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As fish always return upstream to their freshwater homes, the rainchild returned to the sea.

She stood serenely on the ocean's shoulder with her eyes shut and a hoof cocked, a marine breeze rustling her whiskers playfully. Was this the definition of bliss, of pure happiness? The sky was blue and every possibility seemed endless and every cause a good one—today she could conquer empires or save a life or deduce the meaning of life, but every bone in her body told her to stay; to relax, and she did with great gusto. Shyly, her thoughts wandered to the Reaper and that first rainy morning she had spent with him, to the curve of his nape and the depth of his sapphire eyes. Was it hours or days or weeks before the significance of that encounter would occur to her? She did not know, but with the fine sand underhoof and the pleasant warmth of an impending tallsun sprawling across her back, she did not want to think. This was no time to ponder or worry, but a time to rejoice, to celebrate this new light; a time for unquestionable happiness, for new beginnings.

She did not feel lonely here, by the sea. It would keep her secrets, her desires, her worries safe within the push and pull of waves. The briny waves were a fine audience, ever patient and understanding, only the talkative gulls to prey upon her longings. Huyana felt giddy, elated, as light as a sea bird—for once she wore her heart on her sleeve like the girl she was, denying the woman she would soon become. Memories of past sorrow and melancholy and dark days seemed ridiculous in contrast with this dazzlingly brilliant birdsong day, the swarthy memories and moonlit journeys a silly comparison to sky blues and dark sea greens. Eyes open, beholding all the majesty of creation before her, endless and abiding, sparkling and mysterious. She laughed like summer rain, and it felt wonderful to be so carefree, so wanton. Cleft hooves flounced forward into the brine, seafoam clinging to her limbs as the sterling roan plunged into its depths. Huyana tasted salt and grit on her tongue, lovely and pungent. She bounded forward, cool water wetting the bottom of her belly, spraying her chest, the underside of her neck. Huyana the water nymph, the siren, the nereid—she seemed half a goddess herself, cavorting in the waves and playing with the gulls. Was this what paradise was?

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Idle minds tend to wander and idle hooves followed along, d'Artagnan was lost in his own mental battle, he didn't really care where each step took him. Last time, he'd found a half hair, it made him wonder what he'd find this time. So far nothing. The sky was blue, the sun was blazing, all in all the setting was too happy for the Nightshade's liking; where were the thunder clouds that plagued his thoughts. The rain that burned his heart. The ice that froze his soul. The cogs of his brain wound back through memories, when was the last time he had genuinely smiled? Perhaps when he was sticking his horn in that filthy hornless, seizing her life away and quite joyously he had indeed smiled that day, a monstrous beam of macabre meaning, but it was genuine all the same. Something small, blue in colour, bounced off his neck, tied messily in his mane. An amulet, a gem, it was her jewel. The Moon Goddess' always there, always haunting. Festering thoughts turned to anger and quite suddenly he swung round his head and snapped off the amulet, holding it between gritted teeth. If he had never met her what would've happened?! If he hadn't of been appointed Moon Doctor where would he be. If he hadn't of spawned a child with her, would he feel this much betrayal. How long was he going to hold onto this grudge? Why couldn't he just move on.

The Mender continued holding it in his mouth, like a curse that he couldn't quite shake, his pace quickening in his temper. Cloven hooves snatching at the sandy floor. Aramis followed behind, tawny pools analyzing his Captain's mood before turning away in exasperation. Get rid of it the hound snapped into the blood brute's mind, annoyance littering his tones as finally he had had enough of the moping and the festering. It was returned in stony silence and the mutt suppressed a sigh, he doubted his companion even heard what he said or chose to ignore him.

It wasn't long until they found familiar blue features, d'Artagnan recognized her of the Basin and changed his course to march over to the dancing mare. Her laugh reached his ears, something he hadn't heard for a long time, a laugh of pure joy. Of freedom. His maddened gaze became less irate and more confused the closer he got, he did not understand her love of the sea nor the carefree abandonment on her features. Watching Huyana now, the Nightshade slowed to a halt before he reached the sea and sooty lips disgustedly spat the gem upon the aureate floor, contrasting eyes shifting to it for one moment thoughtfully before he turned back to the filly in mares skin. "Is it really that nice?" You could hear the wrinkling of his nose in his voice, an uncertainty. He'd stood here before not too long ago, contemplating the ugliness of the sea and the strange effect it had on others, the Plague Doctor saw no beauty in the vile salt and the resulting wet fur. If he was to be wet he preferred the blasting blizzards and the creative drifts of snow, not sparkling oceans and the annoying fowl it attracted.

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From the briny salt waters, born of ancient tides and sea-foam, comes an unusual beast, a serenader and singer, a weaver of tales and whisperer of ancient stories. First, the wind stirs and shifts, rippling across the blue waves of the ocean deep, and then the water churns; the gulls in the sky squawk and quabble with one another, voices suddenly understandable. "She's coming!" They shrill, feathers falling from the air as they whirl away, wingbeats a thundering cacophony. The water swirls, sucking at Huyana's legs, treacherous waves.

And then, suddenly, the water calms, and from the ocean leaps forth her.

She is a being divine, a unicorn sculpted of the salted sea. Her mane is the foam that caps the waves, and her rippling lion's tail plume is the same. Sedna is her name, the lithe ocean mare, a sea-nymph of thin and lithe build whose voice is the roar of the tsunamis and the whisper of waves lapping sandy shores. In her faintly translucent flanks you can see kelp and small marine life- a baby sea turtle caught by where her heart would be, multiple crabs of jeweled shells floating near her eyes of onyx. Most impressive is the mare's horn, a curling, twisting thing of pearl and silver. Sedna towers over the two mortals, for a moment as tall as a two-story building; and then she shrinks down to the size of Huyana, gazing into the rainchild's eyes.

"Impressive," she growls, gaze drifting to the blood stallion with the glass horns.

"Scholar... I have come to share knowledge with you. And even you, poisoner, I'm sure I can find something to tell you." She settles comfortably, water pouring constantly off her flanks but never does her form break.

"Tell me your names."

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Is it really that nice? If she had not taken so much pleasure in her frolicking, perhaps the rain mare would have seen the blood-red doctor before his query rang out over the waves, coasting into her ears like a reckless gull. She swung her dark head into his direction, blue gaze immediately finding his own mis-matched eyes, blue and brown, as if there were no more matching buttons to pick from, so two of opposing colors were sewn on. He was familiar, and she knew exactly who he was—the enigmatic Moon Doctor, d'Artagnan, rumored to be half-mad; he stood before her with his handsome hell-hound, seeming a little perturbed by her childish antics. Huyana gave one last toss of her heels before settling down, standing squarely before the bay, the sea's frothy fingers lapping tirelessly at her limbs. "Of course," she laughed, eyes sparkling mirthfully. "The sea is one of the simplest pleasures of life—" the rain girl was interrupted by a mass exodus of birds. She's coming, they cried, dispersing through the sky in a mess of wings and feathers. Uncomprehending blue eyes glanced upwards sharply, brows furrowing in confusion; bit nefore she could say anything else, she cried out with startled alarm as the formerly gentle waves grabbed at her dark limbs, threatening to drag her into their depths. Frantic gaze fell upon the Doctor, a distressed white ring flashing around her rain-blue eyes. Help, they said, but then the water stilled, and the mare stumbled forward with relief.

Before her stood something even more arresting.

She, Huyana presumed, towered over them, casting a shadow over the little sterling roan. She gasped, breath caught in her throat at the sheer opulence of the entity—entirely wrought of brine and seafoam and pearl, the unicorn naiad stood before them like some testament to magnificence, various forms of sea-life trapped within her elegant body. "Mother of the sea," Huyana murmured reverently, studying the dripping form as it shrunk to their level. Giving a quick glance to d'Artagnan, wonder seemingly etched permanently into her features, the rain girl's gaze returned to the naiad. The nymph spoke in a low, powerful tone that recalled ancient echoes of the ocean. Scholar... I have come to share knowledge with you. And even you, poisoner, I'm sure I can find something to tell you. The roan blinked—never had she felt so much awe in her life, so much desperate admiration. "My name is Huyana, lady of the deep," she answered simply, inclining her head lightly with respect. What knowledge would a sea-goddess wish to impart with her, a creature made of flesh and bone whose lifespan was hopelessly limited? Her stomach churned with yearning, with desperate desire to know.

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