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 Tilneys travels nowadays took him mostly to sightsee his new western home. The western lands in helovia held many wonders he was excited to see. The Endless Blue was where he had met his new friend Glasgow and made the acquaintance of Resplendence from the Falls; it was a place he had travelled well compared to the other westerly regions. To the Ancient Rotunda he ventured. His marble hooves carried him swiftly with anticipation, thought in the back of his head he worried that arah wouldn't come. He had subtly mentioned to his ashen friend that he wanted her to come, but he was doubting she would make an appearance.

'She probably has much better things to do, maybe next time...'

Doubt was such a poison to Tilney. For a stallion as joyful and seemingly confident as he, when doubt crept in it was like a real blow to the head. It would always destructed him. His feelings about Arah though he had no doubts about; He truly cared for her and valued her. What of hers though? Tilney understood nothing of her heart as yet, not even where he stood in it. Tilney longed to know what her favorite colour was, her favorite smell.

He wondered if she wakes up sometimes and thinks to the gods, don't let my heart turn cold like he does sometimes. Which colour eyes do you think are the prettiest Arah? Which of your mothers gorgeous features to you hold on your countenance. Do you curse at the wind when you're angry?

Why did he wonder though? What about her made him forever curious. In fact, he was certain he could ask her one hundred questions every day for a million years and never run out of thinks to ask about her soul. Arah was puzzling and brilliant to him, and he didn't think that about many creatures he'd met in his short lifetime. There's and entire galaxy in you, you know? She was full of starts and moons.

One thing he did know about Arah though; She never knew who'd leave or stay. He hoped to god that she knew he would. The rotunda was in view, and what a relic to behold. Stepping through the threshold and onto the cold platform he gazed over the calm brooke. Questions flooded his mind about this place too; Who built it? and for what purpose?



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