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The hot, summer's day was just as any other along the fringes of the fiery chasm known as Helovia's Heart. Though, we all know that is not saying much - all stories start with just any other day. Sweat is rolling off of your body from the heat, and you seek relief, but near this flaming hole in the ground, you know you will not find much.

So you move slightly south, carefully stepping through the tall, vision hindering grasses when you see something strange.

A gap in the grasses reveals another hole in the ground, but this one is much, much different. Cool air vents from deep below, and a steep path leads down into the darkness. However, the darkness is far from frightening, in fact, the cave is welcoming.

You feel safe.

You venture down, down, down into the cave before entering a glorious room lit by small pockets of light from the ceiling that reflect off of waters and the crystal of formations. Though, the most bizarre feature has to be the north-west wall.

A thick sheet of crystal acts like the glass of a window, allowing you to see the magma from Helovia's Heart bubble up from the bowels of the land, illuminating the cave further and giving it a pleasant warmth.

Obviously this cave has not been lived in for a very long time, but it is massive and there are many, many rooms yet.

Post here if you want your character to "find" the cave!

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Here is the thing about stories. Most have a main character - now why is that? Well. It's simple, really. It's just the character to whom the most happens. For if you die along the way, you aren't really the main event, no matter how brilliant your story is told.

This is how it is, for Gaucho. For on this morning, he misses his chance.

The air is thick, and hot; flying feels almost like swimming in some weird water. Stagnant currents buffet against Gaucho's dark wings, which are thick now with sweat. His dark flanks are made even darker by his efforts, as he glides high overhead. Going through the airspace above the Heart, has proven the fastest way to return to the Throat, and today Gaucho takes the path he so often does. His stormy gaze surveys the ground, more out of curiosity than anything - this is not his area to patrol, and those below him to not catch his attention. What does cause the caveman to linger, is a seemingly gaping hole in the ground. It's as if someone has scooped out the other, and was thoughtful enough to leave a path. From his height, Gaucho can see that this isn't simply a hole, it's a -

"Cave." He grunts to Mara, who hisses in return. "We tell My-das" Angling his body away from the crater, Gaucho flies even faster back towards his home. With Kri having departed earlier that day, it would be the small black and white commander that he would need to find.

"Heart. Cave. My-das" He chanted to himself as he flew, as if trying not to forget the seeming importance, of this new discovery.

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Though definitively earthbound, I tended only to have eyes for the skies. I loved majestic peaks and reveled in the freedom of birds wheeling on thermals high above. My life seemed to have begun with the very stars, and my imagination had flown there ever since. In that way, a sudden interest in the affairs of the earth’s bowels would seem quite out of place indeed, were I not also cursed with insatiable curiosity.

Gaucho had come and gone; I smelled only a whiff of horse on the air, and could not recognize the scent. Instead I felt a cool draft, starkly apparent against the sun scorching my swarthy hide, and upon closer inspection I spied the yawning mouth that led seemingly deep underground.

I paused, turning with the intent to find Sasha, then hesitated. What if I couldn’t find this place again? My memory was flawless; my navigation skills, not so much. If I walked away, I might lose the path and never know what lay just beyond that impenetrable darkness.


Throwing caution and perhaps better sense to the wind, I plunged into the invitingly cool shadows, stepping gingerly along the steep path for fear of losing my footing. Down, down I went, the glow of sunlight behind me growing fainter by the minute, until at last the path leveled out and opened into a vast, cavernous expanse.

I gasped even before my eyes had properly finished adjusting, the sound of my breath echoing in the silence. One wall glowed almost like liquid flame, casting an unearthly light reflected and amplified by myriad crystals strewn about the cavern.

Perhaps I should have retrieved my brother first.

Tentatively I wandered into the heart of the cave, my hoofsteps sounding almost like violent whipcracks in the enveloping silence. Maybe I should take more interest in the affairs of the earth in the future.

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Steady wings keep the mare aloft, though the struggle is evident in this miserable heat as sweat clings to her hide and turns her even darker. Ampere finds herself foolishly yearning for the cool breath of winter once more - was it already so long ago that she forgot her misery then and the prayers for the sun that she has now?

Apparently so.

It would seem on the hottest days of the year Ampere tends to find herself in the hottest region. As if some insane portion of her body is driving her onward to ruin. Perhaps she's a descendant of Icarus, and being incapable of flying anywhere so near to the sun, she finds substitutes in gaping chasms of fire.

Whatever has brought her over the Heart cannot sustain her and she tilts down in a spiral to land, unaware that the stallion she'd been seeking for a season or more had just eluded her path once more. She is too absorbed in her own plight, and needs some simple respite, perhaps a nap in those tall grasses would do. Ampere knows there are kinder places near here that she could coax her endurance into taking her towards, but with no real purpose for today it's hard to find that kind of will power.

Thumping down to earth with a weary motion that lacks grace, Ampere lands. The echoing sound of footsteps begs for her attention though and Ampere's head whips around just in time to see a dark figure vanishing into a cave. Odd she thinks to herself, not remembering that being there the last time she had visited the heart, a time she knew very well for the painful loss it had nestled in her chest. She'd been heat delirious too though, so she did not press the memory further.

Intrigued either way, as ever her curiosity over came her tiredness and better judgement and bade her to step forward. Ampere's hooves began to echo off the walls in similar fashion of the horse she trailed after, but that memory was waved away just as easily as her other once the shimmering lights enveloped her. Still a bit childish Ampere was at once enamored, and with a slight gasp of glee and surprise, she began to pick up speed through the cave, her head up like a turkey int he rain all the while as she ran about sight seeing, headed surely into the rump of that dark horse before her.


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Stumbling through the Heart, the fae listens to her Vessel's protests of hunger, watching and giggling gently as he nips at the coarse grasses of the Heart. His little lips turn in a frown, his oaf ears laid back. His little legs fumble, and he falls over, grunting. The roan bursts into a fit of giggling, her laugh a sweet melody in the silent air. She steps back, nearly slipping into a ditch. Squealing, a rare thing she never does, she springs forward to avoid falling. Curious on what she almost fell into, she twists her neck, gazing at the ever darkening tunnel that lead into the earth. Curious, the fae begins to walk forward, her bonded scurrying after her.

They enter the yawning mouth, slipping down a slope, a trail that lead down into the core of Mother. Windows of crystal kept bubbling magma from seeping in and flooding the empty cavern. The sound of her cloven hooves hitting stone make a loud click with every step she takes, but when she and her vessel halt, there is still a set of steps. She takes the steps to be those of an animal, and goes on her way, venturing into several rooms.

The first was a room of sparkling, glimmering crystal, a raw version of her crown. Opening her lips, she picks up a fallen piece of the material, evidence that this place exists. She takes a few extra pieces, wishing to study them further, for the matter intrigued her. She looked at her vessel, who was focused on his broken reflection, his silver eyes wide. The fae lets out a gentle laugh, walking past him, her lioness tail breezing past his shoulder, a signal for him to follow. He listens instinctively, rushing after her, his little hooves clacking against the ground. The fae pokes her head into another room, admiring the wall of nearly transparent crystal, the smoking, boiling magma illuminating the room to a great extent. Hoofsteps sounded nearby, somewhere farther down in the cavern, but she ignored them.

After standing and admiring the natural architecture of the caverns, the fae sets off, excited. She wanted to share her discovery, and with that crystal, she hoped it was enough evidence to prove the existance of caverns so grand. She steps out, squinting at the Tallsun rays, her vessel running forward to eat grass. Silently, the fae whispers to him, a stern no, echoes through her and his mind, the invisible tie between them a channel, sending the message. He stops mid bite, turning to face her with a displeased look. She tilts her head, walking forward, towards home, her bonded not far behind.


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She made north- for the Heart of Helovia.

Perhaps it would have been a wiser choice to cross the border as the sun began to sink into a twilight sky- she could not help herself, her heart a buzz with the news brought home by Gaucho that a fissure of sorts; a chasm, had been uncovered just beyond their wall. Africa passed quickly across the transition of rust-red sand, to hardened, parched clay; the thrust of her undulating hooves clacking wildly as she went. As a sparkling blur beneath, the famous gemstones which smiled teasingly below the earthy crust reflected the bright, white glow of a sun that had recently parted its throne.
The one-winged mare had spent much time in these parts, both before the bonding of her stalwart companion and now, with him as her constant guardian. She favoured the diversity of the place beyond any other in Helovia, because it was an unpredictable landscape, challenging both belief and imagination to the limits.

With Silas gliding steadily between driving flaps by her churning shoulder, Africa neared impossibly sudden rim of grass; long and dry like a swishing sea of delicate gold, and slowed with wide, peering eyes to try as she might to find the exact place Gaucho had mentioned. His was a strange way of speaking and it was with great effort that the curious had endeavoured to understand.
Well we must be close Silas, could you scout from above maybe and try to spot anything unusual?” The little avian understood nothing of the language uttered by his beloved and peered blankly across at her uplifted face. Intuitively he followed the path of her gentle amber eyes, and figured gradually that perhaps it might be easier- given Africa’s cursed gravity, for him to search for the chasm from the air. Swiftly he propelled himself upwards into the thick, hot air and in the distance he saw the dancing glow of firelight; the pulse of this Heartland.

While she waited below, Africa opened her only wing and stretched it upwards, as far as she could reach its long black, pointing primary feathers. It was not often she granted the now useless appendage such luxury because the ruffle of wind between yearning feathers mostly brought deep, sadness upon her upbeat soul. Today though, there was not even the slightest breath of relief from the overbearing heat- and here, with the fire roaring not far from her position, even that seemed amplified.
Sweat poured in narrow channels down along the muscular grooves of her well refined body, and still further along the length of her strong legs, soaking her dappled coat quickly to given her a blackened appearance. Flinching with discomfort she sought her friend for information, so she could continue.

Silas was hovering, Africa noticed with a profound sigh of gratitude, only a little further to the north and the young mare staggered forward into the tall blinding field of grass. She could see naught but her Bonded’s lofty location and pursued it tentatively until she stumbled forward into an unexpected dip in the ground.
The Zephyr dropped from his elevation towards Africa as she quickly recovered her balance, spreading his wings elegantly as he came upon her to land across a saturated back. Cool air rose around them from deep below, and Africa felt the urge to bathe herself in the luxury which that presented. Eagerly she carried Silas down along a path scarred with many fresh hoof prints, into darkness not unlike that which they had adjusted too below the Deep Forest.
The cave now though, seemed different in so far as its gaping mouth seemed to welcome them in, indulging them with relieving cool- beckoning their weary bodies deeper.

Both Africa and Silas felt an overwhelming sense of safety.

They came across a room which was vast and lit by skylights it seemed, whose glow danced off shimmering rock pools and fancy crystal formations, strewn throughout. It was quite amazing actually, and the duo could not resist their roving, hungry eyes and hanging jaws.
As they searched the space, their eyes came to rest on the north-western wall where a magnificent sheet of crystal acted as window to the oozing, bubbling magma beyond. It was incredible and at first Africa was too nervous to approach. She imagined warily, that this was the source of the Heart itself; the licking flames which were visible for miles if you were scaling the region from above.

They stayed for a long while; soaking up the contrasting chill and enjoying the break from the desert heat. There seemed much more to the cave, and being quite the explorers, the pair were keen to discover the depths of this new labyrinth.

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The Blood Empress

Salty sweat trickles down, leaving trails in her vermillion coat. Eyes as bright as the a star's shine, staring at Helovia's heart. The light from the flame seems to be captured in her eyes, encased as if the fire will remain lit in her eyes forever. The heat is something else entirely, the flame burns up through the cracks in the earth's skin. Embers blow and gave creatures lightly burning kisses on their flesh, eyes grew dry, no amount of blinking could fight away the stinging. Heat rises up from the land, it does not stop there, the monster quickly makes it's way up her four slender legs. Ash settles itself in her coat and hair, dust joins it and quickly join forces, dulling the colour of blood into a more subtle red. Heat waves roll across the plain, vision can not be trusted entirely. Each step one takes could be dangers. Molten rushes past, burning itself a path through Helovia's heart, stepping to the side, The Empress watches it for a moment. The chosen direction is south, learning the face of the land could become very important later in life. Blood flows quickly through her veins, the heat ebbs it on. During the course of the day her blood has become thinner and more smooth. Is it more lethal now? Or had the heat filled her with weakness?

Helovia's own personal chaos goddess, had arrived to discover what she could about this strange part of the land. Never before had she visited the heart, the heat did not please the Queen. Now she moves to discover what lurks in the long grasses, the pace she sets is slow. Curious enough to explore every inch of the heart and the blood that runs around it, intelligent enough to know that there is no great rush. The land was not going anywhere and the grass could only grow so fast. Moving too fast could also cause overheating, this part of Helovia was hotter than any heart had a right to be. Looking like a dragon's breath a flame bursts up behind her, it's life is short however. The mare had turned startled to watch it's bright life flicker and burn before it slowly died. Maybe that was how you were meant to live life? Bright, dangerous but willing to accept that it may be short? Did dragon's live like that? Their bones made the glassy black crown that currently crowned her head, it's spikes as dangerous as a unicorn's single horn. This crown made her more unique however, her dragon bone crown made her their Queen.

Eyes back onto the future, the Empress pauses. A voice works it's way through the wind and into her ears. Listening carefully now the golden mare questions that echoed up to her. Interested the mare follows the sound, and soon her hooves stop at the entrance to Helovia's true heart. Excitement filled her and before long her hooves where carrying her vermillion form down the slope. Giggling like a young maiden on her name day, Eris wound down until she reached what was to be assumed as the bottom. "My little doves would like it here." The first thing that captivates her attention is the fiery waterfall, it illuminated the underground cavern. It's power and presence makes her feel safe, while heat radiates from the fountain Eris finds that it is most comfortable down here. A thick sheet of bright crystal protects the waterfall from those who would wish to steal it's power, so the mare turns her star bright eyes to the rest of the cave. Rooms litter the cave, each room a perfect hole for a member of her family. There they would have privacy, in these caves they would be safe.

She would summon them all here after some time, but first she would explore this labyrinth, find all of the secrets this cave had to offer. The Empress set of, her pace was once again slow, her head held gracefully high, her dragon bone crown on display for all. The rocky floor did not trip her up once, her pace was a safe one. Each 'room' that she came across the goddess took time in studying them, after all each room was an individual. Sweat still trickled down her back and legs, no doubt her smell was strong. if any of her own kind had followed her, they would be quick to recognise her scent. Still she pressed on, others where present in the cave, Eris heard their hooves clicking on the hard floor. Smiling the huntress was almost silent, breaths were not to loud and after time her moments became almost naught. When you decided to play the game of cat and mouse you either win or die. A wise woman once said 'there is no in-between.' Quietly creeping along the winding pathways within the cave, it was clear that no one had lived here for quite some time, it's secret entrance almost forgotten. How marvellous this cave truly was! Eris was already imagining her family held safe within these walls. The Empress wanted this cave, she wanted to claim this cave as her own herd land.

Creeping deeper into the cave the Empress came to a point where she could turn and survey everything that happened below. This would be where she would stand and rule her people, here she would stand and watch to make sure no harm came upon them. Seele would probably stand next to her...lately the darker mare has scarcely been seen. Frowning the mare turned and pressed onwards, discovering what else lay down in the caves. Maybe there would be a magical pond that she could drink from, maybe an egg lay abandoned, maybe a solid food source for her people. So many possibilities, excitement filled her up, normally the mare did not experience emotions, but on rare normal days, the Blood Empress was capable of acting like a mortal. "Reveal your secrets to me." A whispered prayer only the words echoed around her, some others that lurked in the cave may have heard her. Doubting that others would turn to hunt her, Eris continued further into the cave. Heat was ever present in the cave, but the more time vermillion Goddess spent within the cave, the more bearable it became.

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Even for one such as herself, a child born of fire and heat, Israfel found the hot day rather... Grueling. With every step that she took, her wings sagged, the gilded appendages held a ways out from her barrel so that the covered skin and muscle beneath them could feel the sparse breeze. Or, at least... Whatever form of 'breeze' came through the hot and humid air.

She had begun to wonder just why she had left the cool seclusion of the Secret Grove as she wandered about Helovia's Heart, sweating and surely looking worse for wear. The strands of her ivory mane hung about her neck in lanky, pathetic bits, sweat dripping down her pale frame and marring the fire-child's ivory coat. Still, despite her rather poor physical appearance, Israfel's vermilion eyes were just as crisp and sharp as ever, darting left and right with every step that she took to survey her surroundings.

She would have traveled by air, to give her wings time to stretch, but... This heat was absolutely dreadful. For now, Israfel was confined to the earthen ground. Deciding to pick up her pace and hopefully find somewhere that she can rest, the pale deity continued to skirt through the magnified heat of the Heart, her legs brushing against the long, dry grasses. It was a miracle that fires didn't break out here, given how dry the environment was, and how hot the location could grow to be. Yet, perhaps that was for the best...

As she moved to crest over a small dip in the ground, Israfel paused, her ears snapping forward and head raising in genuine attention. Something had flitted across her vision, and glancing around, the sun-child was surprised to see a... hole in the ground? Stretching her neck out, the young demi-Goddess snorted, smelling the fresh scent of others who had traversed this path before her, yet... Nothing smelled of danger. Taking on step forward, then another, Israfel approached the dark hole, only to see that it stretched further beneath the surface of the earth. The ground was recently disturbed, the grasses trampled and hoof prints visible in the dirt. How very peculiar...

Ever so carefully the gilded filly moved closer to the steep path, then lifted one hoof, scrabbling for purchase as her weight shifted and she began to descend into the dark cataclysm below. Slow and steady the sun-child went down... And down... And down, until the fury of the sun was no longer upon her back and the cool air of the cave caused her to shiver, due to the sweat covering her body.

Vermilion eyes roamed over the curvatures of the walls, admiring the twists and turns of the cave. "I wonder who lived here," Isra whispered to herself, uncaring if there were any other individuals around to hear the words that she uttered, "What a remarkable place." Through the cave she wandered, hooves creating a soft, soothing rhythm of clop-clip upon the stone. A strange, yet soothing feeling of 'safety' seemed to envelope her, like the loving caress from a watchful parent, and idly the filly wondered if her father knew this place existed.

Surely he did, for he was the God of the Sun.

Lights danced in from small pockets through the ceiling, creating a myriad of colors to ricochet from the waters at her hooves. It truly was a beautiful place, here... How come no one had ever found it before? Yet the true beauty, and something that stole Isra's breath from her very bosom, was the sight of the crystallized barrier, and the visible magma on the other side. Approaching the barrier, Isra's muzzle reached out to touch it, then stopped as she thought better of it. Instead, crisp vermilion eyes stared, captivated by the colors of the churning lava. It was a sight that she, a child of the Sun and a creation of fire, could truly understand.

"... How absolutely beautiful, father. Don't you think?" | | |

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The vermilion queen is not alone. A shadow plagues her from behind, a darkened sister to come and follow in her Queen's footsteps. The heat of the day has turned her apparel slick and damp with perspiration, a sigh of longing for the cool touch of winter. In her mind's eye comes the gentle snow, the iced over lakes, the glaciers, it's crisp, sharp oxygen. The magma of the Heart has taken her soul, and with it, the pulsating ball of energy inside her chest.
So why, then, has the shade followed the trail of blood?

It is her Queen, the Vermilion Goddess, the Blood Empress. Her Queen's lead her forth with the flick of a tail, the twitch of the hark, and she would be a fool not to give her life to them in return. Though her affections have been cast unto the Dark Queen, the Jester Queen, she has not lost her respect for the Queen of Death. The Goddess of Death, and she would be slain in battle before she allowed harm to come to either of them. She would fight, with teeth and daggers and swords, she would fight for them. She would be her Goddesses' shield, she would be their swords, she would be the demon sent forth to wreck havoc upon that which dared turn it's dome in defiance of their rule.

But the last thing the metallic sheened lady expects is where her Goddess shall lead her.
A cool, dark, damp hole in the Earth her Goddess disappears into, and the tail follows behind it's head. Mistress Thanatos momentarily has faded from her sight, as she must collect her wits about her once more with the sudden darkness, and it is then that as she rounds the first turn, she finds herself..
in Heaven.

The expression upon her maw changes not, but in the depths of her wide, violet orbs, she is awestruck.
A wall of crystal gives way to the flames of a waterfall of magma, (is this Hell, then?) heat radiates from it's
core and she finds herself seeking the closest proximity she may to it's radiance. Her gleaming attire reflects it's light in a chrome glow, a fallen star,
a mirror for her people. A overwhelming sense of well-being fills her soul, reinvigorates her, and she regrets that she must be ripped from it's core, for she must follow her Lady into the deep.

When the Seeker finds her once more, the Queen stands on her throne, surveys the meanderings of the equines below with a gaze as blue as the clearest winter skies. The Seeker does not interrupt her at first, gazes out with a twinkling gaze of her own instead. The ceiling above their heads is dotted with stalactites, shimmering pristine daggers that catch the brilliant glow of the stained orange glass and turn the air above their heads into the night sky, a breathtaking view of beauty and divine placement for the sights of the two Goddesses to view now.
A tentative step forwards, and the Lady of the Night is besides her Queen. She says nothing for several minutes, and when her lyrics come, they are soft as a petal upon the breeze.
"A beautiful sight is held on this eve, my Queen."
Could this be...
The purple hue of her pearls turn to gaze upon her Queen's glaciers, hunger writhes in the depths of her soul, reflects outwards towards the Goddess. Her family, her sister.
..Our home?

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It’s too warm in this place. Not warm--hot. The air sears his throat, his own sweat blinds him. His flesh is cooked within the wrappings of his own skin. The grass is gone; there is naught but rock underneath his younger hooves. The sun literally beats him as though he were a pelt thrown against a boulder to knock the dust from it. He is suffering. He does this on purpose.

He must escape his mother and his brother. Only for a time. He must battle his body on his own, for Reginald can’t abide by this. If he cannot train his body to do what he desires, then he will punish it, because his wrath is starting to become unhinged. He had taught himself so long ago to control his fury, because it was without focus; Reginald ruined himself when he let loose the ends of his rage. It was becoming unbearable. He wanted to do, and he could not. Patience is learned with time, and as young as the darkling prince was, he had not experienced it. He suffered in his boyish need for action, for his body could not act.

Exhaustion: he felt it now. He couldn’t breathe, his heart couldn’t keep up. The treasure of the Heart was lost on clouded eyes, because the heat beat him down, and he moved out of sheer will. A draft reaches him; the promise of respite whispers against his cheek, and his body follows it blindly, because destruction is not what he seeks. It’s control he wants, but to break his body is abhorrent indeed. As humiliating as it is for him to swallow, Reginald allows himself to find relief from the heat.

He travels; the cavern is dark. His eyes open wide to receive light, to navigate through the twisting halls of this strange place. He could very well be in danger—he cares not. His breath is ragged as it’s pulled into his throat, into his lungs, but his eyes stare about in his curiosity, which has taken over his exhaustion.
Reginald comes to a room filled with things, glowing things, things that reflect off the walls of the cave, the waters that flow beneath the earth. His eyes are drawn to the glow of the magma from behind a thick sheet of transparent stone—he does not know glass and he does not know lava, but it is here that he learns both. The heat that comes from here is not the heat from the sun; the sun spears with its heat, trying to hunt with it, subdue its prey with it. The heat here is life giving; Reginald knows he would welcome it if he was not already sweltering in his own hide.

The magma captivates Reginald; he does not approach it, but his eyes are glued to the spectacle. Voices echo around the walls, bouncing to and fro, reverberating in the din. His own pant is magnified in this place; he listens to the sound with curiosity. The interest turns into liking for the eerie noise. The liking turns to a wicked sort of excitement. He laughs, and his laughter is distorted in the curve of the cave walls. He snickers. He chuckles deep in his throat, and it’s the chuckle of a monster, the harbinger of ruin.

He likes this. He decides he enjoys this cave.

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a r l o

F inally, I was wandering with a purpose, rather than aimlessly. There had been rumours of a strange new land, beneath the ground. It had caught my interest, any place was better than hanging around in the marsh. So I set forth from the marsh, towards where this place supposedly was. I wasn’t sure what I would do when I got there, but the journey itself would be distraction enough. I pushed myself onwards, at a brisk trot. It was roughly midday, judging by the height and heat of the sun. It was hot, hotter than it had been when the moon had resided within the skies. I had gotten so used to the perpetual darkness and chilliness that followed it that this heat was quite hard to handle. As I made my way onwards, it was only getting hotter and hotter. Sweat was dripping from everywhere and I was nearly grey with perspiration. Exhaustion and dehydration were quick to take their toll, slowing my pace to a walk. I was now passing through lands I had never ventured to before, and the air was thick with humidity, it stuck to my lungs and made me work so much harder for very little return. My journey was slowed and it was frustrating, I just wanted to get to my destination.

Anybody could tell that my fixation on this new land was merely just to distract me from everything else. From my feelings for the black dove, from my own limitations, caused by the abhorrents, from my anger at being stuck in the Asylum, forced to fight for the continually crazy and from the constant fear that I would be found out. Found out by my dove that I wasn’t the white knight she thought I was and, possibly worst of all, found out by the crazies that I wasn’t always one of them. The idea of being hunted by Histe often snuck into my nightmares, causing me to wake with a start, drenched in sweat, much like now.

But finally, exhausted and covered in perspiration I reached what I was looking for. I was right in the Heart of Helovia. It was so hot I kept expecting the bushes to spontaneously combust, for it certainly felt like I could at any minute. I move forward, through the tall grasses that tickled my belly until I reached a gap, and on further inspection, there was a cavernous hole in the ground. Looking down, all I could see was pitch blackness. For some reason however, it was hardly frightening, in fact it was quite the opposite. It felt strangely welcoming. I decided to take the plunge, and ventured down into the depths.

My eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness, so that they were able to make out basic shapes, which prevented me from tripping up on my way down. When I reached the bottom, I entered into the most glorious room, which was lit by reflections of water and crystals. I stopped in my tracks as I noticed the wall in front of me. It looked like a window, whereas in actual fact it was a sheet of clear crystal, which allowed me to see the bubbling lava that was within the very core of Helovia. It was so breath-taking that it took me a couple of minutes to register that there were others in the room too. I ignored the majority; they were of little importance to me. But finally, as I looked around the whole room, my eyes enlightened upon my dove, and my vermillion commander. I picked my way towards them, wondering what had brought them both here too. “My dove, my commander." I murmured. "Hullo. What has brought you to this cave? It is beautiful, no?” I felt a little out of sorts, being underground was not something I was used to.

" "
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Sameira struggled to follow me, her bunny body making it harder for her to match my swift pace. She retained her sparkling dual toned eyes and blue on amber markings, but the rest of her was a white rabbit, a small, fuzzy pet. I was stuck giggling the whole way from the Marsh to the Heart, tears of amusement racing down my cheeks. She was too comical not to laugh at, her brows furrowed in an I-hate-you expression, and her flopping ears furrowed downward.

We walk (or... hop), along, Sameira tagging behind me. I stretched my wings of pure boredom, still struggling to learn about flight. So far, my wings were useless pieces of flesh that hung from my shoulders. I slip, squealing. I had been paying attention to the sleek, chesnut feathers on my wings when I went tumbling down a slope, Sameira bounding after me as I rolled, descending into the earth. I land, hitting the wall, my rump raised, my body bruised. "Since when was there a giant hole in the ground?!" I snort, an unhappy look crossing over my face as Sameira snickers. I lay back my ears, standing up and shaking off the dirt collected in my coat. I spread my wings, ruffling my feathers, dust and debris spurting from them. I fold them up, neatly placing them at my sides, where they normally lay.

Walking around, I felt an odd, comforting feeling in the back of my mind, a light of warm rays seeping through a wall of clear crystal. The brewing magma spurts liquid of scolding temperatures, but I remain safe, the rocky crystal walls keeping me safe. I trod around, the scent of the Asylum wafting through the warm air, the scents still fresh. Following the trail, I happen upon a few of the members. Arlo is there, accompanied by Lady Eris and Circuta. "You guys found this place too!" I smile, a childish grin on my face. I skip ahead of everyone, jumping into one of the many caverns. I let out a gasp of awe, my amber eyes widening to full orange moons. I take another moment to admire the dripping crystal before running back to Eris and the others, the smile still on my face.

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I don’t understand my behavior
This knife is my savior
My only wish is to be heard
I just don’t care anymore
One day I’ll settle the score with myself

I find myself lured to the new place within Helovia. I always enjoy a good cave, so I naturally find myself diving into its depths of its darkness. This is much cooler than that raging heat outside, oh how I loathe the season of tallsun. I seek the arrival of the cool air that brings with it. My eyes adjust to the dim lighting, which makes picking out the shapes in the tunnel significantly easier than when I first descended. My pace is slow as I move down in deeper, I pick out shapes and things that can stand out as landmarks for when I choose to begin making my way out of the cave. Getting lost and dying down here would be such an awful way to go, far too anti-climatic in my opinion.

The cave is fascinating and I wander through various tunnels, but none of the dark tunnels can compare to the main room. As I step in my eyes widen. I’m not easily impressed, but his place is stunning, hell my mouth even drops open for a moment as I gaze about. This is the type of place I could call home. I can imagine myself memorizing all the tunnels, striking out sinners that try to come, ah such a silly fantasy, but it’s an ideal one. My pleasure fades when familiar scents fill my nostrils. I see three familiar faces, my fellow Asylum members. Despite myself being an outsider and a stranger amongst them I still approach. With them I see a winged filly I don’t recognize, that shouldn’t be a surprise to me, most of them are strangers.

I keep a bit of distance even when I do make my presence known to them. “Quite the place isn’t it?” I say. If they treat me with hostility, I’ll just turn around and walk away. This band I’ve chosen to associate with has done nothing for me, given no reason to give my loyalty or respect to its members. They may think even being considered a member means giving those things, but both are earned not freely given. Only fools believe they are entitled to such things.

. "blah blah blah."

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The cave is comfortably cool and beautiful, and suddenly a warm, gentle, spectral figure appears, seemingly powered by reflection on pool of water. She wavers and dances, smiling. Her expression is wise as she regards those who entered.

"I have awaited the day when you discovered a place of the ancients," she hummed. "Many secrets lay down in these caverns and many rooms hold answers to the past. We came here once, long ago, during a great storm. This is a shelter. Rooms of life and beauty so strange and great lie just beyond here, able to care for hundreds if necessary."

The ghost sighed softly. "I bless you all."

A pale light twists around those gathered and sinks onto their hides.

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