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[DROP] Quest Drop #9 Fire | Light

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The GOD of the SUN

Burn the whole world down

The God of the SUN Quest Drop

Step One :: Signing Up!
- You will respond to this drop in character, responding as if every character who shows up is also present
-**NOTE** Remember that when you post here, that you provide links to the times your character has been refused in the veins or other drops! Please also clearly state what magic/upgrade/item/ or companion that you are seeking, and (*NEW*)provide the link to your Wishlist
- Your character has 72 hours to respond to this thread properly

Step Two :: The Decision
- Sun God will then choose 1-2 characters to take under his wing and give them quests for whatever they choose (magic, companion or items)
- When I post the decisions, I will post the rubric. Basically this will depend on how many times your specific characters has been rejected from the veins.
- You character's name will be put into a "pot" of names 1 additional time for each previous refusal from a drop or a quest
- All numbers, tables and functions will be screenshot for transparency and understanding

The Quest :: Light or Fire based magic/upgrade, normal companion or item


Since their departure, the God of the Sun had not stepped hoof back into Helovian terrain. He had been complacent to watch the happenings of the sheep from his place in the sky. He burned brightly - heralding the arriving of Tallsun for all he was worth. For months everything had been dark - and then as his sister had returned first - her light had been the only to illuminate the lands. Now, it was his turn.

He would not be forgotten.

Falling from the heavens, as if trying to simulate a bright falling star in midday, the God fell with a calculated grace towards the meadows. Just as his form was about to collide with the vibrant earth, wings of fire spread from his golden form, catching his elegant body and gently allowing him to drift forward. As he slowed, his golden hooves touching upon the grasses, he waited for them. Oh how they would flock to him. With an impatient snort, he tossed his antlered crown proudly, as he waited for his sheep, to return to him.

1. You cannot get a mythical companion quest from this drop
2. Do not post unless your request is relative to the God of the Sun and has been in the Wishlist database for at least one month.


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Onni the Illuminant</style>
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They had been gathering herbs.

Wrapped in a world of their own delights and smiles, Onni and Lyhty were enjoying the sun above and the wonders of summer flowers. The previous summers here had not been as enjoyable, but under the low pressure, cool mountain airs high in the sky, as compared to the baking desert of her home, the shaman and her companion felt alive. Leaving with the excuse that she would be collecting the herbs for her healing studies, the Illuminant had traveled north to seek refuge from the week of endles sun which blessed her home in the least desirable way - melting heat.

Now, closer to the sun than she had been in a while, with the clouds dispersed only at the edges of the great peaks, the painted girl happily laughs. All her worries from the Endless night forgotten. All her troubles with Carnesir and the heavy words of Lace disappear. Simply basking in the glory of the sun with her eldest friend; it was a perfect summer day.

Then, in a sudden burst of ethereal flames, the sun seems to be falling directly from the sky. Immediately the white-washed face of the shaman raises in horror, only to be replaced with a joyous smile. Anxiety laces it momentarily as she remembers her absence from his altar. She had been praying quietly at the sunrise, but had not actually the guts to call upon him in months. Turning her crown to watch his graceful descent, Onni swallows her fears and her doubts. The God of the Sun was here; how could she truly view him as her new beloved mentor if she shied from his side now?

Replacing this nervous gleam with a bright smile, the shaman lopes toward the King of Light, her coat and skin reflecting a fraction of his glory. "I missed you, father sun," the girl says simply, halting in front of him with concerned, sky eyes. "Did you fare well through the winter?"

[ 5/6/2013 :: [ Magic (U): Light | can glow with the light of the sun. Those in her presence feel soothed, and prolonged exposure can heal minor physical wounds and mental traumas (with permission). ]
No previous refusals. ]

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I had been born in a time of darkness when there was no such thing as that big light in the sky that provided the light they all spoke of. I had been born in a time that held onto no light besides that big ball of white light in the sky Momma had called the Moon. It was cold and we only had the lamptrees to light our path in places the moon's beams did not touch.

I was grateful for the warmth the sun also brought. I loved it, absolutely! The skies were much more comfortable in warmer weather and when the air hit my face, it wasn't with a freezing tension. My body longed for warmed air and my mouth smiled when I found it.

My silver eyes looked to the sky and I practically had to do a double take. It was extremely bright and I narrowed my eyes as I watched it approach. It reminded me of a bird gracefully landing. However, this was no bird at all. The wings on this being were amazing and the set of horns on his head was truly impressing. The warmth radiating off of his body was amazing and brought sweat upon me... it was comforting.

I approached, as did another with a bald face. This mare calls him Father Sun, and greets him. He must indeed be the God Of The Sun Momma has spoken of. I wasn't too sure what happened and what made me do what I did, but I lunged forward from the brush and bound to his presence. I wished to greet him and thank him.

"You must be the Father of the Sun, light, and the very warmth that warms the world! You are amazing! I have only heard of you, but I wish to thank you and praise you for your gifts you give to us daily!" My silver eyes were bright as they glazed over him, a smile on my face of awe. I look at the paint mare with a nod and a smile, a greeting towards her.

(9/2/2013) :: [Magic: Fire x Time :: Her hooves, eyes, and blue markings on her wings erupt into sapphire flames that can throw out discs of blue flames that can burn the target and distort their mind's perception of time for two posts at the same time.]


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Death follows into your watery grave

The temperature was so very hot, the sun blazing brilliantly high in the sky. Torleik wondered for the umpteenth time already why his coloring had to be so dark so as to absorb this much heat. Heavenly Fields...they are hellishly hot... he mused somewhat bitterly. His nomadic spirit and the desire to explore had pushed him here and he was heavily regretting choosing this place, at this time of day, with such little shade.

His thoughts were not allowed to remain focused on that for long, as a flash in the sky caught his attention. Torleik looked up, curious, but found himself blinded by the sheer brilliance of whatever was falling from the sky. Panic gripped him briefly. Was it fire? If it was fire anyone in this field would perish in a demonic blaze.

Sweet gods let it not be fire! he thought with horror, rooted to the spot. There would be no point in running, if it was; it was too close. The fire would spread too quickly, too hungrily...

Just before the bright ball hit the ground, Torleik found it was...a horse? He was highly confused - and greatly intrigued. Setting his rudder to guide him in the direction of this plummeting equine, he found he was not the first to discover what had dropped from the sky. Two Pegasi had already come to greet this...creature...who also sported wings. However, there was something wholly different about the winged and horned male; something divine.

His suspicions were confirmed when both the Pegasi referred to him as the Sun God, and Torleik stood off to the side in awe for some time. Somehow he felt...inadequate. He was not in possession of wings, though he had two horns like this Sun God. He was dark, while the god was bright and brilliant. Approaching reverently, with head bowed and demeanor submissive - a feat no other mortal male would ever see from this proud warrior stallion - Torleik bent himself down on his forelegs in a humble bow. Just because his personal goddess was that of the Moon did not mean he would not show reverence, deference and worship to any deities he came across. Torleik was a deeply devout unicorn and despite his preferences, respected the powers and divine nature of all the gods and goddesses.

"God of the Sun, your brilliance blinds this one..." he spoke quietly, perhaps out of fear. Part of his religious nature was a deeply rooted, instinctual fear of those who had the power to give and take away, to create life and to smite it. "I am humbled to be one of the first to see your return, though I know you did not choose me - or these others - for any qualities of our own. We are blessed to receive such favor on this day." The rabicano stallion did not lift his head, though he rose back to his feet. He felt he could not rightly look upon this bright god for fear the deity of the Sun would deem him unworthy.

[[Link and info below!]]

Afrolovertje & ximpossible @ DA

Wishlist -8/19/13 :: [Magic: LightxWater] Torleik is questing for this magic, the ability to summon icy rain/ice/sleet

No previous rejections/refusals.
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How long had I been wandering?

It was a question I was unable to answer with a certainty. The passing of time had been confusing for me since the departure of my beloved Daryth. He was my rock, my soul, my companion who had been with me since I had discovered the magic that resided within me. He had departed with the Gods of Helovia, through the rift that had torn our world apart. Not even darkness had settled - it was more of a void that was left behind, both in my surrounds and within my heart. I had become numb to all around me, even the affections of my sister and parents did little to ease the sheer lack of feeling that existing within me.

But then the Moon returned, and with her, hints of magic touched the lands once more. I had rejoiced, along with everyone else, though my pleasure was short lived. Still, he did not return to me. Daryth was lost in the abysmal rift, and I feared that his bright little soul would never return.

Then, in the deep of the endless night, we were ushered by my uncle to the Dragon's Throat, to avoid the war that had come knocking at our doorstep. Only, the war had followed us there. Within the Throat, we had been safe, and when the time came to return home... I didn't. Through the wilds I travelled, alone, learning the ways of surviving on my own, mastering the art of flying, sometimes returning home to reassure my mother and father and sister that I was indeed, alive and well.

I remember the first dawn with sharp clarity. As the Sun had rolled off the golden sheen of my scales, I had basked in its glory. I revered in the existence of the Gods, all four of them alike, there was not one single one I prayed to more than the other three. I lived within the lands of the Moon, my own mother carried the night around with her in a bracelet upon her foreleg, and yet my scales shone like the Sun that had only recently returned to us, and deep within my belly, there was a fire that always kept me warm, though I knew not how to access it like my father. The Sun rose, and I felt it return, the magic that would summon Daryth back to me.

Only, he didn't return to me, even when I pleaded for him to. Two others came, their lights strange, new hues, a green and a brown. They sang, and their presences brought me joy, so I sang with them, encouraging their lights to stay with me forever and always, just as I had wished for Daryth to stay with me. Nyth was the green, her light as bright as the emerald grass that covers the grounds of the Thistle Meadow, and Samineuth was the rich brown, his hue reminding me of the cliffs that rimmed my home. I leapt to the skies and flew with them again today, happily immersed in their voices and songs, and it was from my vantage point near the heavens above us that I saw the fiery splendour of the Sun God meet the earth.

He was the only one I had seen in the flesh, if such immortals could be described as having flesh. To the Fields I pressed on, eager to behold his brilliance with my own golden gaze once more, eager to welcome his return to our lands, to thank him for his efforts - and perhaps even, eager to know if he knew of Daryth, and his whereabouts. But upon landing in the field, I found myself surrounded my many others who held similar ideals as myself - I vaguely recognised one of them from my stint in the Throat, and it was to her I gravitated, my head bowed as upon legs that were still growing, I wandered close. The dragon spirits that accompanied me were bold and brazen above me, singing their songs for all to hear - I could not help the hint of a smile upon my lips, such was the happiness they felt and pressed into me.

"It is wonderful to see you again," the voice she spoke with might have been curled with a hint of an accent from a land Amaris had never even visited. The way her mother spoke had influenced her own speech. She had been so young that time she last saw the Lord of the Light, she could not even remember speaking - it had been no wonder he looked over her then, she had been insignificant then, and even now, she didn't expect to be noticed by his wondrous gaze, but that didn't stop her from at least expressing her pleasure in seeing his return. Above her, the dragons performed a serenade to the Lord, spewing their flames forth into the skies, before spiralling down to settle their strange light-filled forms upon the golden dragon girl's back.

Quest Drop #8 denial
Would like this magic, though she is not aware of it..
:: [2- Magic: Light | Able to communicate her thoughts directly to all companions (with ooc permission).]
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The poisonous shade had seen a star fall from the heavens before.
In the chill of the night, as she traveled lone across the hard-packed winter earth, she had seen the
glory of the heavens as a doorway fell from the sky and was pulled down to the ground below. A angel, it's wings
lost, cursed as she, to lose it's place in the stars and plummet to the sinful world below. What anger, must the angel feel?
What envy for it's companions, what sure lust it must have for those who have not descended from their thrones.

And yet, though the shade had seen much during her lifetime, she has never seen a doorway from the heavens
streak through the sky as a firefly in the daytime, never has she seen something so glorious, so captivating. Never has she seen the celestial bodice
in the warmth of the sun, never has she seen a piece of the sky plummet so bright. Is the angel flaming, or is her mind playing tricks upon her? It does not glow,
it radiates. It radiates heat, warmth, it radiates a power unlike the normality of the cold objects that fall with bitter resentment and harsh words. It falls, though she is overcome with the sense that if this star wished to regain its wings, it would fly once more into the sky. It would surpass it's brethren, it was a king.
It falls towards the fields of heaven, and what a coincidence that is. A celestial creature, to be born in the midst of the kingdom on earth.

She is enraptured, enthralled, fascinated, she is a child who has found a new toy as she finds herself
brought across earth and wheat and patches of sweet wildflower until she finds him.
What is, he?
And though she is not the first to have come, she is far too caught upon this holy being, this otherworldly gift that she
sees before her gaze to surround her mind with them. Logical deduction is tossed aside in it's wake, the wings of hawks and the golden, metallic sheen that resembles
her breed. A beauty, a gem, a precious stone that gleams with radiance in the light of the sun.
The sun. It hits her then, the identity of this beast, the being that stands before her very visuals. He has had many names through the years, she recalls,
many names. And yet he stands here, before her, as much of a myth as the beating muscle inside her chest was.

A elegant bow is given unto the God of the Sun, and then her regal frame is once more lifted to stand among her kin. Though not in flesh, brothers,
sisters, regardless of the lack of her family. They are mortal, bound together as rope, and tied with the weakest of knots.
Her lyrics seep, golden, sweet liqueur from her maw as she observes him with keen violet pearls.
"We welcome your dawning, my Lord."

A wisp of a gentle song, floating as a leaf upon the wind. The barest of murmurs.
"I see a sun that never sets."


[ 9/7/13 :: [ Companion: Siberian Tiger | A reddish-rusty hue in colour, with narrow black transverse stripes and golden honey-orbs ]

No previous refusals.]

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She saw her cousin before any of the others, before the stallions or the mares or even the sun. She had come with Natraj on legs of liquid gold, floating over hill and vale and laughing as she went, a child with childlike whimsy, free for air and fire to kiss and burn. The pull of magic resounded strongly against her mind, a beautiful and succulent thing drawing her ever closer to its source; she had followed it up the winding trail and here, to the top of the world and the base of the sky. There were secrets that she yearned to uncover, buried mysteries in a land she had not visited- they were everywhere, really, but the mountain had called to her in an unexpected way, and she had no choice but to pursue the call.

Now she knows that the call was that of her cousin.

Silver gold braids bounce a vibrant rhythm, marking the beat of unsteady steps; she is a dancer in the flame of the sun, and she is learning to shift her legs in rhythm to the coursing of blood in and out of her heart. The grass feels softer beneath her hooves, the sun is brighter upon her hide; Amaris is the whisper of home and happiness, the treasured friend she missed more than she knew. Her cousin had not followed them home when their uncle called, instead leaving to explore the wilds, find her feet. The fire dancer thought she did not mind. While Tandavi had been oblivious to the idea of loneliness for all her life, seeing Amaris with her draconic friends pulls at a hollow string she did not know was there. Is this what Hototo feels? she asks Natraj, but the Kitsune is already gone to meet their cousin, bounding joyously through grass as tall as he.

It is only when the girl is a length from her kin that the existance of others marks its true registration, and she finds herself in the presence of the Sun.

Tandavi has never met a god, and does not know that reverence is required. The others bow, or spew their praise, but not the filly- with wide, solemn eyes she stares at the Lord, curious and unabashed, a thirsty traveler drinking in the strange sight. Her mother told a story, that gold comes from a vengeful sun, the product of fire and inconsolable wrath. Is this the flame that stained her mother with nebulae and stardust, passed on so brilliantly to the copper child? Natraj flicks his tail and fire appears- is this, too, the golden beast's doing? Worship is beyond the filly's grasp, but she knows that He is worthy of something more, some respect and fascination that she is happy to give. After all, she is the daughter of flame and shadow; the sun is her father as much as anyone else.

She clings to her cousin with a fierce possessiveness and ignores all others, content to believe in their world of three - dragon daughter, fire child, and Lord of Light all come together to celebrate the vibrance of a dreary world.

Edit: Wishlist
8/1/13 [Magic: Dark x Light (u) | Able to retain every magic she has used, but can only use one at a time]

Denied here.
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The GOD of the SUN

Burn the whole world down

The God of the SUN Quest Drop

Congratulations to Circutta and Tandavi!

Form, Roll


They do not make him wait long - and indeed, he knew they would not.

The first to arrive is Onni, and this does not come as a surprise. This gentle-hearted daughter, born out of challenge and greed, is pleasing to the firey stallion. Her reverence stokes his all-consuming sense of himself, and yet she does not bore him, nor does she grovel as others have. She is a true worshiper, and the firey being is not disappointed that she is here. "This winter brought with it particularly trying tasks, as I'm sure you had noticed. But the sky is bright once again."

The next to arrive is no more than a child, and the words of praise she ushers to him fall flatly at his golden hooves. The filly was not old enough to truly understand his greatness, though it was possible that she was perhaps instructed by her parents but...Her eagerness seemed to speak of greed, rather than his greatness. Snorting softly, his horned head nodded slightly. As Torleik spoke however, flames rose from his haunches, extending down his already illuminated wings. His eyes burned with amusement, as his golden lips turned upwards in a sarcastic snarl. "You would suggest that I have appeared by mistake then? By mere happen-stance? If so, then don't feel humble. Feel lucky, that I did not choose to appear where you now stand, and toast you on the spot." Tsking under his breath, he turned away. " 'Blinds me'. What a stupid thing to say." He mumbled.

He hated when the inhabitants of Helovia presumed to know his thoughts. To tell him what he did, or did not do on purpose. Ignorance and greed.

Next his gaze falls upon the dragon-child. He had seen her before...Odd, that twice now she comes before him - a child of his sisters lands. He nods without commitment to her statement, pausing to look at her strange markings with slight disdain. He searched her thoughts, but found no sign of a want, which could have brought her here. A spy perhaps? That was unlikely - he had made his return to Helovia quite clear, as his body blared brightly across the sky, quelling the darkness and returning Helovia to normalcy. Still...why was she here?

The next to speak, a tall unicorn mare, also looks like she belongs in the lands of his sister - yet he does not smell the fog that usually lingers upon her kin. "If the sun never set, there would be no dawn. If you're going to compliment me, at least be coherent." He snapped, his burning gaze narrowing. In her minds eye, she saw a shape slowly forming - a cub of some sort. They always wanted something... "If you think you're so clever, prove it. Lie, cheat, steal, or sweet-talk - I don't care. But bring me an amulet of my making, and then we'll talk."

The last to arrive was certainly of his sisters ilk. Was Onni the only member of his tribe who had been watching the skies? Was his flock nearly all flighted?! Still, he appreciates the reverence that exudes from her young mind, and the apparent wisdom that keeps her mouth firmly shut, instead of spewing irrelevant or idiotic praises, as some of the others had. "You are young, to already possess such power...You need to truly understand what it is, your heart seeks. You must burn youngling - and then you must burn another in return. Then you must attain the magic to heal someone in need."

Turning away, he looked to Onni once again. She had come, but no others - not even his daughter. He had wanted to speak with her, about her duties while he was away - and yet once again she disappointed him. "You shall be my beacon in the Throat, Onni. To remind them."

With that, the air around the God begins to intensify, as his molten wings extend further from his body. With one last survey of the assembled, he lifted easily off into the sky.

[Circutta: You must somehow (IC) get a Sun Amulet, and return to the Sun God's shrine at the Veins.

Tandavi: You must receive a burn (and in turn, acquire that magic). Then you must burn another. Finally, you must attain healing magic, and heal someone in need.

Congratulations Onni! You have temporarily received the ability to have Onni's mane/tail light (harmlessly) on fire. This will last for 1 week.]


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Onni the Illuminant</style>
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Though the brilliance of his golden face does not obviously shift, Onni notes with relief that he does not form a scowl of disapproval. Instead, the humbling voice filled with light and warmth answers her question. The shaman nods in understanding, sealing his statement with a smile. The sun had returned to the sky, lighting her world that had been cast into shadow. The appearance of others cut her response short, but the healer does not mind.

A demure smile rests on her glimmering face; the mare is calm, peaceful, happy to be standing in the warmth of her patron's aura. The movement around her, the words spilled out, they are all rather dulled in this moment. The approach of a young filly manages to grasp at the shaman's attention, for she drifts close. Onni recognizes her face from the foals of the Edge who had sought refuge in the south. The good-natured girl lowers her head to return the silent greeting, Lyhty cooing a soft sound for her in hello.

The tone of the God grows sarcastic, heated, and the mare looks away from the young girl toward the Sun. His liquid golden eyes churning about in amusement, though in a mocking sense. Onni does not judge. She knows that for all the thorns worn by the deity, his heart is much softer than his guarded exterior would reveal. Hang in there, stranger, she thinks toward the stallion.
The painted girl knows he likely would not.

Quests are handed out, and the shaman smiles passively, delighted by their opportunities to serve his will. She knew the quests of the gods usually came with rewards, which had caused their flight from the Veins of the Gods. At the sound of her name, Onni's ears perk forward, turning to face him fully. A firm nod is offered, taking his message to heart instantly. "I will guide them back toward your light."

As the God begins to ascend, every so suddenly, the shaman's mane and tail catch afire.

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