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Your character is not omniscient. (Godmoding)
Unless you write them being there or write that your companion is seeing what is happening, your character does not know what is going on. It is important to retain secrets on Helovia for plot purposes. Groups like the Plague are unknown to everyone except those who are in the group. It's like fight club, but even more exclusive.

The main thing to remember is that unless you WRITE it; it did NOT happen. This is how we keep IC things IC. Any OOC edit, note and finishing off of a thread must be posted for everyone to see.

Secrets should be secret.
The secret rooms are just that, "secret". Even though many of us are part of multiple groups and herds, it is very important that you do not cross-over any information. That is 1. not fair, and 2. not fun.

Quests are endeavors.
"Endeavor: to exert oneself to do or effect something." Quests are not supposed to instantly gratify your need or want for magic or a companion. Quests are supposed to be in depth exertions on the part of your character to truly earn what is being asked for. Your character should be able to stand alone without any external abilities or companions. Often, the quest should be a part of your plots. Any attempts to cheat out or shorten your questing time or the quest itself will be met with more effort on your part.

Don't be pushy.
We all have those moments of wanting to do something with a particular character or have a particular plot go through, but it is important to remember that RP takes two! Do not make other people be mean to preserve their own plots and characters. Do not push! Just be pleasant and let your character's grow their own stories unless both parties explicitly agree. Also remember that No means NO! If your character gets rejected for breeding, do not press the issue please. Also this goes the same for requesting art. Just do not do it unless the player offers to save every discomfort.

DON'T DO IT. It's not fair to others and just ridiculously pompous to assume that your character can just do what he/she wants. We will be strict on this rule, as it is NUMERO UNO on the list!

Example of Godmoding: "Timmy grabbed Ginny by the toes and strung her up!"
Corrected Example: "Timmy tried to grab Ginny's toes; hopefully, if he was successful, he would string her up!

And look, you even get a better word count. Win win.

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The admin team has decided to add maximum numbers to each rank that allows rank magic to be given. Ranks, how to grant them, and how they are decided are detailed below with each rank as a small reminder.

You can always read more here:

- Maximum of 3 at one time
- Decided by herd vote, admin appointment, or challenge (within herd rules)
- Can choose from one rank magic ability

- Maximum of 3 healers at one time
- Decided by application run by admin with herd leader input
- Can use the specific healing magic as defined in the rank and rank magic document

- A maximum of 5 warriors at one time
- Decided by herd leaders
- Only 5 characters can have warrior rank magic per herd

- As always, only 1 wise one per herd
- Appointed by admin application with herd leader input

- A maximum of 2 crafters at one time
- Decided by admin application with herd leader input
- Can use specific crafting magic as refined in the rank and rank magic document

- A maximum of 2 sneak rank characters at one time
- Decided by herd leader
- Can choose between the types of sneak magic

Herd leaders, please respond with:
Lead: lead magic
Mend: all characters with mending magic and herd
Fortify: all warriors who can have rank magic and their rank magic choice
Craft: Names of the crafters and herd
Sneak: Names of the sneak ranked and their magic choice

Feel free to run your own polls to see what character has what

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A full moon illuminates the midnight hour. You look up at the sky in watching, awed at the beauty of the cool, Birdsong evening. How have these things come to pass? Did the gods care about the simple yet powerful bond between companions and their mates? A sigh passes over your lips, resigned to a life without the comfort of your friend.


A comet, bright and brilliant streams across the sky in a beautiful array of golds and greens. The sight is warming, and you begin to feel that presence in the back of your mind again. A chattering tale, a flood of pictures, and you are no longer alone.

The bond has been returned.

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January 1, 2012


Out of Character Updates

» Due to some issues that have been cropping up recently, it's asked that everyone please read the Code of Conduct reminder! This will benefit everyone and make the site more enjoyable for all :)
» The record keeping of characters has been revised and is hopefully more streamlined. You'll find it linked on the side bar under Info & Rules as Helovian Records now. Please double check that all listed info for your character(s) is correct, if not update an admin!

» Update :: The Moon Demi God is now up for adoption. You can apply for this character here: Mesec Application

» Secret Santa gifts should all have been turned in by now! Some santas have told of being late, but gifts to be delivered asap, while a few more may need new santas.
» Winter Gaming winners announced, let admin know of your prize choice.
» Holiday Hangman winners announce, let admin know of your prize choice.
» Winter Costume Contest is in voting until 1/7, go vote!
» Seasonal Image Contest is in voting until 1/7, go vote!
» Helovian Caroling is in voting until 1/7, go vote!
» Seasonal Storytelling is in voting until 1/7, go vote!

» Updated Rule: Mandated hunting for companions has been abolished. You have the option of hunting with an NPC.
» Updated Rule: Minimum word count has been raised to 250
» Updated Board: The explore board has been released! All info is found inside.

» Rule Reminder: Items cannot be stolen through the stealth board, that is still under discussion.
» Rule Reminder: You must have a 12 post minimum to post at the Veins of the Gods
» Rule Reminder: Unclaimed accounts can only post in the Threshold, and should only be in 1 Threshold thread at a time, preferably their own. Only when that thread has completed can a rank change be requested. Your profile must be completed and correct, and all images credited stock before admin will permit a rank change.

» Admin are in the process of organizing the revised rules for chaos-style invasions!
» Admin are in the process of organizing the flora/fauna and figuring out the contest winners, please bear with us it's a lot to cover!
» Admin are in the process of assigning items/prizes point values. We hope this will make attaining and trading the prizes you want more efficient.
» It was voted in that there be additional magic uses during a large scale invasion fight. The exact details on this are still being determined by admin.

» Admin have introduced set numbers for rank magic for each rank class. Because of this herd leaders must figure out which characters in their herd receive rank magic, as it is generally the highest ranking in that class. This may require some reorganizing of herd ranks and it is asked that admin are updated as to which characters get the rank magic. More on that here.
» The rules outlined by a herd as far as which ranks are capable of doing what will be enforced from now one as it applies to stealthing or challenging. Herd leads, please make sure you clearly define what ranks can make and block stealths, and which ranks can make and answer challenges on behalf of the herd. More on that here.
In Character Updates
» A comet in the night has returned the companion bond so they are no longer silent. Order has been restored, yay!
» A Bogart is ready for a fight in Helovia's Heart, and seems to be guarding a companion drop!

Stepping into their new homeland granted by the God of Spark, the unicorns that once took refuge in the World's Edge, and hosting the secret group The Plague, finally found a place to call their own. Before she could even get comfortable however, Psyche was taken by Bazilisk in the Dragon's Throat, causing a conflict between Leander and Kri while Psyche watched on with glee. In the turn of the night she fled with Bazilisk who found his loyalties had turned. Meanwhile Elizabeth and Aurelius found themselves captive of the Dragon's Throat as well, and Deimos captive of the World's Edge. Still holding onto Solstice of the World's Edge the Basin rebuked attempts to save her, though d'Artagnan faces against her son Aaron to rights of her freedom. They lost Svetlana at the turn of Birdsong, and just recently the crafty Mirage managed to turn her captive Xanthos against them, securing her freedom and his as well. Even now Xanthos puts on a fantastic show of his faux struggle with the DragonHeart. All this time the Basin has been much of the cause of the rash of kidnappings around Helovia, though they continually feign innocence.

A great deal of political change occurred as Leander exchanged heated words with Kri on their views of leadership. In the end Leander preferred to have himself demoted than share the throne with the Resolute, outcasting himself. Svetlana had other thoughts, challenging Kri to her leadership after having just joined their ranks the night before as a refugee from the Foothills. Amid a storm the mares battled fiercely with Kri arising victor. On their way out Leander and Svetlana tried to call to friends within the Throat to become outcasts with them, enraging not only Azzuen and Kri, but the almighty God of the Sun as well. Meanwhile Kri has challenged her prisoner Elizabeth for respect, and the Aurora Basin has sent a team to the Throat to see to freeing their prisoners. The Dragon's Throat has found its leadership altered and questioned, but it seems to stand stronger than ever.

Frustrated with the lack of progress in the team of World's Edge rescuers trying to reasons their prisoners away from the Aurora Basin, to no avail, Aaron has challenged d'Artagnan for Solstice. Back on home turf Rishima arrived with a captive Deimos in tow, speaking with Psyche of trading him for Mirage. Before details could be hashed out however, Deimos attempted to escape, but was thwarted by Lace, the two now face off in a deadly challenge. While all this goes on however, it seems Mirage has managed to secure her own freedom, recruiting for the herd at the same time. The World's Edge remains hushed and quiet, no friendly with than Basin than before.

After a frostfall's worth of imprisonment, Mandrake finally freed Svetlana from the Aurora Basin, but the welcoming party turned sour as Jackal challenged her to her position. The StormChaser fled from the challenge, giving Jackal the right to the throne, much to the displeasure of Evers, Archibald and Mandrake. Svetlana took refuge at the Dragon's Throat with her ally Leander, though her plans turned when Leander outcasted himself and Svetlana failed her challenge against Kri. Back in the Foothills Svetlana tried to recruit some friends among the herd, but Jackal chased her off with the help of Madyrn and Maskan. As the meeting between the new leads grew tense Jackal rose a challenge to Archibald, the loser bound to be exiled. Not to be left wanting of the drama, Evers faces off against Miltiades to protect his throne. The Windtossed Foothills seems to be in internal turmoil, and although much remains unknown, it is certain that change has come to the sleepy herd, whether or not for the better depends on who you ask.

Character of the Month
Congratulations FAELENE on winning CotM during December!

Herd of the Month
The admin are going to post a thread which will involve a vote for the Herd of the Month to replace Herd Champs!

Quote of the Month

"Threats? Warnings? Ultimatums? And what would these trespassers do to them that had not been done before? The absolution of their own melancholy had been enough to prepare them for a course in vengeance. For what did you expect when you played, toyed, and capered with fire?"
-- Deimos in Freeing the prisoners
Congratulations to DEIMOS for winning QotM during December!

Thread of the Month

Congratulations to "Welcome Home" for winning TotM during December!

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Due to the past trends of characters within herds making stealths when their rank is not permitted based on herd rules, such will start to be enforced.

Ranks need to follow the rules laid out by their herd, otherwise any actions done outside their permitted abilities are considered void.

Please carefully read your herd rules!

Herd leads, please ensure that your rules are well updated and clear as to what a certain rank may or may not due.
This includes: blocking stealths, making stealths, answering challenges, making challenges (exception being rank challenges)...

If a herd rule permits that exceptions may occur with pre-approval by a lead/higher rank, please make an ooc note of this approval when participating in something your rank should not normally be involved in.

Thank you!

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Far above the heavens in a realm where only the divine are allowed to reside, a heavy sight punctuates a long and somber conversation. Emerald eyes, filled with weariness look among his siblings, settling on the God of Time who sits with wisdom he is just now realizing. The feathered god loved the peoples of Helovia, but the demands and folly he receives daily are too much, and his brothers and sister feel similarly. A hall, filled with the light of the Sun God and shadowed by the Moon holds the four rather young deities as they converse.

"I have said this before at the inception of this world you created that the desire of the mortals cannot be sated," the Time God said, his voice clear and firm. Though perhaps more of a trickster and harsh to the mortals, he holds wisdom born of traveling history. "They aspire to become us, and they have not the lifespan to understand the power they crave will corrupt. All you are doing by coming at their beck and call is encouraging this corruption."

The God of the Spark stood entirely still, eyeing each of his siblings with his sharp, blue eyes. "You make excuses that they are earning their gifts with quests and tasks, but to what end? Few have truly earned and understood the powers you are granting, and ultimately, we will find ourselves once more in the midst of a war." He snorted sharply and stomped a solid hoof, the sound echoing through the chamber. "Also, do not let yourself be fooled into thinking you have hidden your half-mortal spawn from me. You, I even, are getting too close. Already you, brother Sun, have banished a young mare from your presence and have given personal advice to another. Do you truly believe you are impartial with that evidence at your hooves? And you, my dear sister... you played two herds to your advantage. Finally, brother Earth, you have such difficulty refusing to meet the mortals, and I can see in your essence that you are drained."

The God of the Sun gave forth a guilty look before sullenly agreeing, and the God of the Earth grimaced. But the Goddess of the moon, as much as she was in concurrence, lifted her head in defiance. "I regret nothing, brother." she started in a huff before being soothed by her earthen brother's calm gaze. "But I will admit the mortals have grown greedy. They've grown more insufferable than amusing." The God of the Earth nodded in solemn and reluctant agreement. Finally, his chocolate lips parted to speak, beard swaying in the light of the day. "We cannot deny the facts you put before us," his thunderous voice boomed. He sighed heavily. "Before this corruption and war begins, we must act and act swiftly. The Veins must be destroyed, though enough should remain for them to relive their history. No more can we come at their calling, though my heart grieves at the loss of their company."

The God of Time grunted harshly and narrowed his eyes. "What company? You mean their demands of you? I do not give a damn if you want to converse with the mortals, but what has transpired is not conversing. We are being used."

The God of the Earth sighed and nodded. "Also true, but we cannot abandon them completely. Pure hearts still remain among the mortal kind. We need to be able to visit them, to offer them powers when they are in need."

The Spark God shrugged his shoulders and looked between his other siblings. "Abandoning a people we invited seems foolish," he agreed. No more was getting done standing where the mortals were not allowed. The God of the Spark closed his eyes and in a blink, transported them to a more apt location. The four appeared before their shrines at the Veins, and the God of the Spark looked out upon the fields of churning, blue lava. He approached his shrine, and with a bolt of lightning, shattered the stone in half. The rock groaned as it fell backward, one half falling and crashing into the waves below.

The God of the Earth followed suit. He closed his eyes and summoned the creation of a new plant. Black, thorny vines wove around his shrine which thrived on the heat of the lava, and small, blue blooms appeared to offer a small comfort. The God of the Moon shoved her shrine with a gust of wind and blocked out any symbols with shadow, marking it with death. The God of the Sun summoned fire to the stone that signified his shrine. Flames licked around the stone structure until the rocks were black with ash and charcoal.

The God of the Earth lamented. "The Veins are no more."

Together, the four deities stood, taking in the depth of their actions and watching with a sense of sorrow as the bright sun fell beneath the horizon. The blue flowers on the Earth God's shrine began to glow softly. Perhaps they were a promise of better things to come, a symbol that the mortals would not be forgotten.

The method in which characters gain magic and companions is changing as many on the survey had complaints about magic. Most people were concerned that it was getting to much, that magic and companions were no longer special and the quests were often difficult, time consuming and the waiting time was too much.

More drops will be created for magic in the form of a "quest" drop where the gods still interact with the characters in order to gain magic. However, this will still be a competition or random dice roll situation as per the usual form of drops. We have some great ideas for these though, and we think they will be really fun!

Since the gods will not be available to quest for any type of quest, the crafters for each herd will be given the abilities to create magical items! The crafters from each herd will have control over the respective elements of the patron god, and they will be able to enchant items with abilities as long as they are passed by the admin team first. Currently this depends on systems that are in the process of being written and reviewed, so please be patient with us as we work on installing as fast as we can.

Characters are still encouraged to come to the veins (which will be a normal roleplay board) to pray and seek council from the gods. Though quests will not be given, a god may occasionally answer a prayer.

All current quests will be completed in the usual fashion.

We encourage you to give this system a chance for a little while, and if we encounter problems or issues along the way, we can always adjust as needed.

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Hello all,

Please make note of the following changes we have made to spars and the VP log.
  • We have instated a one week gap between the first post you make in one spar and joining another.
  • From now on, 3 round spars will be required to earn VP. Incomplete judging will remain at 2, due to the fight being a default in nature.
  • OOC spars will be defined as a spar that occurs on the Battleground, but will not affect the character IC. No wounds, experience, or memories will be carried over. You will receive a rubric, but no VP for these spars.
  • Teaching spars have been reduced to only +1 extra in VP. VP & Battle Buff records already reflect the changes.

Spars which are currently set at 2 rounds will still receive VP, and we do not ask that you extend them. This will only apply to spars made from this point forward.
For more information, please see the altered Detailed Rules.

If you have any comments of concerns, please contact one of the administrators.

Thanks, guys!

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Companion Name
Bonded To
Age (months)
Alanna Helovia Aaron Hellhound Mythical, common 0 Energy Drain
Kyan Helovia Kanti Kangaroo Non-mythical 0 Cure
Kaiden Helovia Kimber Kitsune Mythical, common 0 Electric
Talbot Helovia Crowley Hellhound Mythical, common 0 Acid
Zarina Helovia Quilyan Pygmy Marmoset Non-mythical 0 Quantum Leap
Slade Helovia Tajheri Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Non-Mythical 0 Sing
Chandra Helovia Satan Black Mamba snake Non-Mythical 0 Venom
Sumä Helovia Sumati Golden Eagle Non-Mythical 0 Read
Laise Helovia Totem Hellhound Mythical, common 0 Superspeed
Azel Helovia Xanthos King Cheetah Non-mythical 0 Quantum Leap
Irido Helovia Xylia Thylacine Non-mythical 0 Quantum Leap
Veci Helovia Hector Boggart Mythical, plain 0 Suffocate
Sabel Helovia Note Iberian Lynx Non-mythical 0 Stormcall
Aodaun Helovia Lakota Polar Bear Non-mythical 0 Terrorize
Mara Helovia Gaucho Black Mamba Snake Non-mythical 0 Paralyze
Java Helovia Aryel Grey-headed Flying Fox Bat Non-mythical 0 Scream
Romul Helovia Essetia Arctic Wolf Non-mythical 0 Confusion
Archeon Helovia Zar'roc Hellhound Mythical, royal 0 Hellfire

Just a reminder!

Abilities by age in months

0 Months: natural physical abilities like fighting, running, swimming, biting and scratching. At 0, they have but cannot use their magical abilities.

4 Months: Capable of their limited elemental ability (ie dragons can breathe fire for short bursts).

6 Months: Capable of limited, childish mind speech (ie can use words like a small child through the mental bond) and limited elemental ability

8 Months: Capable of advanced elemental ability

12 Months: More coherent mind speech with mixed up words and advanced elemental ability

12+ Months: Mind speech gets better and stronger with time. Advanced elemental ability is stagnant.

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Hello, Helovians!

Due to the recent influx of stealths, the admin have had several issues brought to our attention. In an effort to ensure fairness in the aspect of stealths, we are issuing a reminder of stealth etiquette.

When judging stealths, remember that you should not judge stealths you have a direct investment in. This can be difficult at times, since many of you are part of more than one herd or group. However, if you start out with a favor toward one group or know from the start whether or not you want a stealth to pass, you should never judge it. In the future, we will be issuing warnings if we think a judge has wrongfully offered up their opinion.

Another issue we have had brought to our attention is the discussion of stealths with unrelated group members. We cannot stop the discussion of a stealth outside of Helovia, but in order to maintain a level of fairness, we ask that solutions to the riddles that do not pertain to your herd or band should not be shared. We encourage herds to work with their own members to riddle them out in their stealth board; however, we will not tolerate sharing answers to unrelated parties in the future.

We hope these reminds will help clarify how to approach stealth discussion and judging in the future. Enjoy using the stealth board, but remember to play fair!

Admin Team

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Hello, Helovians!

This is just a short little reminder due to recent complaints from our members about how to handle IC interactions.
We ask that you respect your peers and recognize that everyone has a different amount of time to contribute to the site, and, as is expected, there are fluctuations in muse that also pose as limiting factors to posting. Please do not badger your fellow players to reply with constant reminders, messages, posting of links, and any other form of nudges. This can be stressful for your posting partner, and we as an admin team wish to see everyone having fun and enjoying their experience on Helovia.

Of course, we also know that this extends in the opposite direction as well, for it can be stressful having to wait on one particular person. As a guideline, we respectfully ask you wait one week before any sort of reminder to reply is given to your partner(s). Human memory does falter and sometimes the nudge is helpful, but please do not make your peers uncomfortable!

Thanks for being awesome,
Admin Team

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A Character Census and a new Whitepages have been added! Thank you Neo!

Character Census!

Thank you to the wonderful Neo, we now have a character census page located here: (can be found in sidebar under "extras")

This will be an up-to-date census of all ACTIVE characters within the herd.

The numbers on the left determine the number of guesses the herds have at any given time.

Located here! :D
Also linked in the sidebar.

In order for your character to appear, you must have your OOC name typed into the proper field (OOC Name).

If one of your characters does not appear, please post in the updates board because it is a usergroup issue.

Thank you, Neo!

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Israfel the Demi-Goddess up for adoption via application.

:: Israfel Demi-God Application ::
Due to some unfortunate events, the Sun Demi-God is now up for adoption. Because she has been played and has a personality, we will be looking for players who will upkeep and expand upon this already established character.

Please fill out the form and message to Official. This application will be closed on 3/2/13 (9 days).

*** NOTICE *** Please send your applications to the Official account.

Israfel ::
Sun God x Smoke

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Account Creation and Activity Rules

1. One month wait between the ability to create new characters, firm. The system handles this part. If you have a character who is having twins and you are playing both of them, all you need to do is message an admin and we will create and activate the account for you and PM you the login and password. This also goes for special circumstances.

2. Warnings will be given to players who try and join new characters immediately after AA-ing/adoptable-ing a character currently involved in plots or threads
We will be monitoring this as it still continues to be a problem.

3. Strict activity checks that run seasonally. All accounts (except those in AA), will be entirely, permanently deleted if not claimed on the activity check thread which will be located in the Updates Board.
- Accounts made that same season will be an exception of this rule
- Characters whose player claims the account on the activity thread and does not pursue activity thereafter will receive a warning.

4. Characters who are in AA cannot be removed from AA until a month after entry (AA is not for transient character stuffing).

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Congratulations, Sparrow!

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in assuming this important character.

After a long review of the applicants, the Admin Team has selected Sparrow to be the new player of Israfel, the Sun Demi-God filly.

Sparrow, please contact the Official account to receive log-in information and any additional questions you may have on her character.

Admin Team

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Hello Helovians!

With a quickly growing site, Helovia has need of even more dedicated junior administrators! We went back into our wonderful list of applicants and chose Dingo to be an additional Judging Junior Administrator.


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All adoptable listings and creation will now occur here:

The database, created by the amazing Neo, will replace the adoptables board entirely so that it does not get cluttered. Please keep in mind that adoptables should be fully fleshed out characters and not concepts so that we can keep the database clean.

Admin retain the right to delete adoptables as we see fit based on lack of a fleshed out character, inconsistencies and lack of interest.

The adoptables board will be closed now and for the next nine days for you to retrieve your info and put it onto the new database.

Thank you!

Official Posts: 847
Stallion :: Equine :: ::
1. ALL OOC POSTS posted at any point in time without deletion immediately WILL result directly in an official warning, no leniency.
-- Use PMs instead of making OOC posts
-- DO NOT CLAIM post space with an OOC post
-- If you are making an OOC post saying "skip me", go back and remove once the next post was made!

Why? Because all of these OOC posts interfere with the post count amulet awards and the Herd Champs numbers. We need to be very strict on this so that these numbers remain fair.

2. Herd champs has been reinstated! Thanks to Neo's lovely post counter system which you can find in this board, we are able to see which herd has the best activity!

3. Remember that pestering people over PM or skype to RP with you is an offense. We will send warnings.

4. Please take a look at your profiles for image sizes and credits.

5. Remember to NOT change the FONT COLOR of a post without using a table that has a solid background! You can use the background color of the current layout, but do not make it transparent!

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Stallion :: Equine :: ::

The plot surrounding this event IC is still unknown, but in order to begin this plot, we need to give all of you wonderful and beautiful writers enough time to put together a solid application and finally create your Time God Demi-God Child!

Just like before, we will have players nominate their characters to be the mother of this character. The winner of the foal will be decided upon by admin vote and the winner also gets to choose which character from the list to be the mother.

Also, just like the other children, the character's creation will have some parameters in coloration and magic! For transparency, these will be listed here. You are welcome to incorporate any of these parameters into your application:
- Can be black or white in base color (though we are loose on this depending on mother's coloration)
- Can have odd blue, white or black markings (since Timey has swirls and electric blue accents)
- Can have either the same, summonable shock wings like his father or wings based on mother's lineage (if pegasus)
- Can have an odd shaped, single horn or regular, single horn
- Height must be between mother's height and Time's height
- Innate magic: [Magic: ShockxTime | Ability to create and alter electric fields around his/her body] (essentially he could travel quickly and levitate a little, depending on mass; could also attract conducting materials like metal)

If you are interested in being the new player and creator of this baby, please fill out the form and message to Official. This application will be closed on 3/17/13 (9 days).

*** NOTICE *** Please send your applications to the Official account.

OOC Name::

Favorite God::
Favorite aspect of Time God::
Activity level::
Long term Helovian?::

Plans if you earn the foal?::
Angles you would want to play?::
RP sample as if you were playing the foal. (250min - 700max)::


To volunteer your female character to mother the Time God foal, please post below with your OOC Name & The Character's name. Thank you!

Parent Prospects
Angora - Vallie
Ariadne - Vallie
Aryel - FennecFyre
Ampere - Blu
Demetrie - Vallie
Elizabeth - Teeroo
Faelene - Sica
Ignita - Pheonix
Insanity - bry
Irrydae - Paddeh
Kiara - Emily
Kou - Ali
Lakota - Brit
Mikali - kels
Nadira - s3ilver
October - Hybrid
Ophelia - Tamme
Phaedra - Aud
Psyche - Rayo
Sno - Elope
Solstice - Emily
Sumati - Tay
Talianna - Nyte
Willow - Blu
Xira - Alex

After careful deliberation, we have reached a decision on the player for the God of the Spark Demi-God foal. Congratulations, M.E.!

Please contact an administrator or post on the application thread for who you would like to be the dam of your foal.

Thank you to all of our excellent applicants, who truly made this a tough decision.

Admin Team

ME has chosen Ophelia to be the mother!

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Stallion :: Equine :: ::
1. One month wait between the ability to create new characters, firm. The system handles this part. If you have a character who is having twins and you are playing both of them, all you need to do is message an admin and we will create and activate the account for you and PM you the login and password. This also goes for special circumstances.

2. Warnings will be given to players who try and join new characters immediately after AA-ing/adoptable-ing a character currently involved in plots or threads
We will be monitoring this as it still continues to be a problem.

3. Strict activity checks that run seasonally. All accounts (except those in AA), will be entirely, permanently deleted if not claimed on the activity check thread which will be located in the Updates Board.
- Accounts made that same season will be an exception of this rule
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Out of Character Updates
» Prepare for Plots!

» You may notice some additions to the site lately; there are thanks to the coding genius, Neo!
» Character Census
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» Please keep in mind that we are strictly adhering to the rules and warning individuals on: character creation/adopting/dropping/AA-ing, making OOC posts, posting under the post count.
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» Rule Update: You are not allowed to attempt to free or re-steal a character until the captive has posted. The captor does not have to be the first to post.
» Rule Update: Each crafter in a her is allowed to make 3 small items, 2 medium items, or 1 large item per season. Very large-scale creations like walls/gates/etc need to be discussed with the admin team first to discuss the plans and the timeline.

» The God of Time is going to have a child played by the wonderful ME, and she has chosen Ophelia of the Foothills to carry the child!
In Character Updates
» Everything has been relatively quiet in Helovia, almost too quiet.
» The Gods have been warning the herds about a possible danger approaching!
» The God of the Moon has granted Sulwyn a quest! Moon Quest Drop
» Onni has won fire/light magic here! Magic Drop

The Aurora Basin has been active but quiet, most of their lives taking place in the shadows of the snowy mountains. Crowley was promoted to a weaver position to serve the herd, and the daughter of Mauja and Faelene, Sielu, was born. Deimos stole Azarron, Mauja stole Angora who had stolen Arah, and a myriad of slaves have now taken up residence in the Aurora Basin. Will the rest of the herd start to notice? Ulrik, an outcast, has brought Cassiopeia to the Basin as a Plague offering. The Sergeant Lana from the Dragon's Throat, attempted to help Lana and Athena in an escape that was blocked by d'Artagnan, who challenged her directly, as well as Aviya and Mauja. Interpersonal relationships and perhaps plotting makes up the bulk of the activity of the Basin.

The Dragon's Throat has remained stable under the leadership of Kri, though that is partly due to the addition of Sumati the Sinbird as the second lead! Coris has been doing an excellent job on trying to pick up the long-standing process of wall building the metal wall. Azarron, now prisoner of Deimos, attempted once in the herd to challenge Kri for her leadership. Kri now remains the number one challenged herd leader for her position, and she has never lost once. Tragedy then struck the Dragon's Throat when the noble general, Azzuen passed away in his sleep, his body being removed by the gods out of respect. His daughter Cirrus received gifts of his passing. After mourning, Ophelia and Kri struck an agreement that the Grey would not aide Catillatio in taking over the Throat in trade for warriors to take over the Foothills. The Throat then aided the Grey in their invasion.

Mirage has recently promoted Thor the Gentleheart to lead at her side due to his long standing commitment to the herd. The tournament for the second general's position is ongoing. Due to the recent overthrow of the Foothills, many new faces have assimilated into the World's Edge, including Madyrn, Maskan, Aaron, Paladin, and Romani and many have made appearances in the most recent herd meeting. Aaron was promoted as a glazier, and Kaj, Ink and Rishima are travelling to the Dragon's Throat allies to learn about their way of life. In the mean time, Madyrn has won the freedom of Ignita, the assassin leader. The Moon God also visited Hellena, warning her about a possible danger!

An invasion swiftly overcame the Foothills, and they stood powerless against it. With their Chief, Jackal all but absent, the numbers were too few. Leaders of the Grey Ophelia and Ktulu fought hard but won with no competition when Ophelia convinced Locket, the highest ranking member present, to join them. Ailith and Locket remained and joined the Grey, and Tingal, Casimir, and Soleil are on their way to also become full fledged members. Irrydae was selected as the New Storyteller and has herd interested news from the Earth God! Peixos and Donovan were chosen as masons and are beginning to build a wall of stone to protect the borders. Mesec has also joined after being bullied out of the Basin! Apollo has been selected as the new Earth Medic, and Archibald has been selected as the General. Ophelia has also read the mind of an assassin and learned their plans; she is on her way to warn the other herds!

Character of the Month
Congratulations THOR on winning CotM during February!

Herd of the Month
Congratulations to the AURORA BASIN for winning this month's Herd Champs! For the month of APRIL, each member of the Aurora Basin is allowed an extra roll for quest, magic and companion drops!

Quote of the Month

"I could not care less if you fell for some brute and birthed the spawn of your indiscretion under whatever guise you call love."
-- Ophelia in Ophelia, Ophelia
Congratulations to OPHELIA for winning QotM during December!

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Congratulations to "Easy Catch" for winning TotM during February!

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