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The day was young as she stood on the crest of the hill overlooking the valley. Behind her was the chilled darkness of the Haruspex cave; before her lay the hot springs, and beyond that the meadow, and beyond that the forest, and beyond even that the mountains. They were distant and grey today, hidden in Frostfall by the flurries raining down from their peaks. It was a far cry from the clear blue skies of Tallsun, but somehow she found that she preferred these cold months. Perhaps she felt herself invincible to the sleet and snow because she had survived worse than their hidden Eden could throw at them; perhaps she had simply learned to love the ice. Thinking of Mauja and the Frozen Arch, she thought it likely that it was the latter.

It had been a full season since she had called her herd to the base of the hill to discuss the goings-on of the world with them, and with the events of Orangemoon safely behind them, she felt that it was time to look forward. Those among her trusted advisors surely knew of the battle with Kri - from which, by the way, she had fully healed, though she still carried a small scar on her jaw - but the on the whole, it was unlikely that her harem knew of the potential danger of the Throat. Would they choose to attack openly, should they know that there was a threat? The Plague would, but they were not enough. No, she would need the entire herd on her side for a full-fledged attack, and that was not something she was likely to earn with pretty words and empty promises.

And so it was that her voice, clear and sly, rang out against the muffling snow. "Come, my darlings! It is time that we talked." It was, perhaps, a warmer greeting than she had given in previous meetings, but there was something almost lazy about this time of year. She felt little urgency, in herself or in her followers, and she felt compelled to instill in them a desire to act. Still, it was hard to force a lift into her vocals, difficult to come up with a reason to leave their little winter wonderland. Not to mention any reason she might have would be better left unsaid, save to her secret organization.

But they came anyway, her herd, and as she waited for them to gather, she found herself glancing at each member in turn, remembering the faces of those she knew and memorizing those she didn't. Shame on you, she thought to herself. So busy you didn't bother to greet your new recruits. She hoped that Mauja had greeted them in her place, though she was unsure which of them would be better at that particular task, both being rather prickly in their own way. Fire and ice, they were, and as a team, they had found that there was little they could not do. They had not met again since their tryst in the icy caverns, save for the day of the battle between the Empress and the Resolute, and that day had been short-lived. He had gone off then to take care of his own plans, and she had scarcely seen him since. Would he appear beside her in a moment as she addressed the crowd gathered below?

She would not admit that she hoped it would be so.

"My darlings, Frostfall is upon us. If you were with us during this time last year, you know how dangerous it can be. Watch out for your brethren, for some of them may not know a real winter." She paused, a slight frown on her maw. "I wish that this were the only news I called you here to give, but I am afraid that there is more. I am sure that by now, rumors have begun to circulate about a certain challenge and a certain contract agreement, and I would like to lay them to rest. Kri of the Dragon's Throat challenged me a short time ago; I emerged victorious. However, it can be assumed that we are not on wonderful terms with the Throat, and I must warn you against consorting with the likes of them." If she meant hornless, it was unclear - it could mean that or simply the Throat. Either way, they would get her meaning.

"As for a contract with the Grey, the rumors are true - we have entered into a deal with the mercenary band. Perhaps some of you think that this is an unnecessary precaution, but I must remind you of the alliance between the Throat and the World's Edge." There was a hint of distaste as the said the name of their former home, soiled as it was now by the impurity of the lessers. "If they attack, it will not be alone, and it is my duty to protect all of you to the best of my ability. It is not, perhaps, the best solution, but I have done what I can to do my duty. If anyone has any suggestions on how to prepare ourselves in the event of an attack, step forward.

"If there are any other matters of importance, I do hope that you will bring them to the herd's attention."

"Talk talk talk."

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