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[OPEN] A Place To Rest My Head

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~No wealth, no ruin, no silver, no gold
Nothing satisfies me but your soul~

The bitter cold of this land that Epona could now call her home was refreshing, considering the sweltering heat of the Threshold of which she was just located. The unicorn closed her eyes against the whistling wind, a deep smile twirling up her white painted lips. The wild blast sent the mare’s banners out in a free show; her threads frolicking against the white background around her. Ice eyes slowly reopen, her gaze flitting across the horizon that played out before her. The stone mountains that grew from the frozen earth dotted out before the mare. They seemed to call to the beast. Their strength and prowess caused pride to swell in the creature’s chest. This had only been her home for a few hours and yet the mare believed it whole heartedly to be hers. And the beauty and strength of the land caused Epona to be proud, her home was the best there was. This land was the grandest of all the other herds. Surely the horses here were more substantial than all the rest, one had to be strong to survive the blessed cold that this land provided. Though the mare would never truly admit it she was happy to have a home. Happy to have somewhere that she could yield her wandering, a place to call her own. In the very back of her mind and buried deep inside her frozen heart the mare hoped that this land could give her something she had been secretly yearning for, a family. Horses that could accept her, for who she is. Horses to love her despite how monstrous she had become. Perhaps such a family, such a love, could melt her frozen heart. Perhaps it could chase away the insanity that had settled in the mare’s mind, banish the damning voices that rang through her head at every moment. That is preposterous. The mare rolled her eyes at the voices, of course they would think so. If she grew sane they would vanish, they would die. A wicked roll of laughter came from her lips at this thought. She had wished for ages to sink her teeth into the none existent flesh of those voices, make them pay for causing all of her pain. ”This madness is all of your fault.” The voices giggled at this statement, as if the mare knew not of what she was speaking.

These horses will not accept you. Epona flicked her ears around slightly, hooves drifting forward on their own accord due to the mare’s lack of attention. ”They already have.” The words were snarled out. The voices had no idea what they were saying. The coal black, snow painted, stallion had already accepted Epona into the land. Welcomed her home. ”This is my home.” But the voices did not believe. But once they know what you are, what a monster you truly are, they will banish you from this land. They will hate your very essence. They will never accept the soul that resides inside your chest. The mare snorts angrily, turning her attention away from the voices, hoping to rid their gloomy thoughts from her mind. Secretly the mare knew that they were most likely right, yet she could not allow herself to think such things. Due to the mare’s wavering attention she had not realized her closeness to the mountains that grew out in front of her. Eyes dance along their rocky stalks, trying to decipher if she could get around them or if this was the edge of her territory. The mare’s gaze settled upon a thin passageway through the mountains and decided to take this. Her lithe body wound through the rubble path, her pace light and airy; no longer weighted by the voices that had now vanished. As Epona emerged from the path her sight is blessed with the continuing beauty of her land.

The sky had darkened over her journey, it had been early morning in the Threshold; but her speaking with the coal unicorn made it fall to late mid-day. Now that she had traveled a fair length of her new home the sun had sunk even farther towards the horizon, creating the time of dusk. The sky was clouded in smoke, not quite black yet but just at the tip of the color. A few piercing stars had managed to dot the endless sky now, showing a preview for the marvelous night that was to come. From the murkiness of the sky waving colors were just on the edge of appearing, the aurora borealis that so many equines had spoken of. As eyes drift downward the beast sees that all of this was reflected upon the crystal clear lake that spread out before her. The mare’s curiosity pulled her towards the water, her pace only stalled by the strange change from snow covered earth to lush grass laden land. As Epona’s hooves reached the cool edge of the liquid she stopped, elegant neck dipping down to allow girlish lips to drink from the water. Once the mare was satisfied with this her legs once more moved, bringing her farther into the water. When the mare was far enough that the water lapped at her underbelly the girl stopped her movements. The water took up the mare’s long tail, twirling it out behind her between its frozen fingers. Epona closed her icy gaze from the world, reveling in the sweet intensely crisp feeling of the water. This land was beyond perfect and by some strange blessing of the Gods it was her home, perhaps things were beginning to look up for the mare.

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Aurora Basin Phantom atk: 7.5 | def: 10 | dam: 2.5
Stallion :: Unicorn :: 16 hh :: 8 yrs HP: 60.0 | Buff: NOVICE

An echo drew Roland across the rocky floor of the Basin, chasing the sounds of indignation and blame as they bounced off cliff and gray slate, carried by the vicious gales that tore their way over the ground and met the wall of mountains around the herd lands. He followed it warily, walking in the shadow of the cliffs as sunset descended upon the hills and dry leaves scraped against the ground. Scarce words could be made out in a voice he didn’t recognize, carrying along the tunnel of rock in a passageway, and then disappearing as he approached the flat palm of the valley. The lake was ahead, reflecting stars and an ever darkening sky across its glassy surface. Silhouetted against it was the silver form of a mare, her back turned as she made her way towards the water.

Roland drew closer with growing confusion, catching the words floating from the stranger’s lips as she walked. The stallion cast his gaze out across the featureless land, searching for a companion with whom she might be speaking, but there was no sign of anyone. Clouds were gathering overhead, dark and threatening, pressing against the atmosphere in such a way that Roland thought they might soon bring rain, or if the colour was any indication, ink to pour down upon their heads.

The sun reflected against his golden skin, turning the copper strands of his hair into vibrant gold. He stood out like a flame against the gray backdrop of mountains, an unmistakable target while the mare he sought after simply melted into the pallid, muted hues of rock and granite. Ducking his head, Roland quickened his pace over the uneven ground, and was met with silence as he neared his charge. What had she been saying, if there was no one but himself within miles with whom she could speak? Perhaps she was mad, and if so, the stallion might be better off keeping his distance. But he was stubborn, and as a talented artist of deceit and false sincerity, the distrust and apprehension smoothed from his features as he approached. She would never suspect him wary of her if he did his best to disguise his distrust.

Roland repressed a shiver as he watched the roan mare wade into the water until it swirled around her chest, barely seeming to flinch at its icy temperature. The air was cold enough for the Impersonator, and he couldn’t help but cringe as he stepped forwards to the water’s edge. “Are you conversing with the wind?” He called out, unable to help the wry smile that crept onto his features. “I’m afraid it never has anything nice to say.” Hopefully his weak attempt at a joke would be well received. He couldn’t be sure just what the woman was like, speaking to the air and willingly submersing herself in what felt to the stallion like liquid nitrogen.

I’m Roland,” he introduced himself with a curt bow of his head and a more welcoming smile, water lapping at the edges of his hooves. “Are you new to the Basin?

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