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It's been a few days now since the Open Threads link was removed, and replaced by Active Threads. Not all have noticed, and for those of you who are wondering, yes, it also coincided with the introduction of two new Thread Prefixes in all (almost) IC areas: Open, and Private. I don't think I have to explain them to you. :B
Open is selected per default, and a Prefix is required in order to post a thread.

The Active Threads listing has five tabs: Open, Unanswered, RE & Gods, Threshold, and Private. It operates based on the thread prefixes, which is why they need one to show up, and that's also the reason all old threads aren't on the list. Basically, the tabs are..
Open: all currently active, responded to Open threads.
Unanswered: all unanswered threads, regardless of prefix.
RE & Gods: all currently active threads where a God and/or RE has posted, regardless of prefix.
Threshold: all currently active Threshold threads.
Private: all currently active Private threads.

Battleground and Stealth should never show up, nor Secret Grove threads marked with "foal stats".

However, I have a question for you all. Do you think the list looks cluttered? I do, for the most part, as the Unanswered tab is very "clean" in comparison to the others (and Threshold is somewhat of a lost cause with the Species column!), but I want to know you guys' opinions on it, as the others I have asked have disagreed with me. If the majority thinks it's cluttered, I can take out the "Started" date column, giving the others more space.

And on another note - yes, those lists might become very long! xD There's been talk of setting up a thread, like the :: Rank Updates ::, for requesting thread archiving once it has been finished, to help keep the boards cleaner (but the usual archiving sweep would still be completed at the start of every month).. but, I'm leaving that to the organization department. :B

If you have any questions/see anything wonky with it, just let me know. :]

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Truth in Illusions and Lies in the Flesh SWP

Quietly, subtly and darkly a rift begins to open between worlds. A timeline, normally protected by strong barriers between reality and fantasy, has begun to blur. The parallel worlds collide in a way that is not noticeable - at first. Seasons, weather, individuals, and land marks all exist the same, identical and as easy as looking into a mirror. Except what is looking back is darker, tainted, and different. What is in the mirror is, in appearance, a twin, but on the inside quite the opposite.

The problems begin to arise when running into those you know, except they are far from who you know. They exist as a corporeal body, just as real as day, but their entire personality, demeanor, everything is just wrong. Kind individuals have suddenly become malicious. Those with brutal hearts have become soft. The loose of tongue have become softly spoken and the quiet have become vocal. In every way, these individuals seem to embody the very opposite, for that is what they are.

The universe rests in a precarious balance, a scale that is every rocking like the ocean. In order to keep the balance between worlds, there must exist both a truth and anti-truth, matter and anti-matter, the reality and the opposite. Together, they must run in perfect harmony and never are they supposed to interchange.

However, what is supposed to happen and what does are often two different things entirely. A struggle begins early on to try and fix the rift, but how can one easily and quickly fix a fault so massive? The only sure way is a slow way, so the citizens of Helovia suffer.

The gods do what they can to protect the citizens from the rift, but it takes all of their efforts. Each god puts a barrier on their herdland, protecting the individuals from all harm, as long as their hooves rest within the borders and their hearts belong to the herd. All others are lost as outcasts, fully facing the brunt of this evil, this... mishap.

So wander carefully, Helovians. Know your friends, know your families, and know yourselves. Be wary when you wander out of your herdland, for you may just find that your personality and magic and not the only things that will turn against you. To the outcasts, good luck.

The Doppleganger & Opposites Plot

The point of this plot is to not only serve to shake the feeling of "safety" in Helovia as well as cause some due drama. However, we wanted to offer a plot that could also serve to be a character building exercise. Many good writers have said that you do not truly know your character until you know the opposite of your character, and what better way to figure it out than their twisted doppleganger in a sitewide plot?

Dopplegangers are:
- Posted from the same account as your character
- Appear entirely the same as your character
- Embody their entire opposite
- Can have their opposite magic
- Only exist outside of the appropriate herdland (so the doppleganger of Mirage is not allowed inside the Edge)
- Your doppleganger can be posted alone and as a separate entity
- Your doppleganger does not have a companion bond (hint hint :3 )

However, we know that this may not be easy for everyone to be able to accomplish, so the other opposite of their character to choose from is for your character's magic to turn against them. You can be incredibly creative with this!
For example, since Ophelia can read minds, her opposite magic would be that all of her thoughts are projected outward into the minds of others.
Another example would be something like Coris' leather crafting. Instead of crafting leather (the break down of an animal for its fur), he could bring animals to life and give them hair.

Magic Opposites are:
- applied only to your character
- exist only when your character is out of their respective herdlands
- can be chosen along with dopplegangers

- Official challenges are "sanctioned by the gods" your character is returned fully to normal when challenged.
- Everyone should participate in some way, even if it is to say that your character remains a herdland hermit!
- You are not allowed to powerplay as a doppleganger or with your alternate magic.
- Be sure to let the people you are threading with know what "opposite" magic you are using.
- You are allowed to say that both a doppleganger, reverse magic and a doppleganger with reverse magic happens to your character, but all three are not necessary.
- Have fun! Be creative!

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So, I think we can all agree from all sides that the wishlist thread the way it was was fairly miserable to both update and to post to. I know after speaking with many of you that the reason many of you were unable to reply to drops this time was because your wishlist was not up-to-date because the thread was hard to scroll through and very... overwhelming.

After some thought, Whit came up with this brilliant idea and we are trying it out!

The Board is located here:

The rules are as follows:
☼ Each CHARACTER gets a thread!
☼ Your character's name MUST be in the title along with your OOC name formatted like so:

Character name :: OOC Name example: "Ophelia :: Tamme"

☼ Updates to the wishlist are changed, updated or added via a reply to your thread! The date with the reply is made to your thread is the date that the 1 month begins.
☼ Remember to be as clear as possible with what you want! Make sure to label whether or not you want a companion, magic, magic upgrade, etc along with types and elements.

NOTE :: All dates from the "Wishlist Thread" can be transferred from your wishlist or from the date you posted a reply to the wishlist thread. We will cross-reference dates!

If you need help setting yours up, look at Tamme's wishlist for Ophelia! Also, be sure to check your profiles soon. Your wishlist thread will be linked in the sidebar just like your character trackers based on your thread's URL that you update in the USER CP of the character. Post here if you need help with anything!

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1. The breeding rules have been added to the detailed rules document; they are as follows:

9. Before foal stats are rolled, a player must already be in place to play the foal. The player must be in accordance with the 1 month character rules located in the main rules document.

10. Before breeding with another character and the breeding has been planned, both the male and female must have reached a post count of 20, each.
✗- There must be an IC thread between the two characters. Though the thread does not have to be romantically charged, it does have to state the two character's intentions to have a foal either metaphorically or through a clever "fade to black".

11. Before posting "open stats" where any other character can reply, the poster's character and the replying character must have reached 40 posts each.
✗- Though the thread does not have to have romantic, explicit intention, the character interactions must be played out in character through a normal thread. The thread must state the character's choice, be it forced or not, to have a child.

2. An "items" section has been added to the official rules, explaining item sizes, the limits of magical items, and also the methods for gaining an item. You can see them here:

1. Items are physical additions to your character that are earned on site.
✗- Characters are allowed to join with one, small item.
✗- Characters can earn unlimited number of items while on the site through crafters from the herds, prizes, individual crafters or from the gods (if on your wishlist). 2. Items come in three sizes.
✗- Small items are items which can easily fit in the palm of your hand or are roughly the size of your fist, such as beads, necklaces, etc.
✗- Medium items can be compared to the size of half of your horse. For example, four leg wraps, a headband, etc.
✗- Large items are items which cover the entirety of your horse, like armor.

3. Items must be requested through the admin first so that they may be added to your character records. Please post here: if you are redeeming your prize or clarifying your won item.

4. Magical items can be received through the gods or a magical item prize.
✗- The ability for herds to enchant items is in progress.
✗- Magical items will eventually wear down and have a set number of uses.
✗- Magical items are never as powerful as real items.

5. Items can be traded between players, but they cannot be stolen or challenged for.

This is a reminder that humans are non-existent on Helovia. The only humanoid figures on this site are RE fairies, mer-people and other such admin controlled entities. You are not allowed to have a human as an Other or RP as an human. Helovia has always been and remains a "Fantasy Equine RPG".

As an explanation, those characters with human backgrounds are believed to have arrived at Helovia through magical means since Helovia is not on the planet Earth. Helovia is on a globe called "Loorien" that the entire site has participated in creating.

There has been some confusion over this fundamental tenant of Helovia, so we are reviewing it now.

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January 1, 2012


Out of Character Updates

» To celebrate Helovia's birthday we had a Birthday Giveaway where you could select three presents based on color and shape.
» Now those presents have opened HERE! Go see what you got! Trading of presents is allowed here and when you're finally all done you can update that here.

» The Veins of the Gods has been restructured. It is now an open board for posting in where gods may sometimes appear to give advice or hear prayers, but otherwise quests will now be given out by way of a quest drop about every week. More on that in the Detailed rules under magic, and on the link provided! If you have any questions please contact and admin.
» The Wishlist Board is going to be vanishing by February 14th, as now all magic/companion/item wishlists are stored on the thread :: Wishlist :: within the Updates board, to help with quest drops. Please be sure to update that thread with your wishes! Any other types of wishes are suggested to be added to your character's profile or plot threads :)

» Admin are looking to hire on some Junior Admin! If you're interested in applying please see this thread HERE.

» Did you know Helovia has a guide to Copyrights and Stock? Check it out!
» Remember to read the Code of Conduct reminder!

» We ran a contest for the new Helovia layout, entries have been collected but now it's time to Vote!
» Congratulations to Boom Boom for winning the Site History contest!

» Update :: There is now an RE prefix, please use it if you're in need of an RE, hopefully this will help admin find those threads easier! remember you can only request an RE if it's related to a quest or an admin knows of it beforehand.
» Update :: There is now a Judge prefix, please us it when you have finished your spar and need it judged, making a note that the reason you edited your post was just for adding that prefix. Hopefully this will help admin respond to judgings faster :)
» Update :: The Moon Demi God, Mesec, has been given over to Dingo, congratulations!
» Update :: That secret giveaway contest for a while back found Angel as the winner of an extra magic slot, congratulations!

» Updated Rule: Admin have revised the rules for chaos-style invasions! You can find them under Invasions in the Detailed Rules :)
» Updated Rule: Minimum word count has been raised to 250

» Reminder: If you have a concern with another member not following the rules or pushing the limits of their magic/companion or otherwise, please contact an admin to settle the issue. Admin have the authority and tools at disposal to properly approach the situation and apply and necessary discipline. Furthermore admin were selected for their conflict resolution and unbiased nature. So just remember, please contact an admin!
» You can PM the Official account for issues that are not time sensitive. All admin have access to this account, but it is not logged into daily.
» You can PM an admin you see actively on site for an issue that is immediate or incredibly important, or try and find them on Skype.

» Rule Reminder: The number of guesses a herd has is 1 guess for every 10 herd members, with a starting base of 2 guesses. The herd member count is based on the last herd activity check. This must occur a minimum of every season turn, but herd leaders are welcome to hold activity checks more often. The number of guesses a herd has will now be placed in the herd table you see within the herd land, which will hopefully help reduce some confusion.
» Rule Reminder: OOC posts should not appear in IC threads. If you need to talk with someone, please us the PM system or an alternate method of chatting. As it can sometimes be more efficient to converse directly in the thread OOC, perhaps to resolve a question or quick issue, then commenting is fine so long as everyone deletes their comments after the issue has been resolved. If this is a continual occurrence where you leave OOC posts in IC threads official warnings will be issued.
» Rule Reminder: Items cannot be stolen through the stealth board, that is still under discussion.
» Rule Reminder: You cannot change your font color in a post unless you are using a table.
» Rule Reminder: Unclaimed accounts can only post in the Threshold, and should only be in 1 Threshold thread at a time, preferably their own. Only when that thread has completed can a rank change be requested. Your profile must be completed and correct, and all images credited stock before admin will permit a rank change.

» Admin are in the process of discussing a character cap, and gathering votes to understand the member base preferences. Find that thread here.
» Admin are in the process of determining rules for items stealths/challenges.
» Admin are in the process of organizing the flora/fauna and figuring out the contest winners, please bear with us it's a lot to cover!
» Admin are in the process of assigning items/prizes point values. We hope this will make attaining and trading the prizes you want more efficient.
In Character Updates
» The first quest drop was given by the Earth God to Thor, awesome! How quest drops work was explained very well with screenshots within that thread too :)
» d'Artagnan defeated the Boggart Boss and won a hellhound egg, it just hatched!.
» Lena found a kitsune egg, it just hatched!
» Psyche manipulated a shard from some gryphons and received some dark magic.
» Levi received some magic from an orb in Helovia's Heart.
» Mauja has been released from his trip in time, yay!

The Basin is overwhelmed with excitement and relief due to the return of Deimos from his captivity in the World's Edge, and with the return of Mauja, who had been mysteriously lost in an alternate when of Helovia. Could this be something of the Time God's doing, and will it happen more often? Another being returned as Mesec found his way to the new land, searching for his father d'Artagnan and meeting new herd members. Meanwhile Lena and other Basin members are still conversing with Kri in the Dragon's Throat about releasing their prisoners there. Tor from the World's Edge ran into the Basin in an emotional fit, and was quickly surrounded by unicorns. It looks like she may not walk out as easily as she walked in... Crowley played nice and led Lana of the Dragon's Throat to the Basin, and then promptly turned on her with Psyche, physically beating her and dragging her off -- these actions were done in secret by The Plague and would not be known.

Kri and Sumati called a herd meeting to warn of a threat that Catallio posed against the herd, although with no army to back up his proposal of invasion, what will come of him? At this meeting the leads also passed out amulets to worthy herd members, a new ability herd leaders have at their disposal (with limited amounts each season). Jackal of the Windtossed Foothills came to speak of alliances, while Valentine, previously of the Aurora Basin, came to speak of racism and peace. Valentine has since been accepted into the herd and Kri is on edge more than ever with the Basin and all its unicorns.

Last we looked upon the Foothills, all of the leads were in a challenge for their position. Well Evers easily defeated Militades, while Jackal overthrew Archibald, who quickly left with his brothers to seek out The Grey as a refuge. Torn up a bit, but whole enough to life his head, Jackal approached the herd, which responded with some mixed sentiments. Some opposed the King of Thieves for they had placed trust in Archibald and Svetlana or otherwise supported the Triumvirate that Jackal was slowly working to crumble. Evers spoke up that though perhaps not successful yet, the Triumvirate had been young still. Jackal was able to persuade his kingdom to his side, while Evers left his crown in the dust and followed after his other brothers. Since then the herd has seen a rise in activity and Jackal has been actively working at repairing alliances with the Dragon's Throat and the World's Edge.

Aaron lost his challenge against d'Artagnan, but was able to return home and his mother Solstice, whom he'd been fighting for, gained her freedom by other means. With the return of Mirage the herd gathered for a meeting and new positions and promotions were given out to many herd members. Xanthos, the cause of Mirage's imprisonment, and freedom, soon arrived and was welcomed into the herd, though not everyone is so thrilled with that.

Character of the Month
Congratulations Psyche on winning CotM during January!

Quote of the Month

"Why am I to crawl on the ground before someone who hasn't earned my faith, whose purpose I don't know and for a gift I never asked for?...IN WHAT WAY AM I LESSER THAN THEM!?"
-- Lace in Heaven or Hell
Congratulations to Lace for winning QotM during January!

Thread of the Month

Congratulations to "Mirror Problems" for winning TotM during January!

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April 1, 2013


Out of Character Updates
» Prepare for Plots!

» You may notice some additions to the site lately; there are thanks to the coding genius, Neo!
» Character Census
» Adoptables
» Herd Champs Post Counter

» Please keep in mind that we are strictly adhering to the rules and warning individuals on: character creation/adopting/dropping/AA-ing, making OOC posts, posting under the post count.
» As a reminder, you are not allowed to create new characters if you have recently adopted, created, or AA-ed a character recently. This is to make sure that threads are not dropped to a point that it would negatively affect other players!
» Rule Update: You are not allowed to attempt to free or re-steal a character until the captive has posted. The captor does not have to be the first to post.
» Rule Update: Each crafter in a her is allowed to make 3 small items, 2 medium items, or 1 large item per season. Very large-scale creations like walls/gates/etc need to be discussed with the admin team first to discuss the plans and the timeline.

» The God of Time is going to have a child played by the wonderful ME, and she has chosen Ophelia of the Foothills to carry the child!
In Character Updates
» Everything has been relatively quiet in Helovia, almost too quiet.
» The Gods have been warning the herds about a possible danger approaching!
» The God of the Moon has granted Sulwyn a quest! Moon Quest Drop
» Onni has won fire/light magic here! Magic Drop

The Aurora Basin has been active but quiet, most of their lives taking place in the shadows of the snowy mountains. Crowley was promoted to a weaver position to serve the herd, and the daughter of Mauja and Faelene, Sielu, was born. Deimos stole Azarron, Mauja stole Angora who had stolen Arah, and a myriad of slaves have now taken up residence in the Aurora Basin. Will the rest of the herd start to notice? Ulrik, an outcast, has brought Cassiopeia to the Basin as a Plague offering. The Sergeant Lana from the Dragon's Throat, attempted to help Lana and Athena in an escape that was blocked by d'Artagnan, who challenged her directly, as well as Aviya and Mauja. Interpersonal relationships and perhaps plotting makes up the bulk of the activity of the Basin.

The Dragon's Throat has remained stable under the leadership of Kri, though that is partly due to the addition of Sumati the Sinbird as the second lead! Coris has been doing an excellent job on trying to pick up the long-standing process of wall building the metal wall. Azarron, now prisoner of Deimos, attempted once in the herd to challenge Kri for her leadership. Kri now remains the number one challenged herd leader for her position, and she has never lost once. Tragedy then struck the Dragon's Throat when the noble general, Azzuen passed away in his sleep, his body being removed by the gods out of respect. His daughter Cirrus received gifts of his passing. After mourning, Ophelia and Kri struck an agreement that the Grey would not aide Catillatio in taking over the Throat in trade for warriors to take over the Foothills. The Throat then aided the Grey in their invasion.

Mirage has recently promoted Thor the Gentleheart to lead at her side due to his long standing commitment to the herd. The tournament for the second general's position is ongoing. Due to the recent overthrow of the Foothills, many new faces have assimilated into the World's Edge, including Madyrn, Maskan, Aaron, Paladin, and Romani and many have made appearances in the most recent herd meeting. Aaron was promoted as a glazier, and Kaj, Ink and Rishima are travelling to the Dragon's Throat allies to learn about their way of life. In the mean time, Madyrn has won the freedom of Ignita, the assassin leader. The Moon God also visited Hellena, warning her about a possible danger!

An invasion swiftly overcame the Foothills, and they stood powerless against it. With their Chief, Jackal all but absent, the numbers were too few. Leaders of the Grey Ophelia and Ktulu fought hard but won with no competition when Ophelia convinced Locket, the highest ranking member present, to join them. Ailith and Locket remained and joined the Grey, and Tingal, Casimir, and Soleil are on their way to also become full fledged members. Irrydae was selected as the New Storyteller and has herd interested news from the Earth God! Peixos and Donovan were chosen as masons and are beginning to build a wall of stone to protect the borders. Mesec has also joined after being bullied out of the Basin! Apollo has been selected as the new Earth Medic, and Archibald has been selected as the General. Ophelia has also read the mind of an assassin and learned their plans; she is on her way to warn the other herds!

Character of the Month
Congratulations THOR on winning CotM during February!

Herd of the Month
Congratulations to the AURORA BASIN for winning this month's Herd Champs! For the month of APRIL, each member of the Aurora Basin is allowed an extra roll for quest, magic and companion drops!

Quote of the Month

"I could not care less if you fell for some brute and birthed the spawn of your indiscretion under whatever guise you call love."
-- Ophelia in Ophelia, Ophelia
Congratulations to OPHELIA for winning QotM during December!

Thread of the Month

Congratulations to "Easy Catch" for winning TotM during February!

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May 1, 2013 & June 1, 2013


Out of Character Updates
» We have introduced the new Doppleganger and Inverse Magic Site Wide Plot!
» Wishlists have adopted a new system. They now have their own subforum. Please be sure to seek approval of magic or items you are uncertain of being acceptable.
» Breeding rules have been adjusted with restrictions of post count for both open and normal pairings. We are now requiring an IC thread before any foal stats are rolled.
» An items section has been added to the detailed rules!
In Character Updates
» Kri challenged Psyche for all of the Basin's prisoners, but Psyche emerged victorious
» The Basin has contacted the Foothills about a possible contract
» The God of the Sun has chosen Lythe for a quest!
» The God of the Earth has chosen Zdravilo and Locket for quests!
» The God of the Moon and Spark have chosen Mesec and Scarter for quests!
» Tandavi has a new Kitsune pup!
» Destrier has a new Green Dragon!
» The World's Edge and the Dragon's Throat have exchanged herd members as a part of their alliance!

Kri challenged Psyche for all of the Throat prisoners, but Psyche was the winner after a tough, bloody battle. Ulrik built a gate over a cavern as a prison before being captured by the Dragon's Throat, but he managed to escape, strange for an outcast. Azzaron's escape was thwarted and a few other prisoners have changed hooves. However Cassiopeia was stolen back by the Dragon's Throat after a brief stay in the snowy valley. Mauja murmured Delinne'a doppleganger. The Basin is discussing a contract with the Foothills, but tensions seem to be high. Kou and d'Artagnan can't seem to keep themselves off of each other and have had two more children, the twos Roux and Sacre. Despite Kri's order not to, Sinuhe and Africa trespassed on Basin land and are currently facing judgement by challenge against Deimos and Alan.

Tension between the Dragon's Throat and Aurora Basin begins to grow as Aryel discovers several Throat prisoners up North. The little Sergeant returned home to tell Levi, who happened to be back from a long absence, when it began to rain... blood?! Kri discovers the fact of the Basin holding captives when Lana returns home, and the angered Sultana is quick to direct her rage toward the Sergeants for failure of report before flying off to challenge Psyche. Meanwhile, visitors from the Foothills tell Sumati and Midas of the new threat of the Assassins. Following with the neighborly spirit presented by the visitors of the Edge, Sumati travels toward the northern forest to speak with Mirage. Meanwhile, Kri calls a herd meeting to warn the herd about the threat of the racists inhabiting the Basin and also announce the new tourney for the second General position! Things are starting to heat up! Avalon is also meeting with the God of the Sun. What will she ask?

Quiet and mysterious as ever, the World's Edge has been sending envoys to the Dragon's Throat to learn from the allied herd. Ophelia has warned them that the Assassin's plan on invading their land, but they had already captured their leader, Ignita. Destrier won a dragon egg from the mysterious fairies and named her Suli. Mirage has
(finally) had twins with Vikram, the half-dragons Semira and Amaris. Rishima has given birth to Tandavi who will be born along side her kitsune pup. Mikali has given birth to Amoret. As a way for foals to learn how to be a part of the herd, they are put into an acolyte rank. Mirage has also come up with an interesting way to keep everyone in the herd equal - by seeking magic so that everyone is equal in power.

The Windtossed Foothills has been dealing with a group called the Assassin's. Ophelia searched the mind of a young one to learn who was in the assassin's and their plans to take over the World's Edge. She traveled to each herd land to warn them of the possible threat. Recently, however, Ophelia released the new leader, Tonka from being a prisoner, but Knox is currently battling to keep Adrixaura in the herd as a captive. The Aurora Basin approached the leads about a contract concerning the Dragon's Throat to which Ktulu offered defenders only. Ophelia and Archibald are currently discussing that detail in the Basin. Phaedra has currently stolen the enemy of the Throat, Catillatio. Ophelia has given birth to the Time God's daughter, Roskuld around the same time Ktulu gave birth to her daughter Ranjiri. Mesec has become an honorable member of this family, but Murder, now captive, had tried to steal the pregnant Phi!

Character of the Month
Congratulations MIDAS on winning CotM during April!

Congratulations KNOX on winning CotM during May!

Herd of the Month
Congratulations to the AURORA BASIN for winning April and May herd Champs! For the month of MAY, they were awarded one extra stealth immunity. For the month of JUNE, each member of the Aurora Basin is allowed an extra roll for quest, magic and companion drops!

Quote of the Month

"'Monsters are better left in cages, far out of the reach of such beautiful creatures,' his voice almost turning hollow, reaching out toward her, 'lest they ruin them beyond repair.'"
-- Osiris in A Sad Farewell
Congratulations to OSIRIS for winning QotM during April!

"'Wouldn't you like to see what's beyond those mountains, Roux? I want to see everything! I can take you with me, be your eyes as we explore the world. Maybe, one day, I can find a way to fix you so we can both look together.'"
-- Sacre talking to his twin, Roux, in In the future these will be the good ol' days

Congratulations to SACRE for winning QotM during May!

Thread of the Month

Congratulations to "Shut up; I'm talking" for winning TotM during April!

Congratulations to "Born of Ash" for winning TotM during May!

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No Magic Permissions in Herds

Well, since the idea was mostly unopposed and since this may end up solving the blundering borderland incidents, we are going to give the no magic permissions for herd members in their herd lands a go!

Starting as of right now (and we will put up a notice in the herds about it too), characters who are members of the herd can use their magic without permission while in their own herdlands.

The details::
- Prisoners cannot be killed (injured, yes, etc, but not killed)
- Once your character goes outside his/her land, they return to normal permissions
- Rape is to always remain by permission only as it is unrealistic that it would happen anyway

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Stallion :: Equine :: ::

The God of Time was struggling against the very forces of the universe, but he was only a single entity. Sweat trickled from his brow, and his lungs heaved against his sides. He stood in the center of the Thistle Meadow at the head of a large, mirror-like tear in reality that was threatening to consume them all. A blue shield of energy pressed against the large, glassy surface which stood vertically in the middle of the meadow like a sideways lake.

From the fluctuations of force and wind that pulsed through the Meadow, the signs of oncoming tragedy were there, looming. The pulsing shield against the rift seemed to pull with it clouds and storms, spiraling to the center like a moth to a flame. Too early in the day, the light faded, and even the moon seemed wan and weak, rippling strangely in the sky as if it too would soon fade.

With lines of worry etched into their godly, pristine faces, the four siblings united for the first time in an age. The God of the Earth, with deeply furrowed brows strode next to his smaller, charcoal brother and pulled water and rock from the earth, forming a rotating shield of his own creation against the rift.

The goddess of the moon snaked around to the other side, pulling essence from the blackness of the sky like a dreamless void while weaving the dark through carefully threaded streams of wind. She layered the darkness and wind against the glassy surface. In a thick cloud of blooming flame that was torn quickly and reformed with the force of the wind, the God of the Sun approached his sister's side. Light from his very body poured into the rift, and fire rimmed his sister's shield, stabilizing it as best as he could.

But it was not enough.

The forced of nature conspired against the young gods, and Time knew that they had only one choice. The God of the Earth seemed to share this same thought, and he turned to the God of Time, dipping his head in a gesture of great sadness. He traveled instantly to where his son was in the Foothills, and the God leaned down, touching Hototo on the forehead and breathing against his forelock.

"You are a protector of the mortals now. When the world grows dark, only you will have the power to nourish the land and keep it alive. I will return when I am able. Be strong. Be brave. And know that I am proud of you."

In an instant, he was gone, and his large, draft figure was torn into the rift. One by one, the gods released their holds. The God of the Sun found Israfel in the World's Edge, sadness-etched lines into his proud face.

"You are the light this world will not have, Isra. Stay steadfast and bold. Be the star of the land, the hope of an age, and one day, I will see you again."

Once he was returned, the God surrounded himself in a thick cloud of churning fire, leaping directly into the void. The God of the Moon snaked away next, going to the Windtossed Foothills to visit her son.

"Mesec," she whispered. "Soon, the world will be dark, and you will be the only one who will understand its ways and desires. You are a strong boy, and you must lead them with your knowledge. Goodbye."

The goddess reappeared in the meadow and cloaked herself in darkness before sliding inside the glass, silent and sly like a shadow. Finally, the God of Time traveled to the Foothills to meet with his daughter who was too young still to understand what was happening. Soon, that would be changed.

"Roskuld." His voice was deep. "You are the time keeper. Days will not cycle. The Sun will not rise, but you will know the seasons and feel the pattern of then spin of the Earth. Watch after them."

Once he returned, the blue shield left and the rippling tear grew exponentially larger until the God of Time stepped through the hole. In an instant, the rift was gone, leaving the meadow in an eerie and ominous silence. The world did indeed grow dark, and day came without the rise of the sun.

Upon waking, the four demi-god children would all find themselves at a year old, their bodies altered by the God of Time. They had been forced to grow up, to age to protect the mortals in the gods' absence. Only the four half-gods had the power and the connection with Helovia to keep it functioning in this strange age of eternal night.

Lining the roads and well-worn pathways that lead to each lined were large, lamp-like trees. Their bark glowed bright shades of green, blue and purple, and their leaves gave enough light by which to travel. In the herdlands, the shrines provided enough light by which to live. The pool in the Foothills glowed brightly like the fires in a lighthouse, a beacon to all who called this land home. The mists of the World's Edge sparkled with light and lifted to settle in the bare boughs of the winter trees. In a way, the mists because stars, fallen from the skies, blanketing the land. The fire in the Dragon's throat began a pillar in the sky, erupting straight into the heavens. Its light illuminated the oasis, giving life to the vegetation. In the Basin, the mirror in the cave reflected against crystals in the walls, creating a massive entanglement of light that pulsed from the cave. The light illuminated the lake which seemed to glow from beneath, providing some comfort in the frozen land.

The gods left a single message in the veins, written in a language that was read not in the mind, but the heart. It glowed across the remainder of all four stones of their shrines.


This is in part an effort to get back to the roots of our character, partly a way to allow the admin time to reset and push through some projects, and partly because as writers, we are all masochists who have a penchant for tossing out characters into fantastically precarious situations.

The Endless Night plot is going to be a part of a serious of events that are going to be happening to fix the rifts. Currently, this is the "dead magic" phase. There is no magic that is working.

What will this feel like?
Well, if your character has had their magic for a long time and it has grown to be a part of them, then it will most likely feel like a void. All characters are not completely equalized (except in brutal, raw, physical skill).

What about companions?
The companion bond is still there. Characters can communicate with their companions, but the companions do not have magic either. Dragons can no longer breathe fire. Hellhounds will look like normal dogs or wolves. Zephyrs will appear just beautiful, normal birds.

What about magical items?
Magical items are broken as well. Only perpetual crafts remain living (such physical items like necklaces, jewelry, parts of walls, etc).

What about Dopplegangers?
Dopplegangers can still float around, but it is entirely up to you now as to whether or not you want to play them. Characters are free to leave the herd lands.

What about the herd lands?
Each herd land has a light source, a beacon of sorts. These areas are going to be safe zones from any nefarious RE that may be lurking in the shadows.

What about Demi-Gods?
The children have all been aged up to 1 years old, and they still have a connection to their magic because of their god-like blood.

How long will this last?
The plot will progress in 1-3 week increments in which the gods will be working on the rifts. When the rift is somewhat sealed, the magic abilities may come back entirely, may flicker, or may be rather painful to have.

Is Helovia completely dark?
Yes, the sun will not rise. Only lamp-trees along pathways and scattered around Helovia are providing light. From this moment forward, your character is in darkness.

So, have fun getting to truly know your characters for who they are, challenged without magic, weak, or even free from its restraints.

Good luck.

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A silent, endless abyss above the land of Helovia rests easily, trapping in the chill of winter. The air had stood quietly for some time, only short winter gusts biting at the skin of all in the realm. However, a sudden rush of a fresh breeze spills across the land. The scent of autumn and the promise of spring upon the cool breath of air awakens the night.

First, only a few twinkling lights appear in the blanket of solid black above. Many below may think their hopeful hearts are only twisting their minds, playing tricks upon them. Then, many lights above begin to scatter across the whole of the night, the familiar placement of stars you remembered. There is only one question still hanging in the air: where is the moon?

With the silhouette of extended wings, a pristine pale Luna rises, announcing to all below the return of the Goddess. The eerie, lightless night gives way to the milky, silver shine of the moon. Despite her return, she remains absent from sight from the mortals, staying to the skies instead. She has returned to restore balance on this side, and we can only hope that the other gods find such ease in crossing over.

Plants the bloom only in the moon's presence have begun to flourish. The lamp trees have grown brighter, large, purple and blue flowers grow in clusters that pulse softly in the moon's light. The four light sources in the herdlands remain, but Helovia is no longer bathed in absolute darkness. Hope has not left this land, and slowly, gently, perhaps the balance will be restored.

This is in part an effort to get back to the roots of our character, partly a way to allow the admin time to reset and push through some projects, and partly because as writers, we are all masochists who have a penchant for tossing out characters into fantastically precarious situations.

The Endless Night plot is going to be a part of a serious of events that are going to be happening to fix the rifts. Currently, this is the "broken magic" phase. This means that magic exists, however, it is incredibly faulty and not entirely reliable. Also, the only magic currently available is moon magic (dark, wind or a hybrid of those).

Any characters possessing Dark, Wind, or hybrid of either element magic will now be able to use their abilities. Unfortunately, the abilities will not work perfectly or seamlessly. Wielders may find that their magic turns on them or has unexpected effects. Without the balance of all other elements in the land, the magic remains "broken".

Only long standing characters with 125+ posts AND dark, wind, or dark/wind hybrid magic will be able to use their magic without side effects, as they have a stronger connection to the land and magic. However, if you want your older character to struggle with magic, you are welcome to have them be "broken" as well.

Characters with 125+ posts CAN USE ANY TYPE OF MAGIC, but it must be BROKEN! Meaning that often times it will backfire, cause damage, become incredibly addicting, uncontrollable, etc. This is where you can be incredibly creative!

Characters UNDER 125 posts cannot use their magic unless it's dark, wind or dark/wind hybrid magic. Soon a plot will be released where their magic connection can be broken as well.

What about magical items?
Magical items are broken as well. Only perpetual crafts remain living (such physical items like necklaces, jewelry, parts of walls, etc).

What about Dopplegangers?
Dopplegangers can still float around, but it is entirely up to you now as to whether or not you want to play them. Characters are free to leave the herd lands.

What about the herd lands?
Each herd land has a light source, a beacon of sorts. These areas are going to be safe zones from any nefarious RE that may be lurking in the shadows.

What about Demi-Gods?
The children have all been aged up to 1 years old, and they still have a connection to their magic because of their god-like blood.

How long will this last?
The plot will progress in 1-3 week increments in which the gods will be working on the rifts. When the rift is somewhat sealed, the magic abilities may come back entirely, may flicker, or may be rather painful to have.

Is Helovia completely dark?
Yes, the sun will not rise. Only lamp-trees along pathways and scattered around Helovia are providing light. From this moment forward, your character is in darkness, with only moon light to guide them.

So, have fun getting to truly know your characters for who they are, challenged without magic, weak, or even free from its restraints.

Good luck.


From the snow:

From the Heart:

From the mountains:

From the sea:


This is in part an effort to get back to the roots of our character, partly a way to allow the admin time to reset and push through some projects, and partly because as writers, we are all masochists who have a penchant for tossing out characters into fantastically precarious situations.

The Endless Night plot is going to be a part of a serious of events that are going to be happening to fix the rifts. Currently, this is the "broken magic" phase. This means that magic exists, however, it is incredibly faulty and not entirely reliable. Also, the only magic currently available is moon magic and now earth magic (dark, wind, earth and water or a hybrid of those).

Any characters possessing Dark, Wind, Earth, Water or hybrid of either element magic will now be able to use their abilities. Unfortunately, the abilities will not work perfectly or seamlessly. Wielders may find that their magic turns on them or has unexpected effects. Without the balance of all other elements in the land, the magic remains "broken".

Only long standing characters with 125+ posts AND dark, wind, earth, water or dark/wind, earth/water hybrid magic will be able to use their magic without side effects, as they have a stronger connection to the land and magic. However, if you want your older character to struggle with magic, you are welcome to have them be "broken" as well.

Characters with 125+ posts CAN USE ANY TYPE OF MAGIC, but it must be BROKEN! Meaning that often times it will backfire, cause damage, become incredibly addicting, uncontrollable, etc. This is where you can be incredibly creative!

Characters UNDER 125 posts cannot use their magic unless it's dark, wind or dark/wind hybrid magic. Soon a plot will be released where their magic connection can be broken as well.

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Seasonal Slot Rule Updates


You have 24 hours to post here to be considered for a slot! A die roll at the end of 24 hours will decide the winner. This allows for you to join [a character with magic] [as a hybrid character] [a character with a companion] [a character with a custom design].

1. You can only claim one slot at a time.
2. You cannot claim a slot if you received one the last time one appeared.
3. Please be courteous of others wanting the slots and give everyone a fair opportunity to have one.
4. These slots are only for characters brought into the site, not foals born on site.
5. You must fill out a rough character profile in order to be eligible for this slot. The rough character profile must be on the wishlist of one of your characters.

You must tentatively have the following filled out, one for each slot:

Coloration or design:
Magic: if applicable
Companion: if applicable

Hybrid Dice Update

-- The hybrid dice system can now be used to obtain VP! Just please tag "tamme" in the first post of your battle if you are using the system.


-- If you are using the hybrid dice system, please also make a thread here:
* All dice rolls, which can be made by anyone, should be made here. The corresponding attack is determined by the part of the roll form that says (x/x) posts.
* The dice roll form is here:
* Please post the form in a reply to the thread that one of the two battlers have made

Why is this?
Post count! Only the battler's posts should count for post count!

-- Stats and requests are being made here:
* Please fill out the necessary information to determine stats!

Table Rules Reminder

All tables should be EASY and CLEAR to read. Text should, at all times, be VISIBLE and DISTINCT! This is a writing website, so we need to be able to see your text.

** Outlawed colors are anything that is abundantly "lime" as in obnoxiously bright so that you have to squint at it or highlight it to read it.

** Tables should never stretch the boards

** Do not change your font color if you do not have a table with a SOLID COLORED background!

** Remember, often SIMPLE is BETTER!

Admins will give out warnings for unreadable table or tables that are too complicated. At all times in battleground, multiple character threads, herd meetings, and invasions, REs, etc, the text should be AT ALL TIMES VISIBLE and EASY TO REFERENCE!

New Admins :: Rayo and Aud

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You awake to another seemingly endless night, only the slowly melting clock in your head indicating that now is the time to awaken. Another day, it would seem, without the sun. Another endless night. How can you urge your body to live another day like this? All you want is just something, some small sign of hope.

And then it happened.

Something that comes almost out of a dream.

You cannot believe your eyes.

On the horizon, a faint, bright line begins to appear. The white light is small at first, so narrow and precious that you hold your breath, praying that it continues. One by one the stars fade into the background, and the blackness of the sky begins to brighten, ever so slowly. Pink and orange begin to dash the sky as it brightens, and you have to blink your eyes against the light - eyes that are so used to the dark that even the faint light makes you squint.

White, fluffy clouds become visible until the whole sky is blue and the sun is a bright, fiery orange promise emerging swiftly from the horizon, chasing away the moon with a kiss. The entire world seems to heat up, and your skin soaks the rays hungrily. Birds begin to call to one another and long-hibernating animals eagerly begin to wake.

A new day has dawned.

And we welcome it.

Every magic ability has been fully restored!
The lamp trees around Helovia are fewer in number, but they continue to glow at night.

Drops will now begin at regular intervals.

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July 1, 2013 & August 1, 2013


Out of Character Updates
» Imi has been made our new JA!
» The Sitewide Plot has been changed to "Broken Magic", and the details are here:: in the news archive.
» Foal rules have been added that have been put into the updates and the news archive. Foals who do not have a set player and are not played will be considered either stillborn or to have not survived to their first year.
» A new section has been added to the "Guides" called "Land Guides!" So far the Threshold and the Regions have been completed. Feel free to assimilate this information into any of your posts.
» Permission to use magic in herdlands is now lifted. All characters who are members of a herd can have unrestricted magic use on any other character while posting in their herdland. Any issues with this rule of if abuse of it is seen, please report it to an admin.
» The records have been cleaned of any dead or no longer existing characters on Helovia, as have the Victory Point pages, Companion Archive, etc. If you need to find a record of a dead or deleted character, you can find the old records here: in the event archives.
In Character Updates
» The Aurora Basin and the Grey have made a contract to provide warriors at Psyche's request
» Mauja lied to Sumati about his identity and has been accepted as a member of the Dragon's Throat
» Ophelia has defected and left the Windtossed Foothills, leaving only Ktulu as Chieftess
» Four, massive monsters are terrorizing Helovia with a few, brave souls fighting back

For the first time in forever, the Basin has accepted its first non-unicorn, but with Mauja, Ulrik and d'Artagnan at the helm of this meeting, who knows what will happen. In an escape attempt, Africa, a prisoner, lost an entire wing before managing to get released and is seeking asylum in the Edge. Mauja has also defected from the herd, stepping down from his leadership to join the Throat under the guise of a alias "Dreven". Myrddin, the Basin's haruspex has also mysteriously disappeared, leaving the position vacant and waiting to be filled. In the mean time, the Basin is having to go on the defensive as the Edge and the Throat spies are attempting infiltration into the herd!

The Dragon's Throat had some interesting internal shifting lately as Kri promoted Gaucho to the position of Sergeant. Hector was also promoted to the position of General. Kri left soon after to speak with Mirage and the allies of the Edge, but in her absence, a plot unfolds. Sumati, the second lead, was tricked by Mauja as he told her that he was someone else entirely. Unknowingly, Sumati invited Mauja into the herd, allowing him a rank among their own kind. Now, with the herd knowing the truth about the recent killings, a price has been put out on Mauja's head! If only they knew that it was already in their territory! The asylum, a growing outcast band has approached the herd for an alliance, will the Throat accept?

The quiet Edge is no longer so quiet. After learning that the assassins were planning to take over their land, the members of the World's Edge are fighting back. Kaj defeated Tonka the assassin leader in battle, effectively taking him prisoner. However, this has not gone unnoticed since Adrixaura has challenged Thor for rights to all the prisoners in response. Lace, a keystone of the herd, has returned to the herd and Smoke has taken leadership of the healers and is getting them organized. Kri has also visited the herd where she and Mirage and discussing the recent deaths and have come to the conclusion that there is a culprit - Mauja! The Throat and the Edge have then mysteriously sent spies across the land, but who do they seek?

The Foothills have been rather quite lately as the action around them stirs. Before the disappearance of the gods, the Time God entered the herd to speak with Ophelia and Murder, the stallion with the crows. After murdering a few of them, he spoke with the white lead and left. The contract with the Aurora Basin was solidified in conflict between the sisters, but Psyche left satisfied. However, now it seems that the Foothills are wanting to change the terms of this arrangement, as they sent Phaedra and Rafe to renegotiate, again. Ophelia announced that she was leaving as well, stepping down from her post and outcasting her, leaving the herd in the hooves of her sister, Ktulu. Much to everyone's surprise, Osiris also left, outcasting himself in honor of his friend. Patrols have been running more frequently from the borders as well, and new members have started to find their homes beneath the mountains.

Character of the Month
Congratulations DEIMOS on winning CotM during June!

Congratulations HOTOTO on winning CotM during July!

Herd of the Month
Congratulations to the AURORA BASIN for winning April and May herd Champs! For the month of JULY, they were awarded one thread per character where their magic worked during the Dead Magic Plot. For the month of AUGUST, each member of the Aurora Basin is allowed an (to be decided) prize.

Quote of the Month

JUN '13 :: ::"I love you, Torasin. I always did, from that very first day that you greeted me with that ridiculous smile of yours. You were the first soul I ever met upon these lands, and I could not have asked for a better friend, comrade, guardian of my heart. If it weren't for you, I would not be standing here today. Torasin, I'm not ready to do this alone."
-- Mirage talking about Torasin in A million pieces of me, on the floor
Congratulations to MIRAGE for winning QotM during June!

JUL '13 :: ::"No matter how strong the heart, your body may not always listen. Do I fear death? No. I fear being trapped alive in a useless body."
-- Kri in Memories Have Left You Broken
Congratulations to KRI for winning QotM during July!

Thread of the Month

Congratulations to A Million Pieces Of Me, On The Floor for winning TotM during June!

Congratulations to Old Routines for winning TotM during July!

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Hello all.

The Admin team would like to express our gratitude with your patience and understanding during this time period. As many of you will have seen, Tamme is no longer listed as an administrator of this site: She has made the decision to leave based on the poor attitude and selfishness of this community. I won't put words in her mouth, but let me just say that you have no idea how much work Tamme put into this community, and it was abused and taken for granted.

During this temporary break, I would like each and everyone of you to think about your words and behaviours over the past few months. Your cbox comments, PM's, notes on the comment board, and Skype chats; are they conducive to a welcoming and enjoyable community? Based on the comments I have seen on the boards and the notes received in the past few days, my concern is that a few of you do not think you are, or have, contributed to the problem. But you have. What our current goal is, is to restore Helovia to an enjoyable OOC DRAMA FREE environment. One that Tamme can return to. If this is not a goal that you would like to help us meet, I kindly ask you to remove yourself from this site.

I would like to say that again. Tamme created something amazing here - we all know that. We are not looking to change that - instead, we are simply hoping to get Helovia back on the right track, so that this is a place that Tamme wants to return to.

For those of you who will stay, and want to help Helovia recover, the admin team requests the following:

#1. Negativity will no longer be tolerated in any form. This includes comments in the cbox and OOC boards. Anyone treating others disrespectfully will receive an official warning. Three warnings, and you will be suspended.

#2. Do not handle site-related issues yourself. If you see someone being rude, an inappropriate post, someone breaking the rules in any way, click the report button, or PM the Admin's, or the Official account. A lot of the tension that has happened recently seems to stem from people coming across as 'bossy', as 'taking sides', or trying to enforce something. That is our job, not yours. Anyone doing this will receive an official warning. This does not extend to helping other members who have questions about the site, rules, etc,.

#3. The comments board has been disabled. If you have questions or comments, please PM the Official account, or any of the administrators. Please know, that this information is shared freely between us. The comments board has turned into a place of negativity, and entitlement. What I think has become unclear, is that even if you have a good idea or suggestion, and have support, that does not automatically mean it will be implemented. This is for a few reasons, the largest of which is that we are busy! We all have lives here, and administrating Helovia takes a large chunk of our time. Instead of making false promises, we keep a list of updates/changes we would like to make (many of which you have suggested).

#4 The plot will continue. The Admin team have spent countless hours working out the details of the plot, and it will continue as planned.

We are only going to achieve this goal as a group. We are committed, and we hope that you are as well.

The Admin Team.

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Fellow Helovians,

We have decided to reopen all IC boards at this time. As mentioned previously, the "Darkest Hour" SWP will continue as planned. At this time, the Spectral Marsh, the Veins of the Gods, the Frostbreath Steppe, and the Endless Blue have been closed and hidden. These boards are considered to be "swallowed by darkness." The areas themselves are accessible via the "Shadowlands" board, though we do not recommend that your characters visit the Shadowlands. This is for their own safety, as the darkness has infected several individuals, who are now suffering from an unknown disease. This disease causes a variety of symptoms that range from individual to individual, but it should be noted that it is highly contagious. Should your character come into close proximity to an infected individual, they will be at risk for developing these symptoms. For more information, see the attached FAQ below. Also, please be aware that any new information regarding this plot will be attached to this thread in a new post.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to PM the Official account or any admin, and we will be happy to talk to you!

Thank you for your patience,

The Admin Team

Infected Individuals

The following individuals are currently affected by the SWP.

Initially Infected

Infected by Vector
Ktulu (By Jorogumo)
Ranjiri (By Sikeax)
Satanic Silk (By Sikeax)
Rhanna (By Jorogumo)
Kahlua (By Ranjiri)
Boa (By Micha)
Deodat (By Crake)
Nyx (By Aurelia)
Miykael (By Aurelia)


Crake (healed by Raeden)
Kahlua (healed by Lena)

Darkest Hour F.A.Q.

1. How do I get the RE account to roll for me?
-- Please tag the RE account!

2. What happens to my companion if I'm infected?
-- Up to you! You may either have them turn into a scary wraith as well, or have them remain normal.

3. If my companion stays 'normal', what happens to our telepathic link, and our bond?
-- It will remain. Although as a wraith, you'll be far less inclined to care what your companion thinks, or wants.

4. How far back in time, can wraiths attack?
-- This plot officially began on December 21st. That's when the Spectral Marsh was first attacked. Wraiths may attack any thread which created from December 21st on.

5. Can wraiths participate in magic drops/quest drops?
-- No they cannot.

6. What happens why my character is attacked by a wraith?
-- You may post a reply, stating what your character does. Will you flee? Try to fight it? Do you have some hidden weapon? Whatever you do IC will determine the probability of your being infected.

7. I don't want to be infected! What do I do?
-- The Sanctuary board is safe from wraiths.

8. Will my character suffer any permanent damage from being a 'wraith' ?
-- You are allowed to design many aspects of your wraith, such as having them have extra limbs, loose eyes, etc. These effects will be magically healed by the waters in the Wall of History board.

9. Are there any threads that Wraiths cannot attack?
-- Threads that have been completed, or ones that are older than December 21st. Wraiths cannot post in the Sanctuary (other than when they are 'dragged in' (with players consent), to be healed). They cannot attack spars, or in the Threshold.

10. What happens with liquid time threads?
-- Any threads posted after December 21st are susceptible. This is simply a risk you take by making use of Helovia's 'liquid time'. These principle stood prior to this plot beginning - evil RE's were always a possibility. Any time you wrote your character in both the past and present, no matter how miniscule the time difference, you ran the risk of 'messing up' your timeline. So if you are infected in a past post, your future posts must demonstrate 'delayed symptoms' of the infection. If you are in the caves, this effect will be MUCH more drastic. At that point, you can either hope that the others around you will try and heal you, or you will immediately expel yourself from the cave (but cannot infect anyone within).

11. Can wraiths attack in the battle board (during spars) ?
-- No they cannot.

12. Do we keep our magic, if we're turned into a wraith?
-- Yes! You also get new wraith powers - you can kill the plant life around you, taint water, pollute the air, etc!

13. Help! I didn't finish my thread before the board closed!
-- That's fine! Please post a link to the thread here and we will move it to the Shadowlands.


If you are infected, there is no longer a minimum to how many you must infect before you may be healed. You can be healed at any time, following these guidelines:
-- The water from the Wall of History has healing properties. Any wraith who drinks or is touched by this water will be healed, as the water "leeches out" the infection.
-- Any healing magic (EXCEPT rank magic) can heal the wraiths.

If you posted in the Sanctuary boards and did not select a thread prefix (open/private/etc), then those posts will not be counted toward your post count! To fix this, Full Edit the original, first post in the thread and add a prefix.

Updates ::

All herd ranks have been abolished! Given that the outbreak has seized all of the herd lands, only your affiliations remains.

-- This means that new characters can only be joined as Outcasts, not as members of any herd.
-- Given the lack of the Godly influence upon each land, healing and crafting ranks have lost their magic. All characters now have the rank of 'Outcast'.
-- Once the outbreak has been subdued, everyone will be able to exit the cave system.

Herd Leader Applications
As no one currently holds any stake upon the herd lands, there will be an open application process for herd leads. The application is listed below, however I would like to draw your attention to a few key points:
  • Negativity will not be tolerated. Anyone with a disrespectful, negative, or otherwise unhelpful attitude towards this development of the plot will receive an Official warning;
  • Special attention will be given to leaders who are currently in power. This development in the SWP is not meant to punish those in power, it is to provide a realistic opportunity for movement. Keep in mind that if you are not selected for leadership, you have the same options available to you that you have always had : challenge for leadership;
  • Only those who wish to lead should apply - ranks such as crafters, warriors, spies, etc will be chosen by the new leaders;
  • All are encouraged to apply!
  • Applications will be accepted from February 1st to 14th. Completed applications should be PM'd to the Official account.

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After much deliberation and discussion, the admin team have chosen the following individuals to join our team as junior administrators.

Congratulations to Blu and Sevin for being chosen as battle JAs!
Congratulations to Neo and ali for being chosen as updating JAs!

A big thank you to imi for stepping up and helping us with everything while we figured things out! She will continue to help out as a JA!

Thank you all for applying - this was a very difficult decision!

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January 24, 2014

Fellow Helovians,

As Tamme and redgod have graciously completed rewriting our rules and recoding them to make everything more clear and organized, we would like to make note of a few small changes. These changes are listed below. Redgod, who has experience with technical writing, is continuing to review the rules for any typos, so if you notice something, feel free to speak up! PM an admin or the Official account, and we will take it from there.

Also thank you to frostie for the vertical tabs! You are a beast!

1. The rules have been replaced with the much prettier, much better organized Guidebook.
-- You may find the link to the Guidebook on the left hand side of the page. We recommend that you check it out and refamiliarize yourselves with the rules, as some of them may have changed. In addition, things should now be more clear and easy to understand. Also, ISN'T IT GORGEOUS?

2. Helovia is now 16+.
-- If you are under the age of 16 and already a member, you are of course welcome to stay. We would, however, like to stress that this site is meant to be an intermediate-level RPG; as such, there are certain expectations of both the quality of writing on the site and the maturity level of those in the community. In addition, there are at times dark themes and content that may be unsettling to some.

3. Helovia now has an application system.
-- These applications are for new players only. The application must be filled out once, although we suggest utilizing the IC portion in order to build any new characters. Old players do not need to fill out applications. For more information or clarification, please go to Guidebook > Begin > Application.

4. Items can now be challenged for and stolen!
-- To steal an item, your should write the stealth the same way you would for a character. If it passes, you have the choice to take the character OR their item. For more information, please go to Guidebook > Stealing.

5. Companions, even as new eggs, cannot be challenged for or stolen.
-- Although this has been under debate for a while, we have decided that companions should remain with their original "owner."

6. Normal companions no longer automatically receive magic.
-- Magic for normal companions can be quested for, but they will not receive any ability by default. To see normal companion magic options, go to Guidebook > Companions > Normal Companion Magic. Make sure that you list companion magic on your wishlist! This will not affect current normal companions.

7. The traditional fighting system is no longer available.
-- All future fights will be done using the stats system. For more information, please go to Guidebook > Fighting.

8. Invasions have a new rubric.
-- We are finalizing the WIP now, and it should be posted soon. The new rubric will take into account pre-battle tactics. Keep an eye on the Guidebook for more information!

9. In order to join an Other, you must now have it on your wishlist for one month.

10. The 'Wise One' rank may now choose an additional rank magic.
-- Because talking to the Gods via their respective mirrors/fires/etc isn't really a magic and cannot be utilized often, we have decided to allow the Wise One rank to choose a rank magic from one of the other ranks. We hope that this will allow additional customization as well as an incentive to play a more active role in the herd. For more information, please go to Guidebook > Ranks.

11. The VP earned from teaching spars has been reduced to +0.5.
-- There is no IC implication or 'skills' learned by the teacher during an OOC teaching spar, however the Admin team would like to continue to reward those who take the time to aid others. Records have been updated accordingly.

If you have any questions, you may post here. If you have comments or concerns, please feel free to contact an admin or PM the Official account.

Thank you,

The Admin Team

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February 17, 2014

Thanks to Neo, we now have a fully customized database for companions! This means that your companion's age is automatically updated based on their hatch date (which we went and hunted down from the archives) and your account is now linked on the table!

Please double-check the archive and make sure that everything looks in order.

Also, please remember to check your companion's age! Some of them may have changed by a month or so. The age listed is their TRUE age based on their hatch date, so it is accurate! Please adjust your play-style with their age according to the age guidelines listed in both the companion tab on the Guidebook and for quick reference, at the bottom of the Companion Archive page.

Thank you so much, Neo!

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regret to inform you that Aud has temporarily stepped down from her position as admin.

We have reinstated Tamme as an admin in order to cover this absence. Please note that Tamme will not play a huge role in policy decisions on the site. She has requested to come back as a "doer" in order to get things done such as god posts, drops, etc. While her opinion on certain issues will be solicited, it is important to note that we remain a team, and everyone's opinions are heard before any policies are changes or new rules are implemented.


The Admin Team

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Sky Island

A shadow, larger and more pervasive crosses over your land, and this shadow is not one that you can ignore. You lift your head, seeing in the silhouette of the sun, a mountain in the clouds. At first, this seems innocuous. A mountain in the clouds is perfectly relevant, but this one lies south, near the Veins of the Gods and the ocean. Mountains do not sprout over oceans, now do they?

You move south, walking until you notice that this is no mountain but an island - an island floating in the clouds! How? Why? The blue lava churning around you as you stand on the narrow island at the shrines of the gods crackles as you consider your own confusion.

As if on cue, an answer from the gods arrives. A cloud materializes beneath your hooves, making your pasterns wet and chilled, but then it solidifies, like stone! You are ascending, heart pounding because you cannot fly. The cloud whisks you upward to the island, and you see once to land on the sweet grass that it is a flower filled valley, a beautiful center with tents, a training arena and flagged sections for each herd land.

Waterfalls from the hills pour into a river running through the edge of a build common area and cascades over the side of the mountain, turning into the clouds that carried you here. The gods are amazing. For every hardship, they return their love.

Now, you are excited, waiting to see what is in store.

Welcome to our Unified Peace plot! This board represents all areas of the island in the cloud. Here are some key features for you to use in your posts!

1. Each herdland has colored banners and tents in four corners of a small "town" that has roads. At the center is a sand, circular arena for training and sparring. A stage is close to the sand arena along with a much large, common area tent.

Along the edges of the camps are areas for crafters to set up shops for their wares! More features are to come, and if you have suggestions and ideas, please PM "Random Event" so we can include!

2. Your character arrives here by clouds unless they are pegasi! You can come and go as many times as you want. During this era of peace there will be no herd invasions (admin are working out the final invasion rules and they will be finalized before the plot is over). You can continue on with your herd deviousness, but for now, your herds are considered safe.

3. There will be a series of games and competitions for IC and OOC prizes in this board along with regular news updates of what is going on with more IC threads! Keep informed by checking regularly!

4. If your character visits this island, dubbed "Sky Island" for now, you will earn an achievement and a soon-to-come profile badge!

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