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I never said that I want this
“Oh, fuck snow!” you sort of half shout and half grumble as you kick your overly-large hoof into the frozen ground. What did you ever do to deserve all this crap anyways? A man gets high, wanders into the frozen wasteland, tries to get out, and then ends up on the shore of a glacier instead of the shore of the beach. True, you brought this upon yourself, but how were you supposed to know what direction to go? After all, everything looks the same up here in the white wilderness. And sorry, but you're no navigator, so... what?- you were just supposed to look up at the sky and know which way was South? Screw that.

At least you can take solace in the fact that it's summer and it could be lot colder up here.

With nothing to protect your bulging ribs and hollowed frame, you dip your nose into your shoulder bag and pull out a wad of locoweed to ruminate on and try to drown out the cold. Think, Oxy, think. How are you going to get home? Looking from left to right, you finally decide that the best way out is probably the same way you got in. So you turn around and begin to follow your hoofprints back towards... wherever they lead. Who even knows if you were walking in circles. And who the lives here anyways? The viking stallion, obviously, but what he enjoys about this alabaster desert is beyond you. You're more than certain that you'd take the first train to anywhere but here, given the chance. You kind of thought he was alright when you met him, but now you're thinking he might be an idiot. Of course, he can't be too dumb. He got somebody to name him general and you're still sorely lacking in the 'fancy job titles' department. To make yourself feel better you decide that he only got the position because there were no other warriors who wanted to live in the snow.

However, you're still aware that this plan is only temporary. Eventually, your hoofprints will have been covered in snow drifts from the howling wind and you'll once again be left without a trail to follow. Just imagine it. Oxy, the mighty warrior, perishing before he can achieve his dream of taking down the golden pegasus because he died in the snow. A fittingly idiotic end for a drug addicted fool. You hope it doesn't come to that.


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