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Loretta’s body lowered to the ground skillfully, like her wolf cousins, and she waited. The young, naïve rabbit that sat chewing on small blades of grass was in for the surprise of its lifetime. Quickly and without a sign, the malamute lunged from the shadows of her bush and pounced on the rabbit, paws holding it to the ground while her powerful jaws delivered a lethal bite that snapped the poor creature’s neck. Prideful, Loretta took her kill in her jaws and trotted back to where her bond mate lay in the softness of red pine needles. Her tail, a banner behind her, waved triumphantly as she dropped the rabbit at the black knight’s white hooves. Archibald let a small smile grace his features as his exuberant malamute began to eat her catch. With a small breath Archibald put his hooves underneath him and lifted his behemoth body to its tallest point. He straightened out his front legs carefully and leaned back some, stretching out his sore body.

Thankfully, the healer Tor had graced him with her presence the day before. Although his wounds were not healed completely, he was able to move freely without wincing in pain or consumed by the overwhelming urge to pass out. Her magic of healing was a wonderful delight to the draft stallion, and he would remember her when she needed aid or protection in the future. She had treated his burns with skill—something that surprised him—and he would probably have to visit her once more if he did not keep them as clean as possible. Loretta helped greatly with that, her tongue a tool against bacteria like her canine genetics wrote in her ancestors.

Archibald rolled his eyes towards the sky as his body adjusted upright once more, and he tilted his crown back to tip his white nose to the sky as if he were going to open his jaws and let loose a howl like the ones Loretta had capability of. However, the Dauntless was not graced with vocal cords able to process howling, merely neighs. ”Ktulu—Ophelia—leaders of The Grey, I call to you now.” Archibald’s voice rumbled out strong and clear, unwavering and confident. Ophelia had promised an alliance, although Ktulu had not taken an intense liking to Archibald during their only meeting. He wondered how the black dun would feel about his request, wondered if Ophelia would acknowledge his existence this time. In the Thistle Meadow, she had acted strange. Archibald’s composed faced tightened with a furrowed brow as he waited, eyes flicking to Loretta to watch her finish her meal.

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