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We get some rules to follow
We get these pills to swallow
How they stick in your throat

Ampere was buoyed in the wind, drifting aimlessly like a marooned bird caught in the currents of the sky. The drafts often carried her around, spinning the world below into some distant memory, or so she'd like to believe. Could she stay up here forever, lost to the sky? It was an appealing though, but one that she knew could never be. Even now she felt an ache in her wings, the kiss of the sun pressing darkly into her coat with sweat and weariness.

She sighed and the exhale slipped out of her nose and was consumed by the clouds.
With a certain finality to her movements Ampere drew her wings up and down, shifting her position with a tilt of her body and lowering of her tail feathers. Down, down, down she was carried by the wind, landing with a gentleness so unlike her, such was the somber mood she stewed in.

Out of habit more than anything Ampere began to graze, but she did not taste the grasses her, a strange thing for all their sweetness as yet untouched by the summer heat. This place was a gorgeous oasis, but its beauty was lost on the girl whom was lost to herself. As she grazed she roamed, eventually drifting to the shoreline of a nearby pool. The allure of a bath to wash away all her woes was appealing, and summer gave her a thirst that seemed incapable of being slacked. As if on cue she licked her lips, swallowing the last bit of grass as she raised her head and stared with a peculiar longing at the water's surface.

Abandoning the mind-numbing task of eating Ampere sauntered to the pool, glancing down at the reflection that rippled about in the steady breeze. A familiar pang sung in her chest as Ampere felt an acute loneliness wash over her. She could certainly understand the appeal of companions in moments like these, but a moral integrity, or perhaps just stubbornness, kept her from ever progressing past this point.
She recognized the want, but not its fulfillment with all of its wrongs.

Growing frustrated once more Ampere shook her head and leapt into the water, exhaling harshly at the abrupt nip of it across her skin, cooler than the air she'd been stewing in before. It refreshed her soul, but it was only a momentary fix - the only kinds Ampere knew how to use.

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