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I've noticed that I have a habit of choosing the same words when I write a post with Wind, and to be honest, it drives me crazy. I use the words "and", "then", "but" and "beacuse" too much.

Does anyone have tips for other words I can use or a different way to build up my sentences?
Or thoughts about how I can develop my writing skills further? :)

Anything helps! :D

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I've tended to gather up a broader vocabulary through reading - whether this is books by fabulous authors, branching out to varying genres, and also reading wonderful posts by so many of our writers here. The more you read, the more you absorb and soak into your own writing.

Don't be afraid to test out different structures and sentences either, enrich them, give them life and detail. I strongly recommend reading, reading, reading~

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Don't be afraid to use commas and semicolons, too. There are a lot of stylistic ways to avoid using too many connecting words and since this isn't an English class you're free to explore a little bit. Commas and semicolons are just one of my favorite methods, which means I probably use way too many, lol

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I do read a lot of english books by Robin Hobb and other fantasy writers, but I've never thought about the way they write :p I'll have to take notes the next time I read XD

And I'll try to get rid of my fears of commas and semicolons too ^^, Thanks for the tips! :D

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