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Adele & Vera

Too many seasons had passed since the red and blue mare had set foot upon the threshold. Adele flicked her flaming tail, bicolored eyes taking in the sight of Frostfall's spell cast upon the land. A condescended breath fell from her light azure lips as a shiver passed throughout her coat. The snow was beautiful, yes, but an eerie silence had settled across this forest. There were no horses to be found.
The mare did not remember ever passing through the land, but it felt familiar to her. Perhaps she had spent time here in another lifetime. Or before she had lost her memory. Such events might as well be the same thing. Adele's life before this seemed nonexistent.
'You could try yelling,' Vera's voice rang through their bond, milky white eyes gazing intensely at Adele as she flew around the mare. The little dragon shimmered in the light, blending with the falling snow to look like a large clump of the frozen rain had gathered together to fall from the sky.
Adele flicked an ear to the dragon, though her eyes stayed emotionless, concentrated on the frozen area. 'I haven't even tried speaking yet,' Adele pointed out, the wide roundness of her eyes making the red and blue mare seem very innocent in the snowy landscape.
"Hello?" Adele spoke tentatively, taking a step forward and looking around eagerly. To tell the truth, she was nervous. All alone in an unknown was hard to be hopeful when the pair had gone so long without contacting any other horses. It was easy to think that any strangers would resent her appearance, though.


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After the run in with the darker stallion, I march ever onward, leaving the older man to his own devices. He seemed like a kind soul, but who knows what thoughts lurk within his chambers. He could easily be a killer, a machine used to slay the innocent, gifted with a reptilian bound by soul, so that his spree may continue. I could just be making all these things up, as I do quite often ever since I was separated from my herd. Adella pays no mind to me as she flies ahead, snow falling upon her back as she soars. She stops, keeping herself adrift by the beating of leathery wings, turning her head to face me, and chirping. There's more!

I perk my ears, knowing almost immediately what she speaks of. Adella pushes on, calling me through the thin silver string between us, summoning me to her. My pace quickens as I see a shimmer of brilliant blue, chocolate flowing over the mare's back. She is an equine with a brilliant, flaming mane and crystalline hooves. I let my breathe out, gasping at the brilliance of her appearance, and at the pearl-scaled lizard beside her. "Hello." I respond to her voice, releasing a warm, friendly smile. "I'm Isi." Glancing at Adella, who has begun to examine the smaller dragon, curious at the petite appearance of the pale reptile. "—and that's Adella, my bonded."

Introductions aside, I offer instead a question, rather than an answer. "Are you new to this land?" I look at her amber eyes, lost in an ocean of blue fur. I let my bi-colored eyes fall to her shimmering mane and tail, not actual hair, but rather fire, rising from her neck in blues and reds. I wonder if it burns, contemplating whether or not to ask her if it burned those who touched it, but found that may be a little rude— or odd to ask, rather.
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Adele. Even if she was his aunt, they had grown up together. He remembered helping her hunt back in Isilme to feed Vera. The dragoness was a beautiful as ever. He stepped from the trees closer to her, but not to close. After all, he had changed a great deal since she had last seen him. Not to mention, he now had a hellhound at his side. Alanna padded in close, icy blue eyes shinning with the joy her bonded. He had more family alive and safe. You're alive. The words were simple, but filled with relief. He had not seen his aunt for some time, and feared she was dead like most of their family.

His attention then shifted to the other mare. He did not know her, but she had a brown dragon like Torasin had, like his Granddam had. He had never met her, but had to admire her for having a dragon. Alanna growled softly and he sent her a reassuring look. He wouldn't trade her for the world. She was his bonded in every way. She may not of been what he had planned, but she was his and he was hers. After a long pause he finally spoke. Sorry ma'am, I did not mean to stare. It's just been a long time since I have seen a brown dragon. I am Aaron, and this is Alanna. He nodded to the hellhound then who was sniffing the air around them.

Even now, months after they had returned she still checked for anyone who smelled like Sakura or Azale. His hope was slim, but they had to try. Right?


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This felt both foolish and right, leaving the caves. She felt safe down there, despite the darkness – held close by the earthen walls. Close quarters did not bother her, but she relished the chance to return to the surface. It had been bothering her for some time, the idea that there might be those travelling to Helovia – that there might be some who did not realize what was happening. The least she could do was guide any she found to safety, was it not? She hated to fly, but if she was quick about it perhaps the risk to herself would be minimalized.

So she had set out towards the forest of the Threshold, where she had arrived herself just this past summer. Luck seemed to be on her side, as emerald eyes did not land on another soul until she was there.

And they weren’t very hard to spot, especially not the one mare – her colours were nothing short of beautiful, and her hair! The flames were unlike anything that Alysanne had seen before, though she did her best not to stare. Already she was moving towards her when another mare, this one brilliant in white with a dragon alongside her, and then a stallion that seemed familiar with at least one of the pair. Alysanne herself arrived just after him, her expression clouded by a troubled little frown. Surely they knew that something was not right, surely at least one of them knew.

But maybe they didn’t! What a wonderful coincidence that would be. She seemed to be the odd one out, without a companion of her own. “Terribly sorry if I’m interrupting anything. It’s just that these aren’t particularly safe times to just be hanging about.” She had felt nervous leaving the caves, certainly, but the fact that there were others here meant that she was right to make the trip – perhaps she could convince them to come back with her, where it was safe. But then she realized how morbid she was being and she offered a warm smile. “Not to frighten you off or anything! Helovia is really quite lovely… usually.” The parts that weren’t sick were still rather lovely, but there was always that threat lingering. Or was she just paranoid because she knew what was out there?

“I’m Alysanne, by the way, and there’s safety in the caves just south of here.” She could not quite shake the feeling that there might be someone lurking, ready to attack. She had seen more of them to serve her for the rest of her life – she did not wish to see anyone else, friend or stranger, become a twisted version of themselves or become consumed by the darkness.

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Adele & Vera

A soft thud of hooves resounded in Adele's ears. A fellow equine to join her company! The mare silently prayed this being would know of her, or be someone she knew. Maybe the being would step forward to resemble Adele's muscular physique, painted with colors similar to her own! Oh, how lovely it seemed to be reunited with her family. Adele knew they were out there, for she was still meeting with siblings she had never known of before. It's not like they had all vanished..they couldn't do that to each other.
Instead of seeing a heavy-built equine that resembled herself, Adele looked upon a lithe paint accompanied by a chocolate dragon. A surge of excitement was felt from Vera as her milky eyes gazed at the unfamiliar reptile. The ivory dragon had a soft spot for those of her own species as well as their bonded. Adele's emotions mirrored her companion's at the thought. This meant the strange mare knew what it felt like to know the love a companion could bring. In a way, the red and blue mare felt connected to the new equine through the affection of a bond.
The new mare returned Adele's greeting, a soft smile leaping to her blue lips at the words. She was very welcoming, which surprised Adele; considering the fact that for all she knew, the mare was a mere spawn from hell. Adele decided to do her best to show the same amount of warmth with this thought in her mind.
The stranger gasped; Adele decided to contribute this to the fact that she had a much more exotic appearance than this slender paint. She introduced herself as Isi, and her dragon as Adella. "I'm Adele," the red and blue mare spoke tenderly, blue-orange gaze flickering down to the petite dragon that hovered at her shoulder. "This is Vera, my bonded," Adele finished, returning her gaze to Isi.
With a flick of her spiked tail, Vera offered the new pair a toothy grin. Her milky eyes studied them, eager to know more of what these two were all about.
'We should join this pair,' Vera proposed through the bond, shimmering in what little light the threshold provided in Frostfall. Adele was amused by her bonded's words, for they had only just met. Then again, Adele and Vera had no reason to distrust these folk. They had briefly lived in the Foothills once, it's leader being a stallion bonded with a feisty dragon. They had gained Adele's trust, and had brought the pair immense joy. The experience had morphed into another reason to like Isi and Adella.
'Shall we see what becomes of this encounter first, Vera?' Adele responded, studying the mare's spots. If they were to ever become friends, Adele would surely end up asking Isi about her lineage. The slender mare was quite breathtaking, for without the bay patches that littered her body, Isi could easily pass for an angel.
'Since you insist,' Vera purred, milky eyes thoroughly examining the larger dragon.
"Are you new to this land?" Isi asked, her gaze resting upon Adele's flaming mane and tail. The red and blue mare let the stranger do so, she was starting to become used to the looks she got because of it. Even from a distance, Adele did not look like your average equine.
"Not exactly. I believe that my memory was lost, actually. I have met a few other horses that knew of me in this land. I might as well be new here though, for such encounters are few and far between," An airy laugh escaped Adele's blue lips. As depressing as the words might be, they were just the truth. She saw the honest words as what they were and chose to laugh at them, rather than be consumed by the despair they could potentially carry.
"Do you live with a herd?" Adele asked, still smiling. She was all right with the conversation being about her, but she was eager to know more about Isi as well. If their intentions became one and the same, Adele decided she might have to take up Vera's proposition.
As soon as the words had left her lips, another voice joined the gathering. Adele turned to the speaker, surprised to see that he was a heavily bodied paint such as herself. The stallion was accompanied by a dog-like being splashed with hints of garnet here and there upon her coat. The strange stallion seemed relieved at Adele's presence.
'Who is that?' Vera questioned her bonded, milky eyes now shifted to the new pair who had joined their company.
Adele smiled weakly at the stallion, shifting uneasily on her hooves. 'I do not know of him, but he seems to care for me a bit,' the red and blue mare replied, moving her gaze to rest upon the new being. She could hear her heart beating in her ears. Nervousness was what Adele felt. It would be just awful if she were to hurt his feelings because she did not know who this stallion was.
He paused, stared at Isi; at her dragon. The stallion introduced himself as Aaron and his dog-thing as Alanna. At least now Adele knew his name, but she couldn't play it off as if she actually knew who he was.
'This Aaron fellow knows of you, though. Ask him about yourself,' Vera spoke eagerly, rising up in the air only to land on Adele's withers. She shook her scaly back, brushing off what snow had come to perch there before lowering her haunches to almost hide within Adele's flaming mane. Her milky eyes continued to study the events unfolding before her without taking much part in them.
"Excuse me, Aaron? I'm sorry to say this, but I do not know who you are," Adele spoke, an apologetic look crossing her features as she gazed at the new set of strangers. "I - I lost my memory," She added, guilt pouring into the words. Adele did not wish to make the stallion sad as he was just in the middle of being relieved that she was alive, but she could not masquerade as someone she was not anymore.
"But if you will, please do tell me how you know of me!" Adele spoke one more time, know eager as she took a step towards the stallion, her smile growing. The mare decided that she could certainly piece together her future if she was able to find her past.
It was in this moment that Adele noticed a pegasus with a troubled expression crossing her lovely features. She warned them of the danger that lurked in Helovia, only to reassure them that it was a nice place to be. Adele found humor in the fact that the pegasus was almost contradicting herself, but chose to only smile and nod at her words.
The pegasus introduced herself as Alysanne, though she was nervous to be at the threshold, it seemed. Perhaps there actually was a real danger to be found in this land.
"Thank you, Alysanne. I'm Adele," the red and blue mare spoke the words once more, "-and this is Vera. Lead the way to the safe haven of sorts that you know of, please." At the sound of her name, Vera perked up, chirping at the appearance of the new mare. The fact that these horses had practically appeared out of nowhere was startling to Adele. Although she was glad for their company, she hoped they would end this encounter soon and get to the safety of the caves Alysanne had spoken of. They had just met, yes, but the way the pegasus spoke so timidly was genuine.


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