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[OPEN] These wolves don't bite [Festival Game]

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The race seemed like it would be too hard for someone with such small legs, and the frightening white mare that daddy had insisted she avoid was working at the other game. Though she had, for a moment, considered not doing what he said, and playing, anyway, something about the way she recalled him saying it made her hooves trot in the direction of Weaver’s pine wolf, instead.

Dropping her berry sprig (all berries eaten) along the way, she patiently waits for her turn, looking around at everything about her with quiet interest. When Raven flutters over to her, however, she makes an excited giggle, even if she’s a bit scared of his flapping wings, while he buffets her as he ties the blindfold over her eyes.

Having picked up her cloth “tail” while she waited, Gwyn clings to the blue strip of cloth (her favorite color, because it was the same as her mommy’s eyes, and the magic rock her daddy said made him think of her), and blindly moves forwards. Dumbly moving her nose through the air, she nudges and feels for the branch-made wolf, and, when she is pretty sure she has found its butt, she tucks the cloth into the gaps between the woven sticks, and tries her best to make her way out of the way as quickly as possible.

Turning about eagerly to see how she’s done in relation to the others, she waits for everyone else to pin their tails, and hopes that she’s at least not the furthest away.

’cause you’ve got teeth like a wolf
but you cry like a sheep

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