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February 19th, 2012

Welcome to Helovia everyone! We're really excited to have you here and we're thrilled at the activity and character's we've already begun to see.

As a new site with some new systems in place, we're learning as we go and tackling whatever typos, bugs and confusion comes along the way. We're grateful for any assistance and understanding with this, thank you guys!

There are some important updates I want to turn your attention towards:

:: Crossover rules found in the Updates board.

:: Please let us know when you've joined or crossedover a character with any magic or otherwise, so we can keep our records up to date. If it isn't listed on our record page (found on the hidden side bar at the left) then it will not apply in posts or battles! Thread found in the Updates board.

:: New companion slots! Thread found in the Updates board.

:: Remember when creating an account it's one for each character, so all account info should regard the character. Because proboards has limited account information and customization, most character info will need to be posted in the Characters board with one thread per character. It's a good idea to add 'Played by: your ooc name' in your profile under 'personal message'.
- For whatever reason when you join, it lowercases all names. You can capitalize it under modify profile though.
- When you join your rank needs to be manually changed, so if it doesn't happen soon let an admin know!

:: Herd leader applications will be opening soon! In the mean time feel free to post anywhere, you can even join herds right now if you so desire, and if you have the appropriate species for the herd. Keep your eye on the regions for the applications.

:: Can't decide on a new character or even an old one to bring over? Why not browse the adoptables to see if anything catches your eye? Link found on the hidden side bar to the left.

:: Don't forget to check out our first contest! Making land image icons. There's going to be some awesome prizes. Thread found in the Contests board.

:: Helovia's trading system will soon be put into play. We're looking for some suggestions for this new system so if you have any ideas or comments, find the thread on the Comment board.

:: As part of an up and coming plot, there's a religious fraction seeking members and a leader (looking for someone active and dedicated!) to begin converting everyone to belief in only the Sun God. Thread found in the Plotting Board.

:: Don't forget to introduce yourself in the Chat board!

:: Need some help figuring out BBC coding? Tamme has made a wonderful table guide in the Art Nook.

And last but not least, Helovia will be moving to it's own domain and host, with a different system that ProBoards. It will be much more customizable for admin and users and will support HTML. We've very excited about this, as we're sure you are too! For now we're not sure what time the move will be happening, but it's already in the works so it will be sooner rather than later ;)

As always questions, comments, suggestions and otherwise are welcome! Feel free to ask anything here, in the Updates board or find an admin on the Cbox, or just give 'em a pm.

Have a great day everyone and remember to keep your hooves free of rocks~

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February 28th, 2012


Healer applications are up for Dragon's Throat and World's Edge, Windtossed Foothills already has one. Other ranks are up to the leader of the herd. Remember that leaders will be running their herds differently!

  • Please pick a legend status name in the near future and let us know.
  • Please create a rank ability for yourself. Take a look at other rank abilities to get an idea at how 'powerful' the ability should be. A rank ability should suit the type of leader you'll choose to be. Any rank ability must be approved first by an admin.
  • Please create a set of rules or customs for your herd in the near future and let us know. Same goes for alliances!
  • You are able to design your herds in any way you see fit, which does mean adding, subtracting, rearranging and even renaming ranks within your herd. Update us with any new designs so we can edit the herd info.

In addition, each herd has it's own private board. These are password protected, so if you join a herd you should get a PM telling you the password. If you don't get the PM within a day or to just let an admin know!

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March 6th, 2012

The Administration team has decided that the ability to join Helovia with magic will be coming to a close on Saturday, March 17th.

There will still be great opportunities to get magic from random drops by the gods, questing at the Vein of the Gods, or winning site contests! Magic slots also happen the change of every season, so there is still an opportunity to join with magic if you claim those slots ;]

We hope you had as much fun with this as we did! The site definitely has some great magical diversity now.

Healer's Chosen!

Dragon's Throat

World's Edge



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March 7th, 2012

Hello guys,

Just a friendly reminder. Avatars need to be at a ratio of 220 pixels tall and 110 pixels wide. If you need someone to resize for you, just ask on the art board.

Also, if you use an image for your signature, it needs to be no more than 150 pixels tall and the maximum width should be 500 pixels. If you have text beneath the image, that is okay, even if it increases the width, it will not be distracting.

If you only have text in your signature, I would just remind everyone to keep it appropriate in respect to the posts.

So to sum it up:
Avatars: 220x110 pixels
Sigs: 150x500 pixels

Thank you!
- Staff

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March 8th, 2012

Wow, Helovia's nearly a month old! Seems like only yesterday we were still fighting with coding.... maybe that was still yesterday.

-- All magic or magical items must be updated in the updates board. If it is not on the Character Record page, then the magic or item does not count towards roleplays.
- If you've joined with magic or brought a character over from Isilme, please post in the Crossover and Joining thread in the updates board.

-- Joining magic will be ending Saturday, March 17th.

-- Helovia's first contest, creating images of the lands will be ending this month on Monday, March 26th! So be sure to get your entries in sooner than later. Prizes are now listed up on the thread.

-- Helovia's first sitewide plot is about a religious group, the Order of the Sun, trying to convert everyone to the belief that the Sun is the only god and vanquish worship of the moon and the earth gods. The Order is going to start off nice, but eventually they plan to consume all of Helovia with their beliefs, and to chase away anyone who's questing at the Veins of the Gods if it isn't for fire or light magic. Eventually the God of the Moon will get wind of this and help her own followers organize themselves and ruin the Order.
  • The Order has a lot of fun, crazy customs!
  • If you join the Order, your character will get the ability to turn their mane and tail into burn-less fire. They'll also get to pick out an Order name, one revolving around light or fire.
  • Don't have a character that fits the Order? There's lots of available adoptables, or you could create your own new character for them! Because there will be an end to this plot, the character could always be a temporary one for you.
  • Have a character that fits better with the Moon? Awesome, the Moon will eventually get her own group gathered, but not for a few months, and in the mean time the Order needs to become powerful enough that it's worth taking down, muahaha.

-- We are now in the second half of the Frostfall season, so next month with bring Birdsong as well as a magic slot and hybrid slot, so be on the look out for those! You can expect another companion and magic drop some point this month.

-- Character of the Month and Herd Champion will be running this month! Right now you can nominate characters for CotM, then vote on them starting the 27th.

-- Helovia's trading rules will be finished this month and start being used in the game next month. So leaders, be sure you plan accordingly!

-- Helovia will be moving to it's own domain and better system in the near future. We've already begun to work on that, but we're not sure of the exact move date yet. We'll be sure to give you updates as we have them. Just remember to save all your html tables, as the new site will be html enabled.


-- A kitten companion was dropped in the World's Edge. The tiger cub went to Prometheus, and they're now happily bonded.

-- The God of the Sun waited in the Dragon's Throat to bless someone with magic, choosing the young colt Aaron who wanted the ability to make his foes think they were on fire.

-- Healers for the herds were chosen:
  • Onni of the Dragon's Throat
  • Poppy of the Windtossed Foothills
  • d'Artagnan of the World's Edge

-- Leaders for the herds were chosen:
  • Ra of the Dragon's Throat
  • Gossamer of the Windtossed Foothills
  • Mauja of the World's Edge

Remember leaders have complete control over how their herd is organized and run, and already we've begun to see some differences between the three herds. Check out the info bar with the ranks, rules, updates and alliances inside each of the herd lands. For a quick glance:

-- Dragon's Throat permits all species and auto-joining, but is religious to the Sun god and discriminates against darker color coats, as they are like moon god disciples.
-- Windtossed Foothills permits all species, but new members must be accepted by a herd member. There is a justice system and stress on the Helovia economy.
-- World's Edge is only accepting unicorns and is interested in taking over the other herd lands and wiping out all other species.

If you are a leader, remember you may pick a legendary status, a rank ability from any class (or make your own), and should write up your own rules and rank duties.

-- If you join a herd you should be PMed the password to that herd's private board. Sometimes admin forget however, so if you don't have the password be sure to let an admin know!

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April 1, 2012

Helovia Winter Year 1 News
  • The site opened February 19, 2012.
  • Three companions have been released and awarded! A tiger cub to Prometheus, a common songbird to Onni, and a reptilian companion to Umbra!
  • The current site-plot, the Order of the Sun, is officially underway. To get involved, check out the Dragon's Throat, the center of the Order.
  • Admins would like to remind everyone of the battle format. Helovia uses the 800 word format, and future spars or challenges should reflect it!
  • The Location Image Contest voting comes to a close April 3rd! Get your votes in!
  • Trading rules are still being discussed in the Comments board. Go have a look at the thread and share any ideas or opinions you have.

Herd News

DRAGON'S THROAT :: Ra has been busy interviewing and inviting newcomers in the Threshold. Onni and Sanadi have caught Riekahn stabbing the tree. What could he possibly want? Torasin is currently the herd captive!

WORLD'S EDGE :: The Plague has taken nicely to their new home. Mauja and D'Artagnan have traveled to visit the God of the Earth for poisonous knowledge. Cineviam has been the greeter of many into the herd, spending a lot of time in the Threshold.

WINDTOSSED FOOTHILLS :: Gossamer has introduced Archibald and Evers to the herd, who seem to have an interesting family. Smoke has been making friends with the Pegasi outcast band, the Tuuli. Found in the Threshold, Poppy has found medicinal magic and is now the healer.

Monthly Champs
Congratulations WORLD'S EDGE who came in first with an impressive 94 posts!
Windtossed Foothills gave them a run for their money with a close 92 posts.
Dragon's Throat came in last with only 60 posts.

Character of the Month
Congratulations, MIRAGE for winning Helovia's first COTM title.

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May 1, 2012

Out of Character Updates
  • The site move has a date now, at the end of this month (5/28/12)!
  • Survey information about the move has been collected, with more details to follow.
  • The ACTIVITY CHECK ends tomorrow. Please make sure your characters are not up for deletion or demotion!
  • The Icon Contest has begun. Please help out our site and donate your artistic talents!
  • Character of the Month has been awarded to the awesome Vikram.
  • Herd Champion for the month of April is the Windtossed Foothills! Please stop by to see what your prize is.

-- Site-move survey information has been collected. Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out Tamme's survey. Here are the results:
  • The information and cbox will be in a non-folding sidebar.
  • The layout will remain for the new site, but a layout contest will be given shortly following the unveiling to replace it.
  • The new site will introduce a new sitewide plot, but no worries, the Order will be wrapped up in some fashion.
-- Additional information about the new server that was not discussed in the survey:
  • The server will be hosted on Rackspace with unlimited bandwidth and no downtime!
  • Avatars will remain 110x220 pixels, so save your avatars.
  • Character profiles will be available, but save your information.
  • HTML will be applicable again, but BBC will also be acceptable.
  • Herdland information will be in a tabbed table above the board.
-- Admins are currently in discussion about the next site-wide plot, a foal directory, and how to wrap up the order. If you have any ideas or concerns, please let one of the admin team know.

In Character Updates
-- Onni successfully bonded with her Finch companion!

-- Umbra successfully bonded with her Black Mamba snake companion!

-- A brown dragon egg was dropped in Helovia's Heart, and Torasin, Poppy, and Solstice are coaxing the mother to entrust them with her egg. Who will be the lucky one?

-- Activity has dwindled, and Ra has gone missing, leaving the Order in a state of transition. Onni was spotted fraternizing with the rogue Pegasus band, the Tuuli. Are they the target of the outcast band's invasion?

-- The Plague has also become scarce. D'Artagnan has successfully gained knowledge of poisons from the Earth God, though, so perhaps their plan is about to unfold.

-- Smoke has made friends with the leader of the Tuuli, and Gossamer was seen speaking with the tricky mare Mirage. The peaceful home of the Foothills certainly has a lot of friends for someone with no thoughts of expansion. Should the other leaders be worried?

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May 24th, 2012

Please welcome the newest member to the Helovia administration team: Kachie.

You may know her best for her characters: Kimber, Merakerr, Ruka, Smoke and Vikram

Kachie has always been willing to pitch in and provide lots of comments and input with new ideas, so we're excited for the activity and new thoughts she'll bring to the administration table.

Congratulations Kachie!

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Out of Character Updates
  • As everyone should be aware of, the site move process has begun. Feel free to transfer characters and any ongoing threads to the new site that you wish to continue.
  • The Site Icon Contest has reached it's conclusion! Please vote for the winners.
  • This month's COTM winner is TORASIN!
  • For the second month in a row, the Windtossed Foothill has won herd champions!
  • The foal directory (for all those wondering) is located in the archives.
  • The admins would love if anyone willing would help transfer archived threads over to the new site. Contact the team for instructions.
  • KACHIE is the newest addition to the admin team!

In Character Updates
-- Torasin successfully bonded with the dragon egg!

-- There is a kitten companion out in the Heavenly Fields. Lotus, Anthym, and Ruka responded and are vying for the strange black cats' favor.

-- The first invasion of the site is underway, and so far has met no opposition.

-- The Pegasus band has invaded, along with some wingless allies to take over the territory. Onni has flipped to the side of the invaders. It looks like the Order will be wiped out!

-- Lotus and Anthym are trying to win over a kitten. The Moon Goddess visited the land and did not receive much company, aside from Mirage and Mauja.

-- Activity is blossoming still in the Foothills. They seem to still be extending a hand to everyone, making friends. Gossamer called the first herd meeting of the site, which has been a great success.

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New Site Wide Contests
Name That Globe is a contest to name the planet that Helovia and so many others are resting on.
Site Archive Raffle is an opportunity for you all to help out the Admin Team and transport old archives from proboards to the new server!
Layout Image Contest allows you to design the next banner for the site!
God Image Set Contest gives you an opportunity to bring the Gods of Helovia to life!

CONGRATULATIONS, to the Winners of the Site Icon Contest!
Character of the Month
Herd Champions
God of the Sun Amulet
God of the Moon Amulet
God of the Earth Amulet
Dragon Companion

Boom Boom
Light Magic
Dark Magic
Fire Magic
Wind Magic
Earth Magic
Water Magic
Dog Companion
Bird Companion
Cat Companion

Bat Companion
Reptile/Amphibian Companion

Illusion! Congratulations, you may have a Amulet of your choosing. Please let one of the admin team know the details.

Prizes for everyone else
One per each win:

Design your own foal stats
Small, unique marking ***
Stealth immunity
Free pass to the Veins
Temporary magic (1 month)

*** A large marking can be obtained by trading in 3 small markings.

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Hello, all!

This is a quick announcement to let all of you know that the Site Layout Contest has been extended to July 13th, and that the God Image Set Contest has been extended to July 20th to allow everyone more time to work on their submissions.

Also, the companion rules for the dragons have been changed so that dragons can choose between certain breathing abilities depending on when they are hatched. If you already have a dragon character and wish to change its ability, comment below. Please note that the season when your dragon was hatched determines the possibilities.

You can see the rules here:

Admin Team

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Out of Character Updates
» Equines are now allowed to have two magic slots!
» Non-mythical companions are bonded by questing with the gods. Dragon's are mythical and are still released as a class.
» Dragons born in Tallsun and Birdsong can choose from Fire or Acid breathing while dragons born in Oragemoon and Frostfall can choose between Ice or Electric breathing. More info here!
» There are still discussions going on about what types and how non-mythical companions will gain magical abilities. Go check it out in the "Comments" Board.
» The Site Wide contest deadlines have been extended! Site Layout Contest has been extended to July 13th, and that the God Image Set Contest has been extended to July 20th.
» You can now see all of the unanswered threads by clicking a link under the User CP button labeled "Open Threads"!
» Each herdland has its own information table now!
» Please check out the Character Records to see if there needs to be any changes made!
» Don't forget to take care of our new members in the Threshold and get them home!
In Character Updates
» Tares has bonded to the Phoenix egg!
» Knox has discovered an injured puppy in the Deep forest.
» Vikram is very close to being able to breathe fire!
» The Tuuli won the invasion!
» The Sun God has been terrorizing everyone, though he has done the most damage so far in the World's Edge.
» Mirage's heard grows ever larger as she gains new recruits from the Threshold!

Voltaic the Samurai breathed his last breath, making him the first Helovian casualty. He fought valiantly for the victorious Tuuli. Ophelia and Ktulu arrived to meet Azzuen in hopes that they will be allowed to live there, and he offered to train Ktulu to be a warrior! Meanwhile d'Artagnan and Mauja the FrostHeart have been picking fights with the new residents of the Dragon's Throat.
Threads: 10
Posts: 61

Mauja the FrostHeart has been very active in the World's Edge lately, gaining new converts of racist unicorns. Ulrik and his metal cat called a meeting to face the King when he showed up, angry over the rule that allowed Equines to reside in the land. Mauja put that issue to rest by rescinding the law, and the group was content once more. Daltoff and Deimos both recently joined and have proven to be every bit as dark as the rest of the clan. The Sun God is destroying their home.
Threads: 14
Posts: 103!

Madyrn Maskan are now warriors in the Foothills, and Paladin the Valiant is also trying to gain rank within the herd. d'Artagnan and Kou were met by opposition of Paladin and Solstice who are protecting the herd from the dark Edgers. Mirage has brought Daenerys to the Foothills in hopes of protecting her from her wicked brother.
Threads: 13
Posts: 107

Congratulations Cassiopeia on winning Character of the Month during the month of July!

Herd Champions
Congratulations to the Windtossed Foothills for winning the Herd Champs again! Better watch out though, the World's Edge was fast behind! Members of the Foothills get an extra stealth guess for this month!

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July 8th, 2012

Congratulations Ali
Well, considering how busy all of us are topped with the fact that I, Tamme, am going to be gone for 10 days in New Mexico, the Admin team has decided to promote a loyal and long-standing member of both Isilme and Helovia to the position of an Admin. We all know how dedicated Ali has been to this site, and we are excited to make her a part of the team!

Adoptables Board
So I had been working on trying to cleverly organize the adoptables pages, either way I looked at it, it would be continually messy and require the admin as a middle man. After looking at a few other sites, I decided to make an adoptables board! Admin created adoptables are located in a sticky, as is the code for the character bios. Each character gets its own thread too. If you guys could do me a solid and create threads for your adoptables, that would be great.

The page can still be found Here . So you can retrieve your adoptable character information.

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July 3rd, 2012

Hey guys! Well, here it is! The member-based NPC account. Keep in mind that there are rules for using this account, but they are still in progress of being created. Here they are so far:

  • Can take any form from horse to wild-fire
  • Can be killed, maimed or utterly destroyed
  • Can be more than one animal (like a herd of mountain goats)
  • Can be played by anyone!

  • You cannot kill or maim another character without their consent
  • You cannot destroy major parts of environments
  • You cannot help in VoTG quests or other admin quests
  • Can't be a wild companion or mythical companion
  • Can't give magic or amulets

Log-in: NPC
Password: NPCpassword1

We have thread trackers! The link is located up top next to Today's posts and open threads. You can copy and paste the URL of your tracker into the field at the bottom of your "edit profile" page in your USER CP panel.

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August 1, 2012


Out of Character Updates
» The site wide Name that Globe contest has ended with Loorien being the name of choice. Congrats to Neo!
» Site wide God image contest has ended with Boom Boom's Earth God coming in first, Blu's Sun god V.2 coming in seond, and Boom Boom's Moon God coming in third. Congrats to the winners!
» We have a bunch of new members with us, so let's welcome them all and make them all feel at home!
» Make sure to checkout Alex and Blu's contests in the contest forum!
» Please check out the Character Records to see if there needs to be any changes made!
» Don't forget to take care of our new members in the Threshold and get them home!
» Tamme, Krazie, and Boom Boom have all won Demi God characters. Smoke the Wild Rose will be the mother of the sun demi-god, to be played by Krazie. Ktulu will be the mother of the earth demi-god, to be played by Boom Boom. And d'Artagnan will be the father of the moon demi-god, to be played by Tamme. Congrats to all!
» We have a lot of adoptables up for adoption, so if you're itching for a new character be sure to check those out.
» Every herd has set a new record for posts!
In Character Updates
» Knox has bonded to the puppy in the Deep Forest.
» Rishima won the griffin egg and is in the process of hunting for it.
» Mirage and some of the members of the Qian have visited the Veins of the Gods in hopes of gaining information to help end the Sun God's rampage.

Gossamer the Benevolent and Smoke the Wild Rose came to visit and discuss the terms of a peace treaty. They were met by Kri the Resolute, Azzuen, Ktulu, and Ophelia. Mauja the FrostHeart, Indy the Righteous, and Gossamer the Benevolent also visited to ask Kri to accompany them to visit the Veins of the Gods to seek advice. Onni was sent in Kri's stead. Xira has successfully stolen Moon Boy.
Threads: 52
Posts: 271!

Mauja the FrostHeart been frequenting the Threshold. He found his daughter Snö wandering around in search of the Edge. He has also found the mare Keahi and the stallion Monster. Accompanied by the leads of the Foothills and a representative from the Throat he traveled to the Veins of the Gods to speak with the Moon and Earth Gods about the Sun. Deimos has been accepted into the herd and promoted to the rank of warrior. Aaron of the Foothills and the outcast stallion Moon Boy were found trespassing by Aurelius, Kou, d'Artagnan, and Cinneviam. Zar'roc has also found his way to the Edge and is seeking acceptance.
Threads: 48
Posts: 209

Knox successfully bonded to Manhattan. Gossamer the Benevolent and Smoke the Wild Rose are visiting other herds to discuss terms of peace. Indy the Righteous, Madyrn Maskan, Solstice, and Smoke the Wild Rose confronted Viserys and warned him against causing trouble. Mirage has come to take Daenerys to protect her from Viserys. Evangeline the Pure and Validino have joined with their foals Aylin and Cyrus. The Earth God has visited and blessed Kimber with magic.
Threads: 36
Posts: 173

Congratulations Mauja the FrostHeart on winning Character of the Month during the month of August!

Herd Champions
Congratulations to the Dragon's Throat for winning herd champions. Members of the herd can visit the Veins of the Gods twice instead of once, or again if they were waiting!

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August 6, 2012

Hey, guys!

A vast majority of our members have agreed to the removal of the Twin and Hybrid Waitlist system due to yesterday's vote. The system will be replaced with an altered spontaneous hybrid and twin birthing ratio as well as questing!

As a reminder, here are the parameters:
  • Spontaneous hybrid and twin birthings will be increased from 1/10 to 1/6.
  • You may quest for the Earth God to get your hybrid/twin/hybrid foals for certain. These quests will be no easier or harder than questing for magic.
  • All post-dates (dates that have already passed) on the waitlists will be given out as hybrid/twin passes.
  • Hybrid and twin foals will occasionally be given out as site wide contest prizes.

The members who have passes from post-dates on the waitlist are:
Rolo :: Hybrid Pass, Twins Pass
Boom :: Hybrid Pass
Whit :: Twins Pass
Illusion :: Twins Pass

If you have any questions or concerns about the new system, please contact one of the admins!

Admin Team

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August 3, 2012

Hello guys,

As many of you know, Helovia is being hosted for free by a very good friend of mine (account name: servermaster), but as with everyone in this economic climate, nothing is cheap. To help him out with the site and how rapidly it's growing, we are going to place ads in two different places that are static on all the pages. This is so that Helovia can continue to stay free to all of you. These ads should not interfere with the website in any way, as they are google made ads. One will be in the sidebar either above or below the credits, and the other, as you see now, will be at the bottom.

As much as I would love to stay ad free, I cannot financially support the site until I get my horsie, Hannibal, sold. When that happens, I can take the ads down and get us onto a larger data center that my friend will still kindly manage for us for free.

If you feel the hankering to help out at all, let me know. There are many ways to aid the functioning of a site like this. Also, since these are google ads that are paid, do not feel afraid to click on something that may interest you as it will not harm your computer. Google is very strict with their advertisements.

Right now, I am going to be doing commissions and 50% of the funds will go to help Helovia run smoothly (the other 50% will go to food, hah!). If anyone is willing to make any sort of donation, I will gladly do art/coding/design/photo-reconstruction/video editing/etc for free. But do not feel pressure in any way to do so.

Also, I want to reassure you that Helovia is not going anywhere! We all have back-up plans, and the site should only ever be down for a few hours every now and then for routine server maintenance.

If you get a chance, go ahead and thank our servermaster for doing a great job!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding,

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August 10, 2012


In an effort to keep our members happy and have their voices heard, we are offering you guys anonymity to send messages to each of the administrators. IP logging will be suspended for the next 5 days only for safety reasons, but your computer's information will not be logged.

Please remember to follow these rules when sending messages:

1. Use one of the anonymous accounts to send a message to the OOC accounts of EACH ADMIN. Make sure you do all four so that we have a good idea of what to change.

2. If one of the accounts is logged into already, DO NOT LOG IN as it will log the other person out.

3. Do not be afraid to be negative, but please do not be hateful.

4. Follow some of these questions.

1. Is this admin too ready to change or too stuck in traditions? Why do you think this?
2. Is this admin's activity level acceptable?
3. Is the VoTG/quests/handouts fair? Why or why not?
4. Is there anything you would like to see changed about this admin?
5. Is there anything you very much like about this admin?
6. Is there anything about the site that you would change?
7. What are some things that are important to keep?

Get started!


Login: anonymous one
Pass: adminevalone

Login: anonymous two
Pass: adminevaltwo

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August 12, 2012

Hello, all!

This is just a quick announcement to let you know that the admin Prize Record has been moved to the Archives. It is listed as ":: Prize Record ::" at the top of the forum with the other stickied threads!
If you were wondering what you have not redeemed yet, this is the place to look!

Happy Reading,
Admin Team

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