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As you venture deeper into the caves, the light seems not to follow. It is a cave after all, and while there are ambient light sources within, the path that you've decided (stupidly?) to venture down, is darker than the rest. But you follow it anyways because you hear something..

But you also feel it. Like an itch in your very bones, telling you that the only way to scratch it, is to head into the darkness. And so you do.

As you move, the humming gets louder - but it isn't just a hum anymore, it's a buzz. And as the buzz grow so loud that you can't even hear your own thoughts anymore - you see it. A light ahead. You rush forward, somehow knowing that the buzzing and the humming and the itching will stop once you reach it.

Upon a pedestal of stone hovers a bright blue orb. Crackles of energy disperse from its core every now and then, but that is the only sound now. You realize that a deafening silence has fallen around you - no more humming or buzzing, and your bones are left feeling numb.

This drop is for Time or Spark magic. You may enter this drop if you have had a Time magic, a Spark magic, or a hybrid of these magics on your wishlist for at least one month.

The winner will be decided by dice roll. Please provide a link to your wishlist, and declare any extra rolls or previously failed drops in your reply.

This drop will close in 72 hours.

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You're the only North Star I would follow this far...

"I can talk the talk"
And walk the walk
But I'm always in deep thought.

Heavy hooves clipped on the stone as the stallion followed his gut feeling and disappeared into the darkness of the caverns. If you asked him, he would not be able to tell you what drove him underground like this. There was a tug on his heart- it felt similar to when he'd followed Artemis to the foothills because back in those days, he had not recognized his own love for the mare. He still had trouble describing the feelings she made him feel. The point, though, was that even as he felt he could not explain why he was travelling this way, there was something- something he could not explain, boiling in his blood, filling his mind with peace and that was a simple, indisputable fact that also filled him with a calm certainty of sorts- He was meant to be here.

Strange how even silence has a sound. The air felt charged by some electrical force and the result was a silent thrumming that caused his ears to ring even though he knew he was alone here. Still there was the tugging- an invisible force was teasing him and he followed it without question. Well, you know what they say about curiosity and what it did to that poor cat. White strands snapped against his hocks as his tail swished in a symbol of unease. Seems even though he was calm and his thoughts were collected, he was still a bit nervous of the dark, cold space.

It was this unease that eventually ground his forward motion to a halt, especially when he realized the darkness was softer now- less complete, and he could make out shadows on the stone walls while crystal stalactites magnified the light of a mysterious orb sitting, no- floating atop a granite pedestal. The stallion blinked in the sudden light and watched the orb for some time, excitement poised in his heart, like a restrained springboard ready to snap from it's charged potential.

As he watched, he noticed the orb was giving off small ropes of electricity which exploded outwards from the orb, and when it got a certain distance from it's source, the lightning broke apart and vanished. The grullo stood, blinking once more before he felt that invisible force pushing him forwards. He should have been awestruck, and in all honesty, he was, however, confidence came to him when he realized the simple fact that he felt no fear- only calm acceptance. This orb was meant for him and as he stopped, his nose inches from the orb, he only hoped that his curiosity was not about to meet the same fate as that feline.

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Mother and Father were no where to be seen, Azarel disappearing with them. I wondered if I was the last one of the family left in Helovia. Had they all left me because I remained in the Basin for so long? Had they thought I liked the Basin more than they, or that I was growing racist, or beginning to side with the Basin? Of course I wouldn't... but I suppose they could take it the wrong way. I wept the night I realized I was alone, in a place tucked away from everyone. I awoke to this odd buzzing, realizing it was coming from below me. I ignored it for as long as I could, but it soon became to strong. This humming began to grow annoying, aggravating to me. Flicking back my ears, I follow the gentle hum.

It grew stronger as I came to the center of the Heart, but it wasn't coming from the lava itself, no, it was coming from beneath the ground. I scan the grass, realizing there was an odd dip a few yards away. At a casual pace, I approach it. It swoops down into the earth, a dark tunnel that twists and winds underground. Following it, I pass rooms filled with beautiful, glittering crystal. There was one room where you could see the lava, making it appear as though you were actually inside the glowing red magma. I didn't care for that though, because I needed to find the source of the humming.

Ah, there it was. A blue, cracking orb sitting neatly atop a pedestal. Another stallion had noticed it already, reaching forward. I stand back and stare, wanting to see him get shocked. Maybe if I just messed with him a bit... a gentle smile is guided to my lips as I begin the summoning period. I stop however, magic at a stand still. A gentle glimmer of red rises from my body, then fades. I would let the guy do what he wants, see where that gets him. I realize the buzzing and the humming has stopped now that I stare at the crackling orb. It still hissed with electricity but that was about it.

"blah blah blah."

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Fire x Shock :: Small sparks of red lightning will rise from her hooves with every step she takes. If one is to touch the sparks they will be given minor burns. The sparks will stay on her hooves for several seconds.
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Now she knew why she had fallen into the hole in the earth, she knew why she had been forced to endure the terrible cruelty of the mysterious stallion that had come from the darkness, she knew why she had been forced to reach the very edge of sanity and almost fall beyond. Her eyes were hollow, quite a change for the normally spirited mare. As she neared the sparking ball her steps were short and nervous, her head continuously turning back to try and see the entrance she had fallen through. But each step into the darkness also brought her light. If there was a metaphor to the scene, it was beyond the woman.

But as she approached she also noticed two others, an ominous looking stallion with a half-white face and a hybrid filly. In an instant her mind was flung back to the terrors she had endured. She shivered and quaked, the sound of the crackling orb taking over everything as she remembered her worst fears, recalled the feeling of being utterly and completely alone, of living and dying alone in the terrible blackness of the night sky. Her mind was blank. There were no words. But then, with one final step, all drew silent, and Kahlua looked upon the orb, forgetting the others around her, blue eyes staring at it with desire and want like she had never felt before.

Something within her told her that she needed this orb, required it, had to have it... It was necessary, or she would never feel safe again. And so she took one final step towards it, slowly reaching out her nose, unafraid of the silent sparks, her bones numb but she hardly noticed it. Could she touch it? Would it let her? She ached to do so.

Wishlist :: [Magic: Earth x Shock | Can infuse rocks with electricity to create permanent light sources from them]
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The cave; it’s cool, dank isolation from the rest of the world, was a sanctuary like that which had been her shelter and her home through the Endless Night- only much closer to home. She could not help but be drawn back once more and slipped with anticipation quivering through her taut dappled canvas, through the sea of golden grass which swallowed her whole and kept her safe in a sense, from the ravenous eyes of those who meant her clan harm.

Silas too was untroubled by the prospect of this underground playground. Though so apart from the vast skies which his elusive cousins traversed; so dissimilar to those natural habitats his species preferred, he found comfort only in the peace and quiet of his bonded’s wilted heart. The zephyr travelled with her selflessly, it was his self-appointed calling to guard, and defend her; he both loved and wished only for her security and wellbeing. And Africa felt the same immeasurable devotion; though brave and balanced she was not. She thrived in the company of the little avian, and as their bond matured, their ability to communicate and understand one another began to form.

"Silas, can you feel that electricity?" She asked silently, purging the thoughts confidently for him to find. Slim, sturdy legs pushed onwards and she knew that they were nearing the fissure which had peeled through the clay surface of the Heart- a strange current was surging through her veins, boiling the blood into a frenzy of excited impulsiveness. The feeling had been irresistible, rousing her interest (and to a lesser degree the Zephyr through the force of their bond), and enticing her towards the cave which she had explored on two occasions already.

Silas replied, ‘yes…’ flapping beyond the swish of the grass as his beloved passed through. He could feel it, but in place of the eagerness lacing her inner-voice, his mind was filled with bleak clouds of apprehension. ‘danger?’ the Roc suggested with some effort. They were two entirely different species; feathered or not, and her native tongue did not come so easily yet. More often than not he shared his thoughts through stark emotion, and for much of their life as one, this technique had served well.

"We will be careful, I promise." She reassured her mate, lifting her sparking cream eyes to find his gaze rested anxiously upon her. "I don’t feel that foreboding, friend. I feel energized, as though a magnet is drawing my soul forward." The Zephyr clucked with dismay, not finding for himself any warmth, or feelings that had been described. Her confidence was unusual though, and if nothing else encouraged him along, it was that.

They sank swiftly into the depths of the cavern, passing with some skill between the cold stone walls, then on to the left- a corridor which she had not explored before. The light seemed to fade the deeper they went but the nagging desire to continue goaded her to continue. The feeling grew and grew, clouding her mind and pulsing through her heart; and she felt the expectation climax as the clatter of her stride slid to a halt when at last she reach something.

It was an orb, like nothing she had ever laid eyes upon previously. Silas swept rapidly in behind her, wind gusting forward as he fluttered to perch watchfully upon her silk-clothed withers. Neon-blue crackled and arced wildly across its alluring surface infrequently as she watched, but she did not venture closer- her bones felt numb, the ligaments lining her legs flaccid and unwilling to move. A stark silence enveloped the small group which began to assemble (Africa had not been the first on scene), and she could do naught but watch and listen as they infiltrated the cave, perhaps driven to do so just like the Oracle had been.

Wishlist: 27-10-13 [Magic: Time | Past Times: The user of this can look into the past of another horse and see what has happened to them. Grows harder and harder the farther back into their past you go]

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Something was itching inside her - an urge, a desire, drawing her to the caverns. The iron lady was not a huge fan of small, dark, enclosed spaces, and her ears pinned to her skull as she pranced for a few moments outside the entrance, pawing the ground nervously. But the feeling was too strong, tugging at her innards and telling her to go towards it - she could not resist any longer, and took one tentative step into the caves.

Her ebony hooves created a massive din on the stone floor, the sound echoing and thrusting itself back at her. A snort fled her flared nostrils, but she continued forwards, following the hum in the back of her mind. To her considerable dismay, the sound led her down the darkest of the many paths, and it was with a sense of impending doom that the silver mare chose to follow her head rather than her instincts. She was a warrior, daughter of storms and thunder; she could conquer a small matter of a dark cave. Now the hum had intensified to an almost unbearable buzz, like a swarm of bees had taken up residence inside her head, which no amount of shaking would disperse. Another snort escaped her but she continued on her determined path forwards, tail lashing at her flanks and ears remaining laced to her head.

Finally she could see the source - a crackling ball of energy, reminding her of lightning; oh, it was beautiful. She wanted to touch it, to devour its power and take it for her own, but something told her she mustn't. Oh, how she wanted it - there was greed in her eyes as she got closer, and realised with a dismayed pang that she wasn't alone. It was tempting to brandish her horn and chase the others away, because she was the child of lightning and it should be hers, yet she didn't. Instead she ventured closer, breathing a sigh of relief as the buzzing finally ceased and she could drink in the majestic orb. She noted in a detatched manner that it was the same colour as her eyes, and that made her even more eager to touch it, to have it. ""

[ Magic: Shock x Water | 'Freezing thunder'; able to summon a small 'reverse' thunderstorm, where the rain is icy hail and the lightning is so cold that, instead of burning, it causes pain by freezing. ]


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The cremello painted mare had never been here before; probably since she had always been flying. This was a strange cave, something seemed to crackle just a head and she was being drawn to it. She had been wondering around outside until some force had seemed to seize her hear drawing her into the cool damp cave. The light was slowly fading making it harder and harder to see, 'That's easy enough to fix.' She thought to herself carefully extending her wings till the feathers lightly brushed the wall. She could now hear and feel the curves of the wall and followed it.

There seemed to be a strange humming sound like humming bird wings further down the tunnel and it was making her heart thunder like pounding hooves. As she neared the source she knew she had to reach it had to see, maybe even touch whatever it was. She started to quicken her pace, her hooves slipping on the damp ground; she hardly even noticed. Her ears were starting to hurt, as well as her still tender body. She felt like she was going insane like there were a hundred thousand fire ants crawling on her skin and even in her body latching onto her bones

She stumbled slightly scraping her right knee on a stalagmite as it jabbed at the damp air. Her mind was so consumed by the sound and the feeling that a the unicorn bitch could have burst from the shadows and she wouldn't have even flinched. She was getting closer and the humming turned to a million angry wasps attacking her ears buzzing in her brain trying to drive her mad with their venom. She was all but cantering now banging into the walls, at least she had enough scene to pull her wings to her slender frame.

She burst into a small room her sides heaving her eyes transfixed on the source of the noise. The noise, were had the sound gone? Why did she feel limp, like a newborn foal again. Somewhere in her mind her ears and nostrils picked up presence of others, but she was to into the shinning orb. She stood shaking lightly with her longing for the ball of lightning. She feared yet loved and longed for the electric blue sphere hovering like a god before her.

Walking "Talking"’Thinking’
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OOC:; Fire x Time :: Blue fire ability to rub her hooves together and make a blue spark, later can summon a blue flame
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Darkness surrounded the white fae from every direction making her stumble and stagger along trying to find her way back home again. Her sense of direction was slowly starting to get better but that was when there was some light for her to see something! Entering this cavern had been a really bad idea, why couldn't she have just been sensible enough to not enter the thing in the first place. Right because of the sound that seemed to call to her, driving her curiosity, oh why does she listen to herself. Her pace was agonizingly slow so she does not crash to hard into the walls when she finds them. One hesitant step at a time, until she runs face first into a wall then it would be back a step or two as she tries to feel her way around the turn.

A sound registers soon enough, a buzzing and a rather annoying one at that, but maybe it might lead to an exit. Hope bubbles into her brain briefly as her senses now try to multitask at walking without crashing and following the noise which is beginning to grow in intensity. Up ahead a pinprick of light begins to show, is it her vision? No its still there, the exit!? Lengthening her stride as much as she dares she heads towards the light until it surrounds her completely. In the middle of it a strange blue orb crackles with flecks of light and yes to her dismay others stand watching as well. Swallowing her fear she steps forward tilting her head as she studies the object with intense curiosity, why did this object bring her here? What is it anyway?

It takes a couple minutes before she is startled to find that silence elapses around her, what when did this happen? Is she deaf? The thought skims her mind but the normal feeling of paralyzing fear does not seize her, instead an eerie calmness consumes her making her feel like a dead weight upon her feet. What is going on? Tearing her eyes from the orb for a second she soon realizes that she is not the only one who seems transfixed by this object. Things just keep getting stranger and stranger, she thinks silently as the orb once again demands her gaze. What is happening?

NOTES: Brisa is hoping for:
[Time x Fire] :: Ability to create blue fire over body as form of protection or defense. Can be used to burn others should they come in contact with it should she wish it to harm them. Can be affected by strong emotions such as fear or pain making it under involuntary control.

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The orb begins to expand rapidly, filling the cave with a bright white/blue light. The crystalline caverns seem to hum, as if pleased to have this halo of magic spilled upon them.

The light seems to focus upon Brisa, covering her body in harmless blue flames, before finally sinking into to her very core, binding themselves to her soul.

Congratulations to Brisa! Decision

Your character has been updated with the following:

:: [Magic:FirexTime | Ability to radiate blue flames from her body up to a radius of 5 feet.]

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Thank you so much <3
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