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The winds blew in from the west, bringing the tides closer to the shore. Moonlight sparkled on the water, shimmering in a magical way. Though the air was cold, it was not bitter, and a whale's lament hummed from the deep of the ocean. A lone piece of drift wood rushed in from the back of the waves, bobbing here and there before finally getting stuck in the sand. Sitting on this raft was a small, tiny little egg, perhaps the size of a hoof.

It was easily mistakable as a large barnacle or something from the ocean, but it glowed like a beautiful pearl. And, it was sitting, all alone and waiting to be found.

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'This town..' Des thought with a mental grumble. Folks always scurry'n this way and that, never really gettin' anything done. He had tried to step in a few times - help them out an' all - but it had never really stuck. Maybe this Helovia wasn't the stop for him. Even so, Des wasn't a quitter. He'd do his time here, make sure that he'd done what he was sent to do and then...if nothing bade him stay, he'd pack it up, and disappear into the wind.

Today however, was not a day to work. Today was a day to get some of the grime and dust off'a his coat.

Sauntering with his casual gait, the skinny mustang made his way towards the water. The sand was hot upon his hooves, but he didn't mind that much, they'd be cooled off just as soon as his hooves hit the surf. The thick tangle of hair that trailed down his spine shivered in anticipation, as the dusty seal-bay entered the waters. With a sigh of obvious pleasure, he sloshed his way in up to his belly, allowing his legs to acclimatize to the chill. Just as he was about to fully wade in, a piece of driftwood scooted by, almost knocking right into him. Dancing out of the way, Des's green gaze followed the wood curiously, noting something particularly shiny upon it.

Mayhap a diamond, like from that mine.' He thought, following the wood to where it came to rest upon the shore. But it wasn't a diamond - not near shiny enough. Whatever it was, it seemed solid enough, and was glowing to boot.

"Huh." he grunted, raising his head to peer around, but seeing no one. "What in the hell are you?" He inquired, pulling his body from the waves and striding onto the beach. His tan muzzle lowered towards the small sphere, snorting and sniffing to try and decipher its purpose. Lowering his head further, he cocked an ear next to it, to see if it was making any noise.

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Ricochet wasn’t certain when he had begun hanging about the west shoreline, but he had. There was a certain peaceful air to it, with the hushed whisper of waves sliding over sand and grit, the ripe stench of salt and brine, the lingering scent of decay as kelp rotted. In his opinion, the nights were the best, where the moonlight danced on the water and the starlight washed the beaches silver, turning the world into elegant shades of black and white, steel and gray.

At his side, matching him step-for-step, moved Guns, an oily ebon shadow with a ruff of cream, brown eyes turned black. Wet grit clung stubbornly to the dog’s short legs, and mud clotted beneath the stubby toes. His ears were pricked in the direction of the ocean, maybe listening to some subtle song beyond the Incendiary’s hearing range, leathery, wet black nose twitching curiously. Since the incident with the pegasus girl and her hellhound companion, their nights had been exceptionally quiet, the only sound the crunch of washed-up seashells and seaweed beneath their feet and the steady rasp of their breathing.

The Incendiary’s ears flicked forwards, as his teal eyes plucked out a figure painted in gilded gray ahead, a slender equine who was familiar but faintly, standing in the freezing black waves. A shiver crept down his striped spine, and the stallion lengthened his stride, yet never moved quicker. The wind tousled his mane, riffled through Guns’ fur, and it chilled him to the bone, a reminder that winter was not far.

Above the moon shone, fat, round, and tinged faintly with orange; and on the shore, something glittered bright and pale.

Guns rumbled softly in his chest, a quiet warning, and Ricochet snorted in acknowledgement. The dog slipped comfortably back into his silence as they walked, coming closer to the stallion and the strange glint of color in the wet sand. As they came closer, the Incendiary’s teal eyes widened in mild surprise, for the delicate little pearl nestled in the dirt was perfectly round, and it looked perfectly like an egg.

A hoof kicked a bit of sand over it, and Ricochet glanced upwards cautiously, recognizing the peculiar stallion in front of him. It was a stallion covered in scars, and with- yes, there it was- that long thick mane which continued down that sinuous spine, and he mumbled something in that drawl of his. “I think it’s an egg,” the Incendiary said indecisively.

Long ago, he would have been all over it in defensive excitement, in case it were a dragon egg, but now all he could feel was a memory of blistering and consuming pain devouring his face.
So he watched and he waited.

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It was not the first time I had observed the frolicking of whales from the cliffside. Their songs were strangely draconic; deep, mournful, musical, and seemed to travel great distances through the ocean, to crash upon the land, where I felt its vibrations travel up through my slender limbs and stroke the very beating of my heart. That the beasts were so large, so grand and graceful, so powerful, lords of the sea - like dragons are lords of the sky - I think, made them so appealing to me. Sometimes I wished to be able to reply, to communicate with them, to express my admiration. But all I can do is stand, and watch, and listen. I feel the meaning of their songs, more than anything else.

Sam and Nyth keep me company, but only for so long. Soon, they fade, and I am left in peace, with nothing but the song of the whales humming in my soul, and the crashing of the ocean pounding at the borders of my home. I spread my wings, and on a whim, a windy and whimsical breeze, I flew from the cliff, mane and tail whipping, golden eyes and scales gleaming brightly in the muted light of the Moon's night.

Driftwood drifted along the shoreline, and I wondered, what was driftwood? Where did it come from? Was it something else before it became waste, junk, lost? Another soul wanders the beach. I sing to him as I fly by, my voice a curious mix of dragon and equine songs. His attention is focussed upon the wood, and so mine too is drawn to the shallows. A curious object rests amongst it, and with a gasp, I hastily make to land in the knee deep waters, spraying the saline liquid in a wave that evolves into thousands of ripples. Folding my wings down, I nicker, mostly an equine sound now, a greeting to the others present.

"It is an egg." I murmur, quietly, confidently. I know that much, I have seen Akaith's nests, but this one was different - I wasn't entirely sure what could be hiding within it. I look curiously at it, and to the other steed present, wondering what would be done next.

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Here she was again, finding youthful bones drawn towards the sea and the salt that coated the air in her lungs. Each step got a spring to it. This place brought her to life, and with cold to snake fingers upon the nights once more, she had been prepared to mark her first year upon a list of things conquered. During that year, she got what was needed to morph her to a current statue of a teenager more than eager to be an adult. She longed for freedom and fresh life.The sea was the one to bring that to her.
Carrying her short frame over the sands, there was the distant hints of voices. The gathering of others gathered curiosity to her mind, longing for a few words of conversation dare it fall useful and wise to a pair of ears. When she joins them, those gathered around the driftwood, she finds something she almost received recently.
"It's an egg. I pulled one out of the lake at the Grove recently, only to lose it to a companion."
The presence of the dog with the stallion brings her attention forward to him. She watches, piecing together objects that don't belong together. The males remind her of her mother, oddly, though the girl there is a different story. The other chick there made her skin crawl and her horn want to snap off. It's a thing that makes you want to pack up and haul ass Pitt.
Growling touches her ears. It settles like the wood brought about by water atop land. Automatically she gives her discomfort and sets the stallion to be the one she isn't going to like.
"Control him, why don't you? Bad masters make for bad pets." If she got lucky, then she wasn't going to treat her egg like a pet, instead would take joy in having that egg to herself.
She's greedy sometimes, though she represses, its true. One sick true fact that lands inside her as a kick in the guts.

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Seeing the little dragonling on her way out of the borders, Kaj had soared above her in concern during her travels. She was the daughter of Mirage, that much he knew, and he was uncomfortable seeing her head out so confidently from the safety of the herdlands. What was she out for? It was dark, the moon's light the only guidance they had, but her shimmering form was not hard to follow beneath the silver gossamer threads of light. The night was quiet, peaceful. Kaj hadn't felt peace, aside from random spurts of it, since the invasion. It was...nice, to be out on this adventure with his unknowing charge. It was likely she didn't even want him along, much less desire his company on any other day. Kaj loved foals, but he had a strange feeling around the dragon twins, and it disturbed him greatly. Not that he'd tell Mirage, Vikram, or the twins that. It would be locked up in his thoughts, just like everything else, and he'd keep his silence for as long as he could.

When she came across others is when he descended. It was not safe, regardless of whoever was around, for him to be in the skies when she was in a group he didn't know. Even if it meant he had to reveal that he'd been keeping watch on her- though he doubted she didn't know- he was more keen on keeping her safe than keeping her comfortable right then. The male with the bitch especially kept him on guard, and like a graceful swan he dove from the heavens to land astride her with a solid thud of connection between hoof and earth.

The waters lapped at their beaches, the group gathered around an object that shone like buttermilk in the moonlight. The young one, in a rather arrogant way to his ears- though he would not pin it on her until she revealed herself more fairly, he often wasn't best at discerning intonations- snapped at her elder to control his mutt. "Young one, you do not know the strength of companions. His bonded is likely communicating in the only way he or she knows how, as companions can mentally communicate, but can only make the noises of their species." It is calmly spoken, not really a reprimand rather than an observation. It wasn't his place to reprimand her after all, she was so young, but she clearly had someone watching over her if she was living life with that familiar desert scent on her coat. Crystalline blues turned to Amaris.

"Missus, I apologize for following you, I only wanted your safety." He admits to it truthfully, and once he is done speaking softly to her he stands back, not moving from the respectful distance at her side he holds, but not crowding her either. She was a babe no longer, after all. There is much muttering over the egg, for it's decided that surely that's what it must be, and Kaj doesn't know what else to say. He isn't one for advice where it isn't asked for.


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- Arah -
The beach was beautiful at this time of year, the pregnant beauty wondered forward, her hooves sinking into the sand. The mare was still in the early terms of pregnancy, and fortunately not many were able to tell of her condition. The larger she got however...well Arah wouldn't be so willing to stray from the Basin. The last thing she wanted was to risk the little soul that grew within her now. Straying closer to the water, golden eyes looked over into the distance. There she was a few rather...random collection of horses. None seemed to actually know each other, but they were all interested in the same thing. Some were winged, others were horned and others had none, still the mare approached, her steps slow and cautious. Moving closer to the group, Arah caught a glimpse of what the others were all fixated on. A pearl coloured rock was resting among the driftwood, it looked far too pretty to be there. It also had a smilier look as the egg she recently found in The Grove. Moving to stand near a winged stallion Arah looked down upon the egg, it beauty already drawing her closer. So many times she had failed in accruing an egg, but maybe today it would be her turn. Maybe today she would leave with her own companion.

"The companion chooses whom they want to be bonded with. We are merely spectators, we get to witness an incredible magic that we may never understand." Arah had only caught the end snippet of the conversation, but still the white doe felt the need to add her knowledge. As usual her voice was as soft and patient, understanding that when one was young, they had a habit of speaking without truly knowing what they were saying. "Watch carefully little one, soon we will know whose life is about to change." She hears a few other whispered words that were not for her ears, Arah does her best to ignore them. Still her interest was peaked, her golden orbs drifted to the apparently important youngin that had her own protecter. The soon to be mother only looked for a short while, perhaps it was her new mothering instincts, but the mare wanted to make sure that the young one was indeed okay. The egg quickly called her attention back to it, perhaps because she had missed out so many other times Arah was desperate to find her destined bonded and was imagining the call. Still after loosing three other eggs from under your nose...well it got a little more difficult saying goodbye each time that she wasn't the chosen one.

"Soon." A whispered promise.

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there's always a spark before a storm

She was back to wandering down the mystical coast that was called the Endless Blue. She couldn't believe the vastness of the sea, and not far off equine, pegasus and the uny-corns were all around.

With the curiosity of a cat, Micha trotted over. The sand flinging gently from her rather grown body. She was almost at the age of two, but still stood to the outskirts, afraid to have to come into contact with a vicious horse or someone from Sinac. That would kill her rather good mood right now.

Peering around the crowd she could see the egg. It was sitting gently on a raft and all the people around it were talking about it. Was this the thing Africa was talking about? She had to try for this then. She wanted a true friend, one that would never leave her alone like so many others.

Moving to the back, she looked at the others present. There were a pair of equine that seemed to arrive first, A rather odd looking horse was closer to the front with them, then two more normal looking unicorns and a pegasus. In fear she took another step back. She wanted this though, and her growing frame shook with the excitement of the possibilities.

She thought of the joining and mystery of what would pop from the shell. What would be so tethered to her soul and to love her so deeply. It was an impact she could still only imagine. Thinking back to Silas, she knew she wanted this. No matter the cost. She needed it.

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Overhead the moon shone bright illuminating much of the coast for all to see its beauty. The many different blues blended together to create complete serenity with only the occasional hum from passing whales or the splashes of dolphins having some fun. The stallion had wandered towards the open ocean seeking solace and the peaceful atmosphere to let his mind wander wherever it may seek. By his side padded a tiny spirit cub named Merou, gifted to him for the remainder of this season by one of the wise creatures of the land. It was a gift of a lifetime that he was extremely grateful for but still there was a lingering sadness as he knew all too soon the cub would move on to whatever purpose it had next. Upon the cubs departure he knew times would be tough once again as the loneliness would once again consume him.

"You need not worry so much about your course in this world. Things will work themselves out in time." Turning his silver eyes to Merou with surprise he wondered at times if the cub could in fact hear his thoughts or was his feelings just written across his face. " You are right things will work out, its silly for me to think otherwise I apologize." He commented quietly in response lowering his head towards the cub in appreciation for his presence and his guiding words. In the short time that they had been able to spend getting to know each other he felt as if the hole in his heart was filled for the time being. The pair of them could not communicate silently as a bonded pair could but he still felt grateful for the chance to be happy even if it is only for a short time.

The figures of other equine appeared further up the beach apparently preoccupied with something within the sand. Could something have washed up on the beach? Motioning in the direction of the others his gaze returned once again to Merou wondering what he thought. A smile caught his lips as the cub nodded with a toothy grin of his own granting his approval to check things out. Breaking into a trot to close the difference he slowed only as the pearl like egg appeared between the others. Having caught the others brief discussion about what it was he calmly approached the group offering a polite nod to those who noticed. While the others talked he curiously lowered his muzzle towards the egg giving himself a better view up close of the small egg. Merou had followed his path but chosen to sit perched upon a rock a little ways from them all to give them space.

After a minute Merou wandered up to where he now stood near the others surrounding the raft to make his own observations. "It sure would be nice if one of the hatchlings ever decided I was worthy enough." He whispered in wonder as he lowered his head again to Merou who sat between his front hooves curled up contently. "Patience my friend, time will only tell who this youngling will chose."

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After my trip to the Deep Forest, I traveled on to the Endless Blue. Something about the waters was calming. However my attention was quickly grabbed by a small gathering. The crowd was mixed, my cousin already has arrived as has one of the WingLeaders. My curiousity was getting the better of me as I picked up my pace to see what was going on. After all, gatherings like this were either for deaths or something that gave a companion or magic.

Ever since I was a tiny newborn, I had marveled over the dragon companions. Granted I also loved my big brother Aaron's hellhound.... and that strange creature that had cast so much light in the dark.... But a dragon had always been what I wanted. I longed to be like my Daddy, with a beautiful dragon at my side. I did not care the color, as I found them all beautiful. I moved to the other side of Amaris.... Funny, she had been with me when Daddy and Kiba had been discovered.... I suddenly spoke softly, a tone of wonder in my voice. "I wonder who will chooen..." So many times, I had been looked over... Was it because of my size? Or my age? Well I was growing older now.... Maybe this time I would be choosen... My light green eyes look to those around me. One of us was sure to be picked, I could only hope for someone from the Edge... Or maybe even me...



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An outcast I may be now, but I still knew the sound and smell of my twin near by. The Endless Blue had been the perfect place to come after leaving the Edge. It was so much warmer here than there.... The wind cut across a bit harsher than the Edge, unless you were at the cliffs.... Anyway. I slowly stood, listening to the beat of my sister's hooves in the sand... She was not alone however.... What was drawing such a crowd? I moved forward, ears listening and keeping track of my sister. After all I wanted to end up near here, who knew when we would be close again. We did not see eye to eye on my leaving... So to speak... Hard to see at all when you are blind....

I moved to her side, smelling two others from the Edge close as well. The speak of others alerted me to the goings on..... A companion? Was it one that flew like Dad's had been? Or was it one that could run like Aaron's? Either way I did not care. I just did not want to be alone in the world... Family was great, but I wanted one that was bonded to me.... and to me alone... Another than could cheer me up when I was down like Alanna did for Aaron.... It was lonely out here, and I was not about to admit I had been wrong to leave... I would find others to hang with soon enough.... But I wouldn't mind a personal friend along the way.

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Azale Moniet

Oh how good it felt to be rid of that awful quest! Better yet, the evil bitch's brother had answered my return instead of her. He had seemed much kinder than she, even bestowed a gift... Though I am not sure how much of a gift it really is... Either way, it was time to relax... Wait, is that Sakura? Oh and Takara? Well well what's this gathering down here?

I had ended up in the Endless Blue somehow... It did make some sense as I had been thinking of going to visit the Throat. The Edge was just to cold for me. One of these days I wanted to live in the Throat, but for now I would stay at home. Things had been in an unheaval since Takara had left for the wilds... I couldn't just up and leave my little sister and big brother now.... Dang little girl.

Carefully I landed on the sandy beach, I was finally getting used to landing and it had become much easier. I strode confidently forward, standing close to my little sisters.... Wow, when had they become so tall? They were really growing up... Maybe I could leave and be my own self, they really didn't need me...

It was then I focused on what everyone else was looking at... What was that strange glow? Could it be a companion? Oh that would make my day amazing... My magic and a companion all in the same day? Oh I could only hope!
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Evers had said he would send Rita for them to meet.

He still hadn't.

Irrydae was embarrassed - to put it lightly - of her reaction and behavior in the Threshold. So I guess that's how I would react, she thought. It was so unlike her, and she was glad at least one of them did not know her, but Locket did. And now, that's probably all he saw when her name was brought up.

Her head hangs low, wings outstretched as the soft whistle of the wind rushes over her. Her tail floats carelessly behind her, northern lights left in a stream from the tips of her wings, the bright colors lighting up and dancing in the night sky. Stars twinkle all above her, and she lets herself get lost in their depths. Despite the subtle ache in her wings, Irrydae continues on, lost in her thoughts.

So she fled, embarrassment conquering her figure and forcing her away from them all.

Because of Evers, again.

The moon shone brightly upon her back, turning the deep reich purple into a dulled silvery lavender hue. The sound of waves slapping the shore reached into her mind and brought her attention back. Slowly, the mare lowered herself to the ground and landed with a soft thud. Hooves dig into the ground, bringing herself towards the group of others, hushed voices falling over whatever they were surrounding.

Irrydae pauses, deciding to stay back a little bit. She peers around who she recognizes to be Arah and is enraptured by the soft glow of what they were saying was an egg. Her heart flutters lightly and her form relaxes, the glow soothing her.

For now, she decided to stay back. If she had learned anything, sometimes you just have to let the egg decide.


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Abraham moved swiftly, his strong legs pushing him forward at a trot. The salty air brushed his face and twisted his hair, filling his lungs with young exuberance. He found the beat on his way to search for Reginald, for his twin had drifted off some days ago and the blackened colt was beginning to wonder if he had gotten himself in deep shit--now, certainly Reggie would not cause trouble without him! They were brothers, bonded by blood and womb, sons of the great warriors Circe and Archibald the Dauntless, and together only would they set the world on fire!

He had never been to this part of Helovia before, but his black and white hooves went on fearlessly. His baby feathers danced in the salty air and his ears flickered. There was something about this place that he liked--be it the rushing waters that crashed against the shores or the cracking birds above, he did not know. He just knew, like the other places he had visited in his life as of late, he belonged here. Abraham was born for Helovia, and Helovia for him--and for Reginald. "REG! Where are you!?" The colt called out into the distance, watching carefully as figures danced on the peak of his vision. Clambering into a very foal-like canter, Abraham kicked up sand behind him and busted for what the group seemed to be gathering at. He hoped it was not his brother's dead body. The Hellion son swallowed hard.

Skidding to an ungraceful stop, Abraham looked at the crowd already gathered with wide, mismatched eyes. They all seemed to be looking out at one object, and it pulled the youngster's eyes. It was an egg--he had seen them in the nests him and Reginald had fell from trees to help feed Loretta--but it seemed different. Something about it instantly captured the heart of the dark prince and his jaw fell open in wonder. The other horses' words fell to deaf ears, though none were spoken directly at him, as the jewel on yonder called out to him.

I need it. It will belong to me.

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I have no clue why I'm here, maybe just so in case I start a fire, I can put it out quickly?

Nah, I'd let it burn.

Soaring through the windy skies, I'm feeling awfully lonely. I have no one to fly with, for Mother and Azarel have no wings, and father... He wasn't here. He wasn't dead, Gods no, he was just... lost? No, absent? Yeah, absent. He left a hole in the family, and I come to realize something. He hasn't been there for much in his children's lives. I frown, sighing as I soar above the Endless Blue. It was such an empty plain of blue, a vast expanse of swirling water that would swallow one whole. But not me, because I had wings to keep me away from such dangers.

I set foot in the cold, bone white sand. As I walk, a solemn tune is hummed from the throat of a sea animal, its deepened voice signs of its massive size. Its hummed melody echoes through my ears, making me want to hum along with it. Something felt, different about this one Orangemoon night. It was like one of the God's decided to blow their nose all over the beach, leaving the aura of magic in every nook and cranny. I didn't bother to pay attention to the faint whispers until they became a deafening roar.

A small colt screams while others murmur, mentioning some egg. Flicking back my ears in an irritated manner, I advance on the crowd, darting through to find a suitable place for myself. There it was, an egg nestled atop a piece of beat up wood. My ears shoot upward, the noises the gathered make simply fade away as I gaze into the endless depths and ideas.

A companion.

I could have one like Mother, but because this one was in an egg, would it have wings? If it did, we could fly together over open skies. I would never be alone because my companion would always be there beside me with every step of the way. A cringe of joy and panic sounded in my gut. What if you don't get the companion, hmm? Would you burn down a land in pure rage or would you steal it from the rightful owner? What would you do? I huff in discontent. I didn't know what I would do if I watched someone else walk away with the egg. If it was a little foal, sure I'd rough him or her up a bit to get it, I just wouldn't tell anyone. I mean, guilty pleasures right? My rubies are fixated on the little glowing egg, and I examine it closer.

It's so small.

Too small, in fact. Whatever is in there must be really cramped or reaaaaallly tiny. I take a small step forward, hesitant for fear one of the grumpy adults might bite my face. I open my lips to add my own little remark, my words sliding out with ease. "How will we know who it belongs to?" I glance up at the night sky as though expecting a name to shimmer into existence, that or a big arrow that says, "this guy gets it." I snicker at my silly little thoughts, trying to imagine the all mighty deities pointing a big, starry sign at a horse reading, "congrats, you've won an egg. You're now stuck with it for the rest of your life, have fun." Oh my humor works in odd ways.

"These soldiers are not here to kill you; They're here to protect you."
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A strange, bizarre creature suddenly popped his head from up underneath the drift wood, revealing a pair of big, round blue eyes that blinked curiously. It's skin was smooth and porous like that of a whale, and flippers clapped against its sides like little hands. The creature climbed atop the driftwood with a bounce, revealing its full, round figure. He was pale, with a dark blue back and a little, flipping tail. The feet on which he stood were webbed like a penguin but of a bright blue color.

All in all, it looked like a beached whale with penguin feet.

And it was very disturbing and yet somehow adorably cute.

As it looked around at all of the strange, LONG faces. SUCH LONG FACES. With weird eyes that were really far apart... and big nostrils... and long legs... and... just...

OH! These were unicorns and the equid races! Wow, how far had he come from home? Carefully, he grasped the shiny, little orb and held it against his side, rubbing it carefully. He had kept it very safe for a long way, and he would make sure that it went into the right hands, just as THEY told him. See? He was good. He would do a good job.

"Me had task to protect egg," he said with a sage nod, looking around. "Me choose egg protector now, so I go home."

The little creature pointed to what looked to be a unicorn with one twisted and one straight horn, a little creature, still a baby. He had two different colored eyes, but something in his heart was good.

"You. You shall be new egg protector. Come come. I show you how!"

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The young colt was mesmerized by the shining orb, they way it was perched on the driftwood. It seemed so strong, yet so fragile all in one essence. Dark brows laced themselves together upon his head as he took tentative steps forward, lowering his muzzle to sniff, sniff, sniff at the oddity. It seemed as if all of the other bodies around him had faded into the distance, sands lost to time, his mind completely clouded by the desire to have this small jem in his possession. What are you?

Suddenly, another odd creature popped up. Abraham's head shot up excitedly, taken off guard as his focus pulled from the egg to the new thing. Abraham did not feel the fear he felt that day in the frozen land, with his twin and the blue filly. Confusion clogged his young mind, but he took another step forward on lightly feathered hooves. He tilted his horns towards the creature curiously, the glint of desire still shining in his mismatched eyes.

"What do I do now?" The words slipped from Abraham's dark lips before he could close his jaws to stop them. The creature had fulfilled his wishes, truly, because the oddly finned creature was granting the egg to him. "What even is inside?" Abraham asked, looking at the egg that rested in the grasp of the whale-creature. Abraham shifted his weight nervously, nostrils flaring.

In the back of his mind he became eerily aware of the other forms around him, one by one until they became an itch down his maned neck. The dark prince's ears flicked back and forth, thoughts beginning to spew haphazardly in his brain like misfired rockets. Where these other horses going to attack him? Where were his parents to protect him, Reginald to spit venom in their eyes? He felt incredibly small as he stood before them, realizing his form as the new center of attention that it most likely was, and his shoulders tensed.

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The strange creature looked up with his bright, round blue eyes and waved him along with a single flipper. With a gait that was surprisingly fast for such a bizarre thing, he waddled down along the beach and slightly more inland where rock formations and thick grasses could help provide shelter. Then, he sat down roughly on his flipper tail, webbed feet spread out.

Carefully, he set the egg down on the ground and looked up at the child.

"Me rescue from bottom of ocean," he said, nodding. "A creature lives down there; I think it be a tiny egg. Maybe a dragon!"

He nodded and started picking long, course strands of grass and leaves from pointy bushes.

"Come come! Gather leaves and me make basket. You keep egg warm this way."

With branches in hand, he began to weave a sturdy, green basket with a handle that Abraham could easily carry in his mouth.

"Now we must find cushion. Me guard egg. You find soft cushion!"

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Abraham watched as the creature moved, and the young colt took steps aside to let the oddity pass. Cocking his head and watching him for a moment, the blackened son hopped slightly and trotted after the guardian. Excitement burned bright in his chest, and the remnants of the embarrassment from being chosen as the egg's new guardian passed. The heavy draft mutt's butt wiggled slightly as he toddled behind the ocean dweller. Abraham kept in sync with the smaller creature, stopping at its side, and lowering his head to listen well.

Abraham listened and watched as the creature collected the natural items around the beach. The young colt's ears twitched as the oddity began to weave a basket. Abraham was intrigued with the ocean dweller's talent and absently wondered if his hooves could be as skillful. "I'll get something soft," Abraham muttered, mostly to himself, in response to his order. Mismatched eyes flicked around the rocky beach, and Abraham sent himself to work. As he moved along the beach he picked up several items he believed would do well for the project. He picked up stray seagull feathers, seaweed, broken parts of shells and sand dollars, and the most delicate pieces of ocean grass he could find.

Between finding each item he trotted back to the oddity, chest puffed with pride and excitement, a childish glitter in his eye as he dropped the items at the feet of the ocean dweller, waiting momentarily for the creature to place it in the basket or tell him if it was acceptable or not to use. All the while, the colt wondered what was in the egg. The oddity had said a dragon, and Abraham shook slightly with excitement and a tinge of fear. The only thing he knew about dragons were the stories the Dauntless had told him: of the burn scars on his battle-torn body, and of the scars on Loretta's muzzle. Abraham needed the power of the dragon--the ability to demolish all in a hell-fire unmatched by anything else.

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Holy water cannot help you now
Thousand armies couldn't keep me out
I don't want your money
I don't want your crown
See I've come to burn your kingdom down

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