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escorting the princess. [Sno, Mauja & co.]

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Irritation rolls off my body in waves as we walk. I have a very finite limit to my patience, and it is safe to say that Mesir has successfully pushed the envelope of what I will tolerate. My dark, blazing eyes are angry, heavy. Even the snap of my tail upon my rump screams with the passion of anger that boils underneath my chocolate brown coat. The rage of the Sun God has nothing on the rage inside of my own fierce heart.

My steps are violent, pushing down into the dried earth of the once glorious and beautiful meadow. Had I flesh to be pounding instead of dirt, you can guarantee my hooves would find no hint of a gentle touch. However, the only body I currently have with me is Sno, and she is a pleasant girl, considering her situation. With the weak ties we currently hold with the World’s Edge, I shudder to think that Mesir would really be dumb enough to pinpoint Mauja’s daughter. The whole act was practically asking him to invade our borders, take over our herd land, and definitely went against the short and callous words we shared in the desert when I assured him I had no interest in his herd or his land.


The whole ordeal was frankly going to blow up in the face of me, as the head of the Dragon’s Throat. This was one reason why I was more suited to be a General than a tactful Leader. My first instinct is to yell and fight, but something tells me groveling with kind words would work better in this horrible situation. I would not kneel to Mauja, but I would offer an apology for the stupidity of my herd mate, one of the Order of the Sun goons who would not even stand up and fight during our invasion of their home. There was so little resistance, they might as well have rolled out a “Welcome Home” mat for us. I could not trust her to defend my home and my family, so I certainly would not let her actions cause turmoil between the herds of the Edge and the Throat.

Practically fuming with smoke from my nose, I continued to walk, crossing the river with ease, after its life had been sucked out by the summer, and waited for Sno to make it across. Oh, yes, and I also abhor walking.

What a day.

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The little snow filly did not like being out in the middle of a meadow during the day, but she had to admit it was better than being in the desert that was supposed to be the Dragon's Throat. She'd much rather be at home hiding in the comfortable darkness of their forest. At least the winged mare was taking her home instead of letting her melt into a Snö puddle. The girl remained silent as she looked over at the pegasus to see if her attitude had changed.


Snö sighed and continued walking, lingering long enough at times to grab a bite of the wilted grass. She hoped they were getting close to her home. She almost asked if they were close, but the violent way the mare was stomping on the ground made the words die in her throat. Hopefully her dad would arrive soon. Maybe he'd already left the Edge to go and get her.

She hoped.

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there's ice in my veins and blood on the floor

How does one explain the feeling of knowing one's treasured child is elsewhere, subjected to Moon knows what? How does one explain the guilt which infested one's gut at not having been there to stop it from happening? How does one explain the intense rage which smoldered in one's soul, the desire to simply let out a roar and watch the world flatten to its strength and combust in its wake?

To sum it up, Mauja was one angry parent. He'd not been neglectful in caring for his daughter, but he had had no desire to hawk over her shoulder anyway. Ironic, how the words of Smoke haunted him - as she told him of Nyra and how she'd kidnapped a child, trying to hold it ransom for an invasion, presuming he had no clue of what she spoke. And now, the tables were turned. Someone else had kidnapped his daughter, but... Something about it just felt terribly off. Some green-roaned pegasus shitheel had once staged an ambush on the King himself, and later some landrat bitch had tried it, too. Unsuccessful they had been, and he'd been able to fend them off. He'd been counting the offenses in his head. One more and Kri will hear from me he'd told himself. How bitterly that when the third time came, they were successful - and, of all things precious, they'd taken his daughter. Of all the stupid moves they could make, they'd made this one. And of all the cowardly things, they'd taken a defenseless child, snatching her up and forcing her far from home. Mauja growled where he walked, frosty hooves smashing into the dry meadow with each step he took. Behind him, a retinue of angry Edgers came, and by his side, faithful as always, walked Monster.

But beneath the terrible heat of his rage, lay guilt - guilt, that he'd let it happen, that he'd not been there to protect her, and save her. Guilt, that he'd let some skyrat bitches steal his daughter... In so many ways, he had failed her, let her down. Another growl escaped him; walking was slow, but should it come to blows, he did not want him and his warrior blown from a mad run across half of Helovia. Mauja felt like melting, but from the sun's heat of the fire in his own soul, he had no clue.

Specks on the horizon. A wind stirring the dry grass.

A flash of white beside the dark brown, a scent that made him want to weep tears of joy.

He let out a thundering bellow, and broke into a ground-shaking canter. What on earth where they doing out here? Was Kri going to take his daughter up to some ledge somewhere and kick her off, a sacrifice to some heathen god? Or what? So caught up in his thoughts, he nearly forgot about Monster - mid-stride he remembered, and for some reason switched lead as he swung his head around. "No drip drop," he told his pet. It might very well come down to it, should Kri be an asshole, but he didn't want to risk Snö getting caught up in something violent. Despite the incident with Smoke, it didn't cross Mauja's mind to tell him not to court Kri either - after all, they had no word for it.

Mauja slid to a stop in front of them, his entire expression some fairly unreadable mixture of pure rage, confusion, and relief. Snö was unharmed, at least her skin was unbroken and she had no limp while walking. "Snö!" he cried out happily, before switching his gaze to Kri. She looked more pissed off than usual, but if it was just because he was here or because of something else, he couldn't tell. "Kri." That was a lot more cool in tone, but his emotions were sort of haywire still. "What is the meaning of this?" He wanted to hiss - some part of him had been ready to scream things about skyrats too - but just seeing Snö made him go sort of cracked in the head. If this was his Achilles heel, he'd just shouted it out to the whole damn world. Tail flicking, he tried to school his face into something more neutral, but figments of his emotions kept leaking out through the cracks in his armor.

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Family. Friends. The black beast hadn’t had a clue what it really meant, the only thing he had been taught was that the smell of the World’s Edge was a signal of “no drip drop”. But now, when he had seen the wrath of Master, his pacing, self-loathing and agony Monster understood a little bit more. As the days in his new herdland came and passed the black stallion had changed from a robot into more of a living creature and it had seemingly pained him to behold his Master’s plight. At first the Monster hadn’t known why Mauja was so upset, but then he had noticed the absence of the little ice-girl and extraordinary enough, pieces had fallen into place for him.

Now Master’s feelings had rubbed off on the Monster and he was as much a ball of fury as the pale stallion walking half a stride ahead of him. The black unicorn bore his head high and he moved around like a race horse - ready to throw himself onto the course. And there she was - the goal. Snö was escorted by a winged mare whose scent the black beast didn’t seem to find pleasant at all. He was too caught up in his master’s anger to even notice that the pegasus was a mare, and maybe he didn’t even prefer pegasi.

The Monster became visibly disappointed at the “no drip drop” command, but he fell back with a feral snarl on his abnormally wide mouth. His muscles rippled under his dirty skin and his eyes glowed red and yellow. The whole body of the beast screamed for the blood of the pegasus and his face begged to be released. He half sat on his haunches, ears pinned back and eyes rolling.

Some weeks ago the Monster had just been a mindless robot under the control of Mauja, but now he’d learned loyalty and his loyalty was extended to all members of the Wold’s Edge. But it was doubtful if he would ever take orders from anybody else but the snow beast who took him in and created a home for the stray, rabid dog. He may feel loyalty towards the Edge, but towards Mauja and his kin he felt something more, even though to call it love would be to read more feelings into the creature than he was capable of.

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The world turns and twists in a series of revolutions, from the benevolent sonnets of whimsical bards, the weary, tired ramblings of a war-torn soldier, the wicked decadence of a scathing, Machiavellian balladeer, to the insurgent schemes of a specious, forbidding villain. Irony distorted, becoming another reeling motion in the sanguine sides of recovery and convalescence – for just when the breath of relief had settled into their veins, a ghostly, wraithlike snare had entangled its fingers into their roots. How much more are we doomed to endure? How many times shall we be teased by salvation, only to have it ripped from our hands? Beneath the divine heavens and above the nefarious threshold, the specter yearned, coveted, and stole, inveigling cords wrapped around a precious child. Taken: from shelter, from safety, from love. How does one feel when everything they’ve had is threatened and withdrawn, extracted from their hearts? How does a child lament when their cherished, beloved sanctuary is discarded, when their palisade is cracked, ruined, and mayhem, crawling into their sights, set nothing against the horizon but the blemish of a depraved promise and sullied conviction? How does a herd recover from a consuming loss, from the bewildering erosion of a revered creature? Ah, but she knew the answer to that muddled query.

They unite.

She came with the moving beasts, the aching wrath that presaged with a consuming, fortuitous throng, dissolving and reawakening with each step, linked and fused by a common, overwhelming force of guilt, remorse, and vexation. She truly didn’t know what to feel – a spurned edge towards another party for absconding a token that wasn’t theirs? Regret for not being able to cease the horrific transaction? Sadness for the child that couldn’t fight back, for the weariness and grief of the father? So Lena is quieted by the alterations, a hushed radiance that doesn’t dare to bloom in these muted segments, where thoughts cannot be expressed for fear of losing control, where the searing, seething dread of what could culminate awakens, beating against a once steady heart. Her movements are soft, silken webs overshadowed and swallowed by fellow, swarming creatures; motions are not tremulous, echoing paces that seek to intimidate or terrorize, but petal contortions, refined, diplomatic junctures aimed at support, comfort, consolation and solace. Others offered power, absolution, she provided finesse, discretion. Drawn against stalwart companions, she remained resolute, persevering and tenacious, cranium raised against the distortions of the haven, witnessing, watching each fluid moment. The Pegasus leader, the scion, and their leader, the cool, cold poignancy that resonates without mellifluous candor, spun into hisses and silence. She drew her body behind the monarch and frothing monster, but mustered her stare, warmed only to the individual, upon Snö, if only to extend a reassuring whim in the perils of anarchy. You’ll be safe soon.

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"I don't hate the darkness. It was in the darkness.. That I was raised."

The Doctor had never met the little Princess Sno but had raced after his King once he had found out she was missing. It was no small distance through the trees and streams, finally emerging into the Meadow. A mass of purple suddenly flooding his vision as his soot smeared legs powered on forwards, there was a certain venom to the way each cracked hoof hammered the ground. Folds of thick black mane flicked back and forth as the large steed angrily made his way towards the gathering group around the winged leader Kri and the King's daughter. Dust flicked up from his abrupt halt and air pumped out in short bursts from flaring nostrils. The stallion had halted right up alongside the King and his pet, pausing to note the mare who he hadn't met before. The herd was growing quicker than he first thought. The Doctor turned his attention back to the party before him, eyes burning into the Throat leader. This is what happens when you have a mare in charge the disturbed dirt and thistle began to settle again. The red brute didn't.

"The Throat seems to be getting a little bold!" His gruff voice sounded out through gritted teeth, trying to hold his sanity in tact to be of use to his comrades. It was a hard battle to fight. He remembered the last time he'd seen the Throat Leader, along with its infuriating General. That day he had lost his cool under the strain of the heat as well as his own blind anger. It was that same anger he was fighting against now, if he let himself go there would be no stopping him. The steed was suddenly rather glad for the back up of his other herd mates. A reason for him to stay sane. Still the nostrils flared and awaited the explanation of Kri.

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Word of the abduction reached Cineviam not long before the king decided to set out after his daughter and her captor. He could always stay behind and help protect the territory and those that remained within but seeing only a handful of individuals at Mauja’s side, he decided to increase their number by one. Like the Doctor, the ash stallion had not had the pleasure of meeting the princess. Her name engendered thoughts of a delicate crystalline figure – a filly sculpted of ice – when he wasn’t envisioning her as a miniature Mauja.

Snö needed to return home.

Not only to ease the mind of her father but every day that she remained a prisoner, the less The World’s Edge would command respect in Helovia. If the kidnapping acted as a catalyst to strike a war between The World’s Edge and Dragon’s Throat, then it would be important to present a strong front to the enemy. Despite how the thoughts of warfare spiked his blood, Cineviam hoped that in this special situation, matters would be resolved peacefully. Hairline fractures spider webbed across the Frosthearts glacial façade, leaving the cinderbeast uncertain of how the leader would fare if things did not go smoothly.

Under a hard blue sky and glaring sun they marched through Thistle Meadow in the direction of Dragon’s Throat. A breeze picked up, fanning through the tall grass, which streamed like waves of golden fire along the gentle slopes. It piggybacked two strong scents straight to them. One of which he thought familiar, which Mauja’s blasted roar confirmed his suspicions that it belonged to Snö. Cineviam suddenly fell several lengths behind his companions when the king led a charge straight for the pair on the horizon. Less emotionally involved, his brain immediately made the jump to trap. His crimson eyes scanned the surroundings warily. Thistle Meadow was far too open to hide a large host from view, but a well-placed few could be hidden in the dips and knolls of the land. So he took it upon himself to investigate those in question and made sure no one would be falling upon their flanks and cutting off their retreat.

It didn’t take him long but he missed what Mauja and d’Atagan had said. He hoped nothing vital had been exchanged yet as he slowed to a stately walk behind his herd members and finally halted off to one side for a better view. “Is it only you?” he asked Kri curiously, his tone one might use when greeting a stranger at the threshold. He saw no reason to be hostile yet, but Cineviam thoroughly disliked surprises.
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Descaro raced after d'Artagnan soon after being told of Sno's abduction. The burly dark steed hadn't come face to face with the pegasus of the Throat until this day. Scents of others began to surround him, his herd mates were running to aid their Princess too. This was going to be an interesting day to say the least. It was a steady trek across from the Edge to the Throat, at first that was where Descaro thought they were going. Hooves struck the floor hard, eating up the ground quickly until he finally reached the Thistle Meadow. To his own surprise the small party of horses had come to a stop here, it seemed they had already found Sno. Descaro snorted in slight annoyance that he wasn't going to see the Throat lands but continued on to join the band of horses.

Kri seemed to be surrounded and the warrior frowned disapprovingly at her but said nothing. Thoughts turned to wonder why on earth the mare even began to think she could get away with it, but to find them both here in the Meadow was off to say the least. Unlucky for them, the band of Edge horses had got there first. Maybe they'd chickened out and decided to give her back. Or maybe it was generally a mistake. Or was this a trap? The warrior heightened his guard just in case there were any others lurking. Especially from above. Descaro moved around the group to stand near d'Artagnan, who was making angered remarks as usual.

Still the stallion said nothing and instead waited on the excuse of the Throat leader.
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They arrived like a flock of geese following after their leader. It was quite amusing to see how so many showed up, but I quickly realized that my hostility would like endanger my life, and so I remained neutral. The tension in my body resided heavily in the burning flames of my eyes, anger still apparent even as I loosened myself as to not appear threatening. Sno, after all, was moving freely on her own. I stand still beside her, though I imagine as soon as she catches sight of her father she'll rush to her side, and I have no reason to stop her.

I had taken time out of my own day to personally escort the filly by foot to her father. Thankfully he had met me half way.

To say that the Ice King was on fire was a father astute assessment. I simply gaze at him with heated eyes, not bothering to nod to him or anything. After all, he had what looked like a rabid dog attached to a leash - were it not for the horn I would have thought that the bastard had gotten himself a pet. From the looks of it, maybe this unicorn was still his pet. The other unicorn that came with them was a mare, who remained quiet and awaited her answer. Kri let her gaze slide back to the King, my voice short and clipping as I spoke.

"I am escorting your child home personally," I say calmly, not really wanting to fight this stallion while being outnumbered, even before the rest of the jolly bunch appeared. "I wanted to assure no harm came to her." It was all going rather well, I have to say, until the idiot doctor made his entrance, fuming, almost as if he were about to spit on me.

My eyes turn icily cold even as my muscles begin to tighten underneath my skin, neck snapping toward the direction of the bay, my teeth snapping on the air even as it begins to swirl around my body once more. The feathers of my wings rested neatly on my back begin to quake and stir, and my blonde mane whips angrily on my neck. "No one was asking for your opinion, Doctor," I say harshly, my eyes glowering over at him with distaste.

Another unicorn, who had appeared sometime during my momentary bark at d'Artagnan, spoke up with cunning words that hit my ears like bullets. He was trying to assess whether or not she was alone. Quite obviously, the Leader of the Throat was standing alone in a field surrounded by unicorns. Her only lifeline was the fact that the precious daughter of the Edge had been returned without a scratch. "Yes," I say, my words strong and confident even as I give this creature a neutral gaze. "I have come alone to answer for my herdmate's foolishness."

"Mesir and those involved in the abduction acted without my consent. My ignorance alone prevented me from seeing their plans, but I will be more vigilant of the culprits in the future." I take a pause, directing my gaze back toward Mauja. "I hope you will offer your forgiveness to my herd on this occasion, Mauja. I meant what I said when we first met - I do not wish for trouble with the Edge."

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