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A Horse Has Five Hearts

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The black mare's ears pricked, and her nostrils flared. She was tired, her hooves pulsing in time with her heart. But the knowledge cut through the cloud of fatigue. She was close. Looking around, she saw nothing different about the forest surrounding her, but with each step of her long, white legs, she felt the draw growing stronger. Why, and how, she had no idea. All she could think was that the magic of the place had been woven into her with the stories her mother and father had told her and that the magic of her parents was guiding her.

The thought of her parents sent a jolt of grief through her. She squeezed her ice blue eyes shut, and lowered her head, before gritting her teeth.

They wouldn't want this, she thought. They would want to be strong. I can do that for them. I have to!

She carried on, more determined now. She had felt sorry for herself for too long, wasted too much time. She and her mother had set out nearly a year and a half ago, trying to escape the tyrant who had killed her father. Their goal had been Helovia, the place the three of them had dreamed about. Along the journey her mother had become a shadow of herself, wasting away, until one day she had died, too. Katissa had been left alone, and she had been lost in her grief. She had no idea how long she had wandered, before finally finding her purpose again. Before remembering where she was supposed to go.

And now she was here.

The mare stopped short before the entrance to Helovia. If she looked closely, she could almost see a veil before her.
"So this is it."

Her whisper seemed loud, and harsh to ears unused to the sound of speech. Her voice sounded disused. It had been a long time since she had had someone to talk to. She went out of her way to avoid other equines, hoping to avoid being taken into a herd against her will or having word get back to the despot who now ruled her father's herd. It had worked. Just a few more steps and she would be safe. He would never risk having his magic stripped, just for her, even if he did find where she had gone.

It was that thought that spurred her into action again. Safety was so close. Her limbs, though strong, had felt leaden from the extended travel. Now she felt energized, and with each step, she accelerated, until she was galloping full tilt. The wind whipped through her mane and tail, and she lowered her lashes against the sting. She felt clods of dirt hit her white splashed belly, and a layer of dust coated the lacey white marking on her legs. Twigs clawed her mane and tail as she dodged trees. She knew she would need a bath later, but right now couldn't bring herself to care.

And then the tug she'd been following lifted, and tingle spread through her, from nose to dock. She stopped once more, as a spurt of joy, the first she had felt in a while, flooded her.
"I did it, Mama and Papa! I did it!"
She couldn't help but prance in her excitement. This had been the goal for so long. Quickly though she settled down. It had been a long journey, full of fear and loss, and as happy as she was, she was still exhausted.

And one thing her father had taught her was that you always monitored who came in and out of your lands. That meant someone would be here, and soon. And she had no idea who they would be or what they would intend. She had to stay alert, and she had to rest while she could.

Katissa lowered her head to the grass below her hooves and began to graze, ears flicking, to catch the sounds around her. Her nostrils scented the air, waiting for whoever would arrive. She had no control over that. And she would cross that bridge when she came to it. But for now, she was safe, and she was here.

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