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Trick or Treat: Character #1, Harald

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You walk through the deep, dark forest in the dead of night. Nothing but the chirp of bats stirring and a rustle of woodland creatures interrupts the silence. Soon, the trees grow sparsely and the forest opens into a large, seemingly endless corn field. Only the very tall can see above the yellowed stalks, so you wander helplessly, lost until you come across a strange trail.

The trail winds around the corn field like a maze, twisting you this way and that and around. Your head starts spinning until you reach the center where all the corn is flattened out and a single, black, gnarled tree stands half-dead in the center. The moonlight reflects off of an oily, grotesque looking vulture with one red eye and one black socket, and he ruffles his greasy feathers in a slow, dreadful way.

"I am HARALD - squawk - " he muttered, flapping his wings listlessly as he looks around.

"I am HARALD the - squawk - HARPY, and I have - caw - gifts and - cackle - maladies...." he trailed off in a disturbingly pleased pitch.

Carefully, he reached a scarred foot into a hole in the tree to pull out a small amulet with his talons, dangling it tauntingly at you. If his beak could smile, the expression would be sinister, and he bobs his head up and down, flapping his wings as he balances on one foot.

"Brave are you? Want to try?"

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Upon his travels from the Foothill's the stallion had managed to meet a few new equine or unicorn that shared these lands. They all were unique and most seemed quite nice to chat with but not too many cared to stick around for very long. Not that he could blame them, he was a stranger and they likely had their own tasks to attend to so like them he had carried on his way. Not really knowing where he was going to go he had just started walking towards what he had thought was the threshold but looking around things were quite different in scenery. Darkness seemed to surround him and pumpkins grew along the forest floor. He was thankful for the faint glow of his markings as it provided him with a bit of light considering there was no knowing what he would run into in this new land. Within his mane were a number of beads woven into the thick locks and upon his crown sat a pirate's hat placed precariously between his auds. A black eye patch with the skeleton skull and crossed bones rested off to the far side of his left eye so not to obscure his vision while the brown tassels of clothing adorned over his withers and back as clothing.

Pricking his auds forward while trying not to displace the hat, a screeching cry echoed through the bush. Whatever that was he was not sure he really wanted to find out but curiosity got the best of him and he changed his course following the sound. Eventually the forest cleared to reveal some sort of corn maze growing upon the field of brown. It took a moment of so for him to decide to enter the sprawling maze but pretty soon he found himself wondering where he was surrounded by nothing but corn on all sides. The tall stalks proved to be much too thick to push through them so the only option he was left with was to keep walking. Hearing the call once again he stopped to listen and try and pinpoint its location. "I am HARALD the - squawk - HARPY, and I have - caw - gifts and - cackle - maladies.... What was this thing going on about maladies and gifts for especially in the middle of a corn maze. Sinking down in his hocks he reared up balancing on his hind feet stretching his neck up trying to see where he was. His tall height provided only a glimpse of darkened branches only a few rows over from where he stood. Well at least now he had a location.

Backtracking a little bit he carefully tried to map out the maze in his head based on the tree's location. Many minutes passed before finally he emerged into a clearing to reveal the darkened gnarled tree standing, well sort of, in the middle with the source of the rather irritating voice he had been hearing. The creature was unlike anything he had seen before yet strangely resembled some sort of crow. Gazing at it with silver orbs he carefully took a step closer to see it holding some object within its clutches. Should this be the treasure that the creature spoke of earlier or should this be some kind of trap. Stopping before Harald he wondered if the thing even knew proper language or should it only understand pieces. The object he recognized as some amulet, his father had shown him these as a colt and he would never forget their distinct shape or aura. "What is all this about? Where did all this come from?" He said clearly motioning to the maze that surrounded them despite thinking it was rather festive. Unease prickled his nerves but he stood strong showing no fear or hesitation like his father had trained him to. No warrior should show any hint at what they feel before the unknown, it may if presented be used as a weakness or vulnerability. The gold trinket sparkled within the creatures talons drawing his eyes to its beauty and to its secret within. If it was a matter of bravery to receive this treasure he would take the chance, he loved the thought of a challenge and was eager to discover the amulets ability. " I would consider myself to be brave. What is it we have to do?" Calmly he awaited anymore speech from the clawed beak of the creature wondering what it would reveal if anything.

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Kahlua walked through the woods, determined to the find the ruby-lined pool that she had visited before. She still did not know what use the rubies were to her, but someday she would become Glazier and finally be able to use them. Besides, she wasn't going to just sit around and wait for directions from Aaron and Lace when they were nowhere to be found. Idleness was not something the cheerful mare enjoyed. Of course, she didn't not enjoy being lost either. With every step she took, the sun was falling farther over the horizon and the darkness was settling deeper into the forest. Silently, she cursed herself for not trying to find her way back home sooner. As it was, she hadn't even found the pond.

As the day disappeared entirely and the blackness of the night began to rule, Kahlua looked to the few scattered lamp-trees that remained from the days of the endless night. They were her saviors in this moment, as the bats begin to call out and the nocturnal mammals began to scurry to and fro. Her body was tense as she continued to search for an exit or a path home. She feared she would never find one. Then, the trees began to thin and the forest gave way to a corn field. The stalks were high, far higher than she could ever hope to see over, and she was certain she had never seen it before. Still, getting lost in the forest had done her no good. Perhaps...

She set off down the trail, both fearful and hopeful. The winding and weaving of the path confusing to her no end. She began to wonder if she would ever make it home. Every so often, as she walked, the blue gingham dress she was wearing would catch on one of the corn stalks and pull on her. Each time this happened, Kahlua couldn't help but trot off a few steps in fear that something more nefarious was pulling on her dress. As she did so, the sparkling polish that covered her hooves glinted in the moonlight, distracting her and causing her more confusion. At least her mane and tail were braided neatly (with bows tied into the ends) and the corn stalks couldn't pull on those. She was beginning to feel like this costume that she was wearing in honor of the festive season was nothing but trouble.

Her heart beat faster in her chest with each step, and finally her gait was a consistent trot. She did not like the darkness of this cornfield. There's no place like home, there's no place like home, she chanted to herself as she went along. She had to keep believing she would find a way out of this soon. Then, finally, the corn broke. Kahlua slowed to a walk, then halt, as her eyes settled on the disgusting creature that was settled in the half-dead tree. Her ears pricked directly towards it and her body stiffened even more (if that was possible). His speech unsettled her but at least she did not have to face the fear alone. A silver stallion seemed to be taking the lead, speaking to the evil-looking thing. Perhaps he would be her savior.

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I walk in a maze, a field of some type. Animals scurried from my path as I stride forward, my chestnut body cloaked in silken fibers. The fibers fit over my body, my wings hidden under my body. The dress was accented with gold lace and thread, a perfect fit to the pearly pink. A small tiara of gold was atop my head, fit perfectly atop my cranium. It sparkles in the sun, which was sinking slowly but surely below the horizon. The maze was dark, mysterious. But there was a clearing... and it was close.

Waltzing forward, she sees two horses already hear, decorated as well. Sameira yaps at the harpy that's dangling an amulet in front of the faces of everyone. Even Sameira was decorated, wearing a frog costume. Her body was covered in green fibers with lighter round patches on her back, her head covered with a green hood that had big, round eyes on the top of her head. I giggled occasionally when I looked at her, amused by her appearance. She grunted when I giggled at her, raising her lip. Don't do that to me Sameira. I scold mentally, our bond aiding me in this. She flicks her ears back, snorting. I just smile before looking at the amulet. He asks if we are brave enough, and I smile.

I'm brave!

"I want to try Mister Harald." I call out, a smile on my lips. The dead tree that hung in the center of the clearing didn't look as intimidating as most, and this 'harpy' was just another oddity of this world. I was used to monsters and ghouls by now, since I live in the Marsh. I look at his one red gleaming eye, and then down to the amulet that hung on his talon. It mesmerized me, and I stepped closer, standing next to a familiar black and white mare. I had passed her once before I believe, when the darkness first came about.
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We are so lost.

"We are not lost," the gruff voice rings out from the shadows of the forest. Whatever you say, Osiris.

Lightly padding paws walking easily through the pathways worn into the dreary forest. The often nightmarishly handsome wolf appears quite different on this day. Clad in the brightest silver armor, despite the quiet of his hooves, the creaking of metal upon metal can be heard from a ways off. Breastplate, gauntlets, and a helmet crafted upon his skull, the figurative knight has taken to his personality. A flowing cape of crimson drapes from his shoulders and drags upon the ground.

Flying above his head, dressed in green tights and a tunic, along with a peasant's cap, a small reptile acts not just as his companion on this day but as his squire. A royal match the pair of them make, clanging through the forest with all the grace of a bulldozer.

Off the beaten path and toward the corn, Comadre soaring overhead. The bright violet eyes scan through the weaves of the field, easily navigating the loudly moving wolf. Circle, twist, and turn, twisting between the stalks and rows. When they meet the open area, a dead gnarled tree awaits them. Osiris is instantly reminded of another moonlit evening, when he whispered to the trunk and received an ebony egg to care for - a dragon.
Comadre, to be more precise.

Listening to the muttering of the overgrown and disturbing bird from around the amulet, and glancing around the company, the hybrid smirks. "Trick or treat."

we resign ourselves to existence in the dark. </style>
we must stay afraid.  </style>

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Laughter bubbled up inside the dark chest - it shook its adornments of black spandex and plastic, proving mildly uncomfortable. The sound died off abruptly, strangled by the pseudo armor cinched against her body. It felt far too restraining and in her annoyance she lashed a kick out at the twist of fabric against her groin. The red cape trailing off a clasp upon her withers billowed in the air of her motion for a moment before falling back flat against her haunches. It cupped her ass like a firm hand and she walked with a slight hump because of it, her tail sunken in against her lady parts like a protective barrier in case the cape got frisky and tried to make little cape babies.

Of course, Ampere thought she looked damn cool in her ensemble, but it had felt significantly more awesome when she'd been standing still admiring herself in the water's edge. Now that she was mobile she feared her armpits and wingjoints might chafe, not of course, that ti wasn't worth it. She did wonder though why she hadn't gotten the size larger - damn her pride insisting she was a pony size.

To top off her apparel a rubber hammer drifted at her side, toted around by the electric energy crackling through the air between her and it - daddy's little girl. Every once in a while Ampere turned a nearby cloud of dust into a brief - essentially nondangerous in its size and duration - but absolutely badass, bright, crackle of lightning jolting around her hammer of the gods.

She smiled as she came to a stop, the humor returning from before. "It sounds like you have the hiccups Harald, I've heard a good scare will cure you."
Ampere kept her rubber sword positioned between her and it. Not only was he ugly, but she didn't trust him, least of all after her mocking words.


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From the darkness he did wander, a phantom of silver and cream turned pale by the light of the moon. The grass, tall yellow like that he had never seen before, swirled about him, running coarse fingers across his pelt, tangling in his thick mane. Bats flitted across the night sky, little cut-outs of which blocked out the swaths of stars caught on the black. A soft wing of damp leather clipped his muzzle, and a furry rodent-like body bumped into one of his legs. They descended, a swirling cloud of wings and velvet fur, shrieking little monsters, investigating the unlikely sight of a unicorn walking proud among the fields. Quick as they came, they disappeared, wings aflutter and their shrill squeaks still loud in Carnesîr's ears.

When they left him, the little tree nymph was dressed as Robin Hood, with a cloak of brown wool and a hat proud on his head, a crimson feather gracing its woody green. On his feet were boots of soft brown leather, fitting tightly to his hooves and curling up his silver legs, buckled with golden clasps. For reasons he did not know, the Halloween-er was not afraid. Onwards he walked- an arrowhead on his plume of a tail, unbeknownst to him.

What a strange place, he marveled. The air smelled richly of pumpkins, with a underlying tone of decay that he ignored, pretending it did not exist. As the moon rose, his patience waned on this never-ending trail of dust and dirt beneath boot-clad feet. Without hesitation, he moved into flowing canter, hoof-beats muffled by the padding of the unusual shoes, cape rustling behind him and snapping in the wind. His horn gleamed in the moonlight, a natural sword of pearl and wrought of silver. No question came to his lips as he ran fleet-footed, attentive eyes noticing an ebon silhouette rising above the yellow grasses. Quicker doth he run, until he flies seamlessly over the cornfield trail, bursting into the clearing without sound, appearing like a wraith made of mortal flesh.

There are others here, commenting, but perhaps made bold by his costume, Carnesîr ignores the fellows, and gazes up at the greasy vulture sitting in the barren black tree. "I am not brave," he decrees honestly, acting craven as he is. "But I will try."

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He is tired and does not know for how long he has been walking through the unnamed dark. Perhaps another endless night has begun, perhaps there will be no new dawn, and perhaps it was all a game. He listens to his own footsteps and considers his plight, his newfound title and the discontentment brewing in the marsh. Not at all unexpected, he thinks with a wanton, tired smile on his lips. Skywalker barely makes note of the impossible way in which the motley of sylvan shadows and gnarled, nightmarish roots bleed into a vast ocean of corn. Although there is no wind and no stars, the long stalks whisper and writhe around themselves, their tips brushing mockingly along his slightly swaying back. It does not take him long to realize that he is lost but the realization comes without dread; Skywalker has been lost on manifold occasion and with the pile of unfortunate experience towering high above his thin shoulders comes the knowledge that he will eventually find his way. Away from here: the thought grazes his mind like a fleeting kiss and he sighs discontentedly. No, tonight is not the eve of running, he will return to his home and address the vanities and the clamoring fools, the hurt egos and the eruptions of greed and deal with it all.

But not tonight, not looking like this.

His black shoulders are swathed in some delicate fabric, gossamer and shimmering in nuances of virginity and white – a whimsical garb, airy and prone to cling to the wind. Strewn into the precious fabric are trinkets and diamonds, glittering sharply in the dark; and they cling to his hair, too, filigreeing his mane that has somehow taken new form. Long and full it billows down his slender neck, wholly unlike the uneven mass of shadows that usually sit perched atop the swanlike curve. And it is no longer black, but white and riddled with luscious locks and waves, bouncing merrily on his thin shoulders. Skywalker does not understand from whence it came, but as he closes his eyes he notices that their sapphire depths are fenced in by hideously long and thick lashes. He frowns and shakes his head, a dainty platinum crown moving dangerously in-between his pinned ears. From his back, a pair of translucent wings sprout and they too shiver with the movement, shedding what seems to be stardust.

Someone has molested him. Someone has made him into a faerie.

His mouth is thick with self-loathing as the ocean of corn parts for him; a black tree and it’s vulture staring unabashedly at his ridiculous manifestation. He does not immediately answer, realizing that he is not alone and that the company he’s so unfortunate to come across must, sooner or later, die. No one must know.

“This better be worth it,” he whines under his breath, no longer the fearsome conqueror and commander but a silly little girl with wings and lashes.

S K Y W A L K E R.

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Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.

Metal and bare skin was never a good combination. Purely aside from the chafing around private parts and the foul odor that rose from it, the iron armor was both heavy and cold. How was it even possible to be drenched in sweat and freeze so the teeth started clattering? The centaur did not enjoy the state he was in as he roved through the forest, teeth gritted in silent impatience as hour after hour had passed without him ever finding the edge. The armor that clad torso and arms and reached out across the back and flanks was uncomfortable, the dark color gloomy and depressing. He never had to wonder why the evil knights in the stories became drawn towards the dark side; it was clearly due to the accessories, the heavy lance that made moving around a hazard for themselves and others, and the helmet that obscured the vision. Kelec had stopped counting the times he had stumbled over a root or snagged the knees upon thorny shrubs that tore the skin to shreds.

He didn't even notice when the trees were replaced with corn. The darkness around him was all the same, an endless night in a stinking suit and the sound of his own labored breath as he struggled onwards. The flutter of bats set the wind astir, their shrill voices a rare treat and a sign that he wasn't completely alone. Loneliness did not work well with him. The half-horse had spent too much time in his own company, lived through far too long winters of silence to appreciate it. Better was the sound of voices, the flutter of movement; the more, the better.

Thus he was relieved, if a bit disgusted, by the sight of the massive vulture as he emerged before the tree in the center of the maze. Stepping over the flattened corn the centaur peered through the lowered visor and studied the amulet that dangled from the vulture's beak, interest slowly starting to gleam in his eyes. This was just what he had left his home for in the beginning. To take risks, brave the dangers that might come and live through the consequences of his actions.

"Who am I to judge" he answered however, a smile hidden behind the black-toothed grin of the wolf-like helmet. "You should try me, and see for yourself. I do want that amulet..." With a determined gesture he stabbed the tip of the lance into the soil to free his hands, prepared for the worst this scavenger had to throw at him.

"Bring it on."

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Ciceron :: You visit Harald, asking for a treat but alas you are tricked! Your entire face has turned orange in color as if covered in paint. This unfortunate trick will last for your next 2 posts!

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Amara :: How lucky! Harald has decided to give you a treat. Your next foal shall be a beauty of your imagination! (Prize = foal stats w/o magic)

Osiris :: Haha! A trick! A pair of tiny bat wings sprouts from your coat, fair enough for companion to mock! The wings will last for your next 2 posts!

Ampere :: Fortunate! Clever! You have won Harald over, somehow (I can't imagine that this is good), and he has granted you magic... (prize = magic or magic upgrade of any type)

Carnesîr :: You follow suit of Harald's good mood. He shoves at you a trinket while watching the pegasus obscenely. (prize = medium item! non magical)

Skywalker :: Again, a lucky one of fortune! Harald is so generous! Your next child can be granted two bloods! (prize = join with or foal hybrid pass)

Kelec :: The luck runs out! You suffer from a pernicious case of the sneezes for the next 3 posts!

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