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The midnight sky and the evening star leads young Tiamat beyond her new home and to new lands. Though she is slowly adjusting to the frigid climes of the Basin, she will always love the warmer nights at sea. Her delicately cleft hooves leave traces in the sand behind her and her long, plumed tail makes its own path, but she does nothing to cover the tracks. The idea that anyone might track her or intend to harm her doesn't even cross her mind.

She has yet to see Helovia's dark shadows or meet it's crueler denizens. Lena was kind to her but honest. Though she does not expect such a level of welcoming congeniality of everyone she is to meet, it is, for now, her only true point of reference. As she picks her way across the bridge of land jutting out from behind the secret grove, she feels her father's kind presence all around her. He will keep her safe even now while her mother sleeps, of this young Tiamat is certain.

His waves wash across the sand path before her, and even in cold of the Orangemoon night, she feels warmth rising within her and spreading over her thickening blue coat, which appears solid in the evening shadow. Her steps are lightened and her gait quickened by cheer. Up ahead, the hulking shadows of caves beckon her forward. If anything, Tiamat is ever curious.

In moments, the investigation commences. The young mare's nostrils flare and take in the scents of the inlet; her ears swivel to catch the sound of each droplet falling from the roof of the caves. Together they make a sort of song sung by nature- a symphony of evening dew.

"It is beautiful here, Papa," she says with a tender whinny and a toss of her decorated, slender face towards the sea. He rushes over the island then, splashing kindly against her hocks and sending the scent of salt straight to her senses. Playfully she bounds forward and bucks, still a filly at heart. With a loving look back to the shore, she runs forward into one of the caves and rears beneath its roof, letting her hooves clatter back down to the rock beneath. "Why did you never tell me about this place?" she asks with a pointed raise of her brows and an extension of her neck down to let the water splash up to her face. She lifts herself suddenly and turns to venture further into the dark cave, following the patches of light let in by holes in the ceiling. The waves that crash against the cave rocks sigh, and above the night wind descends to send a warm sea thermal over the scene. The daughter of the sea and sky is alone, but at peace. Tonight, she will explore.

[[ Tiamat has crossed a land bridge and is now standing on a small island off the shore of the Secret Grove that is walled in by small caves. The ocean water floods the island and washes over the sand and a little way into the caves. The caves are dark and smoothed after years of erosion, and tinted blue by the reflected water; some of them have holes in the ceiling so that light may come through in places. The caves angle downward so that they are mostly a set of underwater tunnels that join under the island, but there are small sections of them that are above the water and can be entered. They connect above the water in some places, but it is hard to get from one to another, as there is little light in these joining sections and the spaces from one to another are cramped. There are four major caves, Tiamat stands only a little ways in to the third from the left. ]]

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