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[OPEN] These wolves don't bite [Festival Game]

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She’s near enough to see the drink, but not near enough that she can actually go get it. This would be way more fun if she could grab a drink first and then come back to her post. That, most likely, would be frowned upon though, so like the good little corporal she is, she stays put. Instead she just watches as others gather, including Volterra. The sight of him brings a slight grin to her lips, thinking back to their spar. He’s beaten her, yes, but she’d sent him home certainly worse for the wear, and that was enough. She’d only hoped to be remembered.

Her black cape drapes across her back, the raven feathers prominent around her neck, helping to keep her warm in the chilly Orangemoon air. Though her coat is also growing long and scruffy, and she might not really need the cape, but that doesn’t deter her from wearing it. She’s grown fond of the outfit (though it is not quite complete, it’s a good start), and Raven has also grown rather fond of it. He’s pulled the cape into something of a nest on her back, tucking it about himself.

There’s a pile of cloth scraps with him – blindfolds. Raven sits ready to plop them on to any that come by and might need some help. Beside her in the fake wolf made of pine branches. Wessex’s game is way more fun, throwing rings on a live target. Weaver gets a wood wolf to play with, but whatever, it’s fine. A collection of various colored tails lay on the ground near her, ready for whoever feels like playing.

She waits for the main floor to fill up, pretending to be patient and happy standing there watching others have fun without her. Eventually, she hears Wessex call that the games are open, and she grins a bit wider, glad to have something to finally do. Guess her fellow Corporal decided there were enough gathered to get started, so she might as well too. “Step right up! Pin the tail on the wolf!” She nearly promises a prize in the form of a kiss, but stops herself, figuring that is likely too much given that they are supposed to be showing off the best of themselves. That may or may not count.

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Pin the tail on the wolf! There will be some sort of dice roll to figure out how close you get to pinning the tail of the wolf, the details of which I will include when I figure it out. ;) But step right up and grab your blindfold! Feel free to pp Raven helping your character put it on.

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