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August 13, 2012

Hey, everyone!

This is just a quick announcement to let you know that we have separated the Adoptables forum into subforums to help organize them better for your convenience of use! From now on, when you submit an adoptable, we do ask that you start your thread in the correct subforum.

Admin Team

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August 15, 2012

This is a reminder about the rules. If you have not read them then read them. If you have read them then read them again.


Posts must be a minimum of 100 words, no questions asked. We have been more than nice with little reminders that posts must be lengthened. Official warnings will be issued and continued disregard of this rule will result in a suspension of posting abilities on all accounts.

Post order must be maintained. You cannot skip another person's turn because they haven't posted in a timely enough fashion for you. Disregard of this rule will also result in a suspension of posting abilities on all accounts.


The only pictures you can use for your characters are pictures that are not copyrighted and have credits to the artist on them. You may not use a copyrighted photo or one without credit for a profile picture or an avatar. If you currently have one in place take it down. Disregard of this will lead to a suspension and possibly a ban from Helovia.

Also, the rules have been updated. Please make note of the changes.

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August 17, 2012

Hello guys!

You may have noticed that some of your stats now show up near the top of your posts near the avatar. That information is taken directly from fields already in your profile.

What you need to do now is go to your Edit Profile section and type in your OOC name in plain text so that it will show up to the right. It is underlined. If you want an example, look at Neo's or Tamme's characters.

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August 20, 2012

The fighting rules have been updated to reflect the changes that have been agreed upon by the admin team. To sum it all up:

1. Challenges must be responded to in 48 hours or the opponent forfeits
2. All subsequent posts have a 72 hour limit
3. If your opponent or you fail to respond in 72 hours, two points get deducted and two more for every 24 hours until the next reply.

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August 25, 2012


I read the questionnaires and tallied of the votes.

> The secret grove has been moved to the Wilds and is open to RP
> Breeding stat threads must be prefixed with [FOAL STAT]
> Archived foal stat threads will appear in a subforum of the archives.

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September 1, 2012


Out of Character Updates
» A new reprimand system has been put into place that allows three warnings before suspension of posting ability, please read the "Must Read Rules" to refresh yourself!
» New Rule: Profile pictures must be credited and be no larger than 750px wide, and avatars must be 220 by 100px.
» New Rule: Official challenges must be responded to within 48 hours, but the challengers have 72 hours to reply.
» New Rule: Spars have a two week maximum response period before the battle is defaulted.
» New Rule: Official challenge posts may not be edited after your challenger has responded.
» Rank Change: The "Unclaimed" rank has been restricted to OOC, Threshold, and Herd posts only.
» The Secret Grove is now an RP-able land area and the rules regarding breeding are located in the board.
» Loorien is growing! Check out the Loorien board for information on other countries around the globe!
» The Flora, Fauna and Mythical Companion Contests are up in the Contest board and the Mythical Companion contest will be ending soon.
» Have a magic idea or an idea for a VoTG quest? post them in two stickied threads in the "Comments" board to help out your admin!
» In your profile, please fill out the last field that says OOC name with only your OOC name so that it will show up in your posts!
» We have a FAQ that you can now point new members to!
In Character Updates
» The Sun God has been banished into exile by his brother and sister!
» Paladin's herd meeting erupted with high tensions and unresolved drama!
» Paladin won the challenge against Gossamer and is now lead of the Foothills.
» The Sun God agreed to leave the Foothills alone if Smoke would have his child.
» Mesec, the moon child, is born in the Edge!
» Hototo, the earth child, is born in the Throat!
» Mauja's herd meeting is busy and full of new, eager members.
» Cassiopeia has summoned the Sun god in the Throat and is learning more about ancient Helovia.
» The Edge has been very busy making babies this season.

Adash has successfully bonded with his lovable puffin, and Aure has rescued her Niege, an arctic fox. Jaydan was convinced to not commit suicide, but he still seems rather off kilter. Hototo, the child of the Earth God and Ktulu was born as well, and his arrival into the world was joined by Ophelia and Midas. Kri has also stolen Olema and Surema, and Xira has been determined to steal as well. Aure and Tares also had twins! All the while Cassiopeia is learning much about the history of Helovia, but will the Sun God reveal anything important?
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Mauja called a herd meeting that is full of new and old faces, many of them wanting to be joined among the higher ranks. Lotus is pregnant, a fact that Korra is none too happy about, and the group of racists is wondering if accepting the half-wolf, Arathea is within their strict moral bounds. Monster has taken a protective liking to Sno, and Ulrik has also made her a little wolf machine. Ophelia was almost killed by Deimos and Mauja was almost killed by Ktulu because Phi was trespassing. Keahi is questing to be able to shoot up pillars of flame and has taken to, once again, torturing the poor Edge with fire. Mauja has also summoned all of the groups individually to task them with projects. What will become of this?
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The Sun God has burned Soleil in the Foothills before Smoke came along and offered to have the Sun God's child in order to make him go away. Paladin challenged Gossamer for the lead of the Foothills and emerged victorious, and he is instating the triumvirate with Soleil as he second. This is causing quite a stir. Rico challenged Soleil for her position of lead to give to Smoke, but Paladin said all they would need to do was talk it out. The Qian are still allies. Willow is the new storyteller, Evangeline the Pure and Evers are the new diplomats, and Archibald wants to be the General!
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Congratulations d'Artagnan on winning Character of the Month during the month of September!

Herd Champions
Congratulations to the World's Edge for winning herd champions. The herd has three stealth guesses during the month of September, instead of two!

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September 3, 2012

In celebration of your activity with the Sun God Plot, the admin team have decided to gift you!

The gods bestow upon their other, maternal and paternal halves gifts. Congratulations!

d'Artagnan, you receive a legend title of your choice as well as a silver marking should you desire.

Ktulu, you receive a legend title of your choice as well as a bronze marking, should you desire.

Smoke the Wild Rose, you receive a golden marking, should you desire.

The Sun God has been exiled to wander the bitter cold of Frostfall as a mortal, and he shall not be allowed to grant fire or light magic during this season without a pass. Those who suffered his wrath with burns are now granted metallic, shimmering gold markings in the location of their wounds.

Xenos Yaro

Pending - will receive markings upon completion of thread.
Madryn and Maskan

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September 4, 2012

A strange, Orangemoon mist settled across Helovia, obscuring the sight of all with its curious appearance. The night sky began to turn light, and a faint song could be heard resting on the silver cloud. It was calling all, calling them together in unison. A whisper in the Steppe. A chorus in the Edge. A symphony in the Throat. A harmony in the Foothills. The sing grows louder, pulling at your heartstrings and ears, beckoning forward to the Thistle Meadow. None could ignore the subtle hypnosis of the music, so beautiful and yet so foreign and heard differently by each.

As the sun begins to rise, light danced off of the silver mist which gave way to the lavender figure of the God of the Moon. Her elegant jaw was lifted to the sky, plum eyes closed. The wings that rest at her sides are lightly disturbed by the crisp, cool breeze, bits of feather shimmering and humming. The voice, angelic, strange and heavenly was moving from her own throat, multiple melodies coming from her single voice in a bizarre uniformity.

All gathered before her, and she opened her pupiless eyes, strange and mysterious as she gazed upon their faces. She shifted on her delicate hooves, taking note of those he came and those who ignored her beckoning. The goddess would not lightly forget that slight upon her summons.

Suddenly, she snapped open her wings and lifted her body off the ground in a single, fluid movement, hovering above the cloud with silent wings. Not even a rustle of breeze could be heard from the movement. "Too long you have suffered, distanced from each other by the wrath and jealousies of our brother, the Sun. He has been EXILED, and he will walk among you, like you until he understands the beautiful fragility you mortals call life. But to honor the dawning of freedom, the respect of individuals and the honor in unity, we begin THE GAMES!

The Goddess' voice rang out clear and sharp along the meadow, resonating through the grass like a whisper in a cave. Her voice was magnetic, calling forth excitement and wonder from the mortals, and she too was glad to offer a sport to draw the attention of all, to engage them in competition free from the darkness and gloom that had plagued their minds. Now was a time to join together and forget the prejudice and violence. Now was the time to play.

Please welcome the new Site Wide Plot, Helovian Olympics!! Please see the Olympics Board for more details.

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September 8, 2012

Hello all,

After the recent discussion on the comments board about pregnancy wait time, there have been some new changes to the rules. Here are the changes:
  • Mares must be pregnant for a minimum of 2 weeks time.
  • After birth, the mare must wait a minimum of 2 months (1 season) before breeding again.
  • Mares may now fight and be challenged while pregnant.
  • If a mare fights while pregnant, there is a significant chance that the foal will be injured or lost, regardless of original health stats.
  • If a mare is challenged while pregnant, they may choose to fight or have another character fight in their stead.

Please see the Detailed Rules for the official rule changes. If you have any further questions regarding the shift in the rules, please contact one of the admin team.

Admin Team

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It's the start of our second site year!

Out of Character Updates
» New companion rules have been added to the Detailed Rules. The link can be found in the Info & Rules section of the sidebar.
» Please share your thoughts on hunting for normal companions rather than only questing here.
» Rank Change: The "Unclaimed" rank has been restricted to OOC, Threshold, and Herd posts only.
» Remember: Profile pictures must be credited and be no larger than 750px wide, and avatars must be 220px by 100px. Uncredited profile pictures will be removed from your profile.
» Loorien is growing! Check out the Loorien board for information on other countries around the globe!
» Have a magic idea or an idea for a VoTG quest? post them in two stickied threads in the "Comments" board to help out your admin!
» In your profile, please fill out the last field that says OOC name with only your OOC name so that it will show up in your posts!
In Character Updates
» The Sun God has been spotted in the Frostbreath Steppe.
» The Qian is invading the World's Edge!
» Paladin won the challenge against Gossamer and is now lead of the Foothills.
» The Edge is still very busy making babies.
» The Dragon's Throat has been busy stealing from other herds.
» The Dragon's Throat and the Windtossed Foothills are aiding the The Qian in their invasion of the World's Edge.
» Ophelia has successfully bonded to Tinek.
» Xira stole Jackal and Azzuen stole d'Artagnan.

Xira has been busy trying to steal from other herds and was sucessful in stealing Jackal from the Windtossed Foothills. Paladin came to negotiate Jackal's release and was met by Ktulu, Kri, Azzuen, and Olema Surema who was disguised as Ophelia. Ophelia has bonded to the royal silver dragon Tinek. Jaydan attacked Ophelia while he was asleep, resulting in Kri interfering to save Ophelia from being killed. Azzuen successfully stole the Moon Doctor, d'Artagnan, from the World's Edge. Many warriors are helping the Qian in their invasion of the Edge.
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Lotus has given birth to Mauja's son Tamlin. Coris, Monster, and Snö all made an appearance. Shortly after Tamlin's birth Snö ran away and Monster followed after her. d'Artagnan as been stolen by the Throat and shortly after the Edge was invaded by the Qian and their allies. Kou and d'Artagnan are expecting their first foal. Mauja was gifted with a Snowy Owl. Ophelia came back to make amends with Mauja for her trespassing. The Moon Goddess has left her son, Mesec, in d'Artagnan and Kou's care.

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All has been fairly quiet in the Foothills since the end of Paladin's herd meeting. Aaron, Paladin, Ricochet, Madyrn Maskan, Ned, and Archibald have all traveled to the World's Edge to aid The Qian in their invasion. Solstice has welcomed a new filly to the world, Azale Moniet who was sired by Shamsiel of the Dragon's Throat.

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Congratulations Ricochet on winning Character of the Month during the month of October!

Herd Champions
Congratulations to the World's Edge for winning herd champions. Members of the herd may use magic one more time in battle.

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After being carefully combed through and worked out, the new companion rules with the winners of the Companion Contest as well as Blu's species specific companions have been solidified, coded an are now implemented!

You can find the new rules here::

- You may notice that there are uneven perks on a few of the companions. This is because they will be added in at a later date to be determined by the flow and timeline of Helovia's member-based plots. The additions are sitting in a document and are waiting to be added at the appropriate time.

- Currently, the only aspect of these companion rules that is being discussed is the fact that non mythical companions do not participate in the RE based hunting/gathering threads. Please state your opinion on this matter here:

- All non mythical characters who are wanting to pursue a magical ability in any of the elemental categories must POST HERE. Please include your Character's Name, Companion's Name and the type of magic they are seeking. ALL NON MYTHICAL COMPANIONS will begin at the SAME POINT in their magical growth regardless of age as of today.

- IF you have a dragon and wish for the dragon to seek an alternative form of breathing other than fire, you may choose from the list and state your changes HERE. Be sure to include your Character Name and Companion Name as well as which one of the four choices you want.

If you have any questions about these new rules or the companions, please post here or speak to an admin. From this point forward, this set of companions for mythical will be dropped. You will be aware of the type of drop in the first thread (dice roll, puzzle, etc).

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:: You may have noticed that the herd tables are now very much shortened! The tables with all of the character names and ranks are now a sticky in the board written by the god specific to that land. This way, herd leaders can edit the tables themselves!
:: Changes to the land will be noted on the main page table as well as herd champs and other monthy/permanent changes (example of a land change would be if the Foothill's Mason decided to build a castle!)
:: Herd leaders, please post HERE if you have any trouble editing your herd table!

:: There has been some confusion about absences lately, and the admin team needs to clear this up
:: All absence rules are kept on the head of the absence board here: Absence rules in Header
:: It is important to note that when you are on an absence, we expect that you CANNOT post in any capacity. This means that sitewide plots, threads, events, games, and contests WILL MOVE ON without you.
:: If you are going to be posting less or posting to certain things, you will need to select the prefix "BUSY". If you are "BUSY" and do not post to an event, contest, game, thread, or plot, you will be disqualified or knocked out of the round.
:: If you have selected "ABSENT" and still post, your absence will be considered void and any open challenges, events, games, etc that were waiting on you, will move on and you will be disqualified.
:: This sounds harsh, but this is only fair to your the other members of the site who are waiting on finishing threads and games.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact an admin or reply here.

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» The site is now on a newer and faster server :D
» We now have an image uploader within Helovia! Uploading with this will actually help the site run faster and will provide you with better quality and reliable images.
» You will find that land images and their descriptions can now be seen within the boards :)
» The top posters forum stats has removed admin accounts and offers some more new features. Thanks so much Neo!
» When turning in a quest to the Veins, please provide links to the thread(s) where the quest objectives were completed. please make sure the quest objectives are completed prior to making your quest turn in post.
» Posts from Gods and Random Events cannot be requested. Gods can only be summoned in the Veins or by their seer in their specific location. Random Events are just that, random.
- A player based NPC can always be used instead of an RE!
- Any post in the Veins to meet the gods will require a die roll, even if you are not seeking a quest.

» Whether or not items can be stolen, among other stealth abilities, is currently under discussion. Please respond with your opinion and vote! Please do not make item stealths in the mean time until a decision has been made.
» Similarly stealth blocking is being discussed and will likely be redesigned soon. Please let your opinion be made!
» There are a lot of comment threads that need your vote and discussion! They will soon be put into redesign and implemented.

» There is a Moon God magic drop in the Secret Grove!
» There is a Zephyr companion drop in the Heavenly Fields!


» Don't forget to nominate characters for Character of the Month!
» Don't forget today is the last day to sign up for Secret Santa!
» Check to see if you've won an amulet for reaching 75 posts :o
» Please chek the Prize Records to make sure all your prizes are listed correctly and marked as used correctly. Remember that you must post to this thread any time you earn or use a prize, this includes trading prizes with another player.

» The Sun God remains exiled. He cannot be summoned at the Veins or by the Dragon's Throat Seer.
» The Time God remains unofficial. His presence is not sitewide knowledge yet, as he has only been seen by a few characters. His divine siblings are not aware of him yet and he cannot be summoned by anyone anywhere.

» If you need to reach an admin please: pm a single admin account, post the question in the Comment board, or utilize the cbox if an admin is present. See our FAQ and Help Documents where your question may already be answered.
- Please do not pm all admin the same thing, as this may cause multiple replies -- the pm system doesn't work like e-mails with a 'reply all"' function.
- Please do not pm the Official account. It is not logged into frequently so a question may go unnoticed for several days or weeks.

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December 1, 2012


Out of Character Updates
» The activity check ends tomorrow!

» New Rule: To block a stealth you must provide 3 reasons why you're blocking it.
» New Rule: Herds have 1 stealth guess per 10 herd members. Herd activity checks are mandatory every turn of season and should be accomplished by the herd lead(s). A quick OOC check is fine.
» New Rule: A guard may only have 1 prisoner.
» New Rule: Someone is considered stolen the moment the stealth recieves 2/3 passes, but the 7 day wait period for a prisoner to escape or be rescued starts from the point they make their first post as a prisoner.
» New Rule: Normal companions that you receive through a quest must now go through hunting same as a companion received from a drop.

» Admin are in the process of assigning items/prizes point values. We hope this will make attaining and trading the prizes you want more efficient.
» It was voted in that there be additional magic uses during a large scale invasion fight. The exact details on this are still being determined by admin.

» Admin have decided not to mandate character aging, but will post reminders every season turn because it is still important for all of us to age our characters, as this can effect the timelines of other characters. Please be considerate of others and try approaching people if their ages might affect your character some how to see if you can work out a compromise :)
» Admin have decided not to apply a male/female gender option to profiles. The result of the voting was nearly a tie and ultimately it was decided that the coding means would not be worth the end result.

» There will be an updates field in your profile, for adding short updates about new/temporary changes to your character. This will show up in your posts so others can easily glance and be aware of these changes. (In progress!)
» There is now a [WANTED] prefix in the Commerce board, within Plotting, to place a bounty on another character's head. More details and a wanted poster template to come.
» A Battle Archive and Stealth Archive are now within the Archives and all old battles and stealths have been moved over there.
» Quote of the Month and Thread of the Month have also been introduced! Find them in the Updates board. Nominating for those will begin this month!

» Secret Santa can now have gifts posted! Check out all the other fun events in that board too!
» The Flora/Fauna contest has ended and will be the start of a few more new changes, so keep your eyes open :)

» Information on the gods will soon be available in the helpful guides.
» Information on Helovia lore/origins will also be available in the same document. We are in the editing process!
In Character Updates
» The Sun God has met with the Time God in the and will be returning! He seems to have some revenge in mind, will this impact the other gods?
» The Spark God can now be summoned for quests.
» The Sun God can be summoned for quests again.
» Companions cannot be quested for during Birdsong due to a strange eclipse! Information here

» Leander has been cursed by an ice demon for 3 weeks, yikes!
» Lace and Valentine have fallen inside Helovia's Heart and are discovering a new world down there. Wonder what will entail?
» Midas received the zephyr egg!
» Crowley received the moon magic!
» Leander needs to save a nest of Golden Eagles! Can this mean he might bond with one?

The reclusive Kri has appointed Leander to be a lead beside her, which will only hope to increase the aura of friendliness. However, the beginnings of a massive, iron wall could prove otherwise. The new artisan Bazilsk, a massive snake, has begun working on creating a massive, tiered, metal wall to wrap around the borders of the Throat. Leander is currently in the process of rescuing golden eagles and Ophelia has brought a new pegasus to enjoy the warm climate. Will a wall keep the citizen out, or in?

Solstice was stolen, and Aaron has tried, unsuccessfully to steal her back. Hellena has pledged her allegiance to Mirage, and Hector has sent a message from Paladin about talking to Kri regarding their triple alliances. Lace has called a herd meeting where a few news faces such as Thor, Ysuelte, and Tallow have made their appearances known.

Ricochet, after attacking two guests, was chased out by Osiris, Ophelia and Archibald. After he ran out, Archibald took position as the new equine lead, but will that cause drama? Mandrake seems to have become more involved in her son's lives and now two of them are herd leaders! Svetlana has become mysteriously kidnapped by Psyche and the Plague. Despite the drama, they have recruited Romani, Wanyecha, and Vana!

Character of the Month
Congratulations OPHELIA on winning CotM during December!

Herd of the Month
The admin are going to post a thread which will involve a vote for the Herd of the Month to replace Herd Champs!

Will be starting this month and winners chosen next month!
Quote of the Month
Congratulations to NAME for winning QotM during December! You can find the quote on the side of the site's navigation.

Thread of the Month
Congratulations to the THREAD TITLE for winning TotM during December!

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December 2, 2012


After some deliberation the Admin Team has decided to instate some new rules to better our community.

:: Before you post in the Threshold your character's profile must be completed the the best of your current knowledge of the character.

:: Unclaimed characters will only be allowed to post in the Threshold. The Admin Team will review profiles for completion and posts for errors before the character is accepted fully into Helovia. Once a character has made a rank decision, the admin will change the rank accordingly after the profile has been fixed.

:: Outcasts can no longer be made an outcast automatically. You must post in the Threshold and come to the decision In Character. This is to also check profiles and posts as well as encourage players to "discover" Helovia. Native adoptables and special considerations will be addressed separately.

:: Prefixes have been created for your use in the Threshold. If you want a certain herd to come for your character you can use their prefix. They are color coordinated for the convenience of the herd lands.

:: Only one thread per character in the Threshold. If you have a thread posted already you may not post in another thread. This is to help us review threads as well as keep our timeline clean and tidy.

:: There is now a minimum post requirement for VOTG threads. Any character that does not have 12 posts will not be answered by the Gods. The two month wait will apply. We have noticed characters questing for magic and companions that then no longer are active or played. This is to ensure that those active characters have a good chance of a good roll and that the admin team is not bogged down.

:: When a god answers you in the VOTG you must post OOC what your request is. This will help the admin get to your thread faster because it will aide us in double checking the records for repeat magic and companions.

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Okay, so you can now write a short little tidbit about temporary changes to your character. It will show up in your posts and look like Phi's. (Look at post below).

HTML and b r > tags WILL NOT WORK and will only serve to make it look horrible, so DONT DO IT

Your character must have at least 10 posts to access it because 10 posts means your character has done something to warrant a temporary change to their personage.

Have fun!

BE CONSERVATIVE. One or two lines only.

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Below is the list of currently existing characters that qualify for passive magic. Their passive magic slot will be filled, and they will have an extra slot for regular magic. This list is final after administrative discussion. :

Cineviam: [Magic: DarkxFire | body produces ash which can form a trail leading to what is needed most.]
Cirrus - [Magic: ShockxLight | Born with the magical ability to mirror the weather patterns through her coat.]
Eidolon - Magic: Light| feathers on wings can take on crystalline properties to refract or reflect light to create small rainbows or flashes of light.]
Hototo -[Magic: EarthxLight | can health any damage to the earth.]
Huyana - [Magic: water| able to turn into water and reform from water, may also affect only parts of the body this way];
Kirottu - [Magic: LightxDark | When the Sun is out, he is transformed into an ugly being that represents his true, inner, selfish self.]
Kri - [Magic: Wind | able to change the force and direction of the wind.]
Mad Mask - [Item | a cloak of mist that hides the twins from unfriendly eyes, also is flame resistant.]
Merakker - [Magic: LightxWater | air within vicinity of 10 ft is a temperature of 20 F.]
Mesir - [Magic: Light | able to take in energy from the light and sun and absorb it to feel renewed, makes it dark around her.]
Onni - [Magic: Wind | able to shift the direction of the wind.]
Prometheus - [Magic: DarkxLight | able to exist as an undead being; survive without functioning organs and live despite several open wounds that fail to heal.]

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What defines 'Passive Magic'?
-Passive magic is a magic that is inherent to the character. They have either had it since they were born or after being blessed by a god or Random Event creature, and cannot obtain it through questing or any other manner.
-Passive magic does not affect any characters other than the user.
-Passive magic does not include: telepathy, healing of others, eavesdropping, building, illusory, shapeshifting, or offensive magic.
-Passive magic most often includes: unusual appearance alteration, regeneration, defense, minor harmless alterations of the environment.
-Passive magic cannot be used in battle like a regular magic. It has unlimited uses, but depending on the magic it power will decrease with each hit.
-This magic takes up its own separate slot and does not count towards regular magic slots.

Is my magic passive?
-The quickest and easiest way to determine whether or not your magic is passive is by asking yourself this: "Do I have to ask permission out of character to use it on someone else?" If the answer is yes, then your magic is not passive.

What if more than one of my magics are passive?
-If this is the case, then the extra passive magic/s will spill over and begin to fill regular magic slots.

I already have a character with magic that I think is passive. How can I tell if it is?
-The administrative team has looked over every character and compiled a list of pre-existing characters who will qualify for having passive magic. See this list here.

Can I join a character with passive magic?
-No; see next question.

How do I get passive magic if I can't quest for it or join with it?
-There are five ways you will be able to obtain passive magic:
    1. Through luck of the roll when a foal is born. (With chances increased based on the parents' magics)
    2. As a gift from the gods, which will occur at random and be given to those most deserving it. Keep your wishlist updated if you wish to have the magic you desire blessed.
    3. As a gift from an RE creature, which will occur at random and be given to those most deserving it. Keep your wishlist updated if you wish to have the magic you desire gifted.
    4. As a prize won from a contest.
    5. By using a seasonal magic slot.

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A full moon illuminates the midnight hour. You look up at the sky in watching, awed at the beauty of the cool, Birdsong evening. How have these things come to pass? Did the gods care about the simple yet powerful bond between companions and their mates? A sigh passes over your lips, resigned to a life without the comfort of your friend.


A comet, bright and brilliant streams across the sky in a beautiful array of golds and greens. The sight is warming, and you begin to feel that presence in the back of your mind again. A chattering tale, a flood of pictures, and you are no longer alone.

The bond has been returned.

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Due to the past trends of characters within herds making stealths when their rank is not permitted based on herd rules, such will start to be enforced.

Ranks need to follow the rules laid out by their herd, otherwise any actions done outside their permitted abilities are considered void.

Please carefully read your herd rules!

Herd leads, please ensure that your rules are well updated and clear as to what a certain rank may or may not due.
This includes: blocking stealths, making stealths, answering challenges, making challenges (exception being rank challenges)...

If a herd rule permits that exceptions may occur with pre-approval by a lead/higher rank, please make an ooc note of this approval when participating in something your rank should not normally be involved in.

Thank you!

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