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So it wasn’t as smooth as he had hoped. In fact he done a right mess of it really. But it seemed the ocean mare, Tiamat right? Was about to prove herself rather valuable. She believed him, and not only that but as she spoke up, drawing the golden’s attention to her, she supported him. The earnest smile continued and he nodded in agreement. “Indeed.” Yeah, the recent battle. That certainly was cause for concern. When the girl mentions sweet thing again the gold turns back, hoping to find the bay girl at least a little unsuspicious.

Whatever doubt she had showed if any, he did not catch. Only her smile and assurance were within his eyesight and the golden’s smile continues on for it. Brilliant. Perhaps they could all move past the awkwardness and get on with it. The faster he got this done the faster he could leave. But wait, sweet thing is leaving already. He stands confused a moment as she darts back in the cave, but when she returns with a mouth full of herbs he is reassured again. Her care and gentleness with the plants is a most strange sight. And though he is tempted to write it off, the trained watcher notes, his own counterpart should act the same, so instead he takes note.

When she speaks up though the topic has turned back to the ocean girl. The conversation moves somewhere unexpected but the golden takes it in stride, letting his easy looking gaze carry him through. A promotion. Now? On a day when he could he might have given a few harsh stares, make the girl feel the weight of responsibility. But today he was supposed to be playing nice remember. So instead he only looks on with that same smile. “Most certainly. Your judgement is highly valued Lena.” He nods to the girl. “Congratulations Tiamat.” But of course there was work to do, and he would not have this happy moment wasting what effort of embarrassment he’d already gone through. “So tell me dear ladies, what is this one?” His cloven hoof reaches to the first herb on the right before looking up to the two.

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