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Saints And Sinners, We're All The Same When They Peel Our Skin Back

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My heart is rotten, I know this. Rotten to the core and yet it yearns for the company of my family and my companion, but accompanying that is a festering anger that bubbles more and more with a hatred. This is evident from the mumbling I produce from my throat, I am not here on accident, I am here for a purpose. For the promise land of which my prized child had spoken of when we met. When she had some child of a pale colour trailing after her. A frown appears on my white face, the child was nothing I had expected Adrixaura to produce. I had expected something more grand, something worthy of my blood. Of my princess, my first legitimate child. The one who pierced my soul with her love like her mother had. But instead she had presented some cream thing with a personality that contrasted me and Adrixauras. Oh my dear Adri, how I miss her wit and sharp tongue. She's probably hunting Nephelia, my daughter who tore my face and left a scar upon my left cheek. And yet, here I am letting her risk her life in whatever the hell it is that she does. But it doesn't bother me, my child is strong and handles herself well. This thought causes my head to raise in enjoyment and memories of her chasing my companion and torturing him with love fill my head. This only fuels my hatred for what I left behind. For the murderers. But for some reason I cannot help but smile, for I know when they die he will be waiting at the edge of the after life. Thirsting for their souls such I myself do. Thirsting for justice. And who could blame him? Wrongfully executed and his race wiped from the face of the lands? Genocide, it's a cruel thing even I never intended to commit. That being said, it's not like it never happened when I refused to help the mortals. However I never refused them to torture them, I refused to help because their constant fighting and killing had made me sick. It's different when I kill, because I know why I'm doing it. For the pure release of emotions. To relieve myself of pain and anger. But the mortals? They didn't know why they were killing. And it's this thought that makes my legs pause and my ears twitch, will I walk into a battle field as a scarred, humiliated God now bound to a mortal life? For a moment I think of what it would be like to die as a mortal. Not bound to be reborn in the next few years, but allowed to sleep peacefully in the ground. It must be nice. A smirk forms upon my lips and I can't help but amuse myself with the idea of my own death. I'd probably die from tongue being too loose, wouldn't that be ironic? To die from what my family warned me of? But it matters not, if I die I will die finally. I will be allowed an endless sleep instead of a painful awakening or appearing somewhere in the lands without so much as a thought of where I am. Oh God that thought makes me savour the idea of dieing, but then again I have not come here to die. I have come here, to survive. To the promise land of which she spoke. It's only when I notice that I have been ramming my head into a tree that I stop and stare at the surroundings, I don't see much from the gashes now in my head. I suppose that comes as a consequence when you're sanity finally snaps, but a small glimmer of hope tells me that perhaps I will find a few shards of sanity here. Maybe small, but one can hope right? Even when their heart is a festering dead organ.
Not my best Onsoun, but my first time trying him as a Mortal. Onsoun posts are usually much longer but I didn't want to freak Sia or anyone out too much xD @[Sikeax] OPEN as well.

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