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Vastra is vaguely aware of some warnings to stay away from the Marshes, but they are easy to push aside. When your family isn’t around they can’t exactly boss you around, right? Not that she had been particularly bound to the Throat at any point in her short life. It was home, certainly, but the lands outside of the Throat called to her. They held secrets and new animals she might discover.

These marshes were hardly a welcoming place - even the desert parts of the Throat seemed to hold more life than these decaying lands. It seemed strange to her, that someone as wonderful as Kisamoa (whatever he might call himself now) would live in a place so gloomy. Perhaps it was to keep others out - most of Helovia seemed rather cross with him that one day, though she still didn’t understand why.

That mare had died but that was after they had all started to attack that beautiful bone creature… wasn’t it?

Vastra’s alive with the hope that she’ll see Kisamoa again, that she’ll be able to show off her magic to him and let him know she’s been practicing. Would he be proud of her? Did he have more secrets to tell her?

She wasn’t going to find out sitting around the Throat, that was for sure, so she had come here.

The afternoon was growing late - and she’s worried about night falling and cutting short her explorations so she gets going. Her process is slow, though, and it’s not because she’s worried. She’s wary because this is an unknown land to her - she’s a stranger, and intruder, and she doesn’t want to startle anything living in the marshy water or the strange trees. She didn’t go poking the manticores in the Throat and she wasn’t planning on upsetting any marvellous creatures she might find here either.

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open to any! Just doing some harmless exploration in the creepy marshes nbd

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