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[OPEN] The Pirate and the Princess Meet Again

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"It's the heart and the soul and the body and the brain
Driving me insane
But the wind and the land and the fire and the rain
Always stay the same"
-Roll With the Wind

Caenan wandered aimlessly around the World's Edge with a soft smile on his lips. He deeply breathed in the salty smell that hung around and about the herd land. It was a scent that was carried on the back of winds that cut through winter coats with its chill. Caenan looked to a line of trees where many of the herd members milled about taking shelter there were the Frostfall wind would not seek them out so easily.

The stallion's eyes watched them from afar. He was learning about his duties as a Protector and though he had been faced with some difficult days and nights Caenan had grown a deep sense of affection for the herd and its members. He was disappointed that he had not befriended more of them as he had imagined himself doing, but he at least had satisfaction in knowing that he had worked hard on becoming a stallion fit to one day be of rank.

With every rising of the sun the son of the sea worked out along the shore. With every morning he came back to the herd a sweaty tired mess but his efforts showed themselves in how his body changed. Muscle lined his body that had been weary upon joining the World's Edge and weight had been gained in places where rib had previously shown. Caenan was proud of who he was becoming.

Caenan's tail sprung up like a banner behind him and he cantered easily towards the trees where many of the herd gathered. Once he was close enough to begin to make out faces he slowed to a trot, a walk, and then a halt. His dark eyes brushed against each in turn, it lingered on some more than others. From his place he smiled at those who laughed and felt a protective urge grow in his chest for those who shivered at the cold. He wanted to protect them from all things; remembering the cloak that Tilney had worn Caenan wondered what it would take to get some for the herd to share among its more thinly coated members.

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