the current member in the rank’s activity with the dedication of the other. It is therefore advised that members attempting this path you show excellent activity for a season or more.
  3. Tier 2 fortify (General) or sneak (Thief) may be challenged for through the battlefield. It is important for members considering this route to remember, that inactivity will be punished. So please consider the responsibilities before you act.
If the position is open:
  1. You may be given an Expedition to complete.
    • These are given by Basin leads are are separate from those given by Gods.
    • Leads reserve the right to accept or deny your effort.
    • For more information on expeditions please see that section.
  2. You may be directly appointed
  3. Applications may be opened.
There are also several routes of demotion:
  1. Leads have the power to directly demote a member, but must have a reason for doing so. (ie, disloyalty, insubordination, three strikes, inactivity).
    • “Three Strikes” : Each season, members are encouraged to complete a certain number of rank tasks. This is used to judge activity, and inactivity may earn you a strike. Three strikes will likely result in demotion.
  2. Members may hold a herd wide vote of confidence (with the exception of Haruspex).
    • Vote may be called ICly or OOCly.
  3. Through loss of a challenge. Members will only drop one Tier from the loss of a challenge.

Rank Tasks
The following are a list of tasks you may complete throughout each season. These are not mandatory, but a list of guidelines for those who are ranked, wish to become ranked, or want a general idea of what they should be doing.  For more detail on each task, please go [here].

Govern Tasks:
  1. Conduct a herd meeting
  2. Organize an expedition
  3. Meet with a Tier 2 member on rank business
  4. Visit another herd
  5. Hold a meeting with other leads
  6. Attend a meeting with other leads
Fortify Tasks:
  1. Lead or participate in a patrol
  2. Practice hunting
  3. Spar with other herds, Basin members, or other soldiers
  4. Help prepare defenses (see herd project lists for current defense projects)
  5. Create a weapon
  6. Hold a lesson with lower ranks.
  7. Attend a lesson
  8. Work on herd projects (questing and building)
  9. Intercept a visitor
  10. Protect a fellow herd member
  11. Deal with a prisoner (give them a task, visit them)
Sneak Tasks:
  1. Create a stealth
  2. Block a stealth
  3. Gain information on targets
  4. Visit another herd (as a diplomat)
  5. Intercept a visitor
  6. Deal with a prisoner (give them a task, visit them)
  7. Hold a lesson with lower ranks
  8. Attend a lesson
  9. Work on herd projects (questing and building)
Crafter Tasks:
  1. Work on a herd project (questing or building)
  2. Assist other herds with projects
  3. Learn about other crafts from other herds
  4. Trade with other herds
  5. Gather crafting materials
  6. Give gifts to other herds (only to allies unless commanded by lead)
  7. Repair old herd projects (list of due dates in herd craft thread)
  8. Create personal crafts
  9. Create items for other members
  10. Advise or discuss herd projects with the Lord or Lady
  11. Hold a lesson with lower ranks
  12. Attend a lesson
  13. Interact with a previous herd item

Mend Tasks:
  1. Work on the herb garden
  2. Discover a new herb
  3. Experiment with an herb
  4. Heal a character or animal
  5. Trade herbs or supplies with other herds
  6. Visit other herd to learn some new aspect of healing or refresh
  7. Hold a lesson with other ranks
  8. Attend a lesson
  9. Attend a healing
  10. Stock the healers cave
  11. Work on herd projects (especially the greenhouse, questing and building)
Visionary Tasks:
  1. Tell a story or legend to a member
  2. Commune with the Time God
  3. Gaze into the mirror
  4. Interpret another member’s dream
  5. Read the Aurora Borealis or stars
  6. Work on a shrine or church
  7. Hold a lesson
  8. Attend a lesson
  9. Listen to a story or legend (encouraged with another herd)
  10. Meet with another rank to gain knowledge
  11. Work on herd projects (questing and building)
Prison Tasks:  
  1. Work on herd projects (building only)
  2. Mine for metal
  3. Clean out branches or fallen trees from the Basin
  4. Work in the herb garden
  5. Gather materials for storage (healer’s cave or crafter’s cave)
  6. Utilize magic to help Basin members (use cautiously)
  7. Go to an ally herd to work mining, or laboring
  8. Participate in a spar
Optional Foal Tasks:
  1. Explore!
  2. Talk with higher ranked members about jobs
  3. Pursue magic or companions
  4. Visit the mirror, or other Basin sites
  5. Play fight
  6. Visit other herds
  7. Make new friends
  8. Enter drops for herd quests
  9. Listen to Basin history or legends
OOC Tasks:
  1. Hold a contest
  2. Run the seasonal contest (contact lead)
  3. Conduct a random NPC (contact Lead first please)
  4. Write a Basin legend or story  (real or fantasy)
  5. Record a season of Basin history (please make sure not already done)
  6. Create a list of possible stealth targets or update it
  7. Create five new herbs detailing where to find, use, and what it looks like.

Changing Ranks
Please go to the Aurora Basin Secret Room to request a rank change, the thread is located [here].
Send in your questions to one of the Leads. We’ll be happy to answer.
Please visit [this page] for more information.

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