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delicate [mauja]

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Softly she comes
Whispers the breeze with her passing
In secret love she is laughing

Very little light penetrated the canopy the tree branches created overhead and what did only dappled the pretty mare's coat. The silver strands of her hair shimmered in the light momentarily then disappeared when her pale body was covered in shadows again. While the mare looked peaceful and content on the outside her heart and mind were nothing short of a warzone.

Distrust and betrayal ran rampant through her everytime she had seen Mauja since his brush with death. A brush that shouldn't have happened and wouldn't have happened if he hadn't tempted fate. Maybe she was blowing it out of proportion, but he had touched a stallion that could kill with a touch. What bothered her more about it was the nonchalant way he had brushed it off, as if it hadn't even mattered. d'Artagnan had said not to worry about Mauja, to worry about him since she was his nurse, but she worried about everyone.

Her silken tail brushed gently against her hocks as she ambled through the darkening forest. In all honesty she had thought that she'd gotten over the betrayal she'd felt for Mauja, but seeing him when he'd come to accept Zar'roc into the herd had only proven that she wasn't over it. She just didn't understand it. How could he be so ready to tempt death and how could he be so nonchalant about it? How could he be ready to throw away everything the Plague had already strived for?

Kou snorted and shook her head, having no answer for the questions she was asking herself. The only one that could answer them was Mauja and he was the last one she wanted to talk to.

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