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The pain I feel is a different kind of pain

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When do you know who you are?

The darker side of these woods, that's where you will find him. He doesn't know why he's there. But why not, he doesn't have a place to call home, nobody to care for, and nobody to long for.

His long and strong legs are pulling him through the rough pats while his mind is absent. He's struggling with his own thoughts go away.. stay.. go away.. stay these discussions in his head are killing him. How does anybody know who they really are? Now that he thinks of it.. does he even know who he is? His name is a fact, his parent thought it was a strong and fierce one to be known by. But does it tell who he is, what he likes or what he dislikes?

He lifts his head as he looks around, the surroundings are so different from where he has been. Branches of trees and bushes are swiftly brushing against his body and legs. The smell here is strange, or maybe he is. So many questions and he can't answer even one of them. An severe headache is setting up, it always happens when he overthinks too much. His legs stop moving. As he closes his eyes it felt like he can feel the blood flow through his veins, how his heart is pumping it around. It feels like everything around him is intensified. This day doesn't feel like it should be, although he doesn't know how it should be, these kind of thoughts are driving him insane. How can he ever get through if he can't even make a simple stúpid decision on how the day should be.

As he inhales deeply he opens his eyes again, the light blue eyes searched through the woods. Looking for.. for what? He doesn't even know what he is doing here, so how does he know what he's looking for. Due to the fact that he hasn't been paying any attention to what he is wandering into he made a step into a puddle which is a bit deeper as he expected. An weird movement shook his body as he regained himself. Jezus This a mad men's job. The mountains are rising high upon him, they are impressive. Everything here is impressive, maybe that's the reason why he feels so undecided. Then all of sudden his head felt like it cleared up, as if the dark clouds that ruled over his mind disappeared at once. He felt how the headache disappeared and how his body relaxed immediately. A little smile crossed his lips, and his ears came back up out of his neck. The little twitch in his jaw was gone. These moments are the ones he loved. The moments when he didn't have to worry if he would do anyone wrong, and he was able to think for himself again. With a fresh and good mood he walks along. Looking for anyone around, maybe this is the place he could settle down, if this could be the place he could call home.

Wandering through the different paths he enjoys the whole experience, everything came in like it was the first time he walk through a forest. The leaves that crunch underneath his hoofs, the sun which warms his coat. As he walks he noticed how the path looked wider so he took the opportunity to spread his wings. With a little hesitation he spreads them as wide as he could, pointing them side wards and having them shaking a bit under the force he stretched them with. The dirty ground is messing with his white legs, make them look filthy with the brown and black dirt on them. Even with the fact that he doesn’t look on his best today he couldn’t care less. For one time he has a good day, the past few months he mostly had bad days.  

Well, he would like to see some others by now. Or.. maybe he is alone here? Maybe this place is abandoned? He didn’t think so, he knew from story’s that Helovia is a place with a lot of creatures. He looked around but didn’t see anyone, his eyes worked overtime to make sure he searched every little spot where someone could hide. Should he say something? Say a word, of maybe just make some other sound? A little nervous he opened his mouth a bit. For the past few months he was alone, he didn’t spoke with anyone. He though about it, what did his voice sounded like? Is anybody there? a smooth, low and charming sound made his way out of his throat. He looked astonished, well, that wasn’t what he’d expected. The small grin on his mouth hadn’t left since he felt better. For once he felt great, but.. what if he gets a relapse. Exactly on the moment that he got an visitor.. His mood did a step back, he looked a bit insecure. This wasn’t the stallion he'd always been. And it annoyed him more than he thought.  

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