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He followed.

Ampere turned into the shadows with a smile, her hoofsteps beating out a rhythm beside Gaucho's as they vanished down the corridor, Sohalia's screech a dwindling whisper that Ampere shut out with her own voice.

"That's new," she gestured with her muzzle towards his flame engulfed feathers, in awe of the light that they cast, its rich hues dancing effortlessly around the cave as the moved. Yet, they were distinctly lacking any heat, and for that Ampere did not fear them, only admired them as one of the many impressive traits the stallion in her company boasted of.

He had something else new too, but Ampere hadn't noticed the pale serpent that had wound her way about his soul yet. For now, she could enjoy the bliss of her ignorance, if only it could last.

They arrived at the beginning of the Sanctuary cave's opening in short while. Ampere's sides heaved faintly as she slowed and finally stopped at cusp of darkness, tentative to hurl herself into the outside world so willingly again, even with someone as brave as Gaucho beside her. They both knew in their hearts that the wraiths could not be defeated by brute strength alone...

She also knew both of them would not stop trying though, and that scared her more than anything. She didn't want Gaucho to fling himself into harm's way for the sake of her lie. No one was here being attacked of course, but it didn't mean there weren't any wraiths lurking just outside.

Thinking fast, Ampere poked her head just outside, letting the majority of her body block him from exiting, although she knew when push came to shove he'd barrel right through her, but hopefully he hadn't sunken into the frenzy of war just by her words alone.
"There's no one here," Ampere gasped, a rising hysteria being coaxed into her words as each one left her lips. Her eyes rolled white, wide in their false fear. She withdrew her head back from Hell's opening, slumping against the nearest wall. It was cool against her flesh that had grown hot with the sprint and Gaucho's proximity. "They all turned," she whispered now, a sadness being injected into her tone. Would he comfort her, touch her, berate her? Any sounded appealing.

After a pause to wait and see Ampere continued, needing to keep him at her side longer or else he'd return to Sohalia. Now that she had him she could not let him go so easily. "I wasn't...strong enough," she murmured, honest now even if the context was not. This scene she crafted was an easy lie to tell because she had lived it countless times in her sleep. She wanted to grab onto hope and never release, but part of her always chewed on the worry that there was no hope to be found, that they were all just sitting here, waiting to die. Ampere needed a distraction, one that would be productive in draining the exhausting energy of pessimism from her body. She needed a light to guide her through this dark time.

The flickering from Gaucho's wings washed over her, blue eyes rising from beneath onyx lids, searching Gaucho's face with such a frantic passion that it was as if he was the hope she'd been looking for to hold so tightly. Lead me out of this mayhem...
"I let them all turn because I could not fight them." She spoke quietly at first, but the energy in her eyes was soon matched by her tongue. She shoved herself off the wall, bold and confident as she faced him. "Train me," she demanded, then took another step towards him. "Please train me! Right now, let's practice, for them! All of them."

For us too.



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Intent on eradicating (or at least facing) the wraiths Ampere spoke of, his focus was finely tuned upon her - allowing the words she spoke to easily drown out Sohalia's indignant (and justified) screeches at their retreating forms. Not to mention the cacophony of their hooves upon the stony floor.

"Sun God do that." He advised, his voice deep and rumbly as ever, though with a hint of reverence and awe intermingled with his primitive speech (which, let's be fair, had gotten much better).

As they neared the mouth of the caves, an internal hesitation gripped the beasts heart. It was not so long ago that the cold and dead voice of Ranjiri had beckoned him here, taunting him with gifts of darkness and threats of mutilating his daughter. Dark ears pinned against his skull at the thought, immediately forcing his mind back to the white mare he had left in the darkness. Zenobia was her responsibility. He had led the majority of their herd to safety, and she couldn't even look after her own daughter? But she find Note he thought with a grunt and slight snarl. Any part of him that might have felt the smallest semblance of guilt for leaving with Ampere was positively flooded and drowned by these conjoining thoughts.

As Ampere pressed herself forward, Gaucho's wings rose higher from his sides to cast as much light as possible into the outside world. Edging forward, he was slightly taken aback by her assertiveness - not only because he was unused to a mare being so strong willed (contrast: Sohalia), but also because he should be the one placing himself in danger. Was this bravery on her part? Or disrespect? Perhaps luckily for them both, Gaucho's mind was unable to follow this line of reasoning due to one robust and unwavering fact staring him in the fact:

Ampere's ass.

By blocking the opening with her body, she gave Gaucho (perhaps knowingly) an unprecedented and unbarred viewing of her backside. His dark lips unconsciously smacked together, as his stormy gaze took in her muscular physique, as well as the interlacing of black and blue hairs that covered it. His nostrils flared, as his eyes dropped to the swell of her thighs, and the tangle of her tail. However before he could allow himself any more of an eye-full, Ampere was retracting herself; slumping against the wall.

They all turned.

It isn't the most pleasant feeling, moving from lust so instantly into strategic mode. Flanks already swaying slightly from their jaunt to the opening, had only slightly slowed down.

I wasn't...strong enough

The desire to let his gaze drop from her electric eyes was too strong - and soon he was scouring the emphasized curves of her chest and neck. The way his eyes seemed to linger on the depths of her muscles was such a strong juxtaposition to her statement, that Gaucho's antlered skull shook. "Not weak. Ampere strong." He mumbled, almost to himself - as if reinforcing aloud what his gaze was relaying to his mind.

As her body moved towards him, his eyes - almost guiltily - leaped upwards. The spark in her gaze was captivating, but even that did not shroud the words that came next; words that ignited a fire oh-so similar to the lustful coals that were already quietly stirring within.

Train me.

Every fiber beneath his dark coat seemed to sizzle as he took a delighted step forward. His blue-striped coat rippled as he did so, squaring himself against her blue form. Thick masculine neck curved as his dark bone-pierced nose lowered - closer to the level of her own. The idea of the intimacy of this dance with Ampere was nearly enough to cause him to salivate. But truly part of the ease with which he found himself yielding to her demands was how reasonable they seemed to him. Sohalia wanted to talk of being mates, whereas Ampere wanted to train. In the depths of the caves, with war and disease lingering just outside, one seemed entirely unreasonable, compared with the other.

In his antlers however, Mara was not quite as convinced. Wraaaaaaithssssss She hissed aloud, letting the word resonate in Gaucho's primitive brain. Her black eyes peered out through Gaucho's dark forelock towards Ampere - tongue flickering in and out to take in the mare's scent, though not for the same reasons as Gaucho had earlier. Train laterrrrr. Patrol nowwww she urged silently.

Gaucho's stormy gaze roamed upwards as Mara spoke, deflating his masculine stance as he listened. Dark ears flopped at her latter suggestion, finding it practical, if not entirely unappealing compared to what he had in mind. "Mara say we look for wraiths now. Train later." He translated, with the snake nodding her head in agreement from her antlered-perch.

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He spoke. It commanded her attention instantly, the snap of her gaze towards his was almost audible. Her eyes strained through the dark, guided to him in swiftness with his flames, their dance a hypnotic allure that resembled the spell he'd woven over her heart and rationality. It brought a ghost of a smile to her face; not because it was delicate, but because it had fallen into disuse.

Who needed white knights when you had a flame engulfed he-god?

The distance between them closed rapidly, each pulling the other towards them with the movement of their lips. "No" she thought, realizing that there was something more, something deeper at work here than neatly woven lies and flirtatious songs from a lifetime ago. They were magnetic, each attracted to each other with an undeniable force and a charge that rippled in the space that they shared. This electricity was not born of her, it hummed in every breath they took, sparked in the rivers of their veins - alive.

She was breathless as he curved near her, the absence of his touch, tender or terrible, an ache that billowed her. "Please" she wanted to beg, the culmination of this moment that was finally at hoof a far worse thing to endure than starless nights spent alone. She exhaled and it was shaky, a heat rising in her flanks despite the absence from his blazing wings. They were so close, tangled on the precipice of this one stitch in time. She could detect every glorious curve in the musculature of his body, its outline jagged with the scores of scars wore like medals, the brush of his hair slicked together in areas where she knew he had sweat, the thought of which dripping off him sending a quiver through her bones.

If she wanted to, she could touch him.
She could have him.

Fate is cruel though.

As terrible forces are apt to do, they clashed; beautiful for a moment, then crumbling into destructive chaos. The magnetic pull towards him became an equal expulsion, Ampere's body jerking away in a brilliant flash of furious sparks that washed the cavern in blue. In that moment of heady waiting, just before his dark lips pursed to utter a counter argument, she finally saw it.

The snake.

It had been a creature easy to dismiss before, so small and slender and lost to the folds of the darkness. It had trailed behind them as Gaucho and she ran, sliding up his leg and slipping casually into place upon his crown only when they had come to rest.

His companion.

The final confirmation came as the name tumbled from his velvet lips, the word at once turning from wine to ash, which Ampere then breathed in until it filled her lungs and choked her with the truth. The god before her splintered into nothing more than a mortal steeped in blood and greed. Her emotions jarred fiercely against one another, birthed as horror from her marrow, explosive and loud and heavy. They grounded her, a stride or two all she could manage as she backed away from him, almost afraid. If even he ensnared his soul, who good was left to this world?

Her hope scattered, tears that clung to her lashes and dripped down paths on her cheeks. From its broken mold a fury hatched, cold and bitter. "A companion?" she whispered, nearly inaudible, trembling where she stood as though afraid.

If only it were such an easy thing as fear.

A silence endured, but the storm mounted, its first peal the crack of her eyes rising from the dark. "HOW COULD YOU!" she shouted, her pitch hysterical and so robust it voided the air from her lungs. She gasped for air, craving the sweet slap of electricity once more but there was only the remains of their burnt out flames. She sobbed as she lunged, her teeth driving aimlessly to carve his flesh the same way he had her heart, and her sex drive.



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