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The branches overhead were bent and crooked like skeletal fingers, curling in on themselves stiffly like paper as it is burned to ash. Moonlight shone through the rotting canopy, fractured light illuminating the damp ground, appearing as shards of broken glass rather than a simple pallid reflection. It was all very ominous. The scent of mildew was thick and stifling, hanging in the warm air that was stirred only by a stagnant breeze. Strings of moss hung from splintering tree limbs, lashed together like ragged stretches of moldering silk. The more time Roland spent wandering through the darkness with his heart pounding in his throat, the more he questioned his choice to leave the Basin for an innocent bit of sightseeing.

The Impersonator chose every step with painstaking precision, eyes downcast and sweeping rhythmically across the sunken ground. Every wayward stone and dwindling patch of grass was inspected with the greatest amount of suspicion he could muster, as if it might suddenly spring to life and leap at him. The more he explored, the more the Deep Forest seemed to him an age-old cemetery, run over with decay and disease, bathed in the stench of gun oil and grave dirt.

He paused suddenly, ears perked as a faint whispering sound cut through the air. Leaves stirred overhead in a lazy summer breeze, and the sound of running water melted through the forest from some hidden stream, but neither had grasped the stallion’s attention. He looked down, nostrils flared in shock as his gaze fell upon a creature slithering across the ground. It raised its head towards a crooked tree and curled its neck around the base, winding slowly over the damp bark until it had risen to the height of his head.

Roland jumped backwards a step, hooves sinking into the gray mud. The snake paused for a moment in its journey up the decaying tree trunk, eyeing the bronze stallion blankly. Roland studied it, muscles coiled with an almost painful tension. Its scales caught the silver moonlight, black and inky and interrupted by a pattern of washed out scarlet on its underside. He had had bad experiences with snakes in the past. The old scar on his neck, barely visible now yet still present, throbbed distantly at the memory of a golden mirror and a similarly coloured serpent curled across its rim.

There had been another as well, and in tandem they had wound over his legs, tightened their bodies like a noose across his neck and sunk their fangs into his flesh. He remembered the vision of northern lights flashing overhead, and the sharp sound of shattering glass as the mirror splintered into pieces and sung like shrapnel through the air. Surely this snake had no ill intentions towards him. It was a simple reptile, dark eyes void of malice, tongue parting its lips to taste the dank air. But Roland, ever the stoic warrior, found himself frozen in place while the forest coiled around him like a bloodstained hand.


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Happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

Night had the forest in it's clutches. Crocked and strangely bent trees blocked most of the sliver moonlight, the forest had gone to sleep. Silence pricked at the doe's slim ears. Her golden eyes darted in different directions every time she herd a new noise. Her chosen path was one that she had wondered down before, it was not marked with any visual guides. Arah just knew it from experience, nervous as she was, at the end of this path she generally meet interesting or wondrous characters. Hooves brushed over and in turn landed on dead and decaying leaves. They were wet and stuck to underneath her hooves, it was not a pleasant feeling. Moonlight did not warm her as it rested on her back, the night had a certain forbidding chill to it. The Impersonator was quick to try and identify any sounds that she heard in the distance. The entire journey would of course be a lot easier if she had someone to accompany her, however tonight she was out on a stroll alone. Then again, not many would actually be out for a midnight stroll. Her stomach tumbled in nerves and Arah realised that perhaps she wasn't alone...after all anyone could really be lurking in this forest. Pausing for a moment she gently lifted her eyes to the stars, they had fascinated her for years and tonight they were awake again.

Each star winked back down at her and Arah smiled, she was no longer alone. Her eyes were brought back to the forest and The Impersonator pressed forward, her will to continue exploring the forest was reignited. Curing around trees, thick yet silky hair sweeping the ground, the gentle doe wondered on. The life of the explorer was sometimes a truly lonely one. Quietly, barely louder than a whisper, Arah helped herself escape the horrible clutches of silence. "Don't you know I, sit around, with my head hanging down, and I wonder...who's loving you." Silence reclaimed it's crown as her voice died with the very slight breeze that had riffled through her mane. The world around her seemed kinder now that Arah had accepted her loneliness. A slight chuckle passed through her chops, it was only half hearted though. A sound not to far away caused Arah to pause, whoever made the sound sounded to be at least her own size. Moving cautiously, the ivory mare pressed forward. In the back of her mind she had decided not to let the sound deter her from her chosen path. Defiantly the Impersonator ignored all the warnings her mind sent her.

Shrugging through some bushes, Arah paused and took in the sight before her. A glittering snake was winding it's way up a tree, it's scales catching the moonlight in a beautiful light show. A few feet away was the other Impersonator of The Basin. Seemingly frozen in fear at the very sight of the snake. It didn't take her mind long to make the connection, when the two had first met she forced him to let her try and take care of his bleeding snake bite. Blinking the doe came back to the present. The stallion did not appear hurt this time, merely haunted by the black ghosts of his past. The ivory mare forced herself into action, she had to help him defeat these daemons that still lurked with in his soul. Stepping closer, she put her back to the snake, while still keeping some distance between herself and the frozen stag. "Roland." As her voice whispered his name it shook, how long had it been since they had last spoke? "Look at me's Arah." Her looked exactly as she remembered, so strong, charming....yet as she witness him facing a personal fear, all Arah wanted to do was protect him. Guard him and save him from himself.

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The sound of a gentle voice finally broke Roland from his reverie, and he tore his gaze away from the statue-like serpent with a violent start. The ground churned beneath his feet as he turned, raking in a quivering breath and finding little oxygen to soothe the fire in his blood. His heart pounded in his ears, a tremulous roar that drowned out the soft sounds of wind and rustling leaves; and in his distress all he could do was stare wide eyed at the familiar face before him, shadowed as it was by crooked branches and broken shards of moonlight. Disorientation drew his gaze downwards, though he found nothing but rocks and bent twigs to fixate upon.

He inhaled deeply in a feeble attempt to hide his humiliation, glancing up at her with pupils dilated, swallowing up the pale blue of his irises. He might have been unrecognizable to any pair of eyes besides hers, having adopted the appearance of a feral creature caught in the snare of domesticity, something he badly desired to escape rather than search for the courage to confront. His chest rose and fell quickly, breath raking through his parched throat as if he’d been winded from a run. How embarrassing, that she had to find him in the midst of a panic attack, pinned down by fear while an innocent snake observed the proceedings with a black tongue flicking between its lips.

Arah…” he finally managed, looking up at her with a haze still clouding his eyes. The forest seemed to blend together before him, the dark silhouettes of branches spreading like ink over a watercolor canvas, and he couldn’t help but stare through her for a moment, blinking dazedly before he shook his head with much deliberation and focused upon her pale face. “Oh, it’s so good to see you.” Roland stepped towards her slowly, hooves sliding across the mud-slick ground at a glacial pace. He didn’t brush his muzzle against her in greeting, as he might have done if the circumstances were different. Instead, his gaze flicked back over her shoulder, resting warily on the pallid body of the snake as it lazily continued its way up the tree and disappeared into the branches, having grown disinterested in the proceedings below. A rustle of leaves was the only sound to announce its exit.

Roland shook himself, dragging his eyes away from the mossy canopy overhead and blinking at the mare before him. “Er, sorry. I’m a bit distracted.” A smog had pervaded the clearing, thick and pungent like incense, and it was almost as if someone had swung a great gold thurible over the forest, leaving behind its holy scent, its thick smoke, its inescapable weight. With Arah especially, something lingered. He could never put his finger on quite what. But standing at her side in the darkness of an ancient forest was somehow different than passing her by in their herd lands. He cringed to think of the amount of tedious, halcyon days he had wiled away in the cold halls of the Basin. “I don’t like snakes,” he informed her with a nervous laugh poorly disguised, “though you already know that.

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