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.. Plot with a Blu .. [Ampere, Iskra, Öde]

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This thread will be constantly updating with my characters plots and outlines :]

~ Work does eat me often, so my activity levels may vary. Expect threads with me to take longer rather than shorter, but I will try to be as timely as I can.


[Pegasus - Female - Dragon's Throat - bonded to green cheek conure - magic to turn organic matter into electricity and shape and animate it & magic to block chi or direct movements within organic matter & magic to temporarily block the bond between companion and character.]

- Daughter of Voltaic the Samurai and NPC. Related to Cirrus, Azulee, Azzuen the Ardent...
- Mother of Aithniel, Hertz, Zekle, Tae, and Grusha... though she is yet unaware of the first two.
- Companion rights activist.
- Wild, fierce, reactive, fearless, warrior-heart, friendly, competitive, playful.
- Lays eggs when having foals :3

-- Learn she is related to Cirrus and Azulee, and mother of Aithniel and Hertz.
-- Statues in Throat
  • Drunk Zekle?
  • Drunk mesec & Roskuld
  • Serenity
  • Sikeax
  • Erthe spar
  • Zekle thief

    [-]Drunk Iskra
    [-]Spar Zekle
    [-]Spar Ru
    [-]Quest turn in


[Pegasus - Male - Dragon's Throat Colt - magic wings emit harmless fire and electrical sparks and able to superheat surrounding air to move things.]

- Son of Ampere the Mother of Companions and Gaucho the Wildfire. Aithniel, Zekle, Hertz, Tae, Grusha, Tyrath, Matheo, Luther, Zenobia, Ivezho, Hawke, Aelin, Vinati, Arakh, Esinakh, Tasokh - relatives.
- Sneak route but excels in battle - avoids it though.
- Constantly trying to make light of situations and have fun, avoids anything painful/sad (will be heavily affected by a depression Ampere will go through when raising him).

-- Destiny vs desire theme.
-- Active magic: can transform into a lion?
-- Active magic: (get third magic mutation) able to heal? able to craft? something sneaky/fighting?
-- Item: enchanted spark warhammer.
-- Companion: Leviathan.
  • Flying Matheo
  • Zekle thief

    [-]Drunk Ampere

[Unicorn - Male - Aurora Basin Emissary - magic to live forever & magic to null the magic of others.]

- Son of October and Belial, related to Oblivion the DemonKing, Sinn the Archangel, Basilisk the Red Queen, Confutatis the WorldEater; Ignatius the Firesword, Deimos the Reaper, Zuriel, Belial, Erebos, Lothiriel, Zar'roc, Volterra, Nymeria...
- Worshiper of Oblivion.
- Trying to take over the world.
- Morbid, wicked, merciless, calculating, cruel, god-complex, family above all else.

-- Participating in Helovia Hard Mode
-- All the scholar things
-- Bros with Reginald & Erebos 8]
-- Kill Öde
  • Volterra Myrrine
  • Herd meeting



[Tribrid - Female - Dragon's Throat Filly - magic to ???.]

- Daughter of Ampere the Mother of Companions and Mesec the Nightwind. Other relatives...
- Believes in balance above all else.
- Dabble in Seer & Warrior.
- Religious.
- Disagrees with Ampere about a lot of things.
- Will lose vision/eye on right side due to Mesec at some point.
- Yin Yang twin stuff

-- Plots n goals n stuff here

-- Balance and star theme.
-- Passive magic: glowy.
-- Active magic: can transform into light animals or wolf/tiger/snow leopard.
-- Active magic: can mind control with songs (like siren) or consume/collect souls (for some purpose...).
-- Active magic: (get third magic mutation) can collect/control and heal with starlight.
-- Item: enchanted glass eye which allows her to see spirits/energy.
-- Item: enchanted bag that holds starlight.
-- Item: enchanted starlight bow which hovers and fires starlight arrows.
-- Companion: Dragon
-- Companion: (get double bond mutation) Rougrou
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    [-] Planned or future threads

[Equine - Male - Outcast - magic to draw with ink & magic to transform into ink drawings]

- Parents died during the Morning War in Isilme Anarore, orphaned at 6 mo.
- Mute.
- Uses ink magic to communicate.
- Rather peaceful and inept at fighting.

-- Needs to get laid eventually, just so he can say he's not a virgin (but no love!)
-- Get third magic slot
-- Get third magic
-- Get companion
-- Gay feelings ??!?!?
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[Lignea - Female - Windtossed Foothills Healer - Aborun]

- Wanders to Helovia from Prim'sylvia, determined to learn about the ways animals live to help bring harmony to the world.
- Willow tree growing from withers.
- Calm, considerate, friendly, kind, peaceful, giving, curious, brave.
- Ermine is her ermine companion.

-- Share her experiences.

Tag me only if starting a new thread.
Magic or force permitted any time, aside from death.

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I would like to post and develop Iskra a bit more, does anyone want posts with him? I'd love for him to get some friendships built up and maybe some brief crushes :D
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Helovia Hard Mode

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I don't think she likes how loud he is but I need to post her more so she can develop too :D

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I WILL POST TO DRUNK AMPERE THREAD AND WE'LL LIQUID TIME THE SHIT OUT OF IT? Maybe post-Zero and Iso in the Veins, pre Zero's triumphant return?

Blu the Bootyful Posts: 443
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looool Sarah. All of your characters dislike my loud ones ;-;

IDK I was just thinking she'd show up to him trying to steal Iskra?
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Helovia Hard Mode

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This works toooo

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besides, I think it's just Vastra who's the butt. Johnny likes Ode and Aly and Mesec both like Ampere!

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flings Ozzy at for a possible friend/crush?

Also Arakh and Iskra should team up when they're a bit older and go hunting for ladies and be each other's wing(literally)men ;D

AND ALSO because I can't get enough Blu in my life, Vol and Amp should have a thread too! He's developed a taste for the alcoholz recently so they could have drunk bonding

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