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[DROP] everything burns [LIGHT/FIRE DROP]

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His journey through Helovia had turned more into an adventure than anything, with each corner more wonderful, more varied and altogether more dangerous. Reich had found that he had enjoyed the Basin, despite the cold, and would possibly return soon - mayhap with @Toulouse in tow. Reich felt quite buoyant that the pale skinned serpent might choose to travel with him, for though he preferred to travel alone, there was nothing quite like laying around a smouldering fire and staring at the stars. Toulouse was also an excellent conversationalist, almost too good, considering his intelligence seemed to run circles around Reich's own.

As the mahogany man travelled, he hummed, his baritone voice low, even and beautiful, lingering in the air around him as if made of something heavier than sound. The jingle of his coins and the thud of his hooves joined the melody, moving with him toward the strange cave system he had been aiming for. He'd heard of the caves and their ethereal quality - and a fire pit, something that had set his hooves dancing on their methodical way. As he approached he first saw the bewitching glow of flame, and then a familiar silhouette that set a huge grin upon his handsome, rugged face. He drew a quick breath, about to call out to Toulouse when his wandered and his jaw grew slack. A cheetah - made of flame. Would the wonders of Helovia never cease?

His approach had paused at the odd sight, and now they resumed, the sound of his hooves seeming to echo on the stone as he drew quietly alongside Toulouse. He glanced at the handsome man beside him, raising his brows half in question and half in a conspiring and silent "what have we here?" In an effort not to be rude, he tried not to stare for too long as he said: "I'll second that question." His tone was jovial, though truthfully he was lost within the celestial vision before him.

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